Robinson Club Maldives is an adult-only, all-inclusive resort presents an expensive, calming experience in a secluded piece of the Maldives. The belongings occupy its own personal island and features 121 beach bungalows and overwater villas with breathing areas and terrace. Most have large outdoor bathrooms with divide soaked tubs, while others approach with personal infinity pools contribution panoramic sea views of the Indian Ocean. Food get outstanding reviews from guests and Sundowner Bar are a beloved for afternoon snacks and drinks on bean bags located down the sand. Surrounded by vegetation and a big timber floor offering sea views, the pool is a different property highlight. This is a great comprehensive pick for couple, but stand in mind that receiving there requires a 70-minute flight and a half-hour speedboat ride from Male Maldives. For true lavishness at a viable price, think The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

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House Reef in Robinson Club Maldives, Gaafu Atoll

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The Island

The Island

It unquestionably is a long excursion; particularly the holding up time from Malé to Kaadedhdhoo air terminal. When you show up at Male air terminal, you should take an extensive homegrown flight and afterward a long, at times uneven speedboat move to the Robinson island. The homegrown flight (instead of seaplane) implies moves can occur after dim, and may clarify the quantity of Asian visitors who have found the island. Visitors of the Robinson Club are invited in Male Airport and accompanied to the parlor that is an enormous cooled live with some food and beverages. Anyway you will in all probability be left in a "relax" for 2-3 hours for holding up boarding yet whenever you've gone to the island ... it's heaven! 

The hotel's grounds cover the 107,000 m² of private island in the Gaaf-Alif Atoll around 60 km north of the equator, the retreat is encircled by an awesome, practically immaculate coral reef abounding with fish life. Robinson Club's island name is Funa Madua and there ought to be 'grin' just as 'fun' its name. The island has numerous tall palms coating its shore and a wide, profound and delicate beachbeach without a divider orgroyne. There is a little yet adequate clear swimming territory. Swimming is superb and handily came to (the hotel's home reef is 20 to 200 m away). 

Opened in 2009 and remodeled in 2013 (floor materials, pier and porch modified), 2015 (wharf revamped with 20 extra Lagoon Villas with Private Pool), the lodging is in general fit as a fiddle and style is charming without being luxury, drawing vigorously on wood furniture with clean lines and nearby design components and building materials. All ways are fenced with short wooden sheets, coconuts and excellent plants. After redesign the ways' lights are changed to new brilliant ones, so now it's simple and protected to go in the evening time anyplace. The lone imperfection to an ideal hotel island is the vegetation in the island that was cleared unsympathetically for the structures. Today exceptionally enormous work was finished by landscapers to renew the plants and blossoms. They put a great deal of new plants, managed enormous trees, took care about sand on streets. In the island a nursery with outlandish tropical plants was finished. Clearly, ecological issues are paid attention to across all the Robinson Club properties and here a perpetual Environment Officer is helped by 2 different individuals from staff. We make certain in certain years it will be the most excellent piece of the island. It's a ton of work else to be done obviously, yet the progressions are perceptible from the primary look. 

This is a shoeless spot yet the structures are somewhat straight and exacting as Robinson Club needed to complete a half-finished hotel. The fabricated climate doesn't have a characteristic, comfortable, covered feel however you would once in a while recall that as you fill your days with great recollections. Intended for couples looking for a loosening up retreat, the island's vibe is calm and quiet, with simply some wellness and health classes during the day, unrecorded music at night, and no children.



Gaafu, or Huvadhoo isn't just the second biggest atoll in the Maldives it is additionally on the rundown of the main 10 biggest common atolls on the planet. Gaafu Alifu is undisputed top choice atoll for some, guests, thanks its ideal round islands in the inside and its celebrated possessed islands around the edge. One such occupied island is Gaadhu, which creates the best grass mats on the planet, it's neighbor is Gan, which has the remnants of a Buddhist sanctuary lost in the wilderness, and another is Fiori, which develops sweet potatoes and the grass for the mats and has one of the nation's best surf breaks. 

The hotel's area is extraordinary for those needing to move away from everything and inundate themselves in a far off island experience. Funamadua Island, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives. 70 minutes via plane from Male to Kadhedhoo Island and a short ways from that point to the retreat by speedboat.

Bungalows and Villas

Bungalows and Villas

The retreat has 121 rooms, all housed in independent cabins that are either based ashore or on braces over the water. There is a sum of seven room types going from Economic Bungalows and Garden Villas which have garden sees and are the littlest at 90 sqm to two-room, 240 sqm Presidential Suites with private boundlessness pools and direct admittance to the ocean. Each convenience alternative has its own advantages however the rooms are down to earth as opposed to fabulous. The Garden Bungalows are closers to the "Water Sports" and have open air showers, the on-sea shore cottages have their own sea shore beds and on-water hovels have a stunning perspective. Overwater cabins have the glass floor so you can see stingrays, sharks, and needlefish passing underneath. The cabins are arranged so the back decks are totally private with dusk sees. There is likewise a deficiency of sea shore seats for those in water cottages who wish to laze on the sea shore. 

In-room conveniences incorporate coffeemakers, level screen TVs, minibars, DVD players, safes, and cooling, and all rooms have outside spaces, offering either direct admittance to the sea shore or the nurseries, or all encompassing ocean perspectives and steps to the water. Some Lagoon Villas and Presidential Suites highlight private vastness pools ignoring the sea. Most rooms have enormous open washrooms with independent showers and tubs, while the rest have roomy restrooms that at times open straightforwardly onto the patio and the ocean. 

