The ideal Maldives occasion in Naladhu Private Island starts with an ideal area on a separated heaven island close to two other Anantara resorts: Anantara Dhigu and Anantara Veli. With significant degrees of security, most importantly visitors are obliged in ultra exquisite 20 extensive extravagance beachfront and sea confronting houses rather than normal water estates or homes. Found just a 30-minute speedboat ride from the fundamental Malé air terminal, the multi-grant winning private island of Naladhu highlights the idea of another period for the well established convention of amazing assistance and style in the Maldives. Just as simple entry, Naladhu offers protection, secretive help and collection of mind blowing white sea shores. 

Naladhu Private Island Maldives is where everything is as it ought to be. Everything is recognizable here, not on the grounds that you were here previously, but since it looks much the same as you might want to envision. Make your own ageless second from a composition of three islands, sand, sun, ocean and extraordinary assistance. Sharing the offices of close by Anantara, visitors of Naladhu approach a wide scope of cafés, a PADI 5* Dive Center, Tennis and a magnificent water sports focus. Naladhu in the Anantara Maldives inn network is the most isolated hotel. Signifying "a wonderful island," the portrayal is fairly unobtrusive, given what he offers. Extravagance living spaces stretch out to the nature, where each room has its own pool, a sentimental semi-open washroom and shower. Plunging, swimming or swimming in clear turquoise waters, meals in the sand ... or on the other hand you can essentially inundate yourself in the warm hug of a super sumptuous spa.

Naladhu Private Island Maldives - Beach House with Pool

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The Island

The Island

The entire experience beginning to end is brilliant The wonder begins when you leave the plane at Malé air terminal. You are welcomed by the amicable and supportive Naladhu group and are take straightforwardly to their private parlor, while you sit tight for the private boat move. The lavish yacht's group is likewise amazingly mindful, offering free beverages and wifi, just as educating you about the neighborhood jorney. Expect warm greeting on landing in Naladhu by the group of individuals that would help you all through your visit (House Master, Cleaner, Gardener and Hotel Manager)... also, the sound of drums! The invite function to the island is really mysterious. After registration you will get a cell phone with just one number – of the House Master. You can call him for breakfast, for taxi arrangement to other island (Digu island for instance or 2 little flawless island found 300-400 m from Naladhu), for supper hour to the eatery, for all you require at the sea shore, etc. 

This Island is ideal for explorers that are searching for a definitive extravagance and delightful environmental factors. Naladhu hushes up, tranquil, and peaceful so in case you're hoping to unwind, de-stress, and simply appreciate beautiful dawns and dusks, it is the spot to go. Naladhu is generally little and elite island with just around 20 rooms yet you can utilize offices of the encompassing islands at Dighu and Veli and the snorkel island also. No uproarious music, no children club, no boisterous café will destroy your night nor your day, as the island conveniences are keenly set. Everything about this island spells quality, and you never need to leave your manor that is simply shocking, so private and disconnected it seemed like the entire island had a place with you as it were! 

Concerning the sea shore? Thin and white sand, blue, glasslike and warm waters make you stay all the day to the sea shore. They have an entirely agreeable Beach Cabana for every Ocean Villa, where you can unwind or even rest if the sun is excessively solid for you. Albeit the sand before the Beach Houses is in a way that is better than close to Ocean Houses (in truth there is no sand) on the grounds that the last ones are confronting the sea. Swimming on outing island is an unquestionable requirement. However you don't need to leave Naladhu on the grounds that you have your own private territory on the excellent sea shore. Best thing about the sea shore is disconnection you never see anybody on the sea shore, it's actual private. 

Offices are not many on Naladhu itself, restricted to one café, a cooking school and a rec center. Anyway a snappy nip across the water will take you to a watersports focus with kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and swimming stuff (charges apply) and the phenomenal Sundari Spa – the Indian yoga educators and Ayurvedic medicines are first class; ladies to-be will likewise discover a hair and beauty parlor. 

A little smoothed out pool close to the primary eatery ignoring the tidal pond is encircled by comfortable hammocks, yet you will barely wander out of the brilliant private pool that accompanies your sea shore/sea house, total with a semi-open, glass-walled restroom to draw in the cheeky looks of your adored half. 

