Traveling to the Maldives presents an incredible chance to explore a true paradise. The region offers an unparalleled experience that is bound to leave a lasting impression. For many, this journey may be a rare and unique opportunity. Prior to embarking on your adventure, it is advisable to acquaint yourself with the dress code in the Maldives.

Maldives, being a Muslim country, has certain guidelines regarding dress to wear in Maldives code that should be followed. Although not excessively strict, there are certain areas where it is advisable to dress more conservatively. Additionally, it is important to be aware of specific restrictions that exist in the country.

Plain blue skies above and clear blue waters beneath – Maldives have amazing paranormal in it that makes everybody want to vacation the island. Most couples nowadays have Maldives on their list of ‘honeymoon’ destination but we’re here to remind you that this countryside has a great deal more to offer! Let’s check out dress for Maldives or what to wear in Maldives?

The Maldives is a tropical destination characterized by its consistent tropical climate, which typically hovers between the mid to high 70s throughout the year.

Various private islands permit guests to dress in any attire that they find comfortable during their stay at the resort. Yet, it is essential to exercise caution regarding your choice of clothing when venture outside the resort or visiting any of the populated islands.

Local islands inhabited by residents may enforce stricter dress code rules. This is primarily due to the fact that the country follows the Islamic faith, and it is essential to exhibit respect during your visit.

What to Wear In Maldives

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Traditional Maldives: Women's Traditional Dress of Maldives

Traditional Maldives: Women's Traditional Dress of Maldives

Dhivehi Libaas:

The traditional dress of the Maldives, known as Dhivehi Libaas, is exclusively worn by women and is distinguished by its unique embroidery methods. The focus is on showcasing the intricate embroideries known as Kasabu Viyun, which typically adorn the neckline and dress borders. These beautiful designs are best displayed on vibrant fabrics, embellishing both kurtas and long dresses. Kasabu viyun consists of gold and silver laced weavings affixed to a patch of fabric that is attached to Dhivehi Libaas.

Mundu - Men's Traditional Dress Maldives

Mundu - Men's Traditional Dress Maldives


The traditional attire for men in the Maldives is uncomplicated. They wear a Mundu, a long cloth wrapped around their waist, typically blue with white stripes, similar to the Feyli worn under Dhivehi Libaas. This is paired with a white long or short-sleeved shirt. Men commonly wear this simple attire, usually made of woven cotton fabrics. The Mundu is a smart and lightweight clothing option.

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