At Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives, guests can observe swift fish from their glass-bottomed bathtub, enjoy movies in the jungle, and spend their time engaging in various watersports and island excursions, such as sunset dhoni cruises, private picnics, and dining on sand dunes.

Explore top-rated marine conservation projects while snorkeling in the colorful house reef, swimming with sea turtles and manta rays, or encountering amiable dolphins during a sunset boat trip. Onshore, you can savor delectable options at six exceptional restaurants and bars, including contemporary Japanese Omakase dishes at Zen, an open-air buffet and themed dinner affair at Longitude, and casual fare and drinks at the sunken poolside bar Sip Sip. Indulge in luxurious spa therapies, rejuvenating facials, and outdoor rooftop yoga sessions to enhance your unforgettable retreat to this idyllic haven.

Getting here is easy: Connecting flights leave frequently from Dubai, Doha, and Singapore, while direct flights are offered from London, New Delhi, Singapore, and other locations. The Maldives is presently welcoming fully vaccinated visitors without the need for a negative Maldives RT PCR test (information accurate as of 8/03/2022).

Ocean Water Villa In Maldives:

The overwater bungalows in the Maldives are located on Sixth Sense Laamu weathered timber jetties near the lagoon and offer a short bicycle ride towards the ocean. They are secluded by high wooden enclosures and provide direct access to the sea for swimming and snorkeling, as well as relaxation on overwater netting hammocks. Additionally, guests can enjoy sun loungers or the glass bottom table on the outside deck to soak up the sun or admire the sunset over the ocean. These villas feature a glass overwater bathtub with an ocean view, an outdoor rain shower, and a treetop deck with a comfortable seating area for a unique panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and colorful sunsets.

Six Senses Laamu - Six Senses Spa

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The Island

The Island

A Six Senses have welcomes each Laamu bound visitor on landing in the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. A homegrown flight takes you to Kadhdhoo Airport, 45 minutes south in untainted Laamu Atoll where a speed boat anticipates for the 25-minute hike over quiet indigo waters to Olhuveli Island, home of Six Senses Laamu. Somewhat of a problem, however totally justified, despite all the trouble. From the second you set foot on the boat towards the retreat you feel that harmony and smoothness coming to you. The virus towel and the filtered water with an aroma of the Six Senses signature lemongrass is only a stunning inclination. The second important thing is that this equivalent second you get a pack where you can put your shoes and bid farewell to them for the remainder of the holidays.You immediately recall why you chose to picked Six Senses Resorts once more. The second you show up you are welcome by the entirety of the staff at the appearances pier (beginning by the Hotel General Manager), the GEMs (Guest Experience Makers and, toward the end, your "closest companions" to cause your days off to turn into your always imagined occasions) and other important staff (jumping group, surf group, sea shore sports team...). Your GEM accompanies you to your Villa and guarantees you that what ever it is that you may require they will deal with it. The harmony and tranquility you feel merits each penny spent on the excursion. No check in cycle, no Mastercards, no nothing. Simply unwind and appreciate.

There's an inexplicable thing about having the option to make a hotel as wonderful as this in a spot with no common water supply and disengaged from the territory. The retreat ought to be utilized as an illustration to the remainder of the world for its astounding production of a supportability program and the consideration for the local area and climate. All the water on the island is delivered nearby from the sea water through a desalination plant. All garments, material, and furniture covers are made by the work of nearby people nearby. The hotel likewise has its own natural spice, bean stew and vegetable nursery! All the retreat floors are wooden or sand, so you can undoubtedly walk shoeless or simply utilizing flip slumps (whatever you pick), causing the clothing standard more to loosen up when contrasted and other lavish inns. In case you're such an individual who accepts that supper must be delighted in when clinging to a severe clothing regulation, this most likely isn't the spot for you. Visitors are mentioned get around the island by bicycles which are given to every manor. Bikes to get around is a virtuoso thought - 2 wheels are superior to 2 feet and a lot speedier. Cycling to breakfast, lunch and supper, to moonlight film, to plunging, to surfing, to yoga is such a lot of fun. Much the same as being a child once more. An extraordinary touch - they customize the nameplate! 

