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A brand-new epitome of boho opulence, The Nautilus Maldives is a collection of 26 beach and ocean houses that is incredibly unique and completely private. The Nautilus Maldives, a small island in the middle of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, will officially open in January 2019 with the clear intention of becoming known as one of the world's top luxury resorts. A sanctuary free from the constraints of time and presumptions, where every second is remade for you. The Nautilus, a celebration of the unique soul, provides you room to share, meet, behave normally, and plan your own unique journey. Additionally, praising those you are with is a significant part of everything, in whatever form you choose.

The Nautilus Maldives is the culmination of Dr. I. U. Maniku, a Maldivian financial expert with over 30 years of experience in business and resort ownership. He created it to express his own vision of everything that could have been - not just in the Maldives but everywhere on Earth. The Nautilus is a celebration of the unique soul and offers possibility without reservation.

The Nautilus Maldives is the only Maldivian member of Relais & Châteaux, one of the most prestigious hotel and restaurant associations in the world and a universally recognised symbol of exceptional excellence.

The Nautilus Maldives - The Nautilus Retreat

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The Island

The Island

The Nautilus Island experience begins even before You appear at the retreat. Every single depiction of your visit is arranged exceptionally for you… from the call from your own head worker weeks before appearance, getting some information about your tendencies of food, water, cushion menu, shower robe and room shoe sizes, to keep You invigorated on the environment to the entire gathering waving till you are far out when you compel yourself on the pulling out boat-no detail is close to nothing.

Your jorney to this new sparkling gem in the Indian Sea begins with appearance in Male, which Nautilus handles in a way that is superior to various retreats. Likewise, the blueprints upon contact down at the Male air terminal is perfect and pure lavishness. While most explorers interface with the appearances hall, you are meet at the foot of the means by a Nautilus specialist who will whisk you by excess vehicle to a Nautilus' celebrity unwind, where all the appearance nuances are handl for you as you chiling with a cool reward or cup of coffee and wanton brownies. If you have any handled stuff, the inn's gathering will recuperate it. It's the essential sign of the level of luxury that You will understanding until the end of your visit.

We are endorsed to book the house seaplane, so it would be going clearly to the lodging with the same stops. The luxurious purple confidential seaplane has a very much pleasant cowhide seats, cooled, more ample than the TMA planes. The 40-minutes wonderful trade is smooth and the points of view are shocking.

When do you finally appear on the island, You'll invited by the organization of the retreat which is a dazzling touch to cause you will quickly to feel welcomeus feel welcomed after a long travel. There could be no legitimate assembling or really look at in shows - after the hello from the entire administrative team, your own head worker drives you in the purple truck on an energetic visit to your ocean or coastline house where you will find robes, shoes, yoga tangles and snorkel gear in your sizes, similarly as a welcome compartment of champagne, canapes, and a colossal bowl of new regular item that is recharging consistently. Sunscreen, bug repellant and modules are given, but the most guests never see a mosquito and don't use the repellant. WiFi is strong all through the island.

The retreat is a little island and only 26 houses, so it seems like you have the whole island to yourself! Truly free, shoeless luxury and a no news, no shoes kind of island. Disregarding the way that there are 2 room houses for families We can earnestly say we never saw a sole, simply a solitary night in the blended beverage bar for the Nautilus rising! Out of all the Maldives lavishness resorts, We can truly say The Nautilus feels like You are the single ones on the island! Pure Heaven!

There is no watches wherever on the island as time is never an issue, it is absolutely your choice with respect to when you want to eat. Pure Rapture! You press yourself to guarantee this isn't a dream and subsequently ask what the supper timings are, so you don't miss the last solicitation. In any case, there is no comprehension of time on the island. Breakfast at 1 pm as you oversee stream slack? Check. A spa treatment at 2 am? Clearly!! Dinner at 1 am at any of the 3 bistros after your 12 PM swim? With charm!

Bistros have versatile opening times; for example, breakfast can be required at whatever point of day - and not even in the diner assuming the guest favors breakfast in bed or by their confidential pool. While there will be menus in all of the three bistros, these are seen as early phases for a discussion with the connoisseur master about what the guest should eat rather than as set rules for what can be mentioned. It is to be certain liberating to give up time, put your own watch away and essentially acknowledge the state of affairs and the rhythm of your inside clock.

The Nautilus Maldives has been planned for the new period of excess explorers who are looking for pivotal experiences and activities that they can grant to the people who make the biggest difference to them. Whole island arrangements offer a conclusive in particularity. The Nautilus hypothesis, consequently, is one of preeminent chance for its guests, offering a laid-back 'current bohemian' lifestyle where guests can escape from their normal everyday presences, truly act normally, and reconnect with their internal being, with nature and with their families - all in an exquisite Maldivian setting. A stay here isn't really enjoy a stay somewhere else.

