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Discover Anantara Kihavah, a boutique hotel with all the advantages of a paradise island of dreams you can imagine - white beaches with fringed palm trees, turquoise waters, dedicated butlers, fine dining and luxurious Over Water Villas - and you will not be disappointed. In fact, the reality will surpass all your fantasies with an underwater wine cellar, six over water spa suites, and a 49-meter long, one of the longest in the Maldives, infinity swimming pool.

Kihavah was designed to attract wealthy people and is built on a blank canvas of an uninhabited island with a fantastically picturesque location. Anantara Kihavah seems to have everything: something over water (villas), something under the water (wine cellar and restaurant), and something bigger and better that other hotels in the Maldives probably do not have. And there is more. Discover new meanings of paradise and luxurious seclusion at this unforgettable Maldives resort.

The 79 spacious ultra-luxurious villas are either poised over the water with sweeping ocean views or nestled along a pristine stretch of private beach. All overwater villas are built out of groove-lined timber, with high ceilings and hardwood floors, and feature expansive terraces with private pools, from where to take in the horizon and catching sightings of turtles in the lagoon and dolphins in the Indian Ocean.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas

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The Island

The Island

The majority of all, Anantara singles out "green" endeavors. The hotel was based on the site of a previous coconut ranch, however not a solitary tree was chopped down during the development, giving the palm-bordered island a grounded feeling of neglected. loaded down with palm trees. The ways between the trees are circled under shade foliage, and a few palms have become a necessary piece of certain manors, with the light hand of planners. Natural motivations of the lodging effectively go past the design. The kitchen is loaded with natural vegetables developed on the island's homestead and reused materials are broadly utilized. There is a critical deficiency of mechanized water sports, and jumpers need to notice the rule of latent collaboration with ocean life. Sea life scholar, employed by the lodging manages the rebuilding of coral reefs. 

On the island there are 78 private estates, which are recognized by huge spaces with high roofs, insides of wood and marble. Those on the ground have their own stretch of staggering white sea shore, and those that over water rather than sand can offer a private pool, very good quality extravagance things and complimentary wireless internet web. The vegetation around the vast majority of the island is a low pandanus, despite the fact that there is a line of pleasant tall fine palm trees on the sea shore close to the retreat and numerous ideal coconut palms around Anantara Kihavan' fundamental public territory. It's a lovely straightforward and open space swinging between the café, the pool, and the bar. 

Striking conceptual plans of the craftsman, Christopher Hogen (chipped away at the island in 2012), go about as brilliant contrasts with a solid current plan of glass and dark magma. The craftsman's works are roused by the submerged world, similar to the embellishing topic of the hotel. There is an awesome arrangement of lights from ocean imps looming over a café in the pool, and a model of taking off Manta Beams into the "surface" of the above-water eateries. The sea shore runs free arounâ the island, however the largest and best on the north side, so the visitors of the Sea shore Estates on this side catch the sun the greater part of the day. Additionally on the north side is the best swimming. Sea shore territories and Over Water Manors that point toward the south to the channel are in some cases subject to solid flows, and swimming here isn't suggested except if you are a decent swimmer. 

A famous gathering place for visitors is a pool, conceivably the biggest in the Maldives where sunbeds have a sufficient span and where staff are consistently close by to offer virus towels, beverages and natural products or a light lunch. Pointing toward the south visitors can sunbathe here the entire day, yet the corner actually permits you to perceive how the sun sinks into Indian Sea away from the Over Water Estates. Little however fun delights at the estates resort are the iPod, preloaded with different melodic tastes, 5 minutes of back rub and cleaning of shades. With respect to the identities - from around the planet, however most guests from the Center East and from Asia. 

The lodging likewise deals with the little visitors of Anantara. Kids' Club Boli Thiththi (Excellent Shells) is for youngsters under 12 years of age, and guardians can leave the child under the management of qualified work force - at no additional charge. The eateries offer a wide scope of well known dishes among youngsters, including delectable pizza. Lodging offices: Private sea shores, plunging, water sports, library and decision of DVD, store, submerged wine basement, six-manor over-the-side spa, stylist, kids club, wellness focus, tennis courts, Complimentary wireless internet, iPads and bikes on solicitation .



Set on Kihavah Huravalhi, perhaps the most immaculate Maldivian islands, the retreat is a 30-minute seaplane departure from Velana (Male) Global Air terminal, an exceptional involvement with itself as the plane flies over a line of gleaming coral islands in the midst of turquoise waters. Anantara is situated in Baa Atoll, the world-celebrated UNESCO Biosphere Save. Focal point of marine biodiversity, Hanifaru Inlet is the primary fascination of the Baa Atoll, where Manta beams can be noticed consistently. Àlternatively, in the event that you show up in Maldives after 15:30 the lodging can mastermind a homegrown flight move for you to Dharavandhoo Air terminal (DRV) trailed by speedboat short outing to Anantara Kihavan.



Environmental way of thinking of the lodging doesn't suggest any trade offs for the solace of visitors. With just 78 estates on the island and over the water, Anantara Kihavah mixes a point by point style with huge spaces and full security. Each room has its own private pool, high roofs, wood insides and marble floors. Over Water Pool Estates are even outfitted with a restroom with a straightforward base incorporated into the floor. For device sweethearts, there is a Bose framework and an iPod station, while circumspectly positioned lawn chairs, loungers and sumptuous showers enjoy those that are not searching for something besides outright unwinding. 

