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Environment Kanifushi Maldives - An Exceptional Comprehensive Retreat are independent sea shore estates charmingly extending along an entrancing two-kilometer turquoise tidal pond and exhibiting extravagant living spaces with an accentuation on Maldivian insides that offer an issue free 5 * star spa experience with a superior Comprehensive arrangement - Platinum In addition to. 

Notwithstanding its charming environment, the greatest in addition to of Air Kanifushi is 5-star Platinum In addition to Comprehensive arrangement, or all in all, everything is incorporated without a migraine! Comprehensive 'Platinum In addition to's incorporates a seaplane move, a fine assortment of premium wines and spirits, a combination of smorgasbord, haute cooking and themed evenings, club diversion and a plenitude of energizing exercises, going from touring, dusk fishing, to limitless swimming excursions and non-mechanized water sports! Indeed, even your manor smaller than usual bar is supplied double a day. At the end of the day, you scarcely need to consider cash on the off chance that you need to jump or spoil yourself in a spa, and even these choices bring liberal arrangements. This is the most ideal choice for couples or family excursion in the Maldives, in the event that you need to save and get a life-changing encounter, as this is a fantastic incentive for cash alternative. Everything is remembered for ONE cost!

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives – A Premium All-Inclusive Resort

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The Island

The Island

Air Kanifushi flaunts a phenomenal area in an immense tidal pond, encircled by pristine sea shores and rich tropical vegetation and palm trees. Agreeable convenience furnishes visitors with direct admittance to their own white sand, two pools, a youngsters' club and a tennis court, just as the sumptuous Akiri Spa by Mandara. The whole hotel has been planned and worked with a combination of customary and current design, offering a general contemporary feel with a maldivian contact - offering protection, comfort and a merited occasion sleep. 

The actual island is huge by Maldivian principles. It has the state of a golf club with a wharf and front counter, a Flavor eatery, a Fluid bar and a dance club, a blessing shop, a club house, plunging focus and an Olympic size pool situated in the western piece of the island. The 150 manors and suites at that point grow in one record along the whole length of the sea shore, have direct admittance to water and offer great protection with obscure verandas connecting straightforwardly to a wide piece of delicate white sand. Obviously, in the event that you wind up at the furthest finish of the island, it's a lovely long stroll to the fundamental eatery and bar, however the lodging gives electric transport administration that constantly journey to and fro along the sandy ways along the whole length of the island. There are no stops, simply surrender. DOWNLOAD RESORT Guide 

The detached air of the eastern finish of the island is just for grown-ups, and is loaded down with sea shore estates with private pools, and you will likewise discover here two perfect eateries: Just Veg, and The Nightfall teppanyaki pool bar. What's more, toward dawn, the island liquefies in the Indian Sea as a delightful shoal, that is an astounding spot for strolling both during the day and at nightfall. So, there is no lack of room! 

At Climate Kanifushi Maldives, visitors' feelings are our center core interest. The hotel brags a number outlets and public zones, each with its individual vibe and environment – from chilling at the pool bar, evaluating a determination of heavenly proposals at the eatery, playing a duplicates round of tennis or going through the early evening time being spoiled at Akiri Spa. 'Specialty of equilibrium' being the quintessence of the brand Climate, sets out the insightful visitor on a restoring venture, during their visit!



The private Kanifushi Island is situated in Lhaviyani Atoll and is 30 minutes via seaplane trip from Velana Worldwide Air terminal, Male. Climate Group escort all showing up and leaving visitors. Anticipate that free access should Parlor administrations (rewards, wi-fi access and different administrations) at seaplane terminal at Male' worldwide air terminal on appearance. Subsequent to showing up on the islandl, anticipate a warm greeting at the dock, champagne and new coconut juice at the front work area. An outing around the island by electro-cart to your estate will be truly alluring and educational.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

Opened in 2014, Climate Kanifushi Maldives offers segregated 132 estates and suites in four classifications, isolated by a few meters of thick tropical vegetation to guarantee the visitors protection. All manors have direct admittance to an untainted white sea shore and an excellent turquoise tidal pond outside, bordered by probably the tallest coconut palms in the district. 

