A great low-cost hotel for your trip to the Maldives is AriHeaven. It is situated on the lovely island of Thoddoo and is ideal for travellers on a budget, including families and couples. Each room has a mini-fridge, a safe, a TV, a tea and coffee maker, and water bottles. When you wish to move around, you can ask the hotel reception to arrange a buggy conveyance to take you wherever you want to go.

Our services and hospitality have received positive reviews from our visitors. Every visitor should have the finest experience possible while staying with us, in our opinion.The distance to Ari Heaven, which lies on Thoddoo Island, is about 67 kilometres. There are 1,400 locals living on the island. It boasts a popular beach that welcomes bikinis and is exceptionally well-kept and clean.

A great low-cost hotel for your trip to the Maldives is AriHeaven.Family rooms, in-room wi-fi, and room service are just a few of the many conveniences offered in the accommodations.Ari Heaven Thoddoo Maldives would undoubtedly guarantee a pleasurable stay based on the comments made by visitors. Therefore, use HotelFriend's services without delay.

Ari Heaven Thoddoo Maldives

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

There are three distinct ways of getting Thoddoo Island from Male and back: by a public boat, by speedboat and by means of seaplane. Public boats and speedboats show everyday (beside Friday), as demonstrated by the plan, that can change dependent upon the environment conditions. While booking flight passes to the Maldives contemplate the FRIDAY so as not to lose an extra day in Malé. Overall, speedily after arriving in Velana Worldwide Air terminal you will be met a staff to help with the trade to Thoddoo island, whether or not it will be a boat, speedboat or seaplane.

There is an ATM on Thoddoo, yet if take the cash in Malé. You can organize the traffic plan and the trade type early on with your guest house's staff (recommended),

Public boat direct to Thoddoo:

From Male at 23:45, step by step (except for Friday), travel time 5 hours, cost $10, one way.

From Thoddoo: consistently at 23:45 (beside Friday), the expense for the excursion is $ 10, travel time is insignificantly more than 4 hours.

By open boat MTCC through Rasdhoo:

Departure from Male at 09:00 every mondays and Thursays, Appearance to Rasdhoo at 12.10. From Rasdhoo trip at 15:10, appearance in Thoddoo 16:30. Cost is $3 one way.

From Thoddoo at 06:30 on Sundays and Wednesdays. Appearance in Rasdhoo at 10:40. From Rasdhoo to Male trip at 11.00, appearance in Male at 14:10.

Move by open speedboat (through Rasdhoo, and routinely with a stopping at Male air terminal):

Plan: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. In high season the speedboat shows everyday (beside Friday), on occasion twofold per day. From Male at 16:00. Appear at Thoddoo at 5:15 pm.

From Thoddoo to Male at 07:00 (sometimes an hour sooner on your sales). The expense is $50 per individual, one way.

Confidential speedboat move:

Possible on sales, step by step (confidential trade is recommended for social affairs of somewhere around 5 people); travel time from Male 1 hour 15 minutes, cost $ 650/boat, one way. It is reliably significant to agree with the hotel your schedule early, to get a more supportive trade for you, since these speedboats consistently have void seats.


Move through seaplane, another, not really a spending choice to get to Ukulhas. Coincidentally, this pleasant transportation option can be book through your housing in Ukulhas in any event days before your appearance to the Maldives. Constant outing through seaplane to the nearby Kuramathi resort will provide you with a lot of positive impressions. Incredible to understand that seaplanes work simply during the daytime from 06:00 to 17:00. In case you demand a seaplane move, close by staff will meet you at Malé air terminal upon appearance, and will go with you to TMA terminal. The flight time is 20 minutes, the expense is about $ 350, the children's half of the cost. The endorsed things is 25 kg + $ 5/kg for overweight.

