Omadhoo , North ari atoll is a populated island in the Maldives and a great location for a genuine beach experience. Omadhoo is the ideal location for swimming and house reef snorkelling, making it ideal for low-budget tourists who wish to experience the Maldives without shelling out outrageous sums of money to do so.

The lovely island, which is in Ari (Alif Dhaal) Atoll, is blessed with white sand beaches and an abundance of marine life. Omadhoo is a fantastic island that is suitable for a low-cost vacation if you want to escape the limitations of the resort island and enjoy real Maldivian fishing village life. A true island paradise where you can experience daily life as it is, a relaxed pace, a calm environment, hospitable inhabitants, and stunning, surreal blue colours of oceans.
Omadhoo, North Ari atoll

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The Island

The Island

Arranged from west to east, Omadhoo is very peaceful and you will end up with the sea shore and sea to yourself more often than not. The town takes up 2/3 of the island that is estimated 1000m in long and 300m in wide. The town isn't especially pleasant to post in Instagram, despite the fact that it is a curious and entrancing look into 'reality' in the Maldives, which huge retreats can't offer. 

With around 1000 occupants, local people are cordial, smily and welcomly. Life in Omadhoo is basic and has changed almost no in the course of the last hardly any hundred years. Once in a while timid, ladies are wearing dark from top to toe remaining generally inside the houses. Men gradually riding around on the little island by bicycles/motorbikes or reparing their boats. Nights are loaded up with supper arrangements, normally new fish, curries and rice and with diversion: chess, customary drumming and talking governmental issues until the little hours. As you likely allready realize liquor is restricted here - so no sundowners here! 

The vast majority of Omadhoo occupants making their occupation from fishing, educating, claiming little shops and organizations or by working in the island board. With a spiritualist air, this is essentially what you experiece of the nearby island life aside from the muezzin calling for petition 5 times each day at the neighborhood mosque. Investigating the island you will discover a ship port, medical clinic, post, a modest bunch of minimarkets and bistros, just as a school and a football field here. 

The eastern and western portion of the island is covered with tropical vegetation, for example, breadfruit and coconut trees. The island's western part could be depicted as genuine 'wilderness' because of a rich wealth of colossal banyan trees and tropical palms. Omadhoo is home to fowls and flying foxes and furthermore an inquisitive herons.

The Beach

The Beach

Omadhoo's white sand sea shores is one of those completely flawless stretches of delicate sands that have put the Maldives on the map across the world. The island's western tip is delegated with a fantastic sand spit taht is particularly noteworthy at low tide. It is realy perfect! Confronting straightforwardly west, this sea shore offers an ideal dusk. There is a stretch of sand which is submersed by a foot of water, so you can enter the ocean which is a stunning encounter. West sea shore is the solitary put on Omadhoo where swimming outfits are allowed, and you'll once in a while see any local people on the sea shore itself. There are not many sightseers on the perfect sea shore, and there are a few sun beds looking like a wave. It goes for 10 minutes to stroll to the swimsuit sea shore, and the street goes through a beautiful backwoods zone, a lot of shade and not hot. 

The east sea shore is well known with local people, yet half as beautiful and loaded with litter - the sea flows clearly wash a great deal up here waste everywhere on the sea shore. Different sea shores are very little to report - there are some small sandy patches between vegetation. 

With two passageways, the house reef encompassing the island is unadulterated and blameless with extraordinary live corals and stunning marine life, ideal for swimming and scuba jumping. West sea shore is the best spot for house reef swimming. Coral here is inconsistent, there is loads of sand patches. Be that as it may, unfortunately a large portion of the corals are dead (faded) and the tones have disappered into a burial ground looking white. Go somewhat farther, and the coral turns out to be more thick, until it covers the whole sea floor. The submerged perceivability is inconceivable and hope to spot numerous ocean animals, including reef sharks, beams and turtles, just as moray eels, lobsters, parrot fish, anemone and comedian fish. The territory where the island drops off into vast water - and the most biodiverse segment. It is dazzling to watch out into the dark blue sea as you coast over the reef. Dazzling. You will see so numerous bright fish here it is astounding. It isn't that difficult to swim, however to get the best you truly should be a sure swimmer and it is essential to note where the current is taking you! Visitor houses give free swimming stuff.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The Maldives is a genuine plunging paradise, and with taking care of manta beams, elegant whale sharks and tutoring hammerheads, the Ari Atoll is a pelagic dream. Extraordinary kandus plunges, wonderful thilas, heaps of various fish: fishes, barracudas, sharks, turtles – everything you can spot. 

