Offers rich beachfront and over-water convenience with continuous sea sees, Velassaru Maldives was reawakened as a stunning 5-star resort for couples and families. It was delightfully upgraded and now remains close to everything except a not many best hotels in the Maldives. What is quickly perceptible is the degree of staff preparing. Suddenly, Velassaru started to stand apart for its amazing help, in a spot that appears to be very tranquil and efficient. OK - today the retreat is a piece of the esteemed chain of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). 

With insightful and clean plan components, sharp and current goods, rich offices, including results of the esteemed L 'Occitane corrective line in the washroom, and visitors from couples to families, Velassaru 5 star hotel in maldives is an extravagance resort with a vivacious, loosened up vibe. It is likewise granted quite possibly the most great endlessness pools that you have ever found in the Maldives. 129 rooms are outfitted with excellent conveniences, just as coconut stylistic theme things, individual wine coolers, little pools, outside showers, and a few rooms have a private piece of sea shore. Furthermore, obviously there is a huge public sea shore with a house reef, overwater spa, jumping school, water sports focus, and five cafés and two bars - everything in a short time by speedboat from Malé Airport. 

Notwithstanding the way that the inn uncovered itself as an extravagance resort (and it absolutely is a top reach), Velassaru 5 Star Hotel Maldives is loaded up with a genuine comprehensive climate. The spot turns out to be particularly enthusiastic during suppers, at breakfast - in Vela, when all the visitors assemble at the tables. Albeit this may not be the most ideal choice for a sentimental escape in the beautiful Maldives, in the event that you are a social sort or you need somewhat more commotion than simply a lovely sea shore, incredible food, administration and plan, at that point Velassaru can be an ideal decision.

Velassaru Maldives - 5 star hotel in Maldives

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The Island

The Island

The actual island is sufficiently little to circumvent it in around 20 minutes, and keeping in mind that you investigate every one of its corners and breaks in looking for place under the sun, you will presumably discover a great many people remaining in the tidal pond face down and watch a fish through covers, or unwinding by the pool, or with a mixed drink close by on a sundeck in Chill bar. In any case, this doesn't imply that this is a sea shore club and that there are a lot more where you can discover harmony and segregation, particularly in the nights at a sentimental supper or private food on the sea shore, yet during the day be prepared to impart space and sounds to your dapper neighbors, a significant number of which are with youngsters close by. 

Gathering is enormous yet straightforward, the primary bar is present day, negligible and shrewd with a comfortable musicality throughout the day. This is a social inn center point with a movement spilling onto the sea shore with entirely agreeable lawn chairs and covered umbrellas and low tables. White sand is rarely excessively occupied, in light of the fact that every estate has its own sea shore zone, lawn chairs, umbrellas and loungers. 

There is a major endlessness pool found one next to the other with a pizza broiler, the results of which are well known among visitors with a "half board" plan. There is even a specific zone for smokers. Close by, in the nights once per week, there is an extraordinary social occasion - 'bodu beru' show around the fire with a grill table.



Resort Velassaru Maldives is located in South Male Atoll on the island of Velassaru. Like most of the islands of Kaafu atoll, the resort uses a speedboats, because it is very close to Male. From the airport 25 minutes by speedboat. On the other hand, you are deprived of fantastic views of the Maldives from a bird's eye view.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

Hotel Maldives Velassaru offers extravagant beachfront and overwater convenience with continuous sea sees. Each of the 129 manors in Velassaru include a cutting edge and clean plan, established in the nearby compositional style. Concealed in a rich nurseries, sitting along the beachfront or roosted overwater, Velassaru's contemporary-styled manors and cottages offer stylish quietness. Each room is outfitted with all you require for an agreeable stay: In-manor safeFree Wi-FiLCD TV and DVD player, IPTV onscreen diversion and resort data framework, Auxiliary link that interfaces with sound framework, for tuning in to individual MP3 player, Individually controlled cooling and roof fan| IDD phone and Internet access, MinibarTea-and espresso making offices, Complimentary drinking waterBathrobes and hairdryer, L'Occitane shower items, Beach sacks, sea shore towels and shoes. 

