Rihiveli is an exceptional spot that gets considerably more uncommon with another administration of The Dream Maldives. The island is perhaps the most notable retreat of the country that stays consistent with the first soul of the Maldives. Rihiveli The Dream is a genuine legend ! One of only a handful few hotel that figured out how to keep a customary engineering consummately blended in the tropical scene just as an idea dependent on effortlessness and agreeableness. You can just begin to look all starry eyed at its grandness and become promptly dependent on the harmony blended to joy it offers you. 

A mainstream decision among European recurrent visitors, Rihiveli The Dream is determined to the staggering island of Mahaanaelhi Huraa in South Male Atoll and available by boat from Velana International air terminal. In Rihiveli, visitors live at the musicality of nature with a decision of 48 homes, all nightfall or dawn confronting. One of a kind to its environmental factors are two virgin islands of Sunrise and the Birds inside the tidal pond, both effectively available by walking or by kayak. The overwater café offers a global cooking with new nearby items, barbecued fish, plate of mixed greens bar and new organic products. A scope of exercises and journeys is accessible. The watersports focus offers a gigantic scope of exercises, including fun jumping and swimming outings, windsurfing, cruising and substantially more. There is Nala spa on the island. 

Implicit the 1980s, Rihiveli is a minimal effort resort with all the important relaxation parts for the Maldives — white sand sea shores, turquoise tidal ponds, an enormous choice of free water sports, energizing outings, tidy up rooms and delectable food, yet that's it. Rooms with a base arrangement of offices and conveniences for endurance, there is just a single café (half-board and full-board costs are accessible at an additional expense), and the inn might not have enough ashore offices, for example, a pool and a wellness place. 

In 2018 Rihiveli Beach Resort re-opened under another administration that says it will work under these key standards: Respect for the climate, its fauna and verdure. No new development will come to denature these spots. Regard for representatives and their societies. Gaiety, exercises, diversion, prosperity, quietness and amicability. Trustworthiness at all levels. Regardless of whether it has consistently been an otherworldly spot, Jean-Marc and Kty, as the new administration as of late settled, truly engaged the idea. The new managment and Concept Director assumed control over the ideal of the heaven and make it genuine. On the off chance that you previously preceded, you will be stunned by the inconceivable work they make to uncover this site its magnificence and to give every visitor their full assumptions.

Rihiveli The Dream

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The Island

The Island

at the edge of the maritime boundary reef encompassed by an ideal turquoise tidal pond consistently visited by a case of dolphins. The retreat is something of a complex club where the vast majority of the offices and exercises are incorporated and where individuals make associates around approachable, blended supper tables and partake in nights of light diversion together, coordinated by the huge, happy, casual Baba. 

You take your shoes off on the breakwater when you show up and stroll down the limited sandy way that courses through the center of the island. The retreat is significantly more than you expect - the island, the exercises, the food, the assistance and the entire climate add to the astounding experience. Here there are no solid ways, no focal center of eateries, gathering, bars and pool. On this island they don't have cooling. It is where very much obeyed French (70%) come to turn off from the daily routine of chaotic Europe and experience essentially for some time. Italians, Germans and British who have found it are glad to take different rooms. 

The actual island is a wonder with its real Maldivian vegetation. Tall and great coconut palms look after sumptuously green elastic tree bushes, which are the home of numerous entertaining strolling little birds and geckos (those small, super-charming reptiles that keep the environmental factors sans bug). At that point there are the 2 extra uninhabited islands which you can will swim (through knee-or midriff high water, contingent upon the tide) or by free kayak. These islands are considerably more peaceful, beautiful and green. It is a delight to go through a large portion of a day sunbathing on the brilliant and white sand, to go for a walk on the regular walkway which rises out of the water at low tide or snorkel along the islands' coasts. It's likewise a truly flawless spot, overflowed with normal light and showing striking tones. 

Ethos of the South Pacific are clear in the perfectly planned bar and games working, with its high covered rooftop that inclines pointedly down and arrives at low to the ground around its open sides. Directly in the center of the island (and close to the comparably planned store) this spot turns into the concentration around nightfall when visitors accumulate to watch the day by day scene and participate in a pre-prandial round of boules. After supper the spot tops off again for a beverage and brotherhood and possibly a table tennis competition or bodu beru on the sea shore. Wi-Fi (at the bar and meeting room) works flawlessly. 

You truly will cherish the "no news, no shoes" strategy on the island, as it allures individuals to mingle, disengage from the most optimized plan of attack, upsetting lives back at home and to feel the quintessence of quiet and loosening up vibes of the Maldives so frequently depicted in movement articles. Also, you particularly will value the drinking water strategy of the hotel - every cabin is furnished with a canteen filled double a day with approx. 2 l of de-salinized, sifted water - which one could recharge himself/herself from the principle bar at any hour of the day (or night). Why such a lot of appreciation for this? Since it's without plastic - no PET water restrains that could somehow or another end in the sea, imperiling marine life. Also, on the grounds that it's limitless and not program-controlled. 

