Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Resort is a 5-star way of life escape in quite possibly the most flawless atolls in the South of the Maldives. Opened on september 2019, the 120 estates resort offers a vivid workmanship and configuration experience with a comprehensive incorporated way to deal with prosperity. The lovely, pristine Maamutaa Island traverses 195,000 sqm is found only 10 minutes by speedboat from the recently opened Kooddoo Airport. 

Wonderfully positioned in the midst of the staggering tidal pond loaded down with dynamic and entrancing marine life and unequaled and novel choices for scuba jumping and swimming alongside different other water sports encounters, the Pullman Maamutaa Resort is introducing extensive and extravagant homes that are unique for couples and families with five star room conveniences. Found both overwater and on the sea shore, visitors will pick their home with the inconceivable alternative of submerged room suites. While the water-sport focus is engaging you with number of fun exercises, there are 6 F&B outlets with individually alternatives are essential for the comprehensive experience icluding the Phat Chameleon, a total natural, veggie lover and vegan café. Wellness and Wellbeing focuses, teenager just club, kids club, spa, wedding structure, tennis court and gardens are simply among the different hotel offices here.

Pullman Maldives All-Inclusive Resort

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The Island

The Island

This retreat is a long way from Male, requiring stops in the Velana air terminal parlor, homegrown flight (50mins out/1.5hrs return) and afterward a speedboat. Pullman isn't situated for a brisk night stay whenever you have calculated in extra travel. After you got your gear at the Airport and going out through the traditions your vacation starts and you don't need to think often about anything. The hotel puts you up in a "celebrity" air terminal parlor making this considerably less unpleasant. Speedboat ride 15-20mins from Kooddoo Island to the retreat on Maamutaa is consistent. Pullman staff is attempting to cause you to feel great and helps you with each progression of that venture. The freshest air terminal at Kooddoo drastically lessens the movement time to the dazzling south of the Maldives which brags some the most emotional scenes and neglected reefs on the planet. 

Showing up in the actual Maldives is not all that much yet once you are on the island, it is all great. You will be welcome upon appearance by with blossoms and heaps of staff with huge grins, and afterward stroll to gathering where you are given a tasty invite drink and a wet towel. A brief time later a staff part will registration you and next you are moved golf carriage ride to your room. 

Pullman Maldives Maamutaa is situated at the South of Maldives, in Gaafu Alifu Atoll, which is known for its immaculate sea shores and an incredible scuba plunging. As we would see it, the Huvadhoo atoll (which is framed by Gaafu Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu) is the most delightful and fascinating atoll with regards to the country.It is a piece of the biggest known Atoll on the planet. The retreat is spread across 12 hectares of thick vegetation and finished nurseries. 

Arranged 20 kilometers toward the north of the equator, the island of Maamutaa is limited and situated from north to south along the edge of the atoll, and, of course, with such geology you can expect wonderful white sea shores extending from the two closures of the island. The actual island is very peaceful and you will wind up with the sea shore and sea to yourself more often than not. The dusk sea shore taking a gander at the atoll (into tidal pond), is in every case better compared to confronting the vast sea (surf). The island's southern and northern tips are delegated with a fabulous sand spits taht are particularly great at low tide. It is realy beautiful! There are two pools close to Melange eatery and one close to Souq café. 

The actual Island it's breathtaking with the plan of the hotel ensuring you locate another spot to respect day and night. The Maamutaa is flawless, overflowing with rich tropical vegetation, perfectly selected manors and originator contacts that make Pullman Maldives less stodgy than it's rivals, and more alive. 

The photographs don't do equity to how very lovely the hotel is. The Maamutaa is covered with tropical vegetation, for example, breadfruit and coconut trees. The island's inside could be portrayed as genuine 'wilderness' because of a rich wealth of immense banyan trees and tropical palms. There is a freshwater lake in the core of the island, a somewhat uncommon truth in the Maldives. Maamutaa is home to birds and flying foxes and furthermore an inquisitive herons. 

The hotel worked considering honeymooners and couples, however the adroitness of the property and staff imply that you'll feel only comfortable as those praising marriage, commemorations or birthday events. The staff convey sincere assistance with character, care and devotion. You can see the hotel is a daily existence line to nearby occupants, and all things considered, the group treat this as a fantasy work, and glad staff mean, well... one extremely cheerful family. The staff are cordial and at any point prepared to help you. No issues and the retreat group have great correspondences by means of radio. 

Carriages are accessible whenever on the off chance that you need to end up in a good place, or you can employ bicycles and ride around the island.