This perspective has suggested reevaluating how a lavishness resort is rushed to base organizations around the guest and not notice standard working techniques. Considering this, organization is driven by the House Commanders (stewards), as demonstrated by the lodging, who manage everything about of surrendering to receptionists, chaperons, venture directs, etc Those features integrate private pools, ocean sees from each house, fragile sandy coastlines incorporating thick tropical plant life, and a rich coral reef just meters from the island's shores. At first a far off area - called Thiladhoo and unnecessarily little at 250 m estimation for inhabitation - the infinitesimal island holds a significant part of its special nearby plants and trees.

At The Nautilus Maldives, a distinctive wonderland of incredible marine life expects disclosure: excursions to broadly acclaimed Hanifaru Straight to swim among whale sharks and manta radiates; hopping on brilliant coral reefs; researching distant sandbars and far off areas or essentially cruising the ocean on an extraordinarily developed yacht are among the various encounters guests can expect.

Everyone is warm and attracting, from the GM to the bistro staff. Whether or not it is the staff at the bistro, the housekeeping, the watersports bunch, … everybody is inviting you with a significant smile and a few wonderful words. There is for all intents and purposes no wish wich can not be fulfilled.

The staff all discussion faultless English which makes life useful, but fun as they could confer a joke to with You moreover. You will moreover find that the steward organization (they call them House Bosses) sort out some way to be totally capable without being pretentious. Your head worker is persistently dealing with you, jumping up for the term of the day, and open by phone.

The possibility of the gathering isn't simply stacked with negligible step by step stuns, yet moreover gives one a vibe of home, as the middle lies upon through and through security. This gives the impression of being the single guests on the island. It's kind of a significant family on the island, with everyone being solid, valuable and kind.



The Nautilus Maldives is a bohemian refuge located in Baa Atoll, the only UNESCO biosphere reserve in the country, with just 26 seashore and sea cottages on a small coral reef-encircled island. The Nautilus experience begins, unusually for the Maldives, on the runway at Velana International Airport. According to the hotel, each visitor will be brought right from the plane to a VIP terminal in the air terminal for a relaxed tradition and mobility freedom.

Seaplanes may easily reach the Nautilus from Malé's Velana International Airport. Alternatively, it would take a 15-minute domestic flight from Malé to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport, then a 15-minute speedboat ride to reach the sparkling sandy shores.

Houses and Residences

Houses and Residences

Convenience at The Nautilus is called 'houses and homes' since visitors should feel similar degrees of solace and straightforwardness as when at home, alongside the most fabulous highlights the Maldives has to bring to the table. Every one of the houses is a suite, with discrete front room and room. Only 15 one-and two-room Beach Houses line the island's sands, shrouded away among coconut trees, palms, and tropical greenery. Eleven one-and two-room Ocean Houses remain on braces over the tidal pond. 

Space to live, to giggle, to share great recollections. Every one of 26 sea shore and sea houses comes total with its own different parlor and private pool, giving space to free-energetic celebration and unwinding. An independent universe where youngsters can wander indiscriminately, where families can associate. The highlights incorporate sea sees from each house, delicate sandy sea shores encompassing thick tropical greenery, and a rich coral reef simply meters from the island's shores. 

Roused by the suffering type of the nautilus shell, each house and home at The Nautilus is a particular and complex departure. Bended lines and spiraled components reverberation all through each space. These way of thinking, as well, emphasizes the immortality and life span of this symbol of the profound. 

These extravagant, suite-style safe-havens each accompany private steward administration that guarantees each component of your home is custom-made to you. A spot to blend and blend, to hobnob in wonderful security. 

Exquisite sea shore chateaus with an incredible ocean see, the two-story homes are departures of easy stylish. Bended dividers and living spaces review the natural type of the nautilus shell, with hand-picked stylistic theme injecting each space with new bohemian appeal. Living and lounge areas on the ground floor open to a broad deck and a shimmering private pool. Higher up, a sun-doused lord room with amazing sea shore and sea sees, and an overhang with a winding flight of stairs that prompts the deck ground floor. The light-filled en-suite restroom is a shelter with stroll in downpour shower and unattached tub with great sea sees. 

The Beach Houses at The Nautilus Maldives are so large and astounding with Bohemian style, which are beautified to an exclusive requirement and of top quality. They have the most huge light fixtures You have ever seen, all totally made out of wood. There is a parlor, with interminable closet space and a STUNNING washroom. There is additionally an external nursery territory with an open air downpour shower. There is nothing similar to cleaning up under the stars! The outside has a colossal decking zone with greatest daybed/swing, likewise on the decking you will locate the pool and minibar, all lone advances from your home and the lovely white sea shore and completely clear sea! 

Common sunshine occupies the rooms and inside plan is tropical with a dash of boho stylish caprice. The island style is loose, with the rule given to the inside planners to "make it appear as though it very well may be somebody's home, and better". The greater part of the decorations have been uniquely worked for The Nautilus. The conveniences in the houses are the most lavish and broad You have ever. From the free softdrinks at the minibar,the early morning cakes and new squeeze prior to going out for breakfast,the gilette shavingkit to a select nail treatment set and Hermès and Penhaligon shower and bodyproducts in each restroom. 

