Olhuveli Beach And Spa Resort Maldives is an advanced extravagance resort with an incredible scope of offices. It can cater for all requirements, paying little mind to the inclinations of the visitors, be it a functioning occasion with water sports and the 2 vastness pools, or a peaceful and sentimental special first night for the love birds. 

With different exercises, excellent sea shores, or more normal food, Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort is a decent incentive for cash for the Maldives. 164 rooms range from an essential sea shore manor to great Water Villas, and a connecting spaces for families. The individuals who are keen on a seaplane excursion ought to likewise check Kuredu Island Resort, that has considerably more conveniences and rooms with complimentary wireless internet.

Olhuveli Beach & Spa Maldives

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The Island

The Island

Inherent the 1990s, Olhuveli Beach is situated on a delightful, nearly kilometer long island and is a short ways from Male air terminal by speedboat. This hotel veteran feels practically new, in enormous part on account of the huge scope reproduction after the wave of 2004 (when a considerable lot of the sea shore numbers were wrecked). Four cafés, three bars, two pools and a pleasant spa, Olhuveli has a greater number of stars than numerous retreats in this piece of the Maldives. 

All convenience on the island is particularly pleasant, with a plan on the sea shore or totally over the water. Delightful plan shows beige tiled floor, basic wooden furnishings, seats with vivid cushions and high roofs with uncovered bars. A considerable lot of the structures on the island additionally have conventional straw rooftops that remind visitors where they are. 

Most visitors are couples, yet families are additionally discovered gratitude to the accessibility of family manors in the hotel (in fact two neighboring select rooms), just as administrations and exercises for youngsters. 

Somewhat less than 33% of the numbers are involved by British visitors, yet Olhuveli is generally loaded up with a wide scope of ethnicities. Europeans (particularly Britons, Germans and Russians) likewise favor beachside rooms, while Asians (a large number of whom are on a wedding trip) quite often really like to be over the water. 

Because of good help the hotel consistently holds its lightness. It is delicate, straw, shoeless, where the scene develops, and the offices are keen and great. The pool room and the rec center have their own offices, and ping-pong and darts are situated close to the enlightened tennis and badminton courts. It is essential to note, nonetheless, that in any event, for "Comprehensive" clients, the majority of the offers go for an extra expense. 

Two gift shops sell works of art and trinkets, just as a medical aid post for crisis care. The most fascinating element of the retreat is the 2 pools on the sea shores (in the middle and close to the southern end), which border the bars with completely bundled drinks. There is likewise a youngsters' pool and a jungle gym for youngsters on the island.



Sea shores, as plummeted from the pages of shiny magazines, warm tidal ponds with turquoise water and extraordinary compared to other making a plunge the Maldives - this about the South Male Atoll. South Male Atoll (South Kaafu) is a gathering of islands in the Maldives, which lies only south of the North Male Atoll and is isolated from it by the Vaadhoo Kandu channel. Indicating the most amazing aspect the Maldives, South Male locale offers all you can require for a significant and comfortable occasion. The days here rotate around swimming, unwinding, water sports and swimming - and that's it. 

Olhuveli Beach is situated on the private island in South Male Atoll. The retreat can be reached by speedboat from Velana (Male) Airport. In certain spots an uneven, 21 km ocean move requires around 45 minutes. The island is a large portion of a mile long, from the tip to the tip there are 450 individuals who live and work at the northern finish of the island lasting through the year.



The greater part of the 164 Olhuveli's rooms are Deluxe Rooms, Deluxe Water Villas, or Jacuzzi Water Villas. Beginning from 50 sq.m. these extensive condos incorporate a minibar, free filtered water, electric pots (with tea and espresso), wraparounds, level screen TVs, DVD players and a yard. Room offices improve depending the rates: Deluxe rooms and Deluxe Water Villas have white dividers and covers, pretty alluring wooden furnishings, brilliant couches and emphasized cushions; Deluxe rooms likewise have four-banner beds. All convenience is outfitted with an open region ignoring the ocean; Beach manors have their own piece of sea shore. 

There are 2 classes of Water Villas in the tidal pond, and much more costly rooms, the further they are from the clamoring focus of the island. 2 Presidential Water Suites gladly sit on the finish of the dock close to the southern finish of the island. Along with them there are 5 Honeymoon Water Villas. The remainder of the oval-molded quay is framed by 32 Water Villas with a Jacuzzi. Looking like a petal, the second wharf of water lodges develops from the center of the island towards the dawn, with an assortment of 21 Deluxe Water Villas. 

