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Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa at Dhonakulhi is an excessiveness island camouflage in the clean and tidy Haa Alifu atoll in the north of Maldives. 

Gloating with long white covered in dust sea shores on each side of the island, completely clear waters, and charming turquoise-blue tidal pond, Hideaway Beach Resort offers visitors the improvement of room and security across 297,000 square meters. With almost certainly the biggest manors in the nation, just as new 50 water estates over the iridescent tidal pond, each of the 103 excessiveness estates and homes fall into ten classes going from beachfront to over-water. Every manor is conscientiously situated to offer harmony, solace and security to visitors. To agreement the total nonattendance of stress during your vacation, every one of the estates is prearranged a park ranger, to manage anything from acceptance gear to food, action and moves. 


Home to the first absolutely practical marina in the Maldives, because of its attractive reef construction, Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa is surrounded by a lucky thrust and swimming a skin condition close by. The retreat offers a broad program of well-being, kids club and brandish encounter, marvelous eating choices, and perhaps the biggest spa in the Maldives. levelheaded for the two couples and families the same, the five-star resort in Maldives is open by a 50-minute homegrown flight followed by a 15-minute power boat ride, or 65-minutes discriminating seaplane journey from Malé air workstation.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives - Hideaway Palace

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The Island

The Island

From the moment you embark on your journey to Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, you enter a world of seamless luxury and thoughtful surprises. Arriving after a comfortable domestic flight and a brief speedboat transfer, you're greeted with refreshing beverages, scented towels, and a warm welcome by the resort's drummers and staff. The check-in process is smooth and personalized, with a detailed orientation of the island and its offerings provided in a serene, air-conditioned setting.

Originally established in 2005 and rebranded in 2014, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa has evolved while maintaining its distinctive charm and character. The resort's expansion introduced new accommodations such as water villas, beachfront homes with private pools, and family-friendly suites, all designed to blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the island.

The island itself is a marvel, meticulously landscaped with lush vegetation and surrounded by pristine white beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Whether you're lounging on your private beach, exploring the expansive coral reefs just meters from shore, or cycling around the island on provided bicycles, every moment is filled with breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences.

What truly sets Hideaway apart is its exceptional staff. From attentive stewards who anticipate your needs to a dedicated team providing impeccable service throughout your stay, the resort excels in hospitality that exceeds traditional five-star standards. Whether it's arranging special dining experiences, activities for children, or simply ensuring your comfort, the staff's genuine warmth and professionalism create a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home away from home.

Guests at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa come from diverse backgrounds and continents, united by a shared appreciation for luxury, tranquility, and personalized service. High-speed WiFi is available throughout the resort, ensuring you can stay connected while enjoying the serenity of your villa romantic maldives resorts or exploring communal areas.

In essence, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is not just a destination but a sanctuary where every detail is crafted to enhance your relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you're savoring a gourmet meal under the stars, snorkeling alongside marine life, or simply unwinding on a secluded beach, each moment at Hideaway promises to be uniquely enriching and unforgettable.




While other Maldivian locales in the course of recent many years have overcrowded with resorts, Haa Alif has been opened to unknown the travel industry just in 2005. afterward, the atoll is home to a  quantity of private retreats, present day and predominantly lavish, in any event, as indicated by customary Maldives' inn guiding principle. 

The secrete Beach Resort and Spa in Dhonakulhi Island is positioned in the Haa-Alifu Atoll, North Maldives, around 290 kilometers from Malé, the capital city of the Maldives. A 45-minute charming going away from Velana International Airport (VIA) lands at Hanimaadhoo International Airport, and it is trailed by a short 20-minute power boat ride to Dhonakulhi Island. On the other hand, company showing up with their own personal ship can voyage to the top notch Marina at Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel will help with making the vital game plans. 

Start from March 1, 2019, Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa will in attendance its own particular select seaplane management. The surprisingly authoritative seaplane from Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa will be transfer the visitors from Male straight forwardly to the hotel. This 65-minute all around unblemished flight will be a treat for the eyes floating over turquoise waters, emerald-green tidal ponds and evergreen islands of the country. At the Male Airport, visitors are welcomed by a committed group and treated to a eye-catching strength of mind of beverages, canapés, cakes and free Wi-Fi in the Hideaway VIP Lounge at the Trans Maldivian Airways Seaplane Terminal. The flights will be worked by Trans Maldivian Airline and the offer will be viable from March first for all guests to the Hideaway Beach Resort. Because of this new contract flight, visitors would now be able to accumulate themselves a trip to Hanimaadhoo and speed boat moves.



The Beach

The Beach

The island is one of a kind in its reefing - the reef framework sits on a portion of the regular channel that isolates the tidal pond into two separate parts, in this manner shaping a characteristic harbor for the yacht port. The sea shores are untainted, with superb fine and delicate sand around the island, and there are sandy lumps at each tip.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

A life-changing culinary experience anticipates you at Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa. Visitors can appreciate an assortment of heavenly food from present day individually to engaging culinary workmanship in Teppanyaki style and family feasting, remembering a personal for manor eating. In the spring of 2018, Hideaway Beach dispatched a comprehensive White Platinum Plan. The hotel has 4 cafés and bars and the food served in every one of them is sufficient to allure your taste buds. 