Three 1-room Beach Residences (400sqm); Two 2-room Beach Residences (545sqm); One 3-room The Nautilus Retreat 

Get over-water educational involvement with a sea house in a blue tidal pond. Here, you exist liberated from time, with just dusk and first light to stamp the death of days. Yet, paying little heed to the area of your estate You are never in our room at nightfall in any case, as they have a free mixed drink hour with unrecorded music and little nibbles around the pool each day around dusk, where the view is awesome. A sundeck contacts the skyline, with steps that lead you down to the tidal pond, while your own private vastness pool mixes with the sea's blues. 

Revel in the private withdrawal of a one-room house for two. Or on the other hand associate with your faction in a home of plentiful space and security. There are eight 1-room Ocean Houses (252sqm), two 1-room Ocean Residences (453sqm) and one 2-room Ocean Residence (472sqm) on the island. 

The Ocean Houses are simply exquisite! It's heaven on earth for a few. Open, light, with a tropical vibe and an extraordinary security. The front room includes a glass window in the floor to see fish skimming by beneath. The extensive, round room with enough closet space to encourage each visitor's heart has a lot of electrical/USB outlets at bedside, a gigantic measure of wardrobe and cabinet space, and your own personal wine chiller with a determination of wines and champagnes The restroom is enormous, with two separate vanities. Each room opens onto the sweeping deck, with a delightful huge pool, parlors, table and seats, Maldavian swing, cooler with drinks, garments drying rack, and a handheld shower at the highest point of the means into the ocean. The pool is an agreeable temperature more often than not, slightly nippy at first light. 


  • Early check-in/late check-out whenever possible
  • A bottle of Champagne on arrival paired with gourmet welcome platter
  • Dedicated butler
  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Your selection of soft drinks and unlimited still & sparkling water
  • Babysitting
  • Two children under 12 stay free with parents
  • A selection of premium teas and coffees
  • Seamless Wi-Fi coverage across the island
  • Complimentary laundry service (four items per villa, per day)

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Unscripted eating - wherever, at whatever point. The Nautilus' three diners and two poolside bars revel in the unconstrained, making tailor made culinary journeys custom fitted to each taste. The Nautilus is a presence where a menu is just a spot to collect inspiration and suppers are expected for the guest, whenever they need to eat, as shown by the inn. Confidential in-house or around-the-island eating as per famous interest. Versatile opening times, no goals. Basically an excitement for extraordinary gastronomy.

All the food is remarkable. Eating, for those wishing to follow the cook's suggestions, consolidates intriguing combinations of Mediterranean and Center Eastern food at the over-water signature diner; perfect ease with Japanese and Latin-American appearances at the grill; and overall guilty pleasures at the whole day eating bistro. No opening or closing times, no morning feast hours, no shoes, no dress guidelines; guests come as they are, appreciate mind boggling association and partake in a common energy for excellent food.

The retreat's essential over the course of the day devouring bistro encompasses you by an intriguing coastline house feeling with a wealth of specialist improves that convey rapture with each eat. GM exhorts the guests don't need to think unreasonably - the concocts will mix any food off-menu that their feeling of taste likes. With cornucopia of delicious delights the morning feast is a blend of an expansive buffet and table help of (demand egg dishes, hotcakes/French toast, etc) They have a remarkable cake connoisseur master (starts each day at 3am and has different pastries consistently) the very best croissants and other covered cakes You've ever had wherever, shatteringly new and rich!

The Nautilus doesn't stop to daze you with its limitless possibilities and truly bohemian attitude that they pull off with such simple soul. The culinary specialists make an eating experience to your tendencies, and welcome you to have a few great times in the kitchens - flambé your own hotcakes or scorch your own fish steak. Make it an important gala.

Smoke-stacked flavors, imbuements from distant shores - the grill sets out on a day to day journey from Latin America to the scopes of North Asia. Die down into teppanyaki over the water, plates to savor under a nightfall sky, and revel in signs from the Josper grill - liberal comfort food that fulfills the soul.

Exceptional conversation, a totally mixed drink, luscious tapas plates served under the brilliance of the Maldivian sky. The poolside bar permits you to take full advantage of life's simplest luxuries: sunset, family relationship and the serenity of an island haven. The unique comfort of loungers and cabanas - a conclusive coastline retreat with the refined energy of a family room. The whole day, free authority store style canapés and light eats to ignite your advantage.

Imagine Champagne under a safe house of stars. A one of a kind rosé on the reef as the nightfall marbles the sky. Then again a dhoni dinner for two as you float through the Baa Atoll. From pizza night in your beach house to bursting Moroccan charge by light, eating at The Nautilus changes any supper into a tailor made occasion.

The room rates include:

  • Breakfast whenever, anyplace
  • Everyday dusk mixed drinks
  • Shop style canapés at our pool bar the entire day
  • Limitless still and shining water over the course of the day
  • Container of Champagne and connoisseur platter on appearance
  • some minibar things (espresso, tea, and 3 jugs of juice each day)
  • evening turndown administration which incorporated a carafe of new squeeze shots (an alternate mix consistently) and a little treat, similar to small cakes or treats of some sort.
  • 4 things of clothing each day
  • all non-mechanized watersports

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