The manner in which the spot looks, the manner in which the spot feels rouses a feeling of prosperity in everybody. It isn't only the staff that grin yet visitors passing each other grin and say 'greetings' with no cumbersomeness by any stretch of the imagination. Woodwork includes vigorously, particularly with the unnatural sea manors which loosen up from the island into the Indian Ocean. The public territory is an over-water town, a waterworld of interconnected scenes on various levels made of discovered materials: wood, rope, branches, cover, worn telephone poles. However nothing is disarranged, the greeting and administration is totally penetrated quiet. This is provincial stylish at its apogee. 

The island vegetation is more screwpine and hardwood than tall palms however in spite of the fact that there is a lot of open sky as you stroll around it's not filled in with imported bushes and blossoms. The sea shore has beautiful profound, delicate sand where a large portion of the sea shore estates are on the southwest and south sides yet is smaller on the opposite side where reasonably the 3 water manor breakwaters have been assembled. By the day's end, there is no better spot to cause you to feel great than on a major bedding and cushion out over the water on a lounger, watching the sun set with a melodic score behind you coming from the bar Chill. 

The reef was gravely influenced by the extraordinary blanching occasion of 1998 and thumped back by resulting lesser occasions. A reclamation project called 'Plant a Fish' has been introduced by Fabian Cousteau. It includes joining corals to make counterfeit reefs in the tidal pond. This isn't simply important to corals and fish yet in addition to visitors who are not solid or sure swimmers. Marine life around the retreat is extraordinary. Beams, sharks, turtles and a beautiful fish play around the manors. The house reef is flourishing - it's only a couple swim strokes from the bar. Furthermore, the estates neglect a sandy tidal pond with ocean grass patches where turtles like to cover up. You will spent numerous hours in the water gaping at the undersea life. The spa is top notch and the swimming right off the manors is a-list. For a genuine treat, it's conceivable to take a cookout lunch on a close by remote location which, for a few hours, you'll have all to yourself. 

What truly make this spot novel is the staff! The staff - everyone is so cordial and supportive whether it's the individual tidying up our room, administrators, F&B chief, sea life scholars, jump educators even the inhabitant Ayurvedic specialist and the staff caring for the spice and vegetable nursery or the staff in the eateries. Incredible supervisory crew. Incredibly discrete yet turned on and mindful without being formal or excessively casual. They are incredibly freindly, making a great air. All the GEMs assemble a decent rapor with their visitors and this is clear all through your visit. All staff you communicate with have a certifiable tranquil and caring outlook that you generally will recall and need to encounter again and again. 

Like how mindful and caring the hotel treats their current circumstance, the 10-part sea life science group of Six Senses Laamu has spearheaded a health program for the states of corals that possess the house reef around the island. 700 and forty deliberately chose coral pieces of in excess of 10 unique species from the house reef have been set in a mid-water coral nursery. Similarly as it is the hotel's main goal to help individuals reconnect with themselves, others, and their general surroundings, these corals will appreciate some rest and unwinding until they are developed further enough to be replanted on the house reef. This task came right into it with an end goal to upgrade the reclamation cycle of fading affected coral reefs following the 2016 El Niño. 

Reefs in the Laamu atoll were influenced but luckily less when contrasted for certain different pieces of Maldives which experienced dying of almost 70% of reefs. As indicated by field specialists, the common recuperation cycle of mass dying occasions can require as long as 15 years and the marine group at Six Senses Laamu is devoted to establishing the best climate to encourage the recuperation cycle. Consistently they get spoiling and cleaning treatment from the marine group, and are allowed the chance to develop without the pressure of potentially being eaten by the hunters.



The shrouded mystery of the Indian Ocean - Laamu atoll or Haddumathi is shaped by the biggest islands in the Maldives archipelago, three of which by neighborhood principles can be viewed as massive. Of the 82 islands on the atoll, just 12 south-eastern parts are possessed. The travel industry in this piece of the nation is simply starting to grow, however the created regions are abnormally excellent. Six Senses is the lone 5-star resort in Laamu atoll, making it a separated and rich retreat for couples and families the same. 

