The Residence Maldives is a luxury 5-star resort and hotels in Maldives, which was planned and opened totally in the background. Ideal for a special night in the Maldives, it required a significant stretch of time to uncover every one of its benefits. The Residence Maldives Falhumaafushi sits close by sister resort of The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah and connections with it an exceptionally constructed connect that empowers visitors to go between the two retreats, this is one of the biggest hotel contributions in the Maldives. 

There are a few distinct styles of resorts that you will spot in the Maldives - some of them are interesting manicured desert springs, some smooth, current wonder, and others, similar to The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah, embrace the normal Maldivian climate with their novel, aware mentality to extravagance. The Residence Maldives at Falhumaafushi is a close retreat that offers 94 sea shore front and overwater manors. Intended to supplement its environmental factors and give a feeling of spot, the manors have been made utilizing characteristic materials and are enhanced with neighborhood antiques. This permits visitors to feel genuinely submerged in the magnificence of the island and all that it has to bring to the table. The Spa by Clarins at Falhumaafushi is the just one of its sort in the Maldives, and offers a scope of medicines made solely for the lodging and a spot to get away. Feasting alternatives incorporate the entire day eating at The Dining Room, the retreat's beachfront eatery and Li Bai, the hotel's particular Cantonese café, serving exemplary Chinese dishes. Other hotel features incorporate a 42-meter vastness pool, plunge and water sports focus, unwinding understanding parlor, completely prepared rec center, two free bikes for every space for all visitors, and an assorted scope of water sports and land-based exercises.

The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah, Gaafu Alifu Atoll

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The Island

The Island

Your excursion to The Residence Maldives will be by means of an air and ocean move. Upon landing in Velana International Airport, you'll be invited by an individual retreat have who will accompany you to the homegrown air terminal. The experience starts when you leave the plane, which will take you to the homegrown Kooddoo Airport (GKK), situated in Gaafu Alifu atoll, one of the biggest regular atolls on the planet. Any individual who has not encountered an outing on one of these little airplane will be pleased, since the actual flight is very beautiful. Flying low enough to see the islands specked everywhere on the turquoise water, guests get a genuine thought of ??what Maldives are - a tropical heaven with little emeralds of islands encompassed by shimmering white sand rings, and afterward a hazier corona of coral - everything makes the impression of a far off universe in brilliant tones, extended underneath. Every island is totally isolated from different residences or local area structures, so considering it a heaven can not be nearer to reality. 

You make a delicate arriving at Kooddoo Airport, and afterward a short outing by a speedboat to The Residence Maldives. This is one of the five extravagance resorts of the Cenizaro Hotel and Resorts gathering, specked around the planet, which are all well known for making properties that mirror the excellence of the climate. One thing that quickly strikes us at The Residence Maldives is the means by which it's set up for nature. Indeed, even the gathering is a wooden design on the open side for all intents and purposes on the sea shore, and when you are sitting tight for the settlement, you can perceive how the wriggling body of the youthful reef sharks inquisitively moves toward the shoreline prior to going to the more profound waters. Albeit each edge of this excellent island is effectively open by foot or by bike, there is a cart administration accessible to move you around the retreat. 

It is this devotion to safeguarding the island's wild excellence that makes The Residence a genuine blessing. In any event, when you are driving a golf carriage along twisting ways between crawling lianas and adaptable palms that once claimed an island, you feel a feeling of contact with nature around. This congruity is additionally upgraded by the way that each visitor has his own bike to investigate the island - this re-visitation of a youngster's assessment of easier things in life makes wonders for the spirit.



The Residence Maldives is situated in southern Maldives in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll, otherwise called the Northern Huvadhoo Atoll, one of the biggest and most profound atolls on the planet. This excellent island resort lies in the Indian Ocean close to the Equator, bordered by immaculate white-sand sea shores and encompassed by splendid blue waters that brag untainted coral reefs and stupendous marine life. 

Settled on the untainted island of Falhumaafushi in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll, The Residence Maldives' setting is the nearest thing to heaven. Visitors, almost certainly, will feel at the edge of the world, away from common clamor and stress. Encircled by the purplish blue waters of a shallow tidal pond, and with lavish tropical greenery, this private area can be effortlessly reached by means of air or ocean move from Male International Airport. Homegrown Flight move requires a little ways from Male International Airport to Local Airport "Kooddoo". Speedboat moves require a short ways from Local Airport "Kooddoo" to Resort. An immediate exchange from Velana International Airport to The Residence Maldives is additionally accessible through an hour and a half excursion via seaplane. 

Arranged 20 kilometers toward the north of the equator, the island of Falhumaafushi is limited and stretches from north to south along the edge of the atoll, and, obviously, with such geology you can expect excellent white sea shores extending from the two finishes of the island. The sea shore on the west side, taking a gander at the atoll, is in every case in a way that is better than confronting the untamed sea. As we would see it, the Huvadhoo atoll (which is shaped by Gaafu Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu) is the most wonderful and intriguing atoll with regards to the country.



