Flaunting an astounding house reef and powder white sand sea shores, Kudafushi Resort and Spa is a comprehensive lodging in Raa atoll. Situated in the north of the Maldives and open by a 45-minute seaplane jorney from the Male International Airport, Kudafushi is another retreat offering its visitors an assortment of offices and reasonable to unrivaled convenience also unmatched under-and over-water undertakings. 

With five kinds of room classes to offer, Kudafushi checks more than 100 overwater and sea shore manors, magnificent eating encounters, a shocking nursery spa, plunge and water sports, all around designated kids club and a wide scope of other amusement offices. Appropriate for the two couples and families the same, "Kuda" – light-filled jewel in a boundless expanse of life in Dhivehi – is a remarkable heaven favored with powder delicate, splendid white sand, perfectly clear turquoise water, 360-degree continuous perspectives and rambling house reef with special marine life.

Kudafushi Resort & Spa

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The Island

The Island

At the Male air terminal you will be met by the hotel's part and benevolently accompanied to a mark relax with beverages and bites and wifi to sit tight for enrollment and loading up the seaplane. Upon landing in Kudafushi expect warm greeting with a reviving towel and welcome beverage by staff individuals before a fast yet exhaustive registration, and clarifying the offices and taking you to the room. 

Opened on January 2017 Kudafushi is medium-sized island resort that causes it to feel significantly more select. It requires around 20 minutes to walk a lap and the retreat has a cart administration for the visitors. The island is truly lovely and all around cared for. The plants and blossoms are doing admirably considering the island has been open under two years. The vegetation is very adult and gives enough security and halted everyone slicing through your manor. With somewhat more administration it is conceivable to take out some planting around the little territory on the South side that isn't acceptable separated from at low tide to finish an Island roundabout walk a well known action for all visitors. 

You'll be decidedly shocked that the island is never feel swarmed; not in the eatery, not in the pool zone and not in the bars or on the sea shores. The house reef with plentiful marine life directly close to the sea shore and effectively reachable. Pool region is a decent size with a lot of beds and great perspectives alongside a breeze. East-west arranged, the lovely island flaunts excellent sea shores with particularly wide stripes of fine sands on the north side and furthermore at the island's tips. You additionally will observer the most inconceivable nightfalls! A genuine heaven. 

Albeit the retreat is Italian driven there is a decent blend of ethnicities and the advantages are that the food is amazing contribution bunches of decision at the every day buffets. 

Staff on the island is truly mindful from appearance to takeoff. Nothing was to much difficulty and it's wonderful imparting every day encounters to the site the board who truly care about their visitors stay. Every estate is allocated "Saint" who is as far as anyone knows the individual is the principal purpose of contact on the off chance that you experience difficulty or a solicitation, yet sadly it don't function admirably at times.



Raa atoll or North Maalhosmadulu is one of the northern, most visited atolls in the Maldives, isolated from Baa atoll by Hani Kandu is a channel 5 km wide. Just about 70 km long and 30 km wide there are 88 islands in Raa atoll, 15 of which are occupied. Raa atoll is home to a some lavish inns include: Emerald, InterContinental Maldives and a ultra sumptuous Joali Maldives. Understand More... 

Kudafushi Resort and Spa is situated on a little, around 200m x 600m island Kuda Fushi encompassed by tropical vegetation in the southern piece of Raa Atoll. The Malé is around 150 km away. Arrive at Kudafushi Island by means of a 45-minute grand seaplane jorney from Male' International Airport. Then again, you can decide to require a 30-minute homegrown departure from Male' International Airport to Ifuru Domestic air terminal at that point, a 25-minute speedboat move to Kudafushi Resort and Spa.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

Spotlights on the protection of marine life, neighborhood way of life, convention and culture the retreat comprises of 107 manors; Including 40 Beach Villas, 32 Beach Villas with private pool, 24 Water Villas, 10 Water Villas with private pool and 1 Presidential Water Suite. 

We prescribe to attempt both Beach Villa and Water Villa. They are both incredible in an unexpected way. The sea shore estate is somewhat greater and has a pleasant open air shower territory, while the water manor offers unhampered perspective on the ocean. 

The Beach Villas (92sqm) around the principle gathering building are furnished with porch with sun beds and a table with seats. The vegetation is thick to such an extent that you can see the sea just through a way cut in the brush. Anyway it's not far away, and there are sun beds likewise on the tight sea shore behind the hedges so you could sun wash there too. 

