The Maldives' Haa Alifu atoll contains the possessed island of Kelaa, known for having the most beautiful seashores. The Maldives' true insight, Kelaa, which opened to tourism in 2015, has a small number of visitor houses on the island, white seashores, a lovely tidal pond, and an incredible variety of marine life. Everybody will find their own piece of heaven here, whether it's for a family reunion, a vacation, or a performance trip.

The people of Kelaa are genuinely kind and accommodating, and they care deeply about the unforgettable experiences of their visitors. Many people who have visited the island make plans to return there in the future. There are three guest houses on the island as of 2018: Holiday Home Kelaa, Beach Home Kelaa, and Summer Home Kelaa.

Kelaa, Haa Alifu Atoll

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Three hours or so are needed for the trip from Male to Kelaa. Expect a 45-minute nonstop Maldivian Aero flight to Hanimaadhoo International Airport (HAQ), followed by a 30-minute speed boat ride to Kelaa Island. A piece of advice: refrain from using the aircraft's website to accept airline tickets. Send a message to your guest house, and they will book your flights at a price that is two times lower than the airline's website. The staff of the hotel will greet you at the Hanimaadhoo air terminal if you are departing from Male.Additionally, if you have the time and perseverance, you can travel to Kelaa from/in Male on a weekly food boat that also serves as a passenger ship.

A genuine Maldivian experience beyond what many would think possible, Arafa Express" is modest and joyful. When you spend seven days travelling through a small cluster of atolls in a calm sea, surrounded by friendly locals, many of whom will like you, this may be one of the most important ocean journeys of your daily life. By sending a letter to your Kelaa lodging, you can learn the specifics and the schedule of the ship traffic. On Kelaa, there are no ATMs, so stock up in Malé!

The Island

The Island

The islet is exceptionally large by Maldivian standards, and its stunning interior is perfect for those who enjoy activities and adventures. The isolated city, which has a population of at least 0.000 spirits, is located in the northern part of the islet. Then you'll find local stores where you can purchase seemingly unimportant items like sunscreen, natural goods, chocolate, or insect repellent. On the islet, there is also a clinic and an academy. Although many of them are currently working assiduously on the trip, the locals of the area make their living by fishing and farming.

According to documented facts, it is known that the British established their station there in 1934 and that it served as a straightforward extension of RAF Gan in the south of the nation until the end of the Second World War. On the islet, a synagogue constructed under Sultan Mohamed Ibn Ali's (Muhammad Mohyeddine) rule (1692–1701) of the Utheemy Dynasty still stands as a noted tourist attraction. This lord was responsible for restoring the Islamic penal code.

If you happen to be on the island during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, you can observe social and customary events with nearby music and sports. For Kelaa, everything is exceptional.

You can rent a motorbike, but it's wiser to use the provided bikes to explore the enigmatic coconut trees and dense forestlands while riding across the islet, stopping at granges growing watermelons, eggplants, and pumpkins, or to find the way to the mangrove swamp. Most nights are spent with friends on an ocean vessel, agitating life under a tropical sky full of stars. Given that the islet is practically covered in tropical foliage, prepare for a large number of mosquitoes to be present in the evening.

The Beach

The Beach

One of the largest enthralled islets, with a length of three kilometres and a width of less than one kilometres, is Kelaa Island, which is also significant geologically for the Thiladhummathi Atoll in the north of the Maldives. The succulent green islet boasts 2.5 kilometres of white, deep, and delicate beach, which is arranged precisely from north to south and is one of the nation's longest ocean props. The Kelaa Ocean Props are 7.5 kilometres long overall. There are no barriers or walls because the design of the ocean reinforcement is driven by nature. Simply put, you'll find your place in the sun without much difficulty.

A large, shallow tidal pond makes a great arc for swimming children and is fantastic in the romantic evenings. Depending on the position of the sun, crystal-clear water has a wide range of blue, green, and turquoise tones. The long, wide, and spotless beach strip offers a variety of separate areas of the two-piece ocean reinforcement that are discretely tucked away among Plumeria bushes and coconut palms, including field chairs and ocean reinforcement screens. On the islet, on your special night, the dense foliage creates an amazing sense of security and makes you feel distant from everyone else. On the eastern side, the ocean reinforcement is less strong and has a rougher beach. The ocean props are routinely cleaned by nearby residents.

The friendly water exercises you'll find at the water sport centre near the main wharf ( close to Holiday Home Kelaa). Mechanized and non-mechanized games, such as aeroplane skiing, windsurfing, banana, windjammer, and more, are available on the menu.

The house reef is only designated for swimming to the most educated insensibility allowing around the solid overflows, and it extends along the east side of the ocean reinforcement about 100 metres. If you enjoy swimming, you should look for fish, turtles, harpies, and shafts near the southern tip of the islet, or, even better, you should reserve one of the affordable swimming excursions that the nearby caller houses offer. You can expect to be in close proximity to Goliath harpies and manta ray shafts ( in the season obviously).

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Holiday Home Kelaa provides jumping services on the island, but they are not regularly available and occasionally unavailable. Make a development request if jumping at Kelaa is on your container list. The staff at the lodging will assist in planning your departure from the nearby hotel.

Scuba diver taking a dive In the Maldives, Kelaa island's home atoll, Haa Alifu, is truly exceptional. There are only two retreats here, so you are guaranteed private jumping.

After the tidal wave of 2004, corals have fully recovered. On various reefs, hard and delicate coral developments provide an amazing display and a vibrant existence for fish and large scale. Because of the wider channels and shallower depths compared to other atolls, plunging is very simple because flows are not solid.

From December to May, manta beams are typically visible, and two jumps at cleaning stations give jumpers the chance to enjoy up-close encounters with monsters in shallow water. Also frequently seen inside the atoll are sizable pods of dolphins and other pelagic species.

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