With all that said, Naladhu isn't be the area it is without an eminent group of committed and really caring individuals both in front and in the background - the accomplished staff are productive, insightful and reliably amicable - clearly one of the fundamental reasons why such countless visitors return a seemingly endless amount of time after year. The assistance is choice and will feel like sovereignty during your visit. Despite the fact that you won't will communicate with as many staff as you need, there is a not many that will be critical for you. Is an extravagance resort, extremely private, individuals here give a valiant effort to cause you to feel like a being a lord and sovereign in heaven! The assistance is next level at Naladhu, directly down from the chief to house expert to the room kid. Your home expert Aslam would show up when required as though by wizardry, at that point vanish into the ether when not needed giving you the perfect measure of room and security. There is simply great expectation of necessities by all staff. All the individuals from the eatery and from the executives are top of the top! They are truly put resources into conveying a customized administration, to an uncommon norm, legit, quiet, upbeat and lovely! 

The client base are worldwide with Americans particularly in the minority: Arabs, Europeans, Asians and Russians (there is a non-stop departure from Moscow). This since quite a while ago settled hotel's by and large more develop customer base love the provincial motivated stylistic theme – covered rooftops and cut wood segments mollified with botanical prints and nautical striped delicate goods – yet others may locate the stylish genuinely dated, especially in contrast with the huge number of energizing new properties which have opened across the Maldives throughout the most recent couple of years.



Sea shores, as plummeted from the pages of reflexive magazines, warm tidal ponds with turquoise water and a standout amongst other making a plunge the Maldives - this about the South Male Atoll. South Male Atoll (South Kaafu) is a gathering of islands in the Maldives, which lies only south of the North Male Atoll and is isolated from it by the Vaadhoo Kandu channel. Demonstrating the most awesome aspect the Maldives, South Male district offers all you can require for a paramount and comfortable occasion. The days here spin around swimming, unwinding, water sports and swimming - and that's it. 

Visitors are whooshed a little ways from Malé air terminal in a cowhide lined, Wi-Fi-empowered, 53ft Sunseeker yacht. Haloed by child blue waters and tenderly inclining white sea shores, the island is a wonder, in any case, what's not obvious from the site – and promptly clear on appearance – is its nearness to two other occupied Anantara's hotels; one associated by a wooden walkway, the other got to through dhoni boat. On the in addition to side, this implies visitors approach an abundance of extra cafés and offices should they wish (non-Naladhu visitors are not permitted on Naladhu); on the drawback, it comes up short on that equivalent mystical sensation of separation which numerous other Maldivian private island resorts have.



Naladhu Private Island contains an assortment of 20 extravagantly selected houses, including six Beach Pool Houses, 12 Ocean Pool Houses and a Two-Bedroom Pool Residence. All are very much separated and feel incredibly private. For you choise: between the perspectives on Indian Ocean's waves from the more separated Ocean Houses, or the tranquil vistas of the tidal pond encompassed by palm trees Beach Houses. The two choices are traditionally exquisite and embrace nature, with private pools, wooden decks with swinging day beds, hammocks and eating structures, just as an enchanting semi-open restroom and steam shower, covered up in the jasmine shrubs. On the off chance that you long for a white sand sea shore directly close to home, the Beach House confronting the shimmering tidal pond are correct decision. 

Every one of the 20 houses shaping the Naladhu Maldives incorporates an exemplary plan with a beautiful view and an extraordinary feeling of home away from home that is uncommon in the Maldives. The houses have free-streaming spaces with a respectable provincial air, and a stunning rundown of extravagance things and conveniences. All the houses were named after Maldivian blossoms and plants and highlight a quick plan that effectively consolidates indoor and outside living spaces. 

All houses are drenched in an agreeable polish that never becomes unfashionable. Each house has an immense outside pool depleting to the porch and embracing the front of the house, into which an amphora shower is softened, loaded up with new bloom petals. Your private home is furnished with exquisite hardwood furniture that suggestive of a former time with impregnations of present day style, including eye-satisfying bright covers and sparkly Thai silk pads. With characteristic smoothness, the living zone is supplanted by an extensive in cool tones washroom in the outdoors. 2 of the 4 room dividers have lowland windows to furnish you with a best view. 

