The largest 3-D printed reef in the world was buried yesterday at Summer Island in the Maldives, in what is anticipated would be a new technology-driven strategy to help coral reefs survive a warming planet. The resort wants to establish a new coral reef ecosystem in the artificial reef, which was submerged in the sandy area of the lagoon known as the "Blue Lagoon" on Summer Island.

The project began in a lab in Melbourne, Australia, where industrial designer Alex Goad of Reef Design Lab created reef structures that resembled the coral reefs that naturally exist in the Maldives using sophisticated computing modelling. For 24 hours, a sizable 3-D printer worked nonstop to create moulds of the reef structures. These moulds were made of ceramic, a material that is inert and resembles the calcium carbonate in coral reefs.

On the beach at Summer Island, marine concrete was poured into the ceramic moulds that had been transported to the Maldives. The new reef was then assembled using 220 ceramic, concrete-filled moulds that fit together like a massive LEGO set. Seven metres of water separate the new reef from the resort's current coral nursery. Coral fragments are being placed on the 3-D reef from the nursery, where they will grow and populate the structure.

Summer Island Maldives Resort

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The Island

The Island

Opened in 1993, Summer Island Village experienced enormous fixes, opening in March 2015 and highlighting sharp make-up, added highlights and a sort of new name - Summer Island Maldives. Updates have brought things, for example, present day style, into rooms and estates, a progression of somewhat faint Garden Rooms (which are an incentive for cash), an extended deck from the principle bar, another pool and little things, for example, fragrant healing aromas and new blossoms in open latrines. Indeed, in the event that you choose to take a speedboat from Male, the subtleties will start during the excursion, when there are free water jugs and cool towels and speedboat additionally has a wifi. 

Indeed, even before the remodels, Summer Island pulled in kind guests. Numerous visitors and staff know one another, halting at brisk discussions that go past affable civilities. This gives the island an amicable and warm environment, which is irritated exclusively by the way that everybody is by all accounts feeling incredible. In this sense, the island and its visitors are typically entirely agreeable, so in the event that you like new companions, this spot is great, however on the off chance that you like to remain totally alone, you might need to consider this property as a store lodging on a bigger plot of land. This doesn't imply that there is no private life on Summer Island. Basically, the visitors here are more open to correspondence than on different islands. 

As you step onto the principle wharf the perfectly clear waters of the tidal pond will uncover a large group of reef animals holding on to welcome you. Inquisitive batfish, watchful stingrays and a goliath moray eel all make their homes here close by scores of splendidly shaded reef fish. 

The wharf drives you onto a nursery island with a casual climate painstakingly intended to assist you with unwinding and fail to remember the considerations of the rest of the world. The affectionately tended nurseries have pulled in local types of little parrots, just as natural product bats and the island's occupant heron. 

The island and rooms are kept exceptionally spotless. A few times each day, the staff runs off the sea shore and gathers ruined plastic waste from the ocean. The rooms are cleaned double a day, are in top condition and the clothing smells phenomenal. Sand in the room, no issue. 

The hotel chief Mari is doing an exceptionally proficient, mindful, entirely friendly work. The entire group likes to work under her and mirrors that ostensibly. What made the normal visitors glad to see that likewise analysis and recommendations for development from visitor audits are truly paid attention to. Another Ipod at the bar/pool consistently played wonderful parlor music.

The Beach

The Beach

Regardless of whether you're looking for an isolated special night hideaway, a sentimental departure in heaven or a family occasion that should not be taken lightly, everything you could ever hope for will become reality when you initial step foot on the delicate white Summer Island's sands. The sea shore here, covered with fine delicate white sand and encompassed by a turquoise tidal pond, is additionally home to brilliant green sea shore plants. In certain territories, this drastically lessens the measure of sand along the sea shore, leaving the sunbeds on top of these plant rather than sand. Furthermore, in contrast to numerous Maldives, there is no common house reef on Summer Island. All things considered, there is a fake reef on the island, which, clearly, pulls in fish very well. On the off chance that you like to make a plunge normal corals, the hotel offers four day by day swimming outings to close reefs.



On the off chance that the amazing perspectives on atolls, islands and tidal ponds that you look during the plummet into Male' International Airport leave you needing all the more then the air taxi move to Summer Island is only for you. Seaplane allows you another opportunity to completely value the magnificence and excellence of this island country from the air. For the individuals who can hardly wait to get onto the water, the boat move offers a first chance to pay special mind to flying fish and cases of dolphin. Anyway you choose to travel soon you arrive at your picked objective: Summer Island Village. 

The Summer Island is situated in the North Male atoll on the island of Ziyaaraifushi. The hotel is a fast 15-minute seaplane trip from Male air terminal or a 45-minute by speedboat that has free Wifi! The vicinity of the island to Male permits visitors to appreciate the loosening up islands, just as simple outings into the tumult and culture of the capital.

Bungalows and Villas

Bungalows and Villas

Summer Island Maldives offers 156 rooms and manors in six classes, in addition to one suite. All rooms are outdoors in plan, guaranteeing a splendid, light transparency, a new tropical liveliness highlighting lighter furniture on which to unwind and relax. In short a downplayed greatness. Light wood, tiles, textures and painting the dividers make more space, just as emulating the encompassing shades of the ocean and the sea shore. All rooms highlight present day, moderate wooden furnishings, espresso and tea making offices, including pots, level screen satellite TVs, CELYON Summer Island showers in glass siphoning compartments, small bars or smaller than usual fridges, and there are unwinding territories - and all over the place, aside from Superior Vista rooms have open washrooms. 

While you will give a sea shore or sea see by choosing them, the Garden Rooms are likewise the littlest rooms, yet they set aside you cash. They are furnished with all standard conveniences - for instance, totally encased washrooms with little downpour showers, tiled floors of counterfeit stone, wicker furniture in the yard, cooling, heaps of little things and lights and obscured draperies that can be pulled by wooden blinds, which loom over glass windows and entryways. While you can get a sea shore see with the following move up to Superior Bungalows, you don't get immediate admittance to the sand until you get to Superior Beach Rooms. In squares of four, with Superior Beach rooms at the base and Superior Vista rooms on the highest level, these rooms have somewhat less space than Premium Beach estates. Another preferred position of Premium Beach Villas is the presentation of the Nespresso machine into the extra conveniences in the room, just as an assigned evolving territory, a hot tub and a small bar in each room. Water Villas have everything, except they need more outside restrooms as a result of their over-water area, albeit on each floor there is a glass surprise pattern to keep an eye on the marine life beneath. 

In contrast to practically all hotels in the Maldives, on Summer Island there is drinking faucet water because of gear for on location treatment, which additionally mineralizes water. Every visitor gets two free (reusable) bottles in his room.

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