Only 228 metres separate the guest home Plumeria Maldives from the centre of Moony Night, Kaleyfaanu Higun, Thinadhoo. The hotel is located 77.5 kilometres from the closest airport, Male International Airport.

There is a restaurant open where you may place orders for delectable meals and drinks. The banquet and meeting rooms are available for rental. Nearby, fishing is permitted. Simply ask about the fishing equipment at the front desk. Billiards is a great way to enjoy yourself while passing the time. Upon request, food and beverages, including breakfast, can be brought to your room. You can take the airport shuttle to and from the airport. Internet access is available without charge. On the property, there is a playground with slides. There is a fitness centre with cutting-edge equipment that can assist you in maintaining your physical fitness.

Plumeria Maldives, Thinadhoo Island

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Thinadhoo Island is situated in Vaavu Atoll and it's 77 kilometers from Male, the capital of the Maldives. You can get to Thinadhoo by speedboat, ship or seaplane. 

A public ship leaves Male at 10:00 on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from Villingili ship terminal. Travel time 5 hours 20 minutes. The ticket cost is $7. From Thinadhoo to Male on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays takeoff at 09:15, landing in 14:25. The ship runs with stops in Maafushi - Fulidhoo - Thinadhoo - Felidhoo - Keyodhoo 

Speedboat to Plumeria Maldives: 

Name of speedboat: Plumeria-1/Plumeria-5 

Takeoff time from Male air terminal: 10:00 and 16:00 (consistently) 

Takeoff from Plumeria Maldives Thinadhoo: 06:00 (every day); 

Jorney time: 1h 15 min. 

Limit: 18 travelers (boat plumeria 1) 

Limit: 24 travelers (plumeria 5) 

Ticket to get there and back value: USD 130/individual 

Boat lease workable for: consolidated exchange/private excursions

The Island

The Island

Estimating 730 x 190 meters, the excellent Thinadhoo covers a zone of 14 hectares, where the town and Plumeria are situated in the eastern portion of the island. The remainder of the land is covered with a thick tropical backwoods with an obscure ways following to a white sand sea shores, and with bordered coconut trees along the sandy shores. You will require close to 30 minutes to investigate the island and discover your place under the sun. On the south side is a nearby port with perspectives on the island of Felidhoo, the capital of Vaavu Atoll 

From the start, the island is strikingly unique in relation to Maafushi, and other occupied islands, basically tidiness. Islanders love their island and keep neatness as a hidden island resort. You don't perceive any plastic, trash, old clothes and decaying leaves. All around the request, the sea shores are perfect (I need to say: white and fleecy) and outfitted with plastic sun beds, and there are overhangs of palm leaves, giving at least conveniences to unfamiliar visitors. Consistently, the Plumeria Diving and Water Sports Center cleans the island of trash. 

The whole north side, from east to west is involved by a tremendous house reef. A plentiful and different marine life, lovely and sound corals, numerous brilliant fish, and furthermore you can spot turtles, sharks and beams. The island possesses around 50 individuals utilized in the development business and in the improvement of the island, that has a couple of private places of Maldivians. 

Thinadhoo is truly wonderful. You can discover a few inadequacies, yet the public portion of the island (eastern), occupied by native Maldivians, is extremely spotless, all around prepped, calm, and even there are trash canisters. Vegetation from the contrary side is barometrical and sentimental, assuming the part of a nearby park. The ways in the wilderness are wide and obscure, which is exceptionally ideal to go to the inaccessible tip to the two-piece sea shore.

The Beach

The Beach

With the best nightfall sees over Vaavou Atoll, the two-piece sea shore is on the island's northwestern tip and for some it's a most loved spot of the long sea shore and house reef that extends along the entire north side of Thinadhoo. This zone of ??soft white sands is for vacationers, and here you can swim and sunbathe in a two-piece. There is a clothing standard on different sea shores (shut shoulders, knees, and so on) The entire island around has great bits of sand, aside from the zone around the seaport on the south side, where the shore is covered with coral sections and rubble. However, on most open sea shores and swimsuit sea shore you will discover fine sands that extend fundamentally at low tide. 

On the sea shore local people assembled a shade of palm leaves and put plastic hammocks. This is very interesting, in light of the fact that on numerous other possessed islands just sand, water and a characteristic shadow (assuming any) are left for spending experience.

House Reef Snorkeling

House Reef Snorkeling

House reef is the fundamental fascination of Thinadhoo. Outfitted with a veil, sno???? and blades you would prefer not to haul your head free from the water. Bright reef fish and staggering coral engineering hide directly underneath the sea's surface near the sea shore only 20 meters from the shoreline, and at an agreeable profundity of around 2-3 meters. In short - don't miss swimming!

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