Inside each room there is an envelope with data that is reasonable and useful advises all that the visitor needs to think about the retreat. Themes incorporate general area, home, wine and food and exercises, including an island map, and a swimming guide with nitty gritty data. It's a pleasant detail and an ordinarily tasteful guide. 

7 Deluxe Bungalows - the main class and modernized unique rooms. I should say that now they appear to be little for a cutting edge 5-star extravagance resort, with a bed on the mezzanine and enough space for a couch and a table before the window. The homes are settled in rich nurseries, two stages from the shoreline and incorporate everything to make your visit agreeable. They were made alluring with an exhaustive inside plan, however they are still a piece ... all things considered, in any case, how long do you spend in the room? 

Choice Villas go as standard class and are outfitted with lounges, wooden and tiled floors, coconut things, current wicker furniture, and there is an indoor and open air shower. Downplayed extravagance. With advantageous admittance to a delicate white sandy sea shore, your Deluxe Villa is a safe-haven unto itself. 

Moving up to Beach Villa will give you a stylish room in normal tones with stone tiles on the floor, a restroom, pressing offices, a twofold dressing table, an individual wine cabinet, an espresso machine, and your own, ideal sea shore territory, and a completely open washroom - lose the parlor region Garden Room. 

Different rooms are for the most part generally excellent. Here, as somewhere else on the island, Wi-Fi is free. Every day there are 2 little jugs of water, complimentary. What's more, some like an entirely agreeable hairdryer. The interior/outer showers are truly excellent and enormous, with a great, eye-satisfying vegetation. Their size, on the off chance that you look carefully, lessens the size of the room, notwithstanding, very little. 

17 Water Villas are pleasantly renovated, and a lot of "tanned" parts are painted in cereal and white. A big part of the rooms confronting the nightfall and the other half ones look east. Water Villas sit on braces over the water and have extra capacities, for example, swimming hardware, an enormous separate washroom, a pad menu, and upscale cloths. Obviously, on the western side - more beneficial, sentimental numbers, for which you likewise need to chase. 

Kindly note that some water estates (414-429) take a gander at the "refuse island" (Thilafushi island) obvious from a good ways. 

A stage up is a Water Bungalow with pool in which you will discover a restroom, a home theater, and collapsing glass entryways that open to give you a stunning all encompassing sea see. Implicit 2013, the Water Bungalows have a somewhat more current look and are just marginally more inviting than the Water Villas, yet they are as yet agreeable and strategically placed close to Chill Bar. 

New 28 Water Villas of the higher classification + 1 Water Suite (270 sq.m.) - the top class and have a more refined appearance. They are outfitted with wooden sundecks with steps into the tidal pond, have gigantic private vastness pools, steward administrations, separate bars, huge verandas and gazebos by the pool and enormous washrooms (indoor and outside showers in manors with pools), just as feasting regions with a gazebo (in Water Suites). The waters around are ideal for swimming and there are a some coral patches for swimming. The house reef is likewise accessible, however it is a delicate, sandy incline, not a drop off. A key decision is get one of the rooms in the line that points toward the south to the throughout the day sun, instead of on the other line that points toward the north from the deck. 

In 2019 Velassaru Maldives has patched up its Water Suite. The Water Suite was remodeled with the sole motivation behind uplifting the visitor experience to guarantee that Velassaru offers all extravagance in current solaces in the present visitor assumption. With new contemporary outfitting and brilliant insides, the reconsidered suite increases present expectations for extravagance living and still mirrors the young, energizing and honest character of Velassaru. A great 270sqm asylum connecting over translucent waters, the solitary Water Suite gives a definitive Maldivian experience. Splendid insides open out to a private sundeck with steps driving down to the splendid blue tidal pond. Individual steward administration, a private bar, a home theater framework and sumptuous restroom conveniences add to your solace. A sweeping patio with a vastness pool, feasting region, covered gazebo and open air downpour shower guarantee extreme protection.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Velassaru is 5 wonderful cafés with altogether different settings and menus, from European fine food to Japanese Tepanyaki and Asian dishes. Vela is the primary café for visitors, with cooking stations with a variety of tempting flavors including child's menu. A rich and changed connoisseur breakfast in the midst of lavish Maldivian island view. Plentiful global top picks and new dishes to find, total with delicious imported meats and the freshest neighborhood fish. Colorful preferences for a breathtaking setting. Different cafés offer a 30% rebate for these visitors. Each spot looks sentimental and the kitchen gets numerous positive audits. 

