Maamigili, otherwise called 'Whale Shark Island' is an occupied island and the solitary air terminal in South Ari (Alif Dhaal) Atoll. There are a couple of guesthouses, and it's a mainstream base for jumpers, who particularly love remaining here for the simple admittance to Dhidhdhoo Beyru with its whale sharks. Maamigili is additionally the ideal decision for the voyager who needs something in excess of a hotel, a certifiable association with the way of life and a spending well disposed insight of the generally lovely costly Maldives. 

Maamigili island, South Ari Atoll is situated at the core of Maldives whale shark point known as the "Maldives Whale Shark Home". Maamigili whale shark point is the unparalleled spot where this excellent well disposed untamed life can be discovered, Maamigili whale shark point is prestige as the subsequent best spot in Asia to snorkel and jump with this astounding large fish. Loads of traveler who visit Maldives for plunging and swimming decide to remain in South Ari Atoll for this one explanation.

Maamigili Beru Reef, South Ari Atoll

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

The most advantageous approach to arrive at Maamigili from Male' is Domestic Carrier FLYME. Typically there are five to six flights day by day and the timetable differs. Prescribed to book ahead of time. The homegrown flight are bookable straightforwardly by visitor by means of Flyme site on FIT rate or our lodging staffs would be all the more then glad to help the visitor in making the homegrown flight reservation under our uncommon contracted rate. Kindly let your's lodging staff know and they will be book for your benefit. Installment can be settled up on Check In. Passage Varies for Locals and Work Permit Holders. The flight likewise works during evening time to provide food the night appearances. The costs for the homegrown flight are as beneath; Flying time is 25 minutes. There is an ATM on the island. 

Rates: Adult: US$210 (Return), Child (2 - 11.9 Years): US$105 (Return), Child: US$53 (One way) 

Speedboat Transfer 

There are numerous two kinds of speedboat move in Maldives, it is private speedboat move which is accessible whenever of day or night and timetable public speedboat move which just accessible on explicit date and time. The speedboat move from Male' to Maamigili Island typically requires an hour and a half and run day by day with the exception of Friday. For speedboat reservations, kindly contact your lodging for additional subtleties. 

Jorney time is 2h 15min. Leaving from Male' at 15:00, from Maamigili at 06:40. Charges: One way - US$50, full circle - US$100 

Travel MTCC Ferry Dhoni (Public Transportation) 

MTCC ship transportation is the most well-known methods for transportation utilized by local people in the Maldives. This is additionally the most least expensive exchange alternative accessible to go around Maldive Islands. Despite the fact that MTCC ship move is modest an opportunity to go from Male' to Maamigili is around 6 hours. In any case, during this time on ship you may appreciate a paramount ocean venture that goes on for 6 hours, holding back to experience some flying fishes and Dolphins whenever. For more data check here 

from Male to Maamigili. Leaving at 09:00, Villingili Ferry Terminal (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday) 

from Maamigili to Male. Leaving at 07:00 (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) 

Passage: Mrf 53 (US$3.54) one way 

Private Schedule Public Ferry Maamigili 

Male to Maamigili - (Monday and Thursday, at 23:00, leaving from Anni Jetty) 

Maamigili to Male - (Saturday and Wednesday, at 23:00 depating from Maamigili Jetty) 

Rates: One Way US$35.00 (AC Class), Return Trip US$70.00 (AC Class) 

Note: Ticket can be bought from MTCC Ferry, Male'

The Island

The Island

With a populace of in excess of 2300 spirits, Maamigili is the biggest and most crowded island of Alif Dhaal Atoll which line the South Ari Marine Protected Area (MPA). Just as flaunting Ari Atoll's just air terminal, Maamigili is a bustling fishing island with two harbors. Estate International Airport Maamigili opened on October 1, 2011 as a homegrown air terminal. In 2013, it was moved up to worldwide air terminal guidelines. Major monetary exercises of the occupants incorporate fishing, craftsmanship, the travel industry related works, development, boat building and carpentry. In contrast to any remaining islands in this Atoll, it is normally round fit as a fiddle, attributable to its situation on one of the edge and vastest diverts in the Marine Protection Area. The actual island is a neighborhood island being developed and at the main sight not what you'd anticipate from Maldives, but rather it gives an extraordinary gazing point to day by day trips which the nearby individuals are glad to sort out for you. 

The fishing town is in the island's eastern half. From the profound water harbor prompts the central avenue that extends east to west straightforwardly through the core of the island. Before all else, you will discover different shops here, while traveler gift shops overwhelm the eastern finish of the road. At the western finish of the road there is a delightful mosque, a clinical focus, a school and a civil office. 

Maamigili's inhabitants are referred to for their sincerity and friendliness when in doubt. The Local Tourism Act of 2009, the public authority of the Maldives, disallows the deal and utilization of liquor in inns and visitor houses based on neighborhood islands. Generally speaking, hot beverages are served at the retreats close by, and Whaleshark Maamigili offers a wide determination of resort outings for all spending plans.



Maamigili is situated at the most celebrated territory for Whale Shark investigations. The island is only 20 minutes away by boat to these well known experience. Whale sharks is the greatest fish of the sea and the south of Ari Atoll is an extraordinary spot to plunge and snorkel with this stunning animals. 

Whale sharks are biggest known fish that swim near the edge of the reef surface. Whale sharks are channel taking care of sharks, however it has a tremendous menu its number one feast is microscopic fish. It is realized that Whale sharks can reach up to 12 meters long and 20 tons in weight. Whale sharks live ordinarily in tropical and warm oceans, Maldives is an ideal area for whale shark watching. Whale sharks are pelagic fish that can jump further than 1.000 meters, which can be spotted both during plunging and swimming excursions. 

Whale sharks in Maldives can be detected the entire year around. South Ari Atoll, Maamigili whale shark point is a marine ensured region. In any case, looking for whale sharks and some other such animals relies a piece upon karma as well. As per marine measurements whale shark season in Maldives is generally during December to May around 3 to 5 hours before elevated tide. At Maamigili you can expect the best whale shark swimming excursions in Maldives with a triumph pace of 75% throughout the entire year.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Shamar Guesthouse and Dive is the just divebase on Maamigili and arranged right at the Indian Ocean. The divecenter (PADI® Certified) gives fun plunging to the most delightful destinations in the South Ari Atoll and jump cources from OWD to divemaster. Plunge with the whalesharks after a 10 min. boat ride. Manta beams are just 30 min. far away by boat. Swimming stuff rental: Fins + Mask + Snorkel for $9/day

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