Situated toward the south of the equator on Addu Atoll, Shangri La's Villingili Resort and Spa, Maldives is a ultra extravagance resort. An extraordinary 5*-star inn in the Maldives, a private hideaway in a universe, Shangri-La's Villingili Resort is the ideal setting for couples, with its detached area as a feature of the Maldives southernmost atoll. 

The lavish vegetation, sections of land of coconut palms and 9 opening green separates it from all other maldivians resort. With 143 rooms, 9 distinct sorts of convenience, Shangri La's offers numerous choices, and something for a wide range of movement, where there is a lot to look over. The most "little" have a territory of 133 m2, while the more extensive, one of a kind Estate Laalu, arrives at 952 m2! Extravagance estates, without any blemishes of excellence rule encompassed by tropical nurseries or on a brilliant sea shore, or over the clear waters of tidal pond and even this is totally new - in the trees! 

Past extravagance manors the retreat offers numerous choices for water globe-trotters, for example, turtle-journey swimming, plunging to a novel wreck site, surfing with about six extraordinary wave arrangements or parasailing for a 10,000 foot perspective on the island. Tropical 'havenists' will likewise locate their own piece of heaven in the exceptional greenery that can be investigated while cycling around Villingili's wilderness and beach front pathways or while playing on the solitary fairway in the Maldives. Couples can likewise appreciate a scope of social encounters like no other in the Maldives, with guided voyages through the adjoining islands of Addu atoll, visits to the nearby ranches and samplings of Maldivian food. 

The most splendid pearl in the shining waters of the Indian Sea, Villingili island is a sanctuary for those looking for genuine sentiment. As though it was intended to be, the retreat is situated in the heart-molded Addu atoll, simply a five-minute boat ride away from Gan Worldwide Air terminal.

Shangri La's Villingili Resort & Spa

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The Island

The Island

When taking a homegrown departure from Male, your Shangri-La experience begins at the air terminal where you are met by Shangri-La staff, taken to homegrown terminal to check in, and afterward accompanied to the Moonima relax where you will discover copious seating, a little spa, rewards and little determination of food/snacks. 

When your flight is prepared for loading up, you will again be accompanied by Shangri-La staff to the takeoff parlor to load up your Scramble 8, propeller plane for the trip to Gan. Try not to be amazed in the event that you are the lone occasion creators on the flight, similar to the case for us. During the flight, you ignore the equator-this is reported during the flight and Shangri-La visitors gave an Equator Intersection authentication, which is a dazzling little touch. 

On landing in Gan, in the wake of gathering your gear, you are met right external the structure by Shangri-La staff who quickly assuage you of your baggage and escort you to a close by holding up vehicle to take you to the harbor, which is in a real sense 200 yards away, to board the speedboat. We were given life coats to wear and reviving virus towels. On moving toward Villingili, the water changes tone from a dark blue to the most astonishing turquoise, and you can see coral and fish swimming in the perfectly clear water before docking. 

Set in the actual south of the Maldives, this remarkable and a la mode property consolidates excellent sea shores with both neighborhood and English military history. It took a ton of certainty to take on this tremendous island and transform it into an excessively luxury resort. Shangri-La has utilized its involvement with the Far East to bring something recognizable yet particular, amazing yet agreeable. Villingili is 30% greater than the past 'greatest retreat island in the Maldives', Soneva Fushi. It's huge to the point that various pieces of the island have been given names. Tranquility Inlet has 2 water manor wharfs with 20 estates each, while Murmuring Palms has another 20 water estates and various beachbeach manors. In the middle of these 2 is The Town. The characteristic, thick vegetation of the island separates it from numerous different hotels in the Maldives - the island has 12 hectares of lavish foliage, transcending banyan trees, 17,000 coconut trees, 45 types of plants, three normal tidal ponds and nature trails for visitors to investigate. 

On the off chance that the names of the initial 2 districts don't exactly sound valid, The Town portrays intently what it is. Here are minimal white streets bending around and between the shops, eco focus, divedive focus, gym, clinical focus, tennis courts, childrenchildren's experience place, gathering and fundamental parlor. What's more, just along the street is the fundamental café, Javvu, confronting the ocean and abutting the pool and watersports focus. 

Shangri-La's Villingili flaunts a spa, a plunge place, watersports focus, tennis, rec center, private decompression chamber, eco focus, 24-hour business focus, kid care, flower vendor, photograph preparing administration, wifi web, business focus, clinical focus. 