Gaafu, or Huvadhoo isn't just the second biggest atoll in the Maldives it is additionally on the rundown of the best 10 biggest normal atolls on the planet. Situated in the southern piece of the Maldives 50 km over the equator Gaafu Atoll is authoritatively separated into two sections: Gaafu Alifu (North Huvadhoo atoll) and Gaafu Dhaalu (South Huvadhoo atoll) and has 235 islands with capitals: Villingili (North)/Thinadhoo ( South) 

Settled on the charming island of Maamutaa in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll, The Pullman Resort's setting is the nearest thing to heaven. Visitors, presumably, will feel at the edge of the world, away from common clamor and stress. Encircled by the purplish blue waters of a shallow tidal pond, and with rich tropical greenery and lake, this private area can be handily reached through air or ocean move from Male International Airport. Homegrown Flight move requires a little ways from Male International Airport to Local Airport "Kooddoo". Speedboat moves require a short ways from Local Airport "Kooddoo" to Resort. An immediate exchange from Velana International Airport to Pullman Maldives is likewise accessible by means of a 80-minute excursion via seaplane.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

The comprehensive Pullman Maldives Maamutaa flaunts 122 wanton estates, including two selective Aqua Villas highlighting rooms lowered underneath the turquoise waters for a really important encounter of the district's marine life very close. The retreat has the 80 roomy cabins set over water or the 40 spotted around the immaculate sea shore. 

Rooms are fantastic with outside restrooms (2 showers). Top quality air con and wifi, estate cleaned every day, minibar recharged twice day by day (and free things incl chocolates and food bars). You have a charming glass floor to see fish under estate. View in the first part of the day is amazing. you have two parlor seats in addition to a covered open air relax.. The actual retreat is carefully cared for and is a credit excessively totally included. 

Photos of the hotel rooms don't do it equity. Open rooms, agreeable bed and every one of the standard conveniences included espresso machine pressing table and so forth Decent external space to appreciate the perspectives and room administration. Admittance to the water is simple, simply maintain the tide for best swimming. 

Pullman's white sand sea shores is one of those all around flawless stretches of delicate sands that have put the Maldives on the map across the world. In the event that you stay at sea shore manors pointing toward the west, this sea shore offers an ideal dusk. There is a stretch of sand which is submersed by a foot of water, so you can enter the ocean which is an astonishing encounter. 

Pullman Maldives has set prepared 13 units of wonderful sea shore estates on its white sandy sea shore adjoining the tidal pond. With extensive insides and five star extravagance room conveniences, these essential yet comfortable homes make certain to give first rate convenience to its visitors. With one room, the manor type will oblige up to 3 grown-ups or 2 grown-ups in addition to one youngsters and one baby at greatest which is a remarkable most elevated for a particularly one room estate type. 

For couples who might want unending fun on the sea shore on their private move away for their special night festivity in Maldives, the Beach Villas is an incredible alternative to book. Expect all the detachment with tropical vegetation covering the estate from for what it's worth. These special first night suites are accompanying a sufficiently extensive private pool on the private deck which would open to the piece of their private sea shore. 

With significantly more roomy insides and added offices and extravagance room conveniences, there are 2 units of delightfully fabricated family estates with private sea shore. Obliging 3 grown-ups or 2 grown-ups in addition to 3 youngsters and 1 baby, these would make best family homes at the hotel with moderate financial plan. Families will have uncontrolled measure of fun and joyful making on the sea shore where they would have part of private sea shore. 

Unparalleled plan and fantastic insides are the features of Family Beach Villas that are accompanying an open private pool on the deck. Your private sea shore zone would stretch out to its the public sea shore zone nearby the tidal pond where you would have parlors to take a sunbath. At a greatest, the estate will oblige up to 3 grown-ups or 2 grown-ups in addition to 3 youngsters and 1 newborn child. 

2 Bed Room Beach Pool Villa can be ideal for a helpful convenience for families at Pullman Maldives Maamutaa with two rooms that are enough extensive and will oblige 5 grown-ups or 4 grown-ups in addition to two youngsters and 1 newborn child. With a private pool on the veranda and a long bit of private sea shore zone, visitors will have different extravagance conveniences in the estate which will be hundred percent past your creative mind about the advantage of Maldives. 

The greatest home at the retreat with immense zone, and four rooms that would permit in 10 visitors or 8 grown-ups in addition to 1 kid and 1 newborn child. This is ideal for in the event that you might want a Maldives trip in bunch like families and companions. Alongside different room conveniences and extravagance offices, free highlights will likewise go with your convenience like smaller than usual rec center and committed cart for your own transportation around the island. You will have an individual head servant and gourmet expert who are more glad to give you your number one dishes whenever. 