The Island

The Island

The oval-molded island, 20 kilometers in edge, wearing rich vegetation, Thoddoo is situated in the farthest, northern edge of Alif Atoll and is known as a significant maker of watermelons, leafy foods in the Maldives. On the island there are two mosques, an emergency clinic, a school, a rec center, a few keepsake shops, eateries and bistros, and a football field. Today, notwithstanding fishing the island has become a mainstream spending venture out objective gratitude to reasonable inns, a white sandy sea shores and a warm precious stone ocean, offering a modest occasion among the extravagance of products of the soil! 

Arranged on the west side of the island, Thoddoo's traveler private sea shore is perhaps the most wonderful and notorious in the country where unfamiliar visitors are permitted to wear a swimsuit and there you can respect the staggering dusks over the Indian Sea. The swimsuit sea shore has a different passage with the street twists through manors and plantations, and along the whole length is wearing thick vegetation with a great deal of obscure spots and loungers for visitors. Along the sea shore line there are likewise some straightforward hammocks with brilliant umbrellas. Sugar-white sand is delicate and doesn't warm up in the sun, which permits you to stroll along the shore shoeless, without gambling youngsters to consume feet. The sea shore zone for swimming is encircled by floats, trailed by a house reef that has large amounts of vivid marine life and is ideal for swimming. Inside the floats you can securely swim in perfectly clear water, while the space is reasonable for water sports, including mechanized ones. Long around 100m, clean white sea shore is consistently cleaned, and in 2016 nearby specialists chose to give sightseers more sand, growing the sea shore amusement region.

Things to Do

Things to Do

Pondering the genuinely colossal size of the island, it is exceptionally difficult to walk and meander around every one of the sights outside the two-piece beach by strolling and over the sun heat, so the best way to deal with research Thoddoo is to rent a bicycle. Various guest houses give bicycles to free.

When was the continue going time you gobbled up entrancing tropical regular items that had as of late been torn from the trees? The island offers natural item visits to normal item estates, where a close by guide will show you the nursery and draw in records of shocking regular items while you eat them.

You will sort out some way to fittingly cut and plan natural item for eating, what to separate, and what is useful to eat. Some of them are periodic, and some are phenomenal in business areas and in tremendous metropolitan regions, since they are excessively fragile to try and think about delivery. They basically have to eat for several days, right after social occasion from the tree. The island creates papayas, watermelons, excitement normal item, melons, bananas, coconuts, pumpkin and significantly more.

Comparative excursions occur with vegetables. A vegetable property visit will stun you with the possibilities of creating flavors and vegetables in the atolls, and you will stock greens and flavors for your #1 plate of leafy greens.

Today, the island is home to the program of hydrophobic farms for the improvement of natural item trees is furthermore being completed to direct new water saves, using a base water.

House Reef Snorkeling

House Reef Snorkeling

If you are a non-jumper, the greatness of the lowered world and its surprising tenants can be regarded from the water's surface. Swimming association with the Maldives is something you should not miss! Thoddoo's home reef boasts a multi-tinted range impressive sound corals with schools of splendid fish, sea turtles and pillars. Close by swim experts are reliably ready to assist beginners with getting a remarkable taste of marine life in Thoddoo's lagoon preceding moving to Medhu Muraka house reef. The last has an unprecedented length and you will require extraordinary swimming skills to explore its lowered fortunes.

The guide'll learn you about the house reef's features, teach at what time best to swim, explain the nuances of the reef and its organic framework, and how speedier and safer to show up at radiant corals without harming yourself and the great lowered world.

Various Thoddoo's lodgings offer step by step swimming excursions (startlingly free for motel guests) at the best North Ari's Atoll spots arranged around Thoddoo, dependent upon environment and season. Regardless, watch a top marine producers, for instance, turtles, sharks or Manta radiates reliably require a part of karma; and you will not at any point be guaranteed that these animals will appear in the ideal spot brilliantly!

The most standard excursions are Manta Point and Turtle Safari. The two objections are 20 minutes by boat from Thoddoo and offer empowering swimming with Manta or sea turtles.

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