Special first night Villas are nearly condos, with a 'cloakroom' entrance and a different parlor with gold and dull purple draperies. Their sun decks are exceptionally enormous and there isn't just a jacuzzi, yet additionally a sauna and a back rub shower. 

Jacuzzi in the Jacuzzi Water Villas are showers with jets, however their situation on the sun deck is just phenomenal, particularly for those estates who are on the west side. The ocean sees from the room offer overviews of close by shoals and far off islands. Inside, the rooms brag a marble floor, blue-gold upholstery, loot shades and dim wood furniture. The rich washroom is furnished with two metal twins sinks. 

Special Water Villas is more straightforward and indeed more appealing rooms, particularly with their shade beds. The sun deck offers great protection and is large enough for 2 delicate hammocks and seats. The ocean sees are no less acceptable, albeit from one perspective, the counterfeit "promontory" and the shoal are floating, and the opposite side is taking a gander at another wharf of water estates. That is, expect whatever photos against the turquoise foundation, aside from the numbers on the tip of the leaf (109-113), which have unhampered sea sees. 

Rooms on the sea shore are partitioned into 2 classifications: 8 Luxury Beach Villas and 96 Deluxe Beach Villas. Extravagance Beach Villas (401-408) - more individual and private, with their own tranquil sea shore territory. Inside and outside they have huge restrooms, that is extremely decent, despite the fact that the vacant pergola toward the end is an additional component. Pointing toward the east, their position near the fundamental bar can be viewed as a little something extra or diminishment. 

Luxurious Beach Villas go in squares of 4, 2 up and 2 down. 3 squares (12 rooms) with an interfacing entryway for families. They are the littlest rooms on the island, however are delightfully adorned and all around kept up. All estates are only a couple ventures from the sea shore. These rooms are nearer to the focal point of the island, and the sea shore is less alluring to the region where the staff reside. 

The Grand Water Villa and Grand Water Villa with Pool are available through Olhuveli's new Dream Island improvement, which opened in December 2018. This little island, which associates with the primary island of Olhuveli by a walkway connect, is home to an overwater spa, a smorgasbord eatery, an individually flame broil café, a bar, a pool and a meeting community. 

The 80 sqm Grand Water Villa offers direct admittance to the tidal pond through steps and accompany a chaise relax for private sunbathing. These overwater manors have a private en-suite restroom with downpour shower and bath. Visitors are blessed to receive either tidal pond or ocean see, furnishing them with the ideal Maldives escape insight. 

The Grand Water Villa with Pool takes that experience to another level. At 92 sqm, moderate extravagance can't beat this; a room over water, private sundeck and your own private pool. Visitors can get to the tidal pond through steps straightforwardly from their room or decide to unwind on a chaise relax while taking in the amazing perspectives on the tidal pond or ocean.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

With a determination of the smorgasbord and three individually eateries, Olhuveli offers a larger number of cafés than the greater part of its rivals. The fundamental retreat's eating place, Sunset café offers a worldwide smorgasbord for breakfast and supper. Visitors can generally refresh their feast intends to incorporate supper at nightfall and a lunch buffet in the Lagoon café. The individually menu's alternatives can likewise be requested at three different eateries: Lagoon (Italian and worldwide food), Plankton Grill (fish), and Four Spices (Japanese, Indian, Thai and Maldives). Island Pizza is all the most loved spot close to the Sunrise Pool. By and large, I need to say that food in Olhuveli is better than expected. 

The retreat has three bars: Dhoni Bar (sea shore), Sunrise Bar (close to the pool), and Lagoon Bar (associated with the Lagoon eatery). Comprehensive bundles incorporate beverages, however they just apply to a rundown of mixed drinks and beverages in each bar and café. You can likewise dish out the Emerald bundle to improve assortment of liquor, in addition to limitless progression of sodas, six every day mixed drinks, and two containers of wine (for two every day). The bundle additionally incorporates limits for spa medicines, outings, swimming stuff, free Wi-Fi, every day evening tea, and at individually eateries' arrangements. 

The island doesn't have a lot to do after dusk, yet the Lagoon bar offers music and diversion programs a few evenings per week. We prescribe to visit the "white party" in marriage with a smoke machine, a DJ and a laser show.

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