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A huge types of triggerfish found in tidal ponds and at reefs to profundities of 50 m (160 ft) in the majority of the Maldives. The titan triggerfish or monster triggerfish (Balistoides Viridescens) arrives at a length of around 75 cm, and weighs up to 10 kg and can basically mess with you. It is very amazing in size and has incredible teeth.

Triggerfish (balistoides viridescens) or also it is called like Titan Fish. It is quite big fish, which can be very dangerous at the moment of protection of their calf masonry.

This particular fish type found in the Maldives is known for its highly violent nature. However, its aggression is primarily directed towards protecting its caviar. These fish construct large nests, which can measure up to two meters in diameter. The female fish lays her eggs in the nest and then diligently guards them. The male fish may also assist in protecting the nest. Interestingly, these fish not only safeguard the nest itself but also the surrounding water column extending upwards from the nest. As a result, divers and snorkelers are advised to swim alongside the nest rather than above it. Any attempts to swim above the nest may result in being chased away or even attacked by the fish. It is worth noting that the bites of this fish are not venomous; they can only cause physical harm. The spawning of these fish typically occurs in the spring and is intricately linked to lunar cycles and tide timing.

Triggerfish – The Most Aggressive Fish In Maldives

Two types of triggerfish are targeted by fly fishermen in the shallow flats of Indian Ocean atolls. These include the yellow margin triggerfish and the titan triggerfish in Maldives, which is larger in size. Catching these fish is no easy task as they are highly elusive and cautious creatures. They possess a keen sense of awareness and are constantly on the lookout for any activity in their surroundings. Triggers can be seen swimming around the shallows, searching for food such as coral chunks, crabs, worms, and shrimps that they stumble upon during their explorations.