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The Most Exciting New Luxury Resort Openings in Maldives 2024

If your vision of a luxury Maldives vacation is more akin to a life on a desert island à la Robinson Crusoe. The hotel, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has adopted its literary inspiration literally, naming its butlers Mr. Friday in honour of the protagonist's devoted assistant. With a "no news, no shoes" attitude toward island life, it also maintains the 18th-century concept.

The over-water villas are primitive in the best manner conceivable. Some of the rooms forgo the customary Maldivian walkways and are instead suspended in the water, only reachable by boat. They include a deck where guests can paddle from and a hammock strung up that you can swim to.

The Gili Garden offers a plant-based dining experience, or visitors can opt for a more sybaritic getaway with a sommelier-recommended "drink and soak" spa treatment. Other activities include learning to hang ten on some of the Maldives' best waves, and after learning all about coral restoration and rehabilitation, you can adopt a coral. Your dependable Mr. (or Ms.) Friday can be tasked with everything from planning candlelit dinners on the beach to erecting a bed for stargazing on the roof of your villa.