The hotel's Ocean Villas are ideal for couples who might want the presence of tidal ponds and water for their sentimental harmony. With the over water presence of these estate homes, visitors will have private deck with lounges from where they can watch and appreciate the quiet sea water swallowing their beverages from minibar. Dazzling glass floor in the room - you can see a wide range of fish particularly at evening. Manor is extensive and have dazzling restroom with enormous shower, one open air shower and one indoor (there's additionally another shower on the deck by the vastness pool), a zone to dry your wet garments, his and hers sinks on the two sides - simply everything is impeccably for the visitor comfort. Decent assortment of teas, espressos, wine and spirits. Estate is cleaned double a day and the cleaning group consistently leaves a little sweet astonishment for you. 

Lengthiest stretch of manors on the island with 53 rooms situated over water gave the very best perspectives and ambiances that would just increase the experience of resort convenience. Accompanying one room and extravagance room conveniences, there would be a private pool on your deck with all the protection and isolation from others where you would have furniture for you couples to unwind and get up to speed. 

Flawless facilities are stunning. Every day you'll venture out onto the deck, you are awestruck by the excellence of what encompass the water manor. A day by day march of bright fish, energetic sting beams, ocean turtles, infant reef sharks, entertaining little crabs. Every day will welcome You with something critical and fun. 

For honeymooners, Overwater Pool Suites are consistently the ideal decision. These 4 units of are ideal for couples with considerably more security with a private pool on your deck. Get a few tidbits and beverages from your smaller than expected bar and invest your energy watching the tidal pond. Extravagance room conveniences are ready for you here. The chance for direct access onto the tidal pond gives you loads of fun getting a charge out of water sports and exercises. 

In 2020 Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Resort has authoritatively opened its two Aqua Villas. 

The new manors, at 1,216 square foot, have two rooms, with one lowered underneath the turquoise waters presenting visitors to the island's lively marine life and interminable coral reef. Visitors can find the wizardry of the sea while appreciating the sumptuous solace that Pullman Maldives Maamutaa has to bring to the table. The estates are an extraordinariness in the Maldives, and Pullman is pleased to be an innovator in vivid travel for this objective. 

The manors' plan sticks out, with the emphasis being on the marine life. Not exclusively is there an aquarium as a room — which gives an open perspective on the living animals — however there is likewise a private pool, a subsequent room watching out across the sea, and a wonderful external washroom. Visitors can generally see what may be swimming beneath. 

The estates are in a great situation to watch the dawn and are just a short stroll to Sol Rising — the lodging's solid bistro serving breakfast treats and sound juices. Complete with an enormous pool, additionally pointing toward the east, it's the ideal area to unwind in the early hours.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Pullman is not kidding about its cusine. Experts will feel comfortable in the retreat's 6 cafés and bars, and nature of cooking and fixings first class.Some needed earlier reservations and some are stroll in. Melange, Souk Oven, Phat Chameleon, the Hub, Saffron Affair, Sol Rising are altogether places to either eat or nibble. All are tasty and shifted to the taste or sense of taste required. Remarkably for The Maldives, Pullman Maamutaa Resort offers a cutting edge translation of 'island affected' eating experience obliges all preferences and wants where the power source each have their own contacts each conveying a taste sensation with every one of the suppers. Indeed, even the smorgasbord Melange is 5 star quality food and table assistance. A major blend of a wide range of food - it resembles having 5* ultra lavish inn sunday informal breakfast quality accessible to you for breakfast, lunch and supper. The retreat has it's own ranch to table spices and vegetables from the dazzling on property natural nursery. You won't ever need to eat something very similar twice. 

Canapé's at the Hub are a decent commendation to a beverage or two. The beverages are consistently abundant, all around made and introduced. Simply investigate the Wine and Cocktail list. 

This comprehensive retreat will agreeably shock you with such high food guidelines all through. Alongside the food what make this spot remarkable is the consistent extraordinary help. 

With fixed feast hours, MÉLANGE is the hotel's fundamental café (nightfall side) that is highlights Arabic, Italian, French, Chinese and Indian cooking. 

Opened for the duration of the day for breakfast, lunch and supper the eatery makes certain to give super-extravagance vibe to your assortment eating experience in here with alluring insides, open to seating and extra-affable staffs who might help your minutes in here really enchanting. Best for breakfast hours, the gourmet specialists here even more prepared to get ready for you assortment culinary dishes for each of the three feast times from utilizing Arabic, Italian, French, Chinese and Indian foods. With live cooking stations and natural product counters, visitors will likewise get themselves different mixers and beverages. 