Whichever house you pick, you can appreciate ageless plan, exceptional perspectives, a private pool adequately enormous to do laps in and rich, best in class solaces including a BOSE home theater framework and LCD satellite TV. All the houses accompany your own special House Master who resembles an individual a nonstop head servant, seeing to all prerequisites on a case by case basis. All these endured wood facilities overflowing with Sri Lankan impacts accompany a private nursery, high-ceilinged insides beautified in stick and tropical tones, and an outside restroom with L'Occitane items and an ocean confronting tub for two. 

Inside, expect dull wood floors, pretty Maldivian shell prints, rattan armchairs and a decent choice of blockbusters to deal with. The Naladhu experience is characterized by guilty pleasure. Champagne, connoisseur snacks and botanical showers. A video library with all the top choices and a completely loaded connoisseur minibar. 

The Beach Houses with Pool are an open 300m² with an extra large, sea confronting bed, open air shower and cascade shower, indoor steam shower, 8x4m vastness pool, oceanfront deck with private feasting sala, private wine basement, connoisseur smaller than usual bar and coffee machine. Direct admittance to the sea shore is only a stage away and the Houses each have their own private kayak to investigate the tidal pond waters. 

Outside a wooden porch and an enormous vastness pool expect tremendous perspectives on the stargazing or the ideal Naladhu dusk. The inside of your sea shore house is your own space that is furnished with all cutting edge conveniences and a recognizable merited and cherished solace. 'Manor Master' (steward) is consistently nearby, and as though the gin is prepared to deal with little and huge subtleties going from the most loved tones to light in between meals, cleansers with the most fragile fragrance, or intriguing organic products. You will jump at the chance to venerate and spoil yourself with loved longings in an interesting Maldivian style. 

In your room you will likewise discover an endurance unit on a tropical island, including sea shore packs, caps, sunscreen and mosquito repellent, yet bring submerged camera on the off chance that you like recreation exercises - or an intriguing book in the event that you incline toward genuine unwinding. 

Many like to remain at the Ocean Pool House, that is completely an ideal convenience. Clean, everything at your hand, a spectaculars view to the sea and to the dawn! It is really your own private island's home where you awaken and nod off to the sound of waves smashing and flying creatures trilling. The sea house is stunning with lovely stylistic layout and plan and a standpoint over a delightful reef driving out to the purplish blue Indian Ocean. The room offices are great, the room is simply flawless and the bed and cushions and sheets so agreeable and the outside cascade shower is devine. Environment control works impeccably and the forced air system is quiet. On the off chance that you are fortunate you can see a case of dolphins from your 8x4m limitlessness pool, just nonchalantly swimming by. These Ocean Houses likewise have oceanfront deck with private feasting sala, a private wine basement, connoisseur smaller than usual bar and coffee machine. The sea shore is only a short walk away and the Houses each have their own swimming stuff and cabana on the sands overhauled by your House Master. 

The actual manor is shocking that is a lot astounding than in pictures! There is a lot of scrupulousness at Naladhu, which makes an exceptional and customized insight. The room is cleaned to a flawless standard two times per day, and you will some of the time show up back at the space to wonderful, new blossoms from the island on the bed or a shower ran while we were out investigating! All the machine (like dull attachment connectors or a binocular) to cutting edge Bose sound framework and exceptionally present day TV (on the off chance that you will require TV!). Different conveniences in the room incorporate a free new organic product bowl, extravagance espressos Evian water gave every day. This is close by an incredible choice of snacks in the small scale bar, just as a wine basement. The bed is very agreeable, with a pad menu for your solace. There is likewise an iPad with every day paper refreshes accessible and a sound framework with an iPod, which are both incredible. There is a lovely changing area and stroll in closet, with connectors, hairdryer, mosquito assurance pack, yoga mats, basics sack and some more! The washroom offices are past outstanding - with a steam room, indoor and open air shower, a shower which ignores the boundlessness pool, his and hers bowls and free washing items. Restroom is shocking, with outer and indoor shower and all that you require. Indeed, even toothbrush or shaving offices. You may realize that you don't have to convey from home anything like this.Outside, there is a swing bed, open air seating territory and hammocks. In the event that the waves sound isn't upset you, can lay down with the entryway open and is incredible! The sea porch of the estate is great, we have breakfast every day here. The endlessness pool is extremely pleasant for late evening rewards or early morning active work. 