At the point when you show up the principal thing you notice is the size of the island. Everything is immense, intense and delightful. The scene is amazing and the warm greeting from the retreat's group and your steward is inviting. The 3km long island is totally perfect, from the wilderness to the immaculate turquoise sea shores, from sea side to tidal pond side. The lodging takes up the entire of the island, which is extraordinary! On one side you have tremendous smashing waves and solid ocean breezes rolling in from the Indian Sea, swimming is carefully taboo here. On the other you get quiet waters, light breezes, lovely white sand sea shores, and lifeguards paying special mind to you. 

Walk or bicycles are given or carts if your readied to stand by to be gotten, it's no big deal, however an interesting point. We have required a carriage a couple of times and never been a considerable delay or an issue. Bicycles are helpful and utilized routinely. You get bicycles with your manor so you can pootle round - it takes a decent 20 mins to cycle the entire retreat - at a vacation speed I should say. 

It merits doing this since you will locate a few little zones they have made for you to appreciate, similar to the star looking stage and the region on turtle sea shore to sit and watch the waves. I would call attention to that in the event that you cycle around evening time, you do risk being crap ed on by the enormous organic product bats that live in the trees. I encountered this on our first evening, and it lead to a significant fun round of "hazard" with the bats. Fortunately if careering in wiggly lines as it were pretty much as quick as conceivable to dodge bat crap isn't your thing there are heaps of golf carriages to ship you around, you simply call them from your manor and they will whisk you to your objective in wellbeing. We remained in the Murmuring Palms region, and for anybody in the overwater estates - after supper stroll here and there the breakwaters with a light. On the off chance that you are in a similar zone as us I can promise you will see a few huge turtles coming up to eat the ocean grass. We were in Estate 120 - and from that point to the furthest limit of that wharf we saw them consistently. It was truly extraordinary. 

Fabricated 10 years prior at $150m USD - 70% Chinese (Shangri-La Resorts) cash and 30% Maldivian Gov cash, Shangri-La Maldives has a scope of 132 estates, most over water, others ashore confronting either the reef or the Sea, including two Official Manors. The island is outstanding for having the most noteworthy characteristic height in the Maldives, Mount Villingili. Which turns out to be the eighth opening on the lone green in the Maldives too, it tops at 17ft AMSL. 

There is even a coral nursery to energize the recovery of coral, and you can even participate in causing them plant it. The island is kept perfect and clean yet has a particularly normal feel, not at all like different hotels in the Maldives where some of the time you feel they are excessively counterfeit, despite the fact that delightful. There are insufficient words to portray the magnificence of the scene in Shangri-La. Greenery to kick the bucket for, ideal spots to swim, with some decent ocean life and dazzling sea shores. 

The retreat has various zones to hang out. The activity is revolved around the delightful bar, where one can sit at dusk and appreciate party time mixed drinks and watch the lovely shades of the Maldivian nightfall. The pool territory has 6 pool cabanas on a the early bird gets the worm premise. They even give you an eski loaded up with ice and water. There are likewise a lot of parlor seats on the sea shore. The pool bar is close by, in any case, I would have liked on the off chance that they were more dynamic in coming to search out requests, rather then you going to the bar and request - despite the fact that they conveyed. 

Shangrilla is stunning, an ideal island occasion with the most delightful reefs, fishes and lavish greenery all over the place. Encircled by a striking coral reef, this store style all-estate resort is home to in excess of 17,000 coconut trees, more than six kilometers of beautiful coastline and 2 kilometers of white sandy sea shores. The sea shores and the retreat are very much kept up by the various staff continually clearing and cultivating consistently. Each day the kelp on the sea shore is cleared and eliminated to keep up the image postcard see. 

There are 3 unique territories of over-water estates on the Island, Murmuring Palms, at the north-east, where you will likewise discover admittance to the house reef for a stunning swimming encounter, and 2 separate zone's in serenity inlet, the furthest ones additionally being close to the passage to the green. Toward the east side of the Island, you will discover Fashala, the dazzling fancy café, just as numerous estates dabbed along the shoreline. Toward the south side of the Island, sitting above the more tough shores, you will locate the tropical tree houses, Dr Ali's Asian café and the wedding structure. 

