If you desire an extravagant Maldivian-living encounter, there is no need to search any further than W Maldives. Situated on a secluded island in the heart of Ari Atoll, this resort is just a 35-minute seaplane journey away from Male International Airport. W Maldives can truly be described as a luxurious paradise, surrounded by pristine white sands, mesmerizing turquoise lagoons, and awe-inspiring coral reefs.

Experience the ultimate luxury and immerse yourself in the stunning natural surroundings of the Maldives with our comfortable and stylish accommodations. Whether you choose to dive into the crystal-clear ocean from your overwater bungalow or enjoy the lush tropical foliage just steps away from the sandy beach in our beach bungalows, you can truly indulge in the breathtaking beauty of the Maldives. With pristine white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and mesmerizing turquoise lagoons, W Maldives invites you to relax, rejuvenate, and embrace the essence of life.

You may explore the world under the waves in the Maldives’ greatest house reef. On the sundeck of the overwater AWAY Spa, get your glow on with natural healing. You may have a romantic meal on the immaculate coral terrace or indulge in sports such as snorkelling in the Indian Ocean’s crystal blue waters. Enjoy your holiday on a remote private island under the stars and make some unforgettable memories. Continue reading and exploring to learn more about the W Maldives resort!

W Maldives

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The Island

The Island

Your get-away as of now begins at Male air terminal. At the point when you're with W they truly put a push to deal with you. The W relax is a fancy, tech-accommodating spot, furnished with a Ferguson Hill sound framework, Bose encompass sound speakers and iPads that advantageously show inn data. A scope of beverages and bites are on offer: Rauch juices, new organic product, confections. Checking in is quick and simple and it happens here as you're getting a charge out of the complimentary wireless internet, chomping a marshmallow and nursing a strawberry fraise. 

With respect to move: It requires around 20 minutes to arrive. In case you're not acquainted with hovering over the Maldivian archipelago, hope to be amazed by the exhibition unfurling beneath. 

Situated in the North Ari atoll, Fesdhoo is a little private island with 78 rooms, 50 of which are over water. The gathering's known as 'the lounge', the rooms are 'get away'; W is tied in with being inventive and sticking out albeit some different properties have adopted a comparable strategy to classification throughout the long term. 

All that you anticipate from the best Maldives extravagance resort is here: a boundlessness pool, sublime estates, great eateries, a completely prepared water sports focus, a wonderfully enlivened spa (that additionally has a beauty parlor), a wellness community ... the rundown goes on. This time you're inside earshot of music; something that W is enthusiastic about, it much of the time teams up with global specialists, clergymen its music (generally light, bubbly house music) and has in-house DJs playing out each day, even at breakfast. Music is all over the place, the island is dabbed with speaker frameworks that implant the property with feel-great beats. 

Yet, W additionally has things that very few different spots can flaunt: an extravagant two-deck yacht, extraordinary compared to other house reef in the Maldives (trust us, we've just checked a ton), an underground club - or even a little private island that can be yours not just for one evening. 

Little pets, corners dissipated all through the island - "Sweet focuses" - pressed with frozen yogurt, beverages and suntan salve, allowed to get each time you need (which compares to the guarantee of "anything/whenever", enjoy the desires and impulses of the visitors whenever).



Ari Atoll otherwise called Alif or Alifu Atoll is one of the characteristic marvels of the Maldives. Being perhaps the biggest atoll in the Maldives, it extends from north to south in the western piece of the Maldives archipelago in a short time via seaplane from Male air terminal. 

Ari Atoll is 89km long and 30km in width and has 105 islands and is officially partitioned into two sections: North Atoll Ari and South Ari Atoll. South Ari Atoll, a Protected Marine Area, stays probably the best spot on the planet to see whale sharks, which are spotted all year on the external reef, while North Ari Atoll is well known for its hammerhead sharks, albeit these are undeniably more subtle and require profound plunging to see. The majority of the islands are home for the extravagance resorts while others are uninhabited, the rest are possessed by nearby inhabitants. The primary occupations of Ari Atoll are fishing, cruising, collecting and preparing of corals.

The Art Villas

The Art Villas

78 villas with thatched roof and private pool, including 50 - on stilts and 28 with ocean view, share this miracle. Interiors dominated by white color breathe exquisite luxury even in the smallest detail.

The 28 Wonderful Beach Oasis villas, a round shape have two levels. A beautiful deck with a swimming pool and a veiled gazebo for relaxation, have direct access right to the beach. The Guest rooms are large with plum coloured walls, beige flooring, flashes of red on the bed and bedside sofa. The glow in the dark ropes that dangle by either side of the bed are idiosyncrasies in line with W’s quirky persona. A Bose audio deck with a surround sound system is part of the deal; the system even plays CDs, which is kind of quaint. And it delivers whether you’re playing acid house or classical. You can listen to your music even out on the deck by the private pool, or in the cute old-school living area up on the roof. The bathroom is partially open, with an eye-catching spot of lush greenery, equipped with a luxurious bathroom that any house will envy. Up one floor and you will get a cool surprise: a large natural solarium with a designer sofa where you can lie around without measure and enjoy a panoramic view of Indian ocean ... the common symptoms of ataraksia are guaranteed to you!

It should be noted that overwater villas (Ocean Oasis) in W Maldives are simply magnificent. Located on a surprisingly blue shoal, their decks are poured by their own pool, with a beautiful sofa and gazebo, and inside, the glass sections in the floor will allow guests to observe the sea life even in the dark.

And although all the villas offer a lot of space, comfortable beds and gadgets with the entertainment system, Beach Oasis Villa have the additional positive sign - a living room on the first floor.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Visitors have a decision of three eateries, various flavors and airs. Visitor aren't confined to menus, in any case. The cooks are simply too glad to even think about obliging exceptional solicitations, making unique menus for singular customers. It's tied in with amazing them, to convey a cozy help and make another experience for them. That is the W way 

The Fish is W's particular eatery. You can eat by the ocean and go over the menu in the light of an out of control FollowMe light. First is a combination of nigiri; duck, eel, prawns, fish. At that point come the shellfish, served on ice with lemons. The principle course is a made-to-share 'table top flame broil' of barbecued fish, lobster thermidor, barbecued prawns and Singapore-style calamari. While everything is noteworthy in its own right, the calamari particularly, nothing rivals the lobster: its tissue blends wonderfully with brie, making a delectable substance. The extraordinary thought to polish off the supper with an unconventional desert named the 24-hour lemon: a lemon is cooked for 24 hours and its mash eliminated and supplanted with a tart sorbet. It's the ideal pastry to follow a night of fish; light, fresh and citrusy with a smidge of sharpness. 

For couples, at night we prescribe to check Fire, with a good kitchen, flame broil outside, feet in the sand, with torchlight. The sentimental climate is ensured! Three bars are a decent expansion prior to falling into a delicate bed, including the Wet Bar, where you can appreciate frozen yogurt directly by the pool on truly agreeable couches. 

The meat comes from Australia, especially Tasmania. With regards to deliver, W 'goes occasional', once in a while getting veggies from Thailand, here and there from Sri Lanka. All the fish and lobsters are privately sourced. It's to guarantee newness as well as to help neighborhood anglers and networks. 

Uplifting news for party darlings: W Retreat and Spa flaunts a genuine dance club, the best in the country. 15Below in addition sees DJs from around the globe, like clockwork. In vogue music and jazzy plan make the extravagant night out in Maldives that of a lofty European dance club. 

This self-declared "extravagance jungle gym" brings forth a superb Maldives dream: fun, games and sports offered in a bundle with the magnificence of nature, and strengthened with excellent help and forefront plan. Experience is idealized. 

W will spoil you and enjoy your sentiments, incidentally, that for a couple of valuable days spent here, you will feel as though there isn't anything else on the planet, just this little island with influencing palm trees, delightful plan and engineering ... furthermore, delectable frozen yogurt.

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