The Garden Villas are the first to be reserved out. Size and status of the room isn't what is the issue here, it is different parts of the holidayholiday that are stressed here. Regardless these are acceptable rooms with comparable insides to different classifications. Despite the fact that somewhat more modest and with just 1 bowl, they are more open than different estates and have great protection. 

On the off chance that you can not picked between sea shore estate and sea shore cabin they are practically the equivalent. Sea shore close by homes appears to be all the more delicate and delightful for our taste, however close by sea shore manors sea shore is more extensive. Inverse rooms 1315-1325 it's the amplest part. Chinese individuals appeared to like sea shore cottage more and stay generally there for the entire day. Nursery Villas are concealed in the midst of rich greenery in the focal piece of the island. Indoor normal spaces are totally housed in open structures with covered rooftops, and the entryway, with its sand floors and steep pitched roofs, sets the disposition for a tranquil, upscale Maldives experience. 

After last remodel a wooden porches in all estates and lodges were changed to new ones, inside rooms floor were changed from wood sheets to earthenware production as well. Steps from room territory to living region are illuminated now for security purposes. Restroom garden is kept in wonderful condition! All furniture are in acceptable condition, bed's entirely agreeable. A little rail is put on the divider outside so you can keep and dry your wet stuff. Island clothing works great, shower towels are supplanted day by day, each time perfectly white and delicate. WIFI accessible in numerous public territories and in certain homes. Netbooks accessible from principle bar. 

The Lagoon Villas (115 m2 ) are genuinely huge and have enormous, private decks from where you can swim to the reef drop-off. Their restroom is brilliant with an insignificant whine plan and a bath that watches out over the deck to the ocean. The manors offering excellent degree of security so you can in a real sense have all without the require to head outside, and they are comfortable and roomy. 

The Lagoon Pool Villas are moderately new, entirely agreeable, spotless and very much designated. It offers a private deck, unclog pool and outside seating, just as an indoor and open air daybed and a detached back rub bathtub.The visitors have direct admittance to the completely clear sea from the room, with a wealth of sealife to swim above, on the "house reef." Snorkeling gear is for nothing out of pocket which is acceptable on the off chance that you swim each day.

Wining and Dining

Wining and Dining

Food gets incredible audits for newness, taste, and assortment from the starters and canapés to the fundamental dinners and treat determination.. There are two eateries on location: a smorgasbord serving every one of the three principle suppers, and an individually diner open just for supper. Indeed, even among the extraordinary smorgasbords spread out every day in the Maldives, these are stand-apart spreads. In the event that you are a foodie, this is the spot for you! The food is astounding - both nearby Maldivian dishes, Indian, European ... astounding breads, and other Asian food to suit the palates of every one of you. At breakfast, delicate music slides you into the day as a server offers you coffee, macchiato, cappuccino or channel espresso. There is an enormous assortment to browse during the day, for supper the menus change consistently, guaranteeing that your stomach never gets exhausted. It's exceptionally great and goes from that point. 

Shocking perspectives on coral reefs and wonderful sea shores give the background to exelent eating experience. To establish a social climate the lounge area has been planned with tables of 2, 4, 6 or 8 individuals where sun-searchers from around the globe can meet, and elevated requirements are kept up through breakfast, lunch and supper. Visitors who lean toward security can appreciate dinners at the two and fourseater tables. Visitors sit with visitors, the board, visitor relations and other staff sit any place. There are presentations: colleagues made and occasions improved. This is a German hotel and larger part of the European visitors are German. Henceforth, in some cases, be ready for a charge towards the tables as the conduits to the café open. 

All visitors are comprehensive arrangement which is excellent, anything on top of that is costly yet we accept charges are high there. The comprehensive bundle covers all smorgasbord suppers, delayed breakfast, week by week affair evenings, and all beverages aside from spirits and a few wines. Beverages are free at feast times as well as the servers come around to ensure you are bested up with lager, wine or whatever you are drinking. Wine from Argentina, administration is wonderful, the staff is well disposed. For chargeable things, the room key goes about as a Mastercard. A phenomenal framework as things gets signed onto your bill promptly and without object. 

The Sundowner Bar is a visitor top pick for dusk drinks, with bean packs on the sea shore, all encompassing perspectives, and a decent beverage menu. The bar is huge and amiable yet additionally has regions where you can go to play table tennis or pool or sit unobtrusively. One territory, Zero 32, is a little library that is brilliantly supplied with enormous, hardbacked Taschen books on subjects as shifted as parrots, Japanese prints, incredible urban areas and old fashioned guides. 

On the 'you will be exhausted following one day' theme - no way. They plan exercises and occasions every day where all the staff partake in running - regardless of whether it was 'wilderness party', daytime 'pool side aperitif' (daytime pool party with free mixed drinks, games and a leeway line across the pool) or 'gambling club night' where their club is done up like a gambling club with roulette, blackjack and poker and every visitor is given with $365 in 'play chips' - champ toward the finish of an hour wins cool prizes, or a '5 course supper by drum beat'. There is likewise a film night and a White Night, where everybody spruces up in white and feels uncommon. The club idea is there however it is restrained for the Maldives. In contrast to other 'clubs' that are known for their exercises, the group at Robinson never power to you to join in or partake in anything - in the event that you do choose to go, you're generally welcome. A program of exercises and excitements is placed in each room at turn-down assistance and is accessible likewise at gathering, the lounge area and the bar.

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