Tremendous cluster of live preparing stations make each dinner diverse as well as new and incredible tasting. You'll never go hungry. The culinary experts can't do what's needed for you and are energetic and eager about what they do. It is ideal to have a piece from each cooking station and all menu things change every day for lunch and supper. 

Supper at the Melange buffet is excellent with assortment of flame broiled fish and meats. Cakes and pastries look stunning as well as extremely delicious. 

There is the sound corner at the global smorgasbord breakfast; assortment of yogurts, short-term oats, chia seeds puddings, housemade kambucha, new coconut water and significantly more. Obviously there are various stations, all that you wish for truly, to appreciate eggs cooked to arrange, hash browns and so on Waffles and flapjacks are beyond words, new natural products and juices... simply everything! The pastry and natural product station has new Kombucha. Notwithstanding your staple of omelet station, hash tans, bacon, cakes - the Chinese segment has great singed noodles, and pork. The fish and fish curry, flapjack and waffles specially made - are additionally not to miss. 

The Chef Philippe Wagenfurher is regulating an incredible group who plans delightful suppers that will turn into a genuine joy for the greater part of your faculties. All his group is hoping to cook the best plate for you and you should attempt all as they are largely extraordinary however so great. 

The paradise for veggie lovers and vegans Phat Chameleon is an other significant spot to eat at the retreat which you ought to visit at any rate once during your visit! Remaining consistent with extremely its name, the Phat Chameleon is a veggie lover café situated in the midst of the spice and vegetable nursery on the island giving a brave in-backwoods eating experience confined by the lavish vegetation. Open for lunch and supper, this is an extraordinary method of fulfilling the visitors with rich menu of vegan food things. Appreciate new veggie lover delights, soups, hot and cold servings of mixed greens and different. The wine contributions for comprehensive are again far superior to rivals. Phat Chameleon is an eating, where nearby fixings and native flavors can be enjoyed. Certainly strongly prescribe for everybody to visit - regardless of whether you are not a vegan. 

Set on the island's dawn side Souq Oven highlights Middle Eastern and Levantine foods. This is a heavenly right on target the island being home to both worldwide prime dinner courses and extravagance refreshment experience. Italian at lunch and arabic at supper, visitors will get themselves wide culinary assortments of Mediterranean and Levantine foods like Lebanese, Turkish and Italian. Administration is astonishing from the staff, and food top quality. 

Alongside getting a charge out of different ethnic treats and new squeezes made to your directions, there is an amazing assortment of refreshments including a Wine Wall that houses more than 80 names handpicked from the best grape plantations on the planet to go with your dinner. The Duck Pappardelle, Lobster and Shrimp linguine are enthusiastically suggest. Pana cotta sweet is an unquestionable requirement attempt too. There is a pool outside which can be calmer and gets all the more a breeze which is reviving. 

Another choice for breakfast the Sol Rising is a fiery and energetic sun-rise feasting spot encourages you start your day at the hotel with significantly more life and joy. Intended for catching the sparkling and warm morning vibes on this excellent island, this feasting center point implies something more than your culinary satisfaction in here. Open for breakfast from early morning, the committed gourmet experts in here are planning for you adjusted dinners for your morning meal that incorporate super food and detox diet alongside yogurt, squeezes and tidbits. All cooked consummately and with astounding flavors. 

Saffron Affair is the night hang-out center point at the hotel where visitors will choose from a lot of alcohols and beverages alongside best Tapas, tidbits and short-eats. The spot would in a real sense be of a saffron thing for its night environment when sun will look for its way down the water sending around the most awesome aspect evening vibes. Assortments of mixed drinks, new squeezes, milk shakes, wines and bourbons incorporate Spanish, Asian and nearby makes. In the event that you need top end incl French champagne you can arrange it, French starting is incorporated. Top pick with the vast majority of the visitors the dusk bar merits a notice with phenomenal unrecorded music, hearted diversion and astounding perspectives . Staff are stunning, simply note there can be slight social contrasts, Slow down when requesting and pose inquiries. 

That is a good thought to go back to your the best recollections of those never-recovered season of adolescence and to have a great time on the sea shore getting you scrumptious admissions from the hotel's portable food truck Bites on Wheels which highlights different things like sorbets, new cut-products of the soil eats alongside different beautiful confections hung on sticks.

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