Situated on one of the longest private islands of the Maldives archipelago, the whole hotel is planned and constructed utilizing conventional and present day engineering, offering a genuine feeling of solidarity with the Maldives' temperament and giving full protection, solace and merited excursion! All estates are fabricated utilizing characteristic materials, wood, rock and stone. Open, spotless and exceptional - with European outlets, iron and pressing board - each room ignores a private veranda practically around the bend from the sea shore. The washroom is magnificent - outside with a monstrous jacuzzi shower. Also, what could be superior to an open to extra large bed in the room with ocean view and sounds? 

Dusk Sea shore Estates (64 Manors - 100 m²) The absolute biggest section level sea shore front manors in the Maldives. Exquisitely planned considering visitor comfort; 

high roofs and outside restrooms. The nightfall sea shore estates are settled along the significant length of sea shore with every individual manor having direct sea shore access only couple of meters before their enormous outdoors veranda. Ideal for special first night couples. High roofs and characteristic tones make a feeling of harmony, and the huge front porch gives obscure haven between the estates and the sun-soaked sea shore. 

Classed as the absolute biggest Sea shore Family Estates in the Maldives, these 18-sets of interconnecting Sea shore Manors furnish with discrete outside access demonstrate ideal for visitors holidaying with families. The nightfall family manors brag a bigger mix of indoor and open air space than the independent dusk sea shore estates, just as being found nearer to the primary café and game's unpredictable and child's club for visitor accommodation. 

Dusk Junior Suites ccupying probably the best sea shore front areas on the island. These roomy and sumptuous suites cover a range of 132 m² only a couple feet from the sea shore line. With outside regions and an outdoors veranda ignoring the sea shore, with agreeable sea shore loungers and open outsides. Every individual suite accompanies direct sea shore access, bragging some the best nightfall sees at sunset. The Lesser Suites grandstand characteristic wood and stone ground surface, outside restrooms and private open air zones. The washrooms are fitted with a whirlpool bath. 

Selective administrations: Direct registration at estate; welcome container of shining wine in the suite with canapés; day by day revived colorful natural product bin; 2 wine jugs of your decision: 1 white and 1 red (from the Platinum In addition to Wine Menu - topped off day by day); extra 2 jugs of favored liquor brands of your decision (From the Platinum In addition to Spirits Menu). 

Primary highlights: Sovereign measured bed; larger than usual day bed; direct sea shore access; tea and espresso offices; security box; Wi-Fi access; blue ray player, 40" level screen television; Satellite television and Encompass Sound framework; iPod moor, compact wine cooler; whirlpool bath; private outside regions; restroom conveniences; forced air system; roof fan. 

Nightfall Pool Manors (10 Estates - 192 m²): These mark manors are the pride of the Environment Kanifushi! Situated at the northern-most tip of the island considering space and eliteness, the dusk pool manors offer selectiveness and really are significantly better than the rest offering the best extreme extravagance island occasion! With a sweeping open air private territory, including an enormous veranda, every individual estate has a private pool of 30 m² complete with lawn chairs. Notwithstanding the abovementioned, the manor gives direct sea shore access ignoring the immense sky blue tidal pond of Kanifushi Island. 

Elite administrations: Direct registration at manor; welcome container of champagne in the estate with canapés; every day revived extraordinary natural product bin; 2 wine jugs of your decision: 1 white and 1 red (from the Platinum In addition to Wine Menu - topped off day by day); extra 2 jugs of favored liquor brands of your decision (From the Platinum In addition to Spirits Menu); steward administration (4 head servants for each 10 manors); devoted carriage administration for estate section; early morning biscuit administration with newly fermented espresso/tea and new squeezed orange (Until 08:00am), individually breakfast served at THE Dusk (Discretionary - 07:30am - 09:30am on the entire days of the stay); free feasting at nightfall forte café (accessible on throughout the days during stay). 

Principle highlights: Sovereign measured bed; larger than average day bed; direct sea shore access; whirlpool bath; private outside territories; washroom conveniences; forced air system; roof fan; tea and espresso offices; security box; Wi-Fi access; blue ray player; 42 " level screen television; Satellite television and Encompass Sound framework; iPod moor and speakers; convenient wine cooler; 30m² private pool. 