There is Omadhoo Dive Center Padi on the island. For affirmed jumpers they offer morning, evening and night fun plunge boat trips each day. For beginners the plunge place offers an introdives with the expert educators or a base PADI Open Water Diver course. 

The a-list plunge destinations around the island of Omadhoo are immaculate and blameless, and the OD jumping group is investigating the territory to make you an initial guest into the mind blowing submerged world. Omadhoo Thila, Madivaru (Manta Point), Maamigili Kandu are locales should jump!

Things to Do

Things to Do

There are three grand remote locations close by the Omadhoo island. Omadhoo Inn visitor house offers select admittance to a close by desert excursion island, where visitors can appreciate experience in Robinson Crusoe style! These is Omadhoo Inn's unmistakable experience, and the whole island can be reserved whenever mentioned. With hammocks, swimming hardware, grill offices and an on location washroom, this island has all you may require to appreciate a marvelous day with swimming, sea shore volley or simply unwinding under the Maldivian sun.away from the world! As a last touch treat yourself with delectable just-got - fish grill. Expenses $100 stay for the time being 

For the individuals who need to investigate reefs further away from home, the record-breaking most loved trips on offer are the best swimming spots, every one with its own extraordinary attributes submerged world! This one hour trip out to a close by swimmer's heaven will permit you to encounter the marvels of the submerged world. This outings are custom-made to suit everybody, morning or evening, novice or experienced swimmer! A portion of these journeys additionally offer the opportunity to see manta beams, all year inhabitants of South Ari Atoll. Additionally hope to spot turtles, sharks and bountiful fish life. Manta point is energetically suggested both as a jumper and swimmer. Attempt late evening swimming! Trips may feel somewhat pricy from the outset yet you will feel pretty sensible subsequent to doing it. Expenses $27-31. Manta point swimming 125 USD. 

With old and customary roots, fishing is in the blood of the Maldivians. The island's visitor houses offer you numerous methods of Maldivian fishing: reef fish entire day and nightfall fishing on a live bate, savaging looking for a major catch (blue marlin, sailfish) and Yellowfin fish fishing on a major fishing boat. At your solicitation, the catch can be cooked by the culinary specialist - on one of the uninhabited islands, or on the yard of your guesthouse. Dusk fishing 31 USD. 

Omadhoo is situated in South Ari Atoll, probably the best spot on the planet for spotting whale sharks lasting through the year. A 45 minutes speed boat ride toward the South of the atoll to meet these delicate monsters. Swimming close by one of these giant animals is really a once in a blue moon insight! Challenge a 4 – 6 meter long whale shark excellence while swimming, make astounding selfie and save the best recollections! Truth be told, swimming is perhaps the most ideal approaches to experience whale sharks as they regularly swim near the surface, so this is a trip for everybody! Costs 130 USD. 

A 1 hour stunning outing by a speed boat looking for cheerful Dolphin cases. Attempt your karma and accompany us to see the most astounding creatures in the ocean – the jug nose, the Spinner or even, maybe, The Pilot Whales! 

To add sentiment to your vacation recollections, an extraordinary flame broiled supper might be set in the protection on the sea shore or remote location. The gourmet expert will work of art a new gotten fish to a culinary enjoyment. The sound of the impending waves will wager the foundation song while getting a charge out of the heavenly Maldivian dishes. Expenses $59 Full day. Sentimental BBQ on the sea shore 27 USD. 

Regardless of the bounty of resorts in Ari atoll, a couple of them are available to the exursions - these are the Centara Grand Resort, Maafushivaru Maldives and Lily Beach. You can likewise arrange supper at the submerged eatery at Conrad Maldives. 

There are some water sports alternatives on the island, including sup, kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboardind and stream skii. On the land you can appreciate yoga, football and volleyball with a local people.

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