All ultra-extravagance, huge manors (from 259 square meters) accompany sea confronting imperial lord beds, roomy changing areas, huge showers and pearl pools with a mosaic range. Visitors will be wild about colossal Overwater Pool Manors with a 24-hour television arrangement about the ocean – swimming on house reef directly from the patio of your Estate, or a languid day in an extended lounger, or swing disregarding the sea. For "land occupants" Sea shore Manors with a pool are supplemented by their own fix of delicate white sand. The universally adored, "shower for two" in the nursery go with worked in wine with worked in wine coolers. 

In the rooms hope to discover: jumbo bed with the best cotton and a pad menu, sweeping washroom with outside shower, shower and downpour showera minibar, His and hers stroll in dressing roomsstocked a wine cooler, iPod docking station, wifi, level screen digital television with blue ray player, coffee machine, coffee machine and tea making offices, extravagance toiletries. 

The island is generally toward east-west at the edge of the channel, what cuts the highest point of Baa Atoll. The majority of the Sea shore Pool Estates and a decent 50% of the Over Water Pool Manors are pointing toward the north, while Sea shore Pool Home faces east, and Over Water Pool Home each night is respecting the dusk. 

The rooms are enormous. Over Water Manors are as large as the Sea shore Estates and each room has its private pool. These pools are obvious and effectively available through glass entryways from the restroom on one side, and from the room to the next, and there is access from the deck. You can splash sees the entire day, book food in your room and never leave your extravagance estate. 

Sea shore Pool Manors (258 sq. m.) are found right on the sand and the insides are supplemented by Thai silks in rich hearty tones and exquisite wooden style. The outside washrooms have huge showers over the shallow pool, particularly those ideal for two under the stars. Around the limitlessness pool there are lawn chairs, there is a Bose sound framework and a wine cooler, an iPod dock and a coffee machine. The Sea shore Estate offers a ultra extravagance, cool plan and an exceptional solace. Sea shore Manors are more private and comfortable, yet their perspective on the sea shore and the tidal pond is limits, through the shade of the trees, dissimilar to the Over Water Estates where you can appreciate the dazzling magnificence directly from your twofold bed, your pool and sun deck. 

Sitting on braces over the water, planned of wood, with high roofs and parquet floors, a zone of ??259 square meters, Over Water Pool Estates cause you to feel one on one with the sea. With a different closet for him and her, a wine cooler, a private pool and a wide sun deck with points of view of shimmering purplish blue tidal pond, these open manors make an unmatched encounter of a super-extravagance convenience. The splendid, open rooms are loaded up with nearby tones and a sweet fragrance of the jungles. Rest in the support of Egyptian cotton, with the help of an individual cushion - what could be better! 

The open Family Sea shore Pool Estates are ideal for an extravagant family occasion, with 412 sq.m. happy with living space for two grown-ups and up to three kids. The main room has a comfortable twofold bed and a washroom with indoor and outside showers, and there is additionally an open air shower in a shallow lake. The subsequent room has two single beds and a couch, and a second washroom with a semi-open and open shower borders it. The two rooms watch out onto an open sun deck with lawn chairs, a feasting table in the open gazebo and a boundlessness pool that faces the white sandy sea shore. 

From strolling shoeless on the virus marble floors to a swing-love seat in the shade of vegetation close to your own pool. As extraordinary compared to other extravagance 5 * resorts in Maldives, Anantara Kihavah Estates can open up to you another significance of "newness" under the falls of indoor and open air tropical showers or in the washroom in an incompletely open restroom. The 785 sq.m. living region, enormous and comfortable bed, a visitor room with two beds, just as a different parlor, two rooms, and a pleasant white sand sea shore. Two Room Sea shore Pool Homes is the ideal decision among sea shore convenience alternatives in Maldives for families and little gatherings. There is a major television that will revitalize in the nights, and having a 24-hour steward makes your excursion in Anantara truly great. 

Appropriate for 6 Grown-ups + 6 Youngsters or 9 Grown-ups, Anantara Kihavah's 1,050 square meter three-room Sea shore Pool Home and associating private one-room Sea shore Pool Manor offers visitors a definitive in lavish convenience. Segregated in a green cover of island lavishness, sea shore passageways penetrate the dividers of greenery prompting the island's faultless white sands and coral house reef. The Home is intended to have dream filled occasion escapes in a private safe-haven for families and cozy gatherings. Inside, visitors wind up in an originator styled sanctuary getting rich accents from Thailand, Morocco and India. Teak sections intersperse spaces of immaculate white immaculateness. Daybeds coast over the vastness edge pool and the water highlights of patio restrooms. Influencing palms ascend through the rambling wooden deck. 

By day, visitors can thrive in Anantara Spa medicines, conveyed in the security of the Home's spa sala, and an assortment of creative extravagances. In the focal manor living zone, a full interactive media suite gives a private film insight on the 55-inch 3D Drove TEV with Bose home theater framework. A wine humidor adds an unmistakable touch to the focal bar, while an artistic creation easel sits tight for beautiful explosions of motivation. 

Around evening time, visitors are free to drench themselves in the two pools, sparkling with fiber-optic lights to reflect the night sky of the Indian Sea. A neighboring Jacuzzi pool and indented eating cabana welcome with more spaces to unwind. Withdrawing to every one of the rooms, visitors can float to rest in larger than usual ruler beds or appreciate a late-night absorb two-man baths while enjoying a choice jug from their room's own exceptionally loaded wine humidor.

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