The visitors stay at suites and pool estates get select administrations: 

- Direct Registration At Estate 

- Welcome container of champagne in the estate with canapés 

- Every day invigorated fascinating organic product container 

- 2 wine containers of your decision: 1 white and 1 red 

(from the Platinum In addition to Wine Menu - topped off every day) 

- Extra 2 containers of favored liquor brands 

of your decision (From the Platinum In addition to Spirits Menu) 

- Steward administration (4 head servants for every 10 manors) 

- Devoted carriage administration for manor section 

- Early morning biscuit administration with newly fermented 

espresso/tea and new squeezed orange (Until 08:00am) 

- Individually Breakfast served at THE Dusk 

(Discretionary - 07:30 am - 09:30 am on the entire days of the stay 

- Free eating at nightfall claim to fame eatery 

(accessible on the entire days during stay) 

Room Sharing Approach: 

Dusk Sea shore Estate - 64 UNITS (100 m²) 2 Grown-ups + 2 Kids OR 3 Grown-ups + 1 Kid 

Dusk FAMILY Estate – 18 UNITS (200 m²) 2 Grown-ups + 4 Kids Or 4 Grown-ups + 2 Kids Or 3 Grown-ups + 3 Youngsters 

Dusk JUNIOR SUITE – 40 UNITS (132 m²) 2 Grown-ups + 2 Youngsters OR 3 Grown-ups + 1 Kid 

Dusk POOL Estate – 10 UNITS (192 m²) 2 Grown-ups + 2 Youngsters OR 3 Grown-ups + 1 Kid 

On Dec 2019 Climate Kanifushi Maldives has divulged 40 fresh out of the box new overwater manors, further solidifying its situation as a main five-star Maldivian resort, offering the insightful voyager a definitive in extravagance convenience. 

Set on the northwest tidal pond of Kanifushi island, the overwater manors are set across two wooden walkways, interconnecting in the center. The outcome is an in vogue get over development and gives the ideal spot to visitors to walk around and appreciate the waves and sea shores close by. 

Ideal for those after a special estate experience and the opportunity to be near the sea, presently there are two overwater manor choices accessible to visitors; 12 confronting the principle island for the best dawn perspectives, and 28 nightfall see estates with private pool. 

Situated over a shocking turquoise tidal pond, the new overwater estates offer both a rich retreat and a special encounter. Visitors can spot marine untamed life including reef sharks passing by from the security of their estate decks, and appreciate continuous perspectives on the sea. 

Climate Kanifushi Maldives - overwater estates outside 

The inside plan of the new estates has been painstakingly chosen to supplement the island environmental factors, in a unique way of blue and tropical tones, alongside Maldivian style delicate decorations and perplexing divider craftsmanship. The huge restroom is an open safe house and glass-sheets incorporated into the floor permit visitors to look at the sea underneath without leaving their estate. 

Estates are furnished with all mod-cons and direct admittance to the water implies visitors can bring a plunge into the tidal pond from their own private wooden sundeck. 24 hour steward administration guarantees visitors' necessities are constantly met – from reserving café spot, to organizing swimming outings and booking spa medicines. 

Air Kanifushi Maldives – A Superior Comprehensive Hotel

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Anticipate the stunning gastronomic undertakings in Climate Kanifushi Maldives: food is assorted, delightful and quality. Particularly great beverages. Prosecco can be served in a glass, and the mixed drinks are appropriately blended and - bending over backward to drink on the rundown, I can affirm - this is a sufficient assortment to enrich any top notch bar. The wine gets together with a container, and notwithstanding the way that a portion of the chose alternatives may not be accessible, an extensive rundown of wines from the new and old world implies that there will consistently be something that the visitors will like. 

The Flavor is the fundamental smorgasbord café, that unavoidably feels somewhat less lavish without servers. Nonetheless, the staff is consistently nearby to offer water and wine, and there is an extraordinary assortment, so you won't feel as though you eat a similar consistently. In the focal point of consideration is the culinary performance center of live stations and a barbecue. Take tables in the first line, watching the round of gifted culinary specialists, enlivened by tastes from around the planet. Attempt some Maldivian curry, and new fish is as great, lick your fingers. Many incline toward barbecuing, where you will discover fish, steaks and cheeseburgers, however a live pasta and pizza station is exceptionally well known among families, as even the most critical kid can get enough of spaghetti with any sauce. The coated lounge area likewise has customary themed nights, from Far East dishes to nearby, Maldivian passage. The hotel's principle café is open for breakfast, lunch and supper, with a menu of beverages, including brew, wine and premium spirits as indicated by the Platinum In addition to Comprehensive arrangement. 

Cool and popular, The Fluid is the primary bar close to the enormous 50 meter pool disregarding the huge dark blue ocean past