Soneva Jani is like someone with personal magnetism, someone who knows themself, knows the world and greets it with a big, welcoming smile. This resort doesn't just have character, it has charisma. The perfect combination of luxury and nature, Soneva Jani offers guests an unparalleled experience in idyllic surroundings. Inspired by the word, which means wisdom in sanskrit, Soneva Jani is Medufaru island, which is part of an uninhabited cluster of five islands in the Nunu atoll. The most exclusive luxury hotel in Maldives and the most prestigious for many hotel brand in the world is surrounded by pristine beaches covered with lush tropical greenery and a turquoise lagoon with crystal clear water and unbeatable views of the 360 ??° Indian Ocean. Today, 24 Soneva Jani Overwater Villas and one beach villa, although at a later stage it is planned to build additional beach villas
Soneva Jani, Noonu Atoll, Maldives

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The Island

The Island

In the wake of accepting the stuff at Velana (Male) International Airport, you are met by Soneva staff and accompanied to a particular Soneva relax close to the seaplane terminal where you can hang tight for your last exchange via seaplane to the lodging. In the parlor with eco-stylish plan Soneva and even a little spa visitors are offered an invigorating beverage and a few bites, and the proprietor of Soneva deals with registration (so everything would be prepared for your appearance on the island). 

Getting to the hotel is a large portion of the fun, as a 40-minute seaplane move in Soneva Jani is an energizing outing in itself. The seaplane flies very low over the Indian Ocean, offering a stunning perspective on the little, sugar-white island rings shimmering on turquoise shaded tidal ponds and a sparkly blue sapphire. Trip via seaplane in the Maldives and esteem for an ideal archipelago from a 10,000 foot see is perhaps the most great occasions that this traveler objective can offer. Traveler air transportation on seaplanes is very efficient, as Soneva has a favored relationship with Trans Maldivian Airways, administrator of seaplanes; This implies that the holding up time in the Soneva relax upon the arrival of your appearance in Maldives or takeoff home infrequently surpasses two hours. 

Soneva Jani is probably the biggest hotel in the Maldives, and a significant chunk of time must pass to assess all the property (albeit the carriage administration is accessible 24 hours per day). All visitors likewise have bikes or tricycles to go on an energizing experience along the course that associates the principle island with Paradiso film, tennis courts, fine sea shores, nurseries and mazes, just as other climbing and cycling trails. What's more, a little speed boat gives a bus administration to visitors between the four untainted islands in the tidal pond. 

One of the numerous attractions of the retreat is its area in an enormous 5.6 km tidal pond with perfectly clear waters with consistent all encompassing perspectives on the Indian Ocean. The tidal pond is gigantic to such an extent that it can oblige in excess of 7,000 olympic pools. It is difficult to track down words for portraying this entrancing picture, where 50 shades of blue stun the whole Maldivian archipelago and are available on the shallows of the relative multitude of islands of the atoll, yet no place are they as blue and clear as around Soneva Jani. Truth be told, these are the most brilliant shades of turquoise and the most astounding tidal pond that you have ever found in the entirety of your long periods of movement around the planet. 

The interesting element of Soneva Jani that recognizes it from different retreats in the Maldives is tidal pond approaches in any event five islets (four of them are abandoned). The fundamental Medhufaru island is one of the biggest in the Maldives, lined by unblemished sea shores and covered with rich tropical vegetation. For a very long time he filled in as a farmhouse before Soneva Jani was conceptualized, and broad nurseries on the island actually supply natural product, vegetables, spices and mushrooms to the retreat's kitchen, and to the sister Soneva Fushi. Here in the nursery, visitors can meander through the 'Maze', a thoughtful organization of ways made from the support of the ficus, which follow an old roundabout example. Concerning the other four islands in the tidal pond, a sea shore club with a covered eatery offering fish suppers is situated on Zuhairs Island, and the leftover three remain totally lacking, so there is consistently where you can play in the Robinsons. 

During the development of the retreat, the administration of Soneva Jani kept on insignificantly affecting the climate. Pools use ocean water with UV filtration, and estates are worked over the sandy floors of the tidal pond without influencing any piece of the reef. Likewise, sun oriented PV is a significant wellspring of energy in the hotel, all wastewater is gathered and prepared nearby, and water is additionally delivered nearby, including drinking water. Soneva Eco Centro Waste-to-Wealth Center ensures that the waste is reused, and the broad vegetable nursery offers nearby items for cafés dependent on natural standards.