From Malé Airport, it is only a 35-minute flight, along the delightful Maldivian coastline to Kadhdhoo homegrown air terminal. A short 25-minute boat move later and visitors have shown up at the powder white sand and perfectly clear turquoise water heaven which is Six Senses Laamu.



With a far reaching one and two room, 97 estates of sublime, extremely neighborhood design are split between Beach Villas, Lagoon Beach manor with Pool and Ocean Water Villas that sparkle with class in the green emerald or stand apart on the purplish blue. Manors are painstakingly intended to supplement the extraordinary regular excellence of the island, they offer utter security, solace and extravagance. Consistent with its way of thinking of ecological security a wood and other common materials reign in this nature-saving heaven 100%, making immense covers for Robinson, in adoration with extravagance travel. The rooms are exceptionally open, vaporous with breezes and in a real sense gleam, improving the sensation of opportunity and distance from the remainder of the world. Ensured full security! As in Gili Lankanfushi and Soneva Fushi, each room of the estates is outfitted with love seats and couches with vivid pads, welcoming to unbalanced lethargy. 

All estates include: King or Twin bed as liked, cooling, Bose theater setup, level screen TV, minibar, telephone, wifi, outside restroom, hairdryer, safe, iPod docking station, tea and espresso offices. 

Covered up between the rich tropical vegetation the Beach Villas are split among Lagoon and Ocean. All manors offer outright protection, the sea shore with hammocks is a couple of steps away and Ocean Villas accompany an awesome nightfall see. Tidal pond Beach Villa (220m²) highlights a private admittance to the sea shore, private nursery with daybeds, upper deck feasting table at treetop level with survey stage, perspectives to the blue tidal pond. All convenience is set deliberately for daylight and shade between the shining waters of the tidal pond and the hideaway retreat. 

Ideal for families going with youngsters, Beach Family Villa with Pool ( 253m²) is more roomy and reasonable for getting to know each other. Set between the opulent tropical vegetation confronting the ocean it includes a sea shore manor with the expansion of an investigation which can oblige up to two youngsters and has an abutting restroom. This family hideaway includes a private pool and private admittance to the sea shore, which is a couple of meters away. Lawn chairs are set deliberately for daylight and shade by the pool. The main room is a couple of steps from the kids' room and it has total perspective on the pool. 

A two-room Beach Villa with Pool covered up between the rich tropical vegetation confronting the tidal pond is ideal for huge families or couples voyaging together. It contains two discrete and autonomous rooms with a private open air washroom and an extremely roomy regular living and lounge area region situated in the middle. 

All Beach Villas at Six Senses Laamu are furnished with the treetop deck which includes an open to seating and feasting zone. For an extraordinary all encompassing perspective on the Maldivian nature, sapphire seascape and for getting a life-changing vivid nightfall, you need simply climb. 

For an extreme over-water living experience, Ocean Water Villa is the most ideal decision, where visitors can hop off a breakwater into the hallucinogenic reef beneath, or to wait on a lounger simply over the turquoise waters. All room alternatives are roomy and benefit as much as possible from regular materials: wood, hessian, cowhide, cloth and cover. Showers are outside (the water doesn't deplete into the ocean) however smart plan considers the most extreme security. In case you're a fanatic of swimming the Jetty A's northern side is the opportune spot. The house reef is a short swim away from your Water Villa. 

The Water Villas accompany the best perspectives you might envision, a huge restroom, private water garden, over water loosening up stage with daybeds, aquarium feasting with glass table, private pool. Laamu Water Villas additionally advantage from champagne on appearance, breakfast served in manor at no additional expense and loungers on enormous deck to appreciate tremendous perspectives. 