Obviously, the backbone of this magnificent experience is the Rihiveli staff. They make a comprehensive, familyfamily air where nothing is pushed except for the sky is the limit. The way to everything is the way that many staff individuals have been here since the hotel started 26 years prior. What's more, numerous visitors have returned 10, 15 and multiple times. 

Rihiveli is overseen by a group of expert Europeans, all nature and outside lovers. However, in Rihiveli the genuine ability has a place with the Maldivian group, with a solid dedication to Rihiveli for a long time. Notwithstanding the English language spoken by all, some of them even comprehend and communicate in French. 

Genuineness, straightforwardness, kind disposition, island natural insurance, full hardware for the confort... everything is presently at its greatest, and what you may have effectively found here is currently totally reawakened and on top. The connection with the Maldivian group is more grounded than previously. Difficult to depict in words how their day by day grin and dedication add to make your visit so exceptional. Rihiveli resembles a family and making its experience is an advantage. Administrations, proficiency, and goodminded group. 

The majority of the guests to the island are European and generally French. As it regularly happens very few of them talk or need to communicate in English. However, luckily, all the staff do!



Situated on its own private island in the South Male Atoll ( South Kaafu atoll), Rihiveli is 43 km away or a 50-minutes speed boat move from Malé Airport. Situated at the atoll's southernmost tip, Rihiveli The Dream is more inaccessible than most hotels in this piece of the Maldives, with the closest island multiple kilometers away. The time on the island is one hour in front of Malé City - a counterfeit distinction that numerous hotels use to make the presence of a more drawn out sunshine hours. Throughout the entire year, roughly 125 islanders live in the island's western end.

Rooms and Bungalows

Rooms and Bungalows

The lodges are no uncertainty minimal except for their effortlessness and provincial style is all you need. Enchanting homes with ocean see (sun rise or dusk side), totally concealed under the palm trees making a cool temperature in the rooms. The norm of the rooms is the least and yet this island is likely the most genuine. Put the fan on, let the breeze come in through the entryway and open supports, watch out past your lounger to the tidal pond and realize that this is the manner in which it ought to be finished. That is the reason you can even discover some appeal in the way that their expectation for everyday comforts comes up short on the extravagance you typically find in the Maldives. The cottages are cleaned double a day. That will assist you with disposing of the inevitable sand you have taken inside the room during the day. Furthermore, you feel your room is in every case clean. You will likewise get a canteen with cold water topped off during cleaning. There is no generator or forced air system murmur, simply the lapping of the waves. 

On the Island : 46 standard cabins (22 m2, 2 people). 2 Deluxe homes (32 m2, 3 people, extra outside shower). Additional items beds on demand/1 family cottage on request (up to 5 people); All lodges have a porch, sun beds and lounger. All Rooms are outfitted with roof fan and drinking water canteen (water is created on the island). Clothing administration is incorporated. There are still some AC-rooms accessible yet as we comprehend they are headed to vanish to proceed with the more characteristic sensation of the island 

The convenience is straightforward, perfect, with open rooms and washrooms and fitted with all important furnishings and conveniences. There is a lot of extra room (you'll love the enormous closet!); the jumbo bed is entirely agreeable and the roof fan is the ideal substitute for A/C on an eco-accommodating island as Rihiveli. Each sea shore lodge has its own name (so no dull room numbers), a loosening up concealed patio with direct perspective on the ocean, and welcoming sunbeds on the sea shore directly in front.

Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant and Bar

The food is totally awesome! The Lagoon café and the bar are admirably found and have excellent Maldivian-enlivened engineering. At a covered over-water café, visitors appreciate basic food, every now and again from the ocean, made into exemplary European and Asian dishes. It is a change to see a kitchen not terrified of nearby flavors. The smorgasbords likewise have especially amazing plates of mixed greens and natural products. With perspectives to pass on ?he overwater café is confronting dawn and you will actually want to notice turtles, adolescent sharks and beautiful fishes. The bar feature the absolute best dusks. 

Each of the 3 suppers are buffet style and smorgasbord subjects are customary during the week. Three times each week they offer themed meals directly on the sea shore, under the stars. For lunch or sentimental sea shore supper there is consistently the alternative of a grill on the adjoining Sunrise island, to which you swim out, kayak or sail. About the food we can say that both lunch and supper are of a generally excellent norm. Thus, we suggest going full board, in the event that you don't pick comprehensive.

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