A lot of pleasant and merry staff, 600 staff in all – 150 landscapers alone, who all look extremely glad to be here. Supervisory crew including the GM, Philippe, his administration staff drove by Mei, and the Leader Culinary specialists all take a functioning, noticeable and clear interest to see things are as not out of the ordinary. It's extraordinary to see and genuinely, nothing is a difficult situation for them. Each staff part, from the inn chief ,gourmet specialists and servers and waitressers were generally obliging, cordial and supportive consistently. You just need to make a solicitation or remark on anything disregarded, and it would be taken consideration off. 

A blend of visitors from everywhere the world, no overwhelm geographic or age segment.



Addu City otherwise called Addu or Seenu atoll is south of the equator being the southernmost atoll and a restrictive objective for a retreat in style in Maldives. Addu Atoll, is saturated with history and culture, home to remainders of the English pilgrim try, an extraordinary lingo and a portion of the nation's most regarded researchers and money managers. Presently more regularly alluded to as Addu City, it's the country's biggest populace place after Malé. Understand More 

The hotel is a 70-minute departure from Velana (Malé) Int. Air terminal and a 8-minute boat move from Gan Air terminal to the retreat. The Gan Global air terminal (worked by the English as an air base/arranging post more than 60 years prior yet gave back to Maldivan Government in 1976) You can travel to Gan direct from Sri Lanka (a new expansion, making it an incredible twin place trip with Sri Lanka), or take a homegrown departure from Male, which takes around 100 minutes, some of the time with a visit another Atoll in transit to drop off and get travelers.



As befits an extravagance resort on an enormous island, all the rooms are reasonably huge and very much disguised from one another. There are 80 land rooms, 60 over-water rooms and 2 colossal Official Suites. Of the sea shore manors, 20 are twinned for companion or familyfamily use. What's more, this is a decent retreat for familiesfamilies, with offices for small kids and youngsters. All manors are perfectly fabricated and outfitted. The toiletries, conveniences, offices in the room are first rate, and at standard with the best lodgings on the planet. All rooms include: 40 inch LCD television, Bose blue ray player, wifi, iPod docking station, outside and indoor showers, oval bath, telephone, safe, Nespresso machine and minibar. 

The stylistic theme of the rooms is extremely refined, made for movements in Asia, more limited ... never-ending. Commonplace furniture from India and the Center East, textures in warm tones and all over the place ... conventional components don't strife with configuration highlights. Manors that are not on the water give, between coconut palms, staggering perspectives on the sea, from the porch, an open shower or yard zone, ideal for suppers under the stars 

These splendid stores for high society (coincidentally!) offer a phenomenal execution and simultaneously a charming inclination for their proprietors to at this point don't contact the ground (in a real sense and metaphorically) drifting between the sky and the ocean. Close your eyes and envision yourself remaining on a colossal porch ignoring the skyline in shades of blue. Extraordinary! What inebriates the most satisfied extravagance explorers? For singular assistance, every estate is doled out a head servant, as it is presently in vogue to do in 5-star lavish inns in Maldives. 

You come in through an elaborate entryway, you are met by your head servant and drove up the steps to the deck. At that point you breathe out an Amazing! The pool, depressed in the deck, watches directly out to the ocean. On one side is your parlor, on another side is your room, cloakroom and restroom. Both lavishly highlighted and outfitted. Also, the sound isn't that of an inaccessible thunder off the reef or a calm lap on the shore, however a crunch and sputter on the rocks underneath, a sound I've not gotten with a hotel room previously. It is a more quick ocean feel, appreciated from the raised solace of your private hideaway. 

For a definitive extravagance experience, Estate Muthee, is the encapsulation of tropical refinement. The official estate settles in its own extravagant climate with its private walkway entrance, a roomy deck with a private boundlessness pool and direct admittance to the sea, a different parlor, yoga structure and even its own spa treatment space to allow visitors to unwind without leaving the manor. 

Past Manor Muthee, the retreat offers a broad decision of convenience, for example, the exceptional Tree House Estates, Roosted on braces among the emerald green treetops, the manors offer close settings with great perspectives on the sea and a huge deck with its own private boundlessness pool. For genuine sea sweethearts, the Water Estates, situated over the tidal pond, offer the ideal seascape for the individuals who can't avoid slipping into the sea blue waters overflowing with tropical marine life. These open and vaporous estates accompany overwater loungers for languorous relaxing. 