In room offices, Nespresso espresso machine, still and shining water, small bar, TV and DVD/CD player and so on are likewise top notch. Conveniences are additionally right on target and ample. Staff is consistently available to come in to work to resupply and in pretty much every case they resupplie before you'll have to inquire.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Six Senses Laamu consistently plays on an excursion of faculties and this is brought to the front line with regards to eating. With six cafés and bars the hotel puts wellbeing and newness at the focal point of its culinary way of thinking. Six Senses Laamu's cafés and bars have been intended to exploit the island's charming magnificence with all encompassing perspectives and terrific dawns and dusks. Most are over the water making The Laamu's café and bar scene the biggest of its sort in the Maldives. The Chef Stefan whom generally know from the islands Baros and Gili Lankaanfushi is amazingly strong, cooking on a top of the line level norm and circling back to all the visitor's solicitations. Vegetables and spices are become nearby where conceivable and, in the event that you wouldn't fret crunching on fish you may well have seen before in the day around the reef, the fish is top notch. The Chill Bar is the best spot to take in the epic nightfalls, Leaf offers the best eating alternatives, and Longitude - an extraordinary spot for getting a brief look at dolphins - serves rambling morning meals. Maybe most awesome aspect all, there's an unlimited frozen yogurt remain with in excess of 40 flavors on offer. 

It is very simple to avoid the lunch in the wake of attempting the morning meal where you will lose all sense of direction in the assortments of nectars, jams, bread kitchens, juices, cheeses ...! Furthermore, in the event that you are fortunate, you will have the option to see the turning dolphin while eating your croissants! The broad breakfast rundown of juices accompanies singular portrayals of utilization and worth. Basically in the event that you need an uncommon food they will make it for you. 

As of September 2018, Six Senses Laamu no longer serves shrimp or prawns in either its visitor cafés. This addresses a little mark in the worldwide interest, yet a ground-breaking proclamation in eco maintainability. Stefan Goechke, Executive Chef at Six Senses Laamu, says he invites the test of adjusting the hotel's menus so visitors won't see the nonattendance of prawns. The culinary expert's group is dealing with some energizing new dishes to amuse the visitors. 

The LEAF eatery is an ensemble of rural wood and palm-covered rooftop roosted over the retreat's natural nursery. The mushroom cottage and stew table are additionally spread out around and underneath the Leaf. The café serves top notch food cooking utilizing the freshest potential fixings, picked and got just a brief time before it is served. European gourmet experts work intimately with Maldivian anglers and ranchers to source neighborhood fixings picked or got only hours before innovative change into creative Mediterranean dishes like tomato gazpacho with cucumber jam and singed rainbow sprinter with parmesan gnocchi, piquillos and provençal sauce. Lunch is prepared before you from the fixings you pick. Feast among companions or make new ones at the Chili Table, set among the dozen assortments flourishing in the stew fix. 

Zen Restaurant offers an advanced turn on a customary Kaiseki menu, including the best sushi and sashimi. 

The extraordinary breakfast spot, Longitude is the global over water eatery with individually menu offering servings of mixed greens, new fish and pasta just as an enormous determination of Asian dishes and every day changing menu from the Executive Chef. 

Elevation is a 6.4 meter pinnacle of spun glass, ascending high out of the ocean – a wine 'basement' as at no other time seen. Just as 400 distinct names it has a terrifically significant tasting table and shop. 

Chill Lounge and Bar is worked over the water and on a few levels with an elite mixed drink list. Chill Bar is ideal for sundowners and chillaxing following a memorable occupied day swimming, eating and resting! 

Ice is an outdoors frozen yogurt parlor. With forty or more consistently changing flavors on a tropical isle may urge some to stay with sorbet. For them Laamu makes alluring licks like mango jasmine and pink guava. Every other person can enjoy day by day and daily too in more debauched custom made frozen yogurts including banana dull chocolate, green apple and pungent caramel. Top that newly made waffle cone with gooey chocolate sauce, cut nuts or vivid confections. Long for all the more sweet treats? Enter the chilled Chocolate Studio where the baked good culinary specialist mixes chocolate truffles with cinnamon, green tea, lavender and mint mojito. 

Start from 2019 Six Senses Laamu has opened creating carefully assembled chocolate bars at it's Ice and Chocolate Studio. The Laamu Chocolate bars are produced using 100% natural Criollo beans and earthy colored sugar from Sri Lanka. Alvina, the Chocolate Alchemist at Six Senses Laamu, produces various flavors, including Maldivian bean stew, lemongrass, cinnamon and dried natural product.

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