There are various choices of what you would get sea shore and view savvy contingent upon the area of your estate. As a rule the manors with pool have the most sea shore and unhindered perspectives though the estates for instance close to a'la carte café on the north-east corner have no sea shore at all since the tide for all intents and purposes washed upon the back yard. This may really not be something terrible in the event that you like the ocean. The Beach Villas on the island's north side (around the Spa) is most ideal decision. The rooms have the perfect measure of vegetation to offer security however not totally block the perspective on the sea shore and ocean. 

Sea shore Villas with Pool ( 102sqm) have a lot of room, an in-lobby comfortable couch, large bed, wi-fi, TV, satellite stations, protected, small bar and a major storeroom. There's a marvelous external WC with 2 sinks, Bath tub, 2 showers and 1 latrine. Outside there is the private pool with a table with seats, 2 hammocks and direct association with the sea shore. The staff consistently tidies up the room double a day and they change the bed and cushions, and all the towels. The room has tea and espresso and there is a lot of water bottles. The little bar is topped up every day and you additionally get 2 jars of brew on top of soda pops. In the event that the beverage you require isn't there a fast call to gathering and it is brought over for you. You truly don't have to accept numerous toiletries with you as cleanser, conditioner, body wash, body salve, cleanser, an expendable razor and froth and even toothbrushes are in the washrooms and of good quality. 

Water Villas and Water Villas with Pool are situated on the two sides of the breakwater at the island's eastern tip. The insides have hardwood floors and a cover rooftop joined with sharp contemporary stylistic theme. The private housing's sun porch gives every visitor their own spaceoverlooking the entrancing sea. The rooms are entirely OK with a private pool and admittance to the sea for swimming or house reefsnorkeling. 

Confronting the dawn the Presidential Suite (175sqm) is the most rich convenience on the island. This ideal departure is fixed over a blue tidal pond toward the finish of the wharf. Slip directly from your deck into the sky blue water underneath, or take a dunk in your private dive pool. Fortune the closeness of an over-water safe-haven that offers stunning perspectives and an advanced luxurious plan.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

The uncommon notice must be the food. There are two individually cafés on the island and the fundamental smorgasbord eatery in the middle for the comprehensive alternative. 

Disregarding the sea shore and open for breakfast, lunch and supper De' North is the retreat's fundamental café including nearby Maldivian foods and dishes from around the globe in a trendy setting. The tremendous restaurant has an amazing spread, and gives over, served the best food, from Waggu meat to caviar - and so on: table virus dishes, table crude vegetables and relative dressing, table hot dishes, unique dish, barbecue, table new organic product, dried leafy foods, and pastry shop table. Indeed, even the sweets are so first rate and heavenly. Numerous visitors appreciate natively constructed pasta, an assortment of appetizer and new fish barbecued in front on the off chance that you and a variety of new plates of mixed greens and other hot alternatives. The staff is inviting and charming, particularly the café director and the master - servers are responsive and continually grinning. It appears to be that all visitors are happy with the offer and the nature of the food, and consistently they have various subjects from around the planet, so it never gets repetitive. On the island there are likewise two other individually eateries yet the smorgasbord is truly great. 

Open for supper just, OLIVE ME is the café and wine basement. Where the flavors and shades of Mediterranean food meet up in conventional dishes to fulfill the most trinkets palates. A wide choice of wines from around the globe finishes your luxurious cuisine. 

Found onthe island's western tip SEA EDGE De' Bar and Grill is the most beguiling spot to taste an aperitif or to charm with rarities from the flame broil in a popular environment floating from the feelings that each dusk offers. Open for lunchand supper the Sunset and Grill Restaurant is likewise the best spot for mixed drinks at the overwater cabanas with a magnificent perspective on the sea. Browse a choice of scrumptious cooking styles to match with the choice of wines. 

Juju is a pool bar with an extraordinary area to relax and appreciate mixed drinks any time. You can unwind on the enormous open air decks while appreciating a reviving beverage or swim in the limitlessness pool. 

As liquor is costly in the Maldives you truly need to pick your choice from Soft All Inclusive (Free soda pops, water and moktails as recorded on the Ju Bar menu in addition to sodas and water in addition to two jars of lager daily in your room).

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