I can just talk about the Overwater Estates in detail here. We cycled/stroll past a portion of the others - and really strolled through one of the empty sea shore estates on our way to our private sea shore supper. On the off chance that protection is your thing, I'd say the Treehouse Estates will be your most ideal choice - private, on the Indian Sea side and with pools. You can't look in as you cycle past (I attempted so I know). The sea shore manors will be decent for families - however aren't as private. These you can look into as you stroll past on the sea shore, fortunate there will not be hefty pedestrian activity however! The other thing to note about the sea shore manors is that most of them looked obscure - which will be what a few people need, however in case you're a sun sweetheart perhaps ask ahead of time for one that has heaps of sun on the pool. 

The overwater estates are dazzling. They are roomy and every gallery accompanies a net across the water so you can see the fish swimming under you. My #1 side interest was lying with a book and a cool drink on the net, spotting turtles. You can swim out straightforwardly from the manor and my better half and I consistently went off swimming from that point. Aside from the net, my #1 thing would need to be the electric power outage blinds. HURRAH! I love these. Not that you truly need them, as there isn't a lot of light to shut out, yet - a decent touch. 

The beds are very soft, so on the off chance that you have an awful back you may have a few issues, however other than that truly agreeable. They additionally have a broad cushion menu, which I maintained neglecting to control from, however the lavender one sounded exquisite. The protection here isn't incredible - not least in light of the fact that individuals in the room close to us continued attempting to fly a robot around the region which appeared to consistently harmonize with when I was utilizing the outside shower. On the outside shower – it is quite private, anyway I wasn't certain about the ecological effect of it to be straightforward. There is a shower base that catches a large portion of the lathery water, anyway at whatever point anybody utilized it, the water around the manor would be somewhat frothy so I don't think it got everything. Can't be incredible for the fishies. Other than that you can hear some clamor if individuals are out drinking/playing music on their galleries or whatever, yet we didn't have an excessive amount of issue with this. 

The Estate has a wow factor. It is huge and is all around isolated into various areas. The fit out is of amazing quality with high roofs and wooden floors. The evening time lighting in the washroom is phenomenal. There is an enormous bath and two separate vanities. There are likewise independent indoor and open air showers to provide food for all preferences. The retreat endeavors to be eco inviting and the room has an element which switches behind closed doors molding when the way to the external deck is opened. Outside there is a two level deck with a lot of agreeable furniture to relax around and direct section into the sea. All that you could think has been obliged for even the basics, for example, toothbrush, shaver, ladies' magnificence extras and furthermore child items and nappies are given corresponding. The minibar has a wide scope of beverages and tidbits to browse. On the principal late evening housekeeping arranged a brightened bed and shower. There is a reciprocal organic product bushel that is renewed day by day to assist with sound bites. 

Sea shore Estates are astounding, with the most tremendous, comfiest bed I've ever snoozed, the room has programmed dark out blinds which make for an incredible evenings rest. From the bed you watch out onto the Indian Sea. The deck is enormous with outside parlor bed, table and seats, on the lower deck are 2 loungers and the lounger (my #1 spot to unwind). Our manor was situated in Murmuring palms simply off the house reef, the ideal spot for swimming and investigating the reef from your estate. The external shower was stunning you could gaze down into the sea and see the parrot fish swimming by. Every estate accompanies its own bikes these were significant for going from one finish of the island to the next and such great fun! 

The over water manors are immense and astonishing – on the reef. Jump off your deck into the completely clear warm waters. We took a visit through a 'Tree House' and the 'Sea shore House' manors, all in a comparable style to the over water estates' nevertheless these two have their own pools – however both of those two should be possible elsewhere also. The over water/reef estate's is the reason we're here, and in the wake of seeing the other two, unquestionably the pick as we would like to think. Getting from our overwater manor, directly down close to the green, to the primary hotel to eat/drink could be tricky for a few, especially if it's pouring. It would need to be a decent 1.5 km venture every way. I like the coral reefs in Shangri-la the most as they are gigantic and exuberant and truly near estates. They put orange coasting balls to find coral reefs . I think Estate 107-109 are the nearest manors to the coral reefs next to us of the island. Not secure with opposite side of the island .

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

There are three F&B outlets on the island - and obviously room administration and objective eating. The eateries pivot their openings - so when Javvu is open the other 2 aren't, and the other way around. I don't know whether this is constantly or on the grounds that it was slow time of year and not occupied. Administration altogether the cafés is magnificent. 

