Nika Island Resort and Spa in Maldives is still Nika: interesting, wonderful, snappy and private. Individuals become hopelessly enamored with Nika. They can't deny themselves to return here quite a long time after year, pulled in by the overpowering excellence and singularity of the spot. All things considered, notwithstanding all the charms, the hotel won't really pull in each one of the individuals who open the island. 

Nika Island Resort and Spa is an Italians-run resort in North Ari Atoll with 43 colossal nursery estates, the vast majority of which have private sea shores. The island's two-hour time contrast with the remainder of the Maldives gives visitors additional time in the sun to take exceptional selfies of the astounding house reef, appreciate a mixed drink at one of the two sea shore bars or unwind on the hammocks sitting above the ocean. The jungle gym and family manors with two rooms make it ideal for those with youngsters, and private sea shore estates with a jacuzzi, loungers and a private stretch of delicate sand settle on it a sentimental decision. Feast choices are adaptable, and eatery support time isn't. The hotel has a spa, a PADI jumping focus, free Wi-Fi and numerous lovely, wild greenery. 

Planned by an Italian and possessed by an Italian, during the initial 20 years of the retreat's life, a large portion of the visitors were Italians. Lately, Nika Island Resort was found by different countries who went gaga for it, yet didn't make it their own. The climate is as yet Italian; Appearance - free white and cotton textures with open necks showing a rich tan. One can even say with certainty that today Nika is cosmopolitan, yet with Italian highlights.

 Nika Island Resort & Spa, Maldives

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The Island

The Island

Opened in 1984, Nika Island got its last redesign in 2011, albeit continuous work is in progress to keep up and improve the presence of the lodging. Deciduous territories of the nursery, with masses of finished and island plants feel more normal than other all the more all around prepared close by islands. Notwithstanding palm trees and mangrove trees, Nika Island Resort planted a some blossoming and organic product trees and introduced green lattices along the walkways. During a brisk 15-minute stroll around the island, you can discover banana trees, energy organic product, pandanuses, orchid gardens, pink bougainvillea, banyan trees and water lily lakes. They even have a little, marginally deserted reef fish lake with lobsters, striped reed fish and a school of dynamic fish. 

Swimming in Nika is great and effectively available from any room. The tidal pond is additionally awesome: completely clear, sandy, not very shallow and not very profound. The sea shore is unavoidably changing, yet with the sea walls there is a decent sea shore set up, at any rate during low tide for each room, and a few rooms ignore the extremely cool, fine sand. 

The proprietor's planting enslavement is again noticeable in the model of natural product, vegetable and home grown beds. New items fall on the feasting table, where, as you most likely are aware, the nature of fixings is a basic piece of Italian food. Furthermore, in this you have another motivation to go gaga for Nika. 

One sandy way draws an oval around the island's inside. It'll direct you through the nursery of central blossoms and bushes, concealed by the curves of white and purple bougainvillea and shining red blossoms of kindling, passing by the glorious banyan, which gives the retreat its name. Dark herons home in a banyan tree, and birds of heaven alongside different birds respect voyagers for their bizarre quavers. 

Nika's special angle is the degree of security you can get when you need. Every manor on the sea shore is covered up in thick vegetation and has its own sea shore, characterized on one of the sides. Sea walls, in some cases enormous, will trouble you more than others, and they truly hint that you can't walk openly around an island so liberally supplied with nature: tranquil security blended in with amiability at whatever point you wish. 

With one café and few visitors, all with full board, the cook can set up the ideal dishes for supper, perfectly introduced and served at your table of decision from the individually menu. With candles and the light of the moon, and the hints of the tidal pond coursing through the open curves, it can not be sentimental. 

Maybe because of the genuine longstanding age of the hotel, it will in general appear to be somewhat dated, in spite of the fact that it is flawlessly tidy up in open regions and rooms. The environment here is very loose and by and large private; Guests are for the most part couples or families with little kids who are not against socialization. With an end goal to give visitors additional time in the sun, the retreat really moved the time by two hours. While this can be befuddling, visitors appear to be effectively adaptable. The retreat energetically invites each visitor, directly from the deck, with a cool towel, a new natural product drink served in a coconut, and a little plate of organic product.



