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Maldives Luxury Holidays

According to Marco de Ouden, chief manager of Patina Maldives, a new generation of travellers is redefining luxury and is less interested in clean experiences, fine dining, and the degree of consistency that comes with staying at standard accommodations. Patina stated, "In order to ensure that we take special care of this, we've committed a lot of efforts inside thinking and conceptualising how the post-Coronavirus voyager will feel and what they'll need from their movement adventures.

The owner of Valentina Fine Gems and a frequent visitor to the Maldives, Anastasia Gardner, likes the stunning house reef, exceptional service, and eye-catching architecture. Picking the next retreat is always difficult because my significant other and I spent more than a half year in the Maldives in the past ten years, says Gardner. Nothing beats a pre-breakfast snorkel to spot a variety of stunning fish, rays, and reef sharks, but management is also necessary. We respect the ocean and put our efforts there. At a retreat where they know exactly what you'll do, a wonderful stay is always guaranteed.

A fictional archipelago that can be reached by speedboat from Velana Global Air terminal, the Fari Islands complex includes Patina, which debuted in May 2021. It is home to three extremely opulent hotels and a conventional marina that can accommodate 18 superyachts. It's an adaptation of the Maldives' "one island, one hotel" policy, which allows visitors more room and access to a wider range of activities.