Velana Worldwide Air terminal, also called Malé (MLE) is the primary air terminal of the Maldives. Situated in the North Malé Atoll, the country's principle transport center stretches the lone runway on the island of Hulhule, 10 minutes by boat from the capital of the Maldives. Today (2018) is the lone air terminal in the Maldives that serves the majority of the global flights. Connected by shedule non-stop trips to significant urban areas of southeast Asia, Europe and the Center East Malé air terminal acknowledges Etihad Aviation routes, Aeroflot, Air Asia,Emirates, Sri Lankan, Singapore Aircrafts, Bangkok aviation routes and numerous others. 

The new 3,400 meter by 60 meter runway at the Maldives' fundamental air terminal invited trip in September 2108 Etihad Aviation routes A380 fly that left a mark on the world with the first truly arriving of the world's biggest traveler carrier in the island country. 

Malé Global Air terminal is likewise the beginning stage to different islands of the Maldives archipelago. Nearby aircrafts: Trans Maldivian Aviation routes (TMA), Maldivian and FlyMe run homegrown trips to different air terminals in the Maldives. 

Attempt to get a seat on the plane by the window, and when you fly to the Maldives, the studies under the wing are essentially extraordinary - the entrancing range of blue and turquoise forms will keep your brow squeezed continually to the opening.

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Immigration Control and Customs

Upon appearance, at Malé air terminal you should experience movement and customs control, having pre-filled an extraordinary migration card, and the gear gets exceptionally quick. Anticipate an exhaustive check of your stuff to recognize precluded things (liquor). Try not to attempt to beguile the carefulness of customs officials, veiling liquor under non-mixed beverages - bottles are ensured to cause doubt and they will be removed. In the event that you acquire obligation free it will be taken off you and you get a receipt, You would then be able to gather it on your way home. On the positive side of the air terminal is the minimization, which permits you to go for a short stroll from the door through movement to the baggage claim, and through traditions to the prized exit outside. 

There is a pizza bistro pleasant pizza and air con, a burger ruler a few other food outlets, there is no complimentary wireless internet at the air terminal however on the off chance that you burn through $15 on food you can get a voucher for 30 mins free. 

On the off chance that your following stage while in transit to heaven is seaplane trip - at the exit from the traditions you ought to be met by an individual from your hotel or visit administrator and accompanied to the TMA terminal, where you will be educated about the hour of your flight and the door number for the seaplane loading up. Travelers utilizing homegrown trips to the air terminals: Dharavandhoo, Kahdhoo, Hanimadhoo, Kaadehdhoo, Fuvamulah, Kooddoo, Thimarafushi, Ifuru Air terminal, Maamigili and GAN - should head the takeoff terminal to the Maldivian or FlyMe registration counters. 

For global takeoffs it is prescribed to show up at the registration for 3 hours before takeoff, for homegrown trips for 60 minutes.

Seaplane Terminal

Right now, there are two free seaplane administrators, Trans Maldivian Aviation routes (TMA) and Island Aeronautics Administrations (IAS), working separate terminal offices situated on the east side. These offices will be either destroyed or moved in 2019, and a typical new seaplane terminal and gliding moor office with the ability to stop 63 Code B airplane, (for example, Twin Otter—right now in activity) will be implicit spot. 

The new seaplane terminal will be a solid design with workmanship dividers and glass drapery dividers involving four stories with around 7,000 sq. m per floor for an aggregate of roughly 28,000 sq. m. 

There will be three assigned water runways for proficient seaplane activity. The seaplane zone will be additionally extended—by moving the Hulhumalé Boulevard contiguous the house reef of the island—to permit more space for move and to try not to fly over Hulhumalé.

Banks & Currency Exchange

Bank of Maldives is situated close to the Domestics Terminal. For the comfort of travelers there are two cash trade focuses: one at the appearance terminal and the other on the principal floor of the flight corridor. The ATM is found right close to the exit from the global appearance terminal.

How to Leave Airport

The China-Maldives Kinship Extension, the primary cross-ocean connect in the Maldives, opened to traffic on September 2018. Associating capital Male and adjoining Hulhule island where the Maldives' principle global air terminal is found, the two-km connect makes it workable for local people and vacationers to move between the two islands ashore inside five minutes. 

Malé Air terminal is likewise connected to the capital, Malé City by standard ship administration. The excursion time is 10 minutes, the ticket cost is 1.2 $. Likewise, the air terminal has the chance to lease a speedboat move.

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