The retreat's 94 manors with 5 room classes draw their plan motivation from the island's rich excellence, communicated in covered rooftops, normal materials and lavish textures. Exemplary yet present day in style, with high roofs and French windows, each is a breezy, light-filled cover, adjusting a feeling of closeness with dazzling 360-degree sees. Bespoke goods, emphasized with nearby ancient rarities and divider workmanship, sit serenely close by the cutting edge common luxuries that are a norm in all estates. A sublime method to remain in perhaps the most lovely puts on Earth. 

Sea shore estates (all on the east side) look secretly, however not before every you will locate a wide stretch of sand. Water Villas are situated on 2 piers - each on the two sides of the island. Most rooms in the southern piece of the island take a gander at the nightfall and approach a house reef. Some of them point toward the south and gloat the sun on the deck for the duration of the day. 

Convenience and different designs were additionally astutely coordinated into the island's style, and the majority of them are encircled by fringe, so the blue ocean is noticeable from each corner. From sea shore manors to the tremendous two-room beachfront estates with a pool that can be utilized by entire families for a life-changing get-away, though there is a genuine feeling of authentic appeal and regard for the climate. This is additionally valid for inside plan - customary components, for example, characteristic wood, palm and leaf prints, textures, floor tiles of warm tones and dividers, all give a clean new vibe. Furthermore, even one side of the estates is made of sliding glass entryways, which permits visitors to take advantage of normal landscape, and after a fantasy you can not resist dreaming about a vastly improved display than this. 

In any case, it is these renowned water estates with private pools that truly charm the soul and exemplify the Maldivian "extravagance on the spot." What could be more wonderful than being encircled by puncturing turquoise, an animal varieties that one would envision, staying in an immense water manor sitting on braces in the Indian Ocean? Wake up to the hypnotizing quietness of the sea in a Water Villa with delicate waves lapping at your doorstep. Watch the distinctive coral reefs and enthusiastic schools of fish that have large amounts of the waters directly underneath your feet in the flickering waters beneath. In the event that you travel up until now, at that point no doubt you need this ideal viewpoint to be incredible turquoise, water and cobalt, and you can think that its here at The Residence. At the point when you go to your private deck with a pool and, obviously, with a flight of stairs plunging straightforwardly to your own coral nursery, wealthy in marine life, you appreciate the sensation of room and protection - all the components that you could want to accomplish a definitive unwinding. For wellbeing reasons, kids under 13 years of age are not allowed in the Water Villa.



Over the sea, on the beachfront, by the pool… fulfill your delicious buds for really extraordinary feasting encounters while relishing the magnificence and mood of your environmental factors. The Residence Maldives offers an exceptional eating experience in the cafés both as far as enticing menus and dazzling displays of the Indian Ocean. From easygoing to top notch food, from light chomps to luxurious gastronomic pleasures, the hotel's eateries present an enticing cluster of worldwide flavors to energize your sense of taste, made even more charming by the stroke of delicate breezes and calming ocean sees like no other. 

Offering both indoor and open air seating with dynamite sees, The Dining Room is the hotel's principle bufet café opens for breakfast, lunch and supper. Propelled by Eastern and Western flavors, global pleasures and family top choices are skilfully set up by the culinary experts. Full youngsters' menu is accessible. Breakfast in the Dining Room - sea shore shack, and this is an incredible smorgasbord from all that you can begin a decent day. On the off chance that you like an omelet made by your necessities, wanton chocolate crepe or just coconut juice, or new espresso with preparing or two, everything is prepared for devouring and happiness, taking a gander at the delicate hover of the early tide. At night, you can pick a smorgasbord or an uncommon menu, including a pot of fish - loads of sea treasures, for example, lobsters, crabs, mussels and gigantic succulent shrimps. Every one of them are served from the side and with your decision of sauce. The assortment of dishes offered is truly fantastic - even seven days spent here won't be exhausting. 

An overwater signature café, The Falhumaa is staggeringly situated toward the finish of a 230m long pier over the reef. The menu highlights western food with the accentuation on new fish and flame broiled meats supplemented by fine wines from around the planet. Expect a sentimental feast under the stars like no other. The bar is a loose and private setting for aperitifs and after-supper mixers. 

Neglecting the sea shore and mostly lowered in the pool, The Beach Bar is the point of convergence of the retreat. It offers quick bites and island-style drinks during the day, tapas and mark implanted spirits served when the sun goes down. 

An assortment of 24-hour private feasting choices are additionally accessible with the accentuation on sentiment. Couples can eat alone together underneath the stars either on a sea shore or the private patio of their extravagance manor. A private castaway island additionally anticipates for a genuine Robinson Crusoe experience. The choices are restricted exclusively by your creative mind.

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