Visitors of Shangri La's Villingili eat at three perfect cafés: Indian, Chinese and Arabic, gathered under the names Dr Ali's, Fashala and Javvu, where breakfast is served as a lovely and varied smorgasbord. You can likewise have drinks in three bars and parlors with various airs, Endheri, Manzaru and the popular M Parlor. At the point when the inhabitance is sufficiently high, a smorgasbord shows up at the Javvu eatery, ordinarily on monday, wednesday and saturday. Feasting can be orchestrated all through the island: on the sea shore, while playing golf, in the nursery or at your manor. The yacht is additionally rich, and offers the chance to go on a journey with supper at the equator. 

The food is incredible with solid new decisions in bounty. Confronting the sea and near the primary pool the morning meal buffet that is loaded with a wide choice of warm/chilly food sources, new natural products, cakes and abundant new squeezes with liberal crushes of ginger for that additional jolt of energy is served at Javvu. Mr coconut consistently prepared to give up a new coconut with a major grin! Due to this early overindulgence in chocolate croissants, smoked salmon, poached eggs, Maldivian snacks and heavenly plates of organic products the generally visitors ordinarily skip lunch. Barista espressos juices are likewise included. One slight disadvantage is that the smorgasbord is somewhat comparable consistently, with a couple of changes in particular - nonetheless, there was a particularly wide assortment of decisions that you could change your determination day by day. Snacks have lighter burger, serving of mixed greens, pasta, pizza, asian cooking and flame broil. Meals are more formal and offer a lot more barbecued alternatives - large numbers of which require an extra money related enhancement. We likewise loved a lot of the environment of Javvu Smorgasbord nights, a table in the sand and nearby performers out of sight. The night bar-b-que at Javvu is incredible, with lobster, fish, scallops, crab, and more on NYE. The extraordinary fish buffet on the Monday night is magnificent with a lot of fish and meat assortment. 

Our #1 eatery by a wide margin was Fashala. Roosted directly on the northern tip of the island, it serves present day new food, including conceivably the best ceviche I have ever tasted. The menu has a scope of worldwide styles however are sufficiently changed to suit most people groups palates. The food is shocking we would strongly suggest the crab starter and the fish fundamental course, totally delectable. The tables watch out over a sea shore and there are indented relax regions and lamps in general. Simply dazzling and sentimental. This is the thing that you are expecting when you go to the Maldives I think, a beverage watching a dazzling dusk with the sound of the waves around you, trailed by a flawless supper as the stars come out. We need to specify the inns Sommelier Pauline, she is so educated thus amicable we would strongly suggest her wine sampling evening in Fashala incredible fun and an opportunity to meet other wine cherishing visitors. Exquisite. 

Dr. Ali's leads the café choice with three particular front rooms that emphasis on fine cooking from the Indian Sea, the South China Ocean and the Bedouin Inlet that offers a remarkable Maldives feasting experience. Dr Ali's is a fascinating eatery - I think it takes into account the Center Eastern and Chinese customers more than anything. It has 3 menus, Chinese, Center Eastern and South East Asian/Indian and you can eat outside or inside. You can single out from each so on the off chance that you have a gathering needing various things it's a decent alternative. 

Last spot to note would be the M Parlor (a bar) - another great alternative for nightfall watching. They do incredible mixed drinks. Exceptionally chilled and agreeable. 

One of the marks of Villingili is its Eat by Plan theory – where you are urged to find new feasting encounters in a portion of the hotel's most mystery areas. Regardless of whether you decide on a light lit supper under the banyan trees of the hotel's wilderness, a noteworthy lunch on the equator on board the retreat's own extravagance yacht, a spa supper in the protection of a reflection structure disregarding the sea, a sentimental in-estate evening or a lunch of neighborhood fixings straight from the cook's nursery, the island's culinary group will assist you with making recollections that endure forever. On the off chance that you are on wedding trip we prescribe to book a private supper on the sea shore – there are various spots you can do this around the island, however the sea shore is generally sentimental. It is cash well spend. It will be a truly wonderful night. 

We were on the comprehensive food and drink rate which I would firmly prescribe to all, as it removes the concern from getting a sudden bill toward the end. It qualifies you for buffet breakfast at Javuu, 2 course lunch at Javuu and a 4 course supper at Javuu or 90USD credit per individual for supper at Dr Ali or Fashala. The comprehensive refreshment menu can be had at all bars and eateries (aside from room minibar) incorporates a determination of white wines, red wines, whiskies, gin, vodka, tequlia, lagers, mixed drinks and all non mixed beverages.

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