Encircled by gleaming sapphire waters with a powder delicate sands, Baglioni Resort Maldives is a pure retreat for honeymooners and families the same in the Dhaalu Atoll. Situated on the island of Maagau this elite freshest retreat of 96 manors is situated on the quite possibly the most dynamite Maldivian islands, permits visitors to encounter a bespoke stay in the core of the Indian Ocean with the interesting Italian accommodation of Baglioni Hotels. Opened on March 2019, Baglioni Resort Maldives sits on a private island encompassed by clear water overflowing with dynamic marine life and a flourishing reef framework. The inn is portrayed as " Paradise with Italian elegance " on the organization's site. With an attention on Italian plan and connoisseur food, the property gives a stylish retreat to holidaymakers. 

Lose yourself in the tremendous of the Indian Ocean… and get yourself once more, abounding happily under a palm tree. This is only one of the exceptional encounters that anticipate you at Baglioni Resort Maldives, Luxury All inclusive resort. Its exhaustive solaces offer an exceptional stay with a mix of game, unwinding and lofty connoisseur eating to suit its selective worldwide demographic. It is a piece of heaven in evident Baglioni Hotels style.

Baglioni Resort Maldives - The Leading Hotels of the World

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The Island

The Island

In the wake of showing up at Velana International Airport, visitors are invited at the Baglioni Private Lounge. On the off chance that showing up after 4 pm, you are accompanied to Malé lodging pre-booked. On the off chance that showing up before 4 pm, they are invited by the retreat's group and taken to the seaplane registration counter. The visitors alongside their gear will be minded the pre-booked trip to Baglioni Resort Maldives. All global flights before 8:45am (Malé Time) should leave the inn 1 night sooner. 

Baglioni is a modern island combined with characteristic magnificence and a legitimate Maldivian vibe. Certainly a spot to invest a splendid energy! Upon appearance by boat you'll promptly amped up for the island. The turquoise tidal pond is wonderful, encircled by decent sea shores and many palm trees. The feature of Baglioni is as yet the stunning sea shore. The Maldives does never disillusion with this however this property has the most astounding sea shore in the Maldives with white fine sand which is cleaned from little stones double a day by an uncommon group! The sea shore estates brag with opulent greenery and nice protection, and there are also a few manors which are not covered up inside the foliage, ideal for sun-sweethearts and open-see searchers. The desalination plant has not been done at this point, however in future they will likewise create eco-accommodating own filtered water. 

Baglioni isn't so enormous so you can undoubtedly circle the island on the sea shore. The hotel's area is great. The island has the ideal size and decent shore with bunches of various corals to investigate while swimming. The marine life is assorted and outstandingly delightful. The pool bar highlights entertaining fish ceramics as enhancement. At Gusto eatery stunning distinctive plates particularly intended for Baglioni are introduced. It is actually a great deal into subtleties. At night, lights with candles are put around the pool which give a comfortable environment. There is likewise some descreet unrecorded music offered in the bar zone. Allover you'll discover a totally lovely and quiet atmosphere. 

The staff is affable and mindful and completely prepared and extra cautious. They accurately feel the edge of being obliging and proactively feel the correct second when to leave the customers in security. As we would see it, this is a vital second in isolating genuine experts from the individuals who simply perform and follow endorsed administration. The café's group is additionally completely prepared giving the visitors best degree of Italian friendliness!



Altogether, you'll find 96 rooms, both set ashore and over the sea. Extravagance manors encompassed by tropical nature, turquoise waters and velvet-smooth white sands. Convenience made with ordinarily Italian meticulousness utilizing materials and plan strategies for ideal manageability while taking advantage of the normal setting and its sweeping magnificence. The overwater rooms will offer protection at its best alongside private washrooms, a huge bed and a private deck that neglects the sea. 

The manors are built in conventional Maldivian path with high roofs, open restrooms and covered rooftops. All are exquisitely enhanced and include warm and splendid tints. The nature of cloth and towels is high-grade (from the Italian brand Frette), the bedding agreeable and the lightning framework is not difficult to deal with. Shower conveniences are given in refillable dishes. 


• 8 Garden Villas 

• 31 Beach Villas 

• 33 Water Villas 

• 9 Pool Water Villas 

• 5 Pool Grand Beach Villas 

• 6 Pool Suite Beach Villas 

• 3 Two-room Family Beach Villas 

• 1 Three-room Presidential Water Villa 

Sea shore Pool Suite is as wonderful as a fantasy. Private pool, roomy and efficient insides, and direct admittance to the white sand sea shore to inundate yourself in the perfectly clear waters of the Indian Ocean with unparalleled protection.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Intended to limit the natural effect, with feasible materials and measures for the greatest manageability and proficiency, the retreat is the ideal sentimental escape for a remarkable stay among wear and unwind, all advanced by an esteemed gastronomic offer. The four cafés are serve a scope of global choices including Japanese and conventional Italian cooking. There are overwater feasting outlets, and scenes with indoor and open air seating so visitors can appreciate ocean sees with their suppers. Here you can likewise sit with the toes in the sand - an absolute necessity in the Maldives! 

Energy Restaurant centers around newly got nearby fish and pasta with sort of an advanced wind. The breezy primary eatery Taste is situated on the sea shore. The morning meals are astonishing! Genuinely tasty and nutritious! Sadly, no tropical jam is on proposal at breakfast, simply some European sorts. However, Mas Huni is served on the smorgasbord, that is additionally one ever top choices. You truly will cherish the Japanese overwater eatery Umami. The dishes from the Robata barbecue we can enthusiastically suggest. The staff have brilliant mixed drink occasions before supper a couple of times each week taht truly decent. They serve astounding canapés moreover. Additional charges for fundamentals like wine/brew/pizza are sensible, that is decent! Generally it's overrated in the extravagance association, particularly the wines. Feast Around-alternative in each of the three outlets will be presented as of first of December. 

Cafés and BAR 

• Gusto Restaurant (Italian food) 

• Taste Restaurant (International food) 

• Umami Restaurant (Japanese food) 

• Pool Bar Grill 

• Wine Cellar

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

The greatest attract to the island resort, be that as it may, is the hotel's jump place. Here you'll discover counsel and trips to close reefs permitting the two amateurs and specialists the opportunity to appreciate the submerged world. 

The house reef swimming is marvelous regarding corals, most likely perhaps the best developing you have seen after El Nino. Decent reef development with numerous shades. Additionally very useful for jumpers as it is spreading out very far on certain parts. 

Maagau Dive Center is a PADI five-star Dive Center, flaunting an essential position away from the packed atolls and Safari boats offering the chance of appreciating the uncontaminated nature and serenity. All middle's inundation spots are near the island, consequently essentially decreasing the exchange times. 

Overseen by Alessia Pagani, an accomplished Italian master on Maldives seabed and scuba jumping for over 10 years, the middle offers customized programs for all levels, including marvelous individual plunging trips for amateurs to cutting edge jumpers and instructive projects for youngsters because of the cooperation with inhabitant sea life scientist. 

Swimming FOR BEGINNERS: a short guidance meeting in the tidal pond with our master guidesto know the rudiments of swimming 

Swimming EXPLORATION (single/different area): an outing to visit vast water reefs withan experienced manual for find the marvels of the submerged world 

Dusk Snorkeling: a novel encounter to live the enchantment of this extremely extraordinary snapshot of the day, observing how fish action and tones changes submerged. This excursion is custom fitted to suit everybody, fledgling or experienced swimmer 

FREE INTRODUCTION TO SCUBA DIVING: an accomplished teacher will disclose how to utilize the controller and inhale effectively submerged in the total wellbeing of the pool

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