Matheefaru is the hotel's primary smorgasbord eatery open for breakfast, lunch and supper. This sand-amazed oceanfront setting offers a warm greeting to food darlings with its far reaching and every day evolving buffet. With the most amazing aspect the live cooking stations, the extensive menu and the group of skilled culinary specialists you'd need a couple of long periods of stay to appreciate each thing on the rundown. New natural product platters, juices, cakes directly from the stove, eggs any way you like, newly prepared breads, cheeses and cold cuts of meat are only a portion of the scrumptious things on the morning meal table to browse. Offers a wide decision of refined worldwide food and themed evenings this eatery will show you that « buffet » isn't care for « buffet ». While a normal smorgasbords give you some various plates of vegetables, French fries and some undefinable meat, at Matheefaru you discovered day by day changing new platters of warm and cool, public and global dishes, for example, new made sushi, new cut rib-eye, chocolate wellspring, flame broiled lobster, a pasta-station where you might have your own pasta cooked immediately, a wide range of sorts of servings of mixed greens, soups, cheddar and treats ! The food is consistently incredible and a gigantic smorgasbord consistently gives a lot of decisions, everytime you are enjoyably amazed by the varieties included making it another experience (counting a sushi station, roasted stove night, center eastern corner and so on) For wine sweethearts there is a wide decision of plenitude and variety from the old and new world with the island's sommelier who search of energizing wines and is continually examining the outskirts to find the nextbest wine. A wonderful astonishment showing the board thoughtfulness regarding persistently improve things, the food is incredible, yet additionally the staff! Incredibly, mindful, benevolent, proficient, warm and careful! 


You can appreciate the food outside on the deck sitting above the tidal pond or inside, where enormous windows offer an invigorating sea breeze. For a completely sentimental encounter we suggest booking private barbecued lobster supper in one of the two over-water eating structures. This experience is stunning with lobster in all points (slashed and blended in with mango and papaya, lobster soup and the beast BBQ Lobsters themselves). A really amazing ocean bottom supper went with wonderful wine! 


Grant winning Samsara is the Asian Fusion Restaurant. Samsara offers tranquil environmental factors combined with a flawless combination of Thai, Indian and Japanese impacts. The Indian fine food here and it's superior to what you would discover in the most amazing aspect the Indian Restaurants in the Maldives. Delicious food first class is arranged and cooked with dramatic extents before your eyes – watch as they flip, shuffle and cook the fixings prior to uniting them as culinary works of art to amuse your faculties. The Head Chef Shriyal can and would cook anything you could want with the most legitimate tastes, which shows the cordiality just as the will to serve. The café brags a sentimental area an outdoors patio roosted on braces over the blue tidal pond. With extraordinary high end food and a teppanyaki table that will energize the taste buds, Samsara is a delight to be capable more than once. 


An easygoing spot to loosen up by the pool, Meeru Bar and Grill is the retreat's biggest bar with the perspectives to kick the bucket for. Confronting the nightfall, the individually menu here is mainland, including wood broiler pizza and here they serve the best and delicious meat cuts of the Lava Stone barbecue. Regardless of what you request, it is flavorful and on a high culinary level! In plain view at the far reaching bar is one of the biggest whisky and fine Champagne assortments in the Maldives. Here they likewise serve the Sheesha, which is simply alright. They additionally have a snooker table and fish taking care of here. Appreciate supper on the deck outside while spotting stingrays, infant sharks and fish swimming in the sea below.The mixed drinks served here are truly quite nearer to night there is a disco highlighting the absolute best sea shore club DJs. 


Dusk Pool Cafes in a sea shore club style is situated close to the great endlessness pool with nightfall sees. Asian and European cooking and the taste again is stunning. They serve the most amazing aspect the mixed drinks and brag the most fantastic endlessness pool of the hotel. The sweet and the natural product corner are brilliant. Open for breakfast lunch and supper, poolside individually feasting can be appreciated at whenever of day, and consistently with staggering perspectives on the island. Mixed drinks is important for the occasion, you fantasy about tasting your top choice during dusk. Attempt their a magnificent blends: Mojito, Mai Tai, Bloody Mary and others. 


Customized culinary experience: A sentimental candlelit supper under a cover of stars, an enchanting outing on an abandoned Maldivian island, in estate dinning, a private grill on a separated sea shore or a close fish feast in an eating structure over the water – as far as possible is the creative mind, the retreat's gourmet specialists are holding on to make gastronomic dreams a reality. 


Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa has a scope of drifting conveniences, including gliding morning meals, coasting party beverages and the sky is the limit from there. Today family or companions can make the most of their air pocket in a coasting plate either in your own estate or at Sunset Pool Café or Meeru Bar Pool, with a capable and all around prepared barkeep to serve you. Appreciate invigorating beverages and mixed drinks under blue skies with splendid daylight and completely clear water – an ideal setting for your remarkable Instagram minutes. 


Regardless of which of the three you pick, you won't just appreciate an ideal supper yet additionally neighborly, mindful and proficient staff who peruses your desires from your eyes. We would prompt moving up to premium comprehensive as the smorgasbord café can be somewhat tumultuous now and again and the a la catre cafés and exceptionally loose. The Manager for all the cafés was extremely understanding and done anything to satisfy all the visitors.


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