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Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is a tranquil spot in the Maldives where you will discover extravagance, magnificence and security at sensible costs. The hotel very well deals with its current circumstance and makes visitors for a 5-star sea shore insight in tropical heaven. Dhuni Kolhu is in front of different inns in its class by quality, plan and conveniences. This is a top class, however a basic, laid-back bundle of key Maldives components - jumping, swimming, sea shore, island and convenience. 

Coco Palm Maldives is likewise a Preferred Boutique lodging, some portion of the Preferred Hotels Group, in acknowledgment of its obligation to novel style and plan, prevalent extravagance and administration greatness, and manageability. A large portion of a mile from tip to tip, a private island of medium size is populated with 98 estates. Visitors can openly stroll between two cafés, SPA and sports grounds, utilizing obscure ways lacing the lavish wilderness. 

Numerous sorts of exercises, entrancing marine life, and amazing food alternatives put Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu in succession of the upper center value range in the Maldives. Just 98 rooms, roomy yet straightforward, without web and TV, and the expulsion of the island requires 30 minutes via seaplane from Male air terminal. Swimming and scuba plunging is wonderful and the retreat offers various fun visits, however there is no pool on the island.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

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The Beach

The Beach

The sea shore is another fascination. Each sea shore estate has a decent piece of sand before it. The sand is permitted to move around the island with the seasons, as it ought to. Therefore a couple of Beach Villas incidentally need barricading or siphoning to counter occasional disintegration. The first sand is pretty much as fine and beautiful as anyplace in the country. 

Some of the Beach Villas at set straight on the sea shore, without encompassing trees and hedges. This is splendid for sea shore sees yet not extraordinary for security. For that you are better in the rooms on the west side (the straight side of the D shape). Here the rooms are shrouded away and there is a major sea shore that faces the dusk, however there isn't immediate swimming off the sea shore.



An outing to Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu begins with (perhaps long) holding up at Male air terminal to get a seaplane or homegrown flight. The 30-minute flight is very terrific, particularly in transit last stretch. The lodging is situated on its own private island, Dhuni Kolhu, 120 kilometers north-west of Male, in Baa Atoll. Visitors can browse a seaplane move straightforwardly to the island, or a homegrown trip to Dharavandhoo Airport following speedboat ride (35 minutes more). Baa Atoll is an UNESCO world biosphere save in the Maldives. Time on the island overwhelms Male for 60 minutes, that numerous retreats use to build light hours.



Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu highlights 98 wonderful covered manors, either specked among palm trees offering serene peacefulness or on braces over the tidal pond, with breathtaking perspectives on the sea and close by remote locations. 

84 Beach Villas set somewhat away from the sea shore, where each room has direct admittance to the sand, lawn chairs and umbrellas. The island's north-eastern side shockingly experiences disintegration - the issue is not kidding to the point that the sea shore regions of certain manors are adorned with a modest bunch of unaesthetic blockades. We suggest booking manors on the west side (at dusk), where the sea shore really develops or makes a move up to one of the 14 water estates. Notwithstanding, Coco Palm actually has numerous beautiful stretches of white sand. The island is spotless, and it will be hard for you to discover at any rate a drop of trash anyplace. 

The majority of the rooms of Coco Palm are dispersed on the ground, close to the sea shore. Astute plan, straightforward and open rooms with covered rooftops, tiled floors, four-banner bed, white dividers and huge open restrooms. Administrations and offices: small bar, shower robes, filtered water, and electric pots with tea. Special estates accompany pools. The most stylish rooms - in Lagoon Villas, over the water and outfitted with free Wi-Fi, sound system, iPod docking stations, whirlpool showers and enormous porches with pools. The solitary rooms with TVs are in the Sunset Lagoon estates, the most costly and most extensive convenience on the island (and costly). 

Grand Villas pointing toward the south with great security even on the sea shore side and with simple admittance to swimming right from the sea shore. Settled in the midst of the island's rich vegetation, the Beach Villas welcome you to unwind in a roomy room with shrill roof. The Deluxe estates are supplemented with an indented shower in the outside restroom, and a private new water plunge pool on the open air patio. A four-banner bed with mosquito net upgrades the sentiment of the manors. The rooms are practically indistinguishable from Beach Villas. 

Found disregarding the sea, the Beach Villas welcome you to unwind in an extensive room with shrill roof and jumbo bed. These island rooms are not enormous, but rather lovely, extensive and brilliant. They have a round shape, lopsided put, with plain earthenware tiles and cone shaped covered rooftops. They mix well with the climate, delivering better sentiments. The Beach Villas offer an outdoors garden restroom for showers at dawn or under the stars around evening time. The private porch with outside seating gives the ideal setting to unwinding only minutes from the white sands. 