Noonu atoll (otherwise called Southern Miladhunmadulu Atoll or Miladhunmadulu Dhekunuburi) in the Maldives is a brilliant spot of the freshest vacationer marvels, including probably the most lavish retreats as of late opened for the travel industry. Consider Soneva Jani, Cheval Blanc Randheli and Mövenpick. 

Soneva Jani is determined to Medhufaru, perhaps the biggest island in the Maldives. Medhufaru is essential for the Noonu Atoll and is encircled by the Edufaaru tidal pond. From Male it is a 40-minute grand seaplane trip to Medhufaru island. Then again Soneva Jani can be reached through Soneva Fushi, which requires one hour by speedboat move. Visitors likewise have the choice of cruising between the two retreats on Soneva in Aqua, the hotels' extravagance personal ship.

Soneva Jani Overwater Villas In Maldives

Soneva Jani Overwater Villas In Maldives

Soneva Jani is included Water Retreats, Water Reserves and Island Reserves. In this tremendous space with islands and a wonderful tidal pond there are just 24 manors over the water and one Bedroom Island Reserve (with extra sea shores arranged at a later stage). Obviously - this is perhaps the densest hotel on the planet. The size of every estate is remarkable, with one room (providing food for couples and families with little youngsters) and manors with a few rooms (cooking for enormous vacationer gatherings). Encompassing estates are situated along the 1.7-kilometer (1 mile) dock, which is associated with the island of Medhufar and drifts over blue water, wriggling like a snake. At in excess of 410 square meters, one-room estates are the biggest sort of extravagance convenience in the Indian Ocean. Each water estate has its own pool (which is adequately enormous to have a title) which offers a shocking perspective on its own tidal pond site, and a few manors are furnished with bended water slides that get directly from the upper deck down to the tidal pond. 

Regardless of whether you stay in the least class of the hotel convenience - One-room Water Retreat - it will be a lot bigger than the official lofts of the absolute best 5-star lodgings. Spread more than two stories, the estate includes its own private 13m pool on the porch, encircled by broad sunbathing zones, ignoring the sea and ideal for respecting the nightfall (manors on the opposite side of the wharf are pointing toward the west). Notwithstanding the roomy main room and resting region for youngsters, you will discover inside a little kitchenette with a cooler, an office, a changing area and a lounge with easy chairs, ideal for unwinding. The resting region for kids is strategically placed in the principle room (so guardians can be certain that their kids are consistently close). Heavenly restroom under the open sky, situated close to the fundamental room, is recognized by a segregated wooden space with abundant space for swimming. Three distinctive glass windows in the floor in the estate guarantee a perpetual visual contact with the marine life underneath. Higher up there is a lounge and lounge area with a rooftop. 

All rooms have a retractable rooftop in the principle room, which moves back at the bit of a catch, so you can include the stars while lying in bed. After an energizing night at the ground-based observatory (see beneath), you can attempt to spot Orion, the Southern Cross, Ursa Major and different heavenly bodies from your bed, under the loosening up lapping of the waves underneath. What's more, there is no motivation to stress over downpour, in light of the fact that the sensors recognize approaching terrible climate and naturally close the rooftop. 

As in any remaining lodgings in Sonev, extensive manors are embellished with delightfully enriched insides of Eva Shivdasani, one of the authors of Soneva and the spouse of Soneva Sona Shivdasani, CEO. The eco-stylish plan supplements the dazzling Maldivian setting, which, best case scenario, supplements extravagance with shoeless. Delicate insides are overflowed with light, with a few profound purple spots that add a charming differentiation. Pine floors and Shingle Red River Gum tiles decorate the outside of the estates, the insides are made of light wood and characteristic materials in a shading range of white, pastel, green and purple. The general impact is ethereal, light and vaporous, ideal to animate a definitive condition of unwinding. 

Situated on the Medhufaru sea shore with dusk see and concealed away by a remain of mangrove trees, the 2 Bedroom Crusoe Residence is a private asylum with a pool and broad wooden decks. 

Fit to 4 grown-ups and 2 youngsters this two-room beachfront house (Villa 52) has a pool that embraces the façade, with two sailboat nets for relaxing in the sun. The main room, arranged at the rear of the manor has an outside restroom with a shower and two showers encompassed by a water include. The open arrangement lounge area and kitchen accompanies a wine vault, which can be utilized as a library. The front room has a profound horseshoe-molded daybed and visitor latrine. View Villa Factsheet 

Higher up, the visitor room has an en suite restroom with a shower. Behind the visitor room is a space that can be utilized as a kids' resting are or knead room. Disregarding the tidal pond is a huge overhang with profound daybeds and an open air feasting table. 

Ready to oblige up to eight grown-ups and two kids, the new 4 Bedroom Island Reserve with Slide (Villa28) is the most extravagant sea shore convenience at Soneva Jani. 

Situated on the north sea shore close to Champa Spa this far reaching beachfront suite manages the cost of an abundance of extravagance while considering customisation relying upon your necessities. Roomy indoor-outside living regions proliferate, including a steam shower, evolving room, sauna, main room, TV relax, lounge area, private pool, kitchen and wine vault. 

The subsequent floor is home to a further three rooms with restrooms and changing areas, and the manor's private rec center. The pool has its own water slide, just as a devoted kids' pool. The two ground floor rooms accompany outside washrooms with rich gardens and water highlights.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Accommodation makes money, and food and drinks make a reputation, and Soneva Jani here can not fail to impress, as the menu is as extravagant as the resort itself. All of the highest quality and presented with full attention to detail: from the freshest tuna and thin pizzas, to piquant Indian curry, shish kebab from mutton and delicious salads. In total, there are five restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and experiences in which the chefs of the resort deceive your tastes and mind with thoughtful masks. The main restaurant, called So Fresh, is located in 'Gathering' and offers sumptuous food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So Fresh has a lot of corners, verandas, terraces and other rooms to choose from to take your dining table, so every meal can be done in a completely new setting, if you want. But Soneva Jani also has an exquisite tasting room (So Imaginative), a secret dining place (So Engaging), an intimate restaurant in the Observatory (with four tables equipped with screens connected with the view from the telescope), a restaurant under the awning with a menu of fresh seafood on the island Zuhairs, and a restaurant in Cinema Paradiso.

In January 2019 Soneva Jani has unveiled the latest addition to its culinary offerings, the Crab Shack. The 32 cover restaurant and 14 seat bar is located on Soneva Jani’s southwest beach, on the opposite side of the island to Cinema Paradiso, and is comprised of two levels. The Crab Shack is open for lunch and dinner with an á la carte menu. Upstairs serves only drinks and light snacks. While no local crabs will be on the menu, Sri Lankan mud crabs, Alaskan crabs and Kamchatka crabs (all Marine Stewardship Council certified) are the highlights. Each day the Crab Shack will only serve one type of crab on a rotating basis. The dishes that can be ordered include chili crab, crab curry (both Thai and Sri Lankan varieties of curry), garlic crab, black pepper crab, Szechuan spicy wok-fried crab, Vietnamese wok-fried crab with tamarind, ginger and black pepper. The menu is also supplemented with Mediterranean dishes, including marinated sardines, mussels meunière, crab and seafood bouillabaisse (subject to availability), spicy seafood salad, and a ceviche of the day. There will also be a seafood platter that includes soft shell crabs, calamari, scallops and more. This platter can be ordered cold or warm (steamed, wok-fried or barbecued). A number of vegetable based side dishes will also be available, using organic greens from the resort’s gardens. Dishes include broccoli with caramelised garlic and marinated artichokes. When it comes to drinks there will be a focus on rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, while there will also be a selection of red wine, Champagne, gin or lager.

Soneva has gained a worldwide reputation for its collection of wines and sommeliers, and in Soneva Jani wine can be found in a glass tower 6 meters high, and the list contains about 50% organic and biodynamic wine.

The resort has its own chocolate and ice cream shop, which is open from noon until late at night and is free for all guests. You can choose more than sixty ever-changing tastes of home-made ice cream and sorbets in the ice cream hall. You can also pamper yourself with each child's dream of endless chocolate, trying chocolate truffles from cardamom, and constantly changing the abundance of confectionery.

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