The highest point of accomodation in Naladhu Private Island is Two Bedroom Pool Residence. This 600m² Residence is gotten to by means of a great cut entryway and offers a definitive in space and extravagance with two stories of living space and an extensive outdoors feasting patio at the middle with a 20x5m pool. The jumbo expert suite is higher up with a changing area, relax region and overhang neglecting the sea, and bordering washroom with downpour shower and liberal shower. Down the stairs there is a twin room, extensive washroom with bath and both indoor and outside showers, head servant's kitchen and a parlor with open eating territory. 

As we remained with a few companions, we took the 2 rooms private manor, and it couldn't been more ideal : The house was dazzling, open, comfortable, with a gigantic deck patio disregarding the ocean and its coral reef, and a pool a genuine joy to appreciate, with enough space for 4 individuals to swim in without feeling tight. 

Aaah the delight to rest just around evening time with the sound of waves, pulverizing on the reef... It couldn't be more quiet...



Food in Naladhu bothers something beyond hunger, honing your taste buds as far as possible fully expecting a feast for all the faculties ... simply a tasteful culinary experience. Skilled gourmet experts utilize all their insight into shading surfaces and introductions to make a genuine gala for the eyes, nose, mouth and stomach. In Naladhu just a single eatery with a wide determination of dishes from worldwide to Thai cooking. You can likewise tailor every dinner to fulfill your most out of control wants for singular supper, and even eat in your own home. 

Set on the sea shore, The Living Room is Naladhu's just café and serves a variety of worldwide dishes. Tables inside or outside are set under a covered rooftop offering a huge space on an open wooden porch neglecting the tidal pond. The café serves wonderfully introduced current worldwide dishes for breakfast, lunch and supper, depending on new produce, however normally given the water area, fish and fish is the brilliant fascination. Anticipate delectable treats, for example, red snapper with macadamia-nut outside, Chinese cabbage, interesting lemon grass and coconut milk, or barbecued tiger shrimps with goat cheddar ravioli and asparagus. Candles and torchlight at nightfall are a key factor of sentiment, when a pool or sand is the best spot to absorb the round of tropical dusk tones. 

Breakfast is individually and incorporates any semblance of smoked salmon gravlax, caviar omelet and brioche French toast, just as the standard organic products, yogurts, breads and cakes. In evident occasion soul breakfast can be requested whenever of the day (or night) at no additional charge. Visitors wanting for a difference in scene can wander over to sister resorts Veli and Dhigu, where they'll discover six additional cafés, including Italian, Japanese and Thai alternatives. 

Room administration is accessible 24 hours per day, offering a full menu. Each room has a round table that can be wearing a cloth decorative spread and all the other things, turning into an ideal spot for supper with an accomplice. You can appreciate the Wagyu steak and lobster secretly on your sea shore gazebo, in a coconut woods by the light of a fire or have a cookout with candles on a noteworthy white sea shore. You can even request supper at the closest private Guli Fushi Island or on board a dhony cruising boat. Evoke the most cozy of feasting encounters in the Maldives, and let us rejuvenate it. With a private culinary specialist, steward and sommelier at your administration, your alternatives are as boundless as the sea. 

The resort doesn't have a detached bar, however the Living Room offers an all around supplied wine basement and customary wine samplings, or you can go to bars at suggested close by resorts, simply a short stroll across the straight. Bars in adjoining lodgings include: Aqua in Anantara Dhigu or an easygoing Dhoni Bar by the pool of Anantara Veli. Concerning clothing standard, we suggest elegant sea shore stylish.

Naladhu Private Island Maldives has consistently been recognized as one of the top luxury resorts in the world. It has been awarded the prestigious title of Best Island Resort in the Indian Ocean for four consecutive years and has also been ranked among the Top 10 Best Resorts in the World by Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards. With its stunning location and unparalleled service, Naladhu Private Island Maldives offers a truly exceptional and unforgettable experience for its guests.

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