In contrast to most retreats, none of the cafés of Velassaru is available to every one of the three dinners. The principle buffet eatery Vela is open just for a free fluctuated breakfast buffet and a supper with global and neighborhood food. Breakfast is good and liberal, with all the natural dishes, with plates of mixed greens, toast and hand crafted omelets, soups and cakes. (In uncommon cases, Vela is open for lunch, and serves what sort of menu, as in Turquoise.) 

As of late Velassaru Maldives has upgraded the menu of its Turquoise café. Alongside the old top picks, the new menu highlights better choices that are lower in calories, high in protein, and supplement thick, for example, Maldivian Tuna Nicoise Salad, Quinoa and Black Sesame Seed Salad and Thai hamburger plate of mixed greens. 

Lunch can be found close to the pool in Pool Deck Pizzeria and in Turquoise, a sea shore café with indoor and outside eating territories, where on the tables expect an individually menu with global and Asian dishes. The other Velassaru's eateries offer just supper with a set menu. 

Having some expertise in the kinds of Mediterranean food, Etesian is an eatery with a luxuriously finished lounge area, wooden floors, faint lighting, and a huge coated, wine rack. Need to sit outside with your foot in the sand, impractically lit by tiki space with a few tables is additionally accessible. 

With an open kitchen, a fish is the primary decision at Sand, a totally open air eatery that offers sea front eating. Visitors can sit by the water's edge or in one of the private eating structures against an ideal Maldivian nightfall, while enjoying delightfully arranged Pan-Indian Ocean fortes or from the culinary expert's mark, as of late redesigned menu. New top choices incorporate Coconut Marinated Reef Fish, Tuna Tartar, Duck Foie Gras, Soft Shell Crab and Tasmanian Salmon. These dishes both look and taste wonderful. 

In 2019 Velassaru Maldives has indeed upgraded the menu of its Sand eatery. This most recent improvement follows a comparable turn out of new dishes in January. 

The upgraded menu, made by Velassaru's group of gourmet specialists, is a commitment to delectable food arranged with culinary ability and aesthetic energy. New top picks incorporate Maldivian Yellow Fin Tuna Tartar, Soft Shell Crab, and Braised Beef Short Ribs. 

The retreats likewise offers sentimental meals for two on the sea shore. 

Attempt the 'Velassaru Indulgence' is a painstakingly made bundle that offers the best culinary encounters and a scope of additional items. Lunch at Turquoise Restaurant, Fen Bar or Chill Bar. Appreciate supper at any of our regarded eateries. Treat yourself to free sodas, squeezes and water. At that point, maybe enjoy something more grounded - house lager or a choice of wines and spirits. The Velassaru Indulgence bundle additionally incorporates free swimming hardware and the two-hour utilization of a sea kayak. 

The Fen sea shore bar has a snazzy parlor with a casual environment in a wooden oriental setting. This spot is open the entire day, with stylish couches with white and burgundy pads, splendid red present day bar stools, and a huge bar pressed with a decent determination of bourbon. There are even two or three gazebos and loungers, helpful for drinks heart to heart at nightfall. 

At the island's northern end close to Water Bungalows pier is Chill bar, the ideal spot for nightfall mixed drinks with sea sees, with an enormous wooden deck. This spot is mainstream at night, when visitors assemble with mixed drinks and wine to watch the dusk. Chilaut Bar offers tapas menu and hand crafted sangria.

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