Maldives has been welcome tourists for 50 years but in the last few years, the amount of visitors has exploded. According to information unconstrained in May of 2022 by the country’s Ministry Of Tourism, 2019 post the highest number of tourist within that half-century. But the information also established a 17.5 percent augment in the first four months of 2023 compare to the similar time edge in 2022 and a slighter (but still significant) increase from the equal total for the first quarter in 2019 as well. Chu-Bermudez has seen a large jump in attention in the Maldives and bookings amongst her clients as well and credit frequent reason for the bash. A Maldives honeymoon might have you wake up in a luxurious bed in a luxury resort and enjoy a sunrise wander on a sallow sand beaches.

Honeymoon Paradise

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Best Honeymoon Package For Maldives

Best Honeymoon Package For Maldives

Whether you are a hunter of the most luxurious vacations or a reserved one, Maldives Times has amazing for everyone. The price of the Maldives honeymoon packages can differ according to your wants and preference. All the information you need before you book your Maldives honeymoon package is existing online at our website, making it really easy for you to browse, select, and book the perfect route. If you are booking your Maldives honeymoon package from Mumbai or Delhi, the most economically price packages have been curate by Maldives Times for your glance.

The cost of a honeymoon package in the Maldives can vary widely depending on several factors, including the resort you choose, the type of accommodation, the duration of your stay, and the inclusions of the package. The Maldives is known for its luxurious resorts and overwater bungalows, which can contribute to a higher overall cost.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more per person for a week-long honeymoon package in the Maldives. This estimate includes accommodation, meals, airport transfers, and possibly some activities or excursions. Keep in mind that prices can be higher for exclusive resorts or during peak travel seasons.

Best Time To Visit Maldives For Honeymoon

Best Time To Visit Maldives For Honeymoon

While the Maldives is known for its year-round 80°F weather, 80% moisture and 80°F water warmth, it does have a soaked and dry period. The best time to visit the Maldives for Honeymoon is from November to April, which is the “dry” period. There is the slightest amount of rainfall during this period, make for extra of the bluebird days that glow up the turquoise waters and make the sugar-sand sparkle.

December to March is the highest season in the Maldives, and the time of year honeymoon couples favor to stay. So if you are setting up to visit the Maldives during the climax season, be certain to plan and book your hotel and activities well in advance.

What Couples Do On Honeymoon

What Couples Do On Honeymoon

The Maldives offers a excess of romantic and exciting activities for honeymooners. Here are some popular things to do during your honeymoon in the Maldives:

Overwater Bungalow Experience:

Stay in one of the iconic overwater bungalows or water villas. Many resorts in the Maldives offer these luxurious accommodations with direct access to the crystal-clear lagoon.

Snorkeling and Diving:

Explore the vibrant underwater world of the Maldives. The coral reefs are swarming with vibrant marine life. Many resorts provide snorkeling equipment, and some offer guided snorkeling and diving tours.

Romantic Beach Dinners:

Arrange a private beach dinner under the stars. Many resorts offer the option to have a romantic meal set up on the beach, creating a magical atmosphere for you and your partner.

Island Hopping Maldives:

Discover the unique character of different islands by going on an island-hopping adventure. Each island in the Maldives has its own charm, and exploring a few can add variety to your honeymoon experience.

Cruise and Sunset Sail:

Take a romantic cruise or a sunset sail. Many resorts offer private boat excursions where you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Spa and Wellness:

Indulge in a couples' spa treatment. The Maldives is home to world-class spas, and many resorts have overwater spa pavilions where you can enjoy rejuvenating treatments with stunning ocean views.

Dolphin Watching In Maldives:

Embark on a dolphin-watching excursion. The Maldives is known for its spinner dolphins, and you may have the chance to see these playful creatures in their natural habitat.

Water Sports For Couples:

Engage in various water sports activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, jet-skiing, and windsurfing. Most resorts offer a range of water sports equipment for guests.

Underwater Restaurant Experience:

Dine in an underwater restaurant. Some resorts have unique dining options where you can enjoy a meal surrounded by the underwater world.

Seaplane or Boat Excursions:

Take a seaplane or a boat excursion to enjoy scenic aerial views or explore neighboring atolls. This is a great way to appreciate the beauty of the Maldives from different perspectives.

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