Nika Island Resort and Spa is situated on Maayafushi Island in North Ari Atoll. The private island is a 30-minute seaplane (75km) from Malé air terminal. The Nika Maldives experience starts with a warm greeting at the appearance terminal by the retreat have who goes with visitors to Nika relax until the flight via ocean plane for the picturesque excursion to the hotel. Since fast boats are utilized distinctly in crisis circumstances, seaplanes Maldives are the best way to get to Nika. In contrast to a portion of the more distant islands, Nika is adequately close to a few of its neighbors that you can discover on the sea skyline.

The Beach

The Beach

The majority of the rooms at Nika Island have their own sea shore territories, so just two little open sea shores are situated at inverse tips of the island. On all sea shores, private or public, there are zones with delicate white sand and somewhat coarse sand, comprising of squashed shells and corals. Both public sea shores have around 10 twofold patio seats with solid wooden bases, thick delicate pads for unwinding, little tables and obscure umbrellas. The primary sea shore is situated between the breakwater and moors for water sports, before a bistro. This territory has a wonderful obscure zone under an overhang of trees and is ideal for watching the dusk, while the subsequent sea shore, situated behind the Bepi eatery and bar offers conceal just under umbrellas. Hang over here in the event that you need simple admittance to lunch, a jungle gym or a possible gathering with child reef sharks.



Altogether, Nika Island has 43 ocean see rooms in seven classifications. Albeit the hotel promotes itself as the solitary island with private sea shores for every manor (that is in fact evident), there are additionally a few nursery rooms (the most standard choices) that are totally encircled by thick vegetation and don't have their own sea shore territories, in any case visitors in these rooms can utilize the public sea shore on the island effortlessly. 

In the top classification - Water Villas - in fact there are additionally no private sea shores, however the hotel is doing all that could be within reach to make them through private, sand-shrouded tanning beds, associated with the manors. 

Any remaining manors have direct admittance to their own liberal stretches of sand, however complete with lawn chairs, swings, loungers and even little three-story cottages with hydromassage showers. 

Sea shore manors are separated into 2 classes that are indistinguishable in size and format, yet contrast just in extra conveniences and area. Their bended, shell configuration is as yet an exceptional delight, regardless of whether a few of the best hotels have outperformed them in size. With 70 square meters, with an immense washroom, wooden parquet flooring and a combination of varied and plain furnishings, these are rooms that actually contend at the most significant level. One Sultan Suite with 2 rooms and washrooms (and 110 m2) is ideal for a family or gathering of companions. 

The fundamental Garden Rooms don't have private sea shores, just as implicit sound systems, and for family rooms of assorted types you will get an additional room and washroom (just as an outside shower in sea shore estates). The primary contrast between Deluxe Beach Villas and Beach Villas is the piece of the island where they are found; in the interim, the grand rooms have a smidgen more common light. 

10 new Water Villas include the high style of resort life. The 3 conic covered rooftops cover the originator restroom, the stylish parlor and room - it's Nika - to totally conceal the huge wooden deck for most extreme protection. The means lead you to the ideal tidal pond, where in the short swim from the estate you will discover extraordinary swimming. 

All rooms have a bigger than normal format, just as high roofs, cooling in the room, a level screen TV with restricted admittance, a minibar, tea and espresso, individual Internet organizations, PC safes, and sea shore towels. Restrooms have hair dryers, feathery wraparounds, huge towels, delicate shoes, downpour shower, separate latrine and toiletries. The stylistic theme incorporates bits of customary dhoni boats, huge shells and cleansers on mermaids. Numerous washrooms are bigger than ordinary lofts in current townhouses, generally a similar size as the primary parlor in Beach and Deluxe Beach estates.

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