The extraordinary wooden Lagoon Villas offer total extravagance for the individuals who are searching for eliteness and segregation. Tidal pond Villas likewise highlight an agreeable provincial style, however are observably in front of the sea shore accommodation. This style is a sort of hideaway for a Maldivian man of his word. All estates highlight awesome rooms with finished wooden floors, an old fashioned tables, earthenware containers, nearby workmanship components, a glass bookshelf, and a CD player and a coffee machine. Yet, the main manor's couple is extremely near the shore, and just 50% of all face the day sun. Then again, swimming is most effectively available from estates pointing toward the north. All Lagoon Villas are fitted with Jacuzzi washroom ignoring the turquoise waters of the tidal pond, indented new water sprinkle pools on the huge sundeck, four banner beds and rich furnishings, fittings and conveniences. 

Sunset Lagoon estates toward the finish of the wharf are twice pretty much as extensive as different rooms on the island and proceed with the possibility of ??a noble man's hideaway. This is the stature of eliteness. An extravagance of room including a jumbo four-banner bed, parlor decked with originator goods, lavish sea see washroom with exclusive spa shower and indoor/open air showers. Appreciate the private patio with enormous depressed new water sprinkle pool over the tidal pond and open air seating situated for the most shocking perspectives – all in undisturbed protection. Be that as it may, they are not in the least self important, rather for no particular reason, and they function admirably. A few visitors book a second space for the most recent evening, and orchestrate a grill on the deck, with a taste of champagne in the pool and getting a charge out of the security and perspectives on remote locations not too far off. An individual steward is available consistently to go to each need. For complete unwinding, in-manor spa medicines are likewise accessible on solicitation. Life doesn't get more pleasurable than this. 

The majority of the island's contractions with tall palm rooftops and roofs, and wooden furniture made by neighborhood specialists. The majority of visitors from Europe and China.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

With regards to feasting, what strikes visitors is the structurally noteworthy enormous tent-like structures that house the eateries and bars in Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu. Food in Coco Palm is an all in or all out, and for the most part better than expected. 

The primary café, Cowrie includes a worldwide smorgasbord for breakfast, lunch and supper. This eatery is a tremendous environmental lounge area, with a Maldivian tent-like rooftop and highlights live cooking stations. Worldwide cooking is served buffet style along with individually menus.Breakfasts are incorporated, and visitors can move up to half-board (supper) or full-board (lunch and supper) bundles, which are just material at Cowrie. Comprehensive bundles with liquor are likewise accessible. The All Inclusive bundle additionally covers: Complimentary swimming gear (veil, balances, swim) per individual with limitless use until flight day; utilization of non-mechanized water athletic gear aside from stand-up oar which is chargeable; one Dhoni Fishing Excursion for every individual, per stay; the entire day admittance to the wellness rec center; ; free espresso, tea, juices, sodas, water and web access in the seaplane private parlor; exceptional event festivity cake (whenever advised ahead of time). Visitors on the All Inclusive bundle will get the accompanying in estate benefits: Daily inventory of 1 liter of Coco Water; free Wi-Fi web access for visitors remaining in Lagoon Villas and Sunset Lagoon Villas. 

Cornus Restaurant - Offering sentimental feasting in a nursery setting under the stars, this strength eating scene serving dishes from Maldives , Thailand, India, just as other Asian treats. Cornus Grill - Open air flame broil serving newly barbecued Fish and Seafood. Conch Bar - Located on the sea shore confronting nightfall and an all encompassing perspective on the tidal pond serving a huge choice of drink and bites. Tidal pond Bar - It is based on braces over the tidal pond with a wet region for swimmers, a swimming territory for sentimental nightfalls, and a dry zone for a restricted determination of beverages. 

In Villa Dining - Guests can likewise appreciate private and customized feasting administrations served in the protection of their estate. 

Notwithstanding the highlights set out in the outline, visitors will likewise appreciate the accompanying feasting benefits while choosing the All Inclusive bundle: All suppers (every day breakfast, lunch and supper) in luxurious smorgasbord style at Cowrie Restaurant; huge determination of tea, espresso, soda pops, juices, water, draft brew and basic wine by the glass with all dinners at Cowrie Restaurant; lunch and Dinner eat around alternative at Conch Bar (credit cap applies); supper eat around choice at Cornus Restaurant (Seafood and Thai specialties(credit cap applies)); limitless admittance to a wide scope of sodas, juices, frozen yogurt and water from chosen bar refreshment menu at the Conch Bar from 10:00 to 00:00hrs; huge assortment of draft lager, whisky, vodka, rum, gin, basic wine by the glass and mixed drink of the day from uncommon bar refreshment menu at the Conch Bar from 10:00 to 00:00hrs; Unlimited admittance to a wide scope of sodas, juices and water from chosen bar refreshment menu at the Beach Bar from 10:00 to 23:00hrs; broad arrangement of draft lager, whisky, vodka, rum, gin, less expensive wine by the glass and mixed drink of the day from unique bar drink menu at the Beach Bar from 10:00 to 23:00hrs; Afternoon tea and espresso with a choice of luscious snacks at the Conch Bar from 15:00 to 17:00hrs.; limitless in-manor tea and espresso offices.

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