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Maldives Hotels Reviews - Luxury Maldives Resorts on Water

All-inclusive, with branded drinks included. Excellent transfer by seaplane. Very friendly staff. The food was excellent, as you would expect from AI. a wide variety. However, I kept getting lost on the way to the restaurant. You can't go lost, although it took us about 4 days to figure it out because the signs weren't very clear. The lodging was wonderful. Simple but orderly Daily restocking of the mini bar. The majority of the rooms were placed back and on the windy side near the seaplane jetty. The other half of the island, towards the water, has more habitation. Many young black tip sharks were there, but stingrays and dolphins were sadly not to be seen. Definitely going to go again, but I'll upgrade to a room with a sunset view on the less windy side of the island. A lovely island all around.

Although the snorkelling is some of the best I have ever done, you must be a good swimmer due to the strong currents.One drawback, more applicable to the Maldives as a whole than to this island specifically.We visited numerous islands in the Maldives on our most recent visit, which was 20 years ago. My most vivid memory are of the mesmerizingly pristine night skies. Now, not so. Light pollution is widespread and extreme.

Maldives Hotel Reviews