Are you Planning Destination wedding in Maldives on the beach? If Maldives is in your opinion, you can look at crystal clear blue ocean waves striking white sandy beaches with tropical lovely weather as the backdrop for your big day- the perfect getaway from routine life. The Maldives is a perfect romantic location for inspection the neutral colors of the sunset sky while soaking the sea wind in, so why wait, checkout more about the weather, authorized requirements, venues, and cost of a wedding in the Maldives Island. Reach out to our team Maldives Times, Luxury beach wedding planners to get modified Maldives wedding packages that you would not crave to ignore!

You can tie the bond with your partner on a secretive Maldives island, or under the white-canopied pavilion of a resort. The wonderful views of nature at its best are more than what anybody could desire for a photoshoot. In addition, you can spend your Maldives honeymoon indulging in holiday activities and water sports. This place is identified for luxury yachts, snorkeling, dolphin-gazing, and much more. When it come to Wedding venues & wedding scheduling in the Maldives, we’ve got you sheltered. From the nominal cherished affair to the grandest plentiful celebrations, we offer an inclusive Maldives wedding package of services and facilities that are sure to create your dreams come true. Get in contact with us.

Destination wedding in Maldives

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How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Maldives Cost?

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Maldives Cost?

The costs can vary depending on where you decide to get married and the packages that you want. Some destination wedding packages start as low as $550 but may not embrace all accommodation. Others are as luxurious as $10,000 for the Maldives resort packages.

Let’s face it; a marriage can be a luxurious experience. The regular wedding classically cost more than 20,000 USD with the ritual, the costume, the caterers, the party, the pictures and the videography, the makeup… and that does not comprise the honeymoon which come at a lowest average of 4 to 5000 USD, if not extra.

Can I have a spiritual wedding ceremony in Maldives?

Can I have a spiritual wedding ceremony in Maldives?

No. There is no option to have a spiritual ceremony in the Maldives, even if you are Muslim, which is the single religion official in the country. But even if you are, you will tranquil require to exist in the Maldives or to get married with a Maldivian civilian to contain a religious wedding.

A wedding ceremony in the Maldives is symbolic in environment only and not a lawful ritual. Ceremonial preparations can only be finalized after a smallest stay of two days at the option to make sure timing for arrangements is enough.

Best Time To Plan A Wedding In The Beautiful Maldives?

Best Time To Plan A Wedding In The Beautiful Maldives?

The Maldives islands have a steamy weather all around the year. However, there are just two main season. Weddings in Maldives start at the soaring season in December and end of the March though the low period run from April to November.

Rainfall is very heavy through the low season and you strength not wish to get married if you’re look for mainly sunny and plain skies. The best months to get married are February and March due to the beautiful weather situation. Do reminder that many people also favor December and January for Maldives weddings, and this is a huge option as well.

It will be significant to note that the weather here is fairly changeable. You might not be talented to tell when here will be a curse of the shower so, it is better to ensure the monthly weather conduct for more information on normal warmth, rainfall, and sunlight. The heat might be rough for several of the guests; so you might desire to think marrying just before sundown.

The Top 3 Places for a Wedding in the Maldives

The Top 3 Places for a Wedding in the Maldives

1. Meeru Island Resort Maldives

Getting married in the Maldives should be concerning make your dreams come true, and Maldives weddings at the Meeru Island Resort are faithfully that. This is the great spot for a picturesque Maldives beach wedding, and it’s one of the more reasonable destinations in Maldives.

2. Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Say you’re I dos in way at the Lily Beach Resort and Spa location. The background will be the ocean, bringing your delusion to existence. The recollections you create as you declaim your vow will be wonderful. This steamy luxury paradise is the ideal place for those recollections. Have a good time love and romance with the nightfall and the islands around you.

3. One & Only Reethi Rah

Another of the best wedding destinations in Maldives is One & Only Reethi Rah. Here, they contain a traditional Maldivian wedding ceremony that has been name one of the peak wedding destinations in the world. They’ve got all you want; include a gorgeous backdrop, petals, workers, and an on-site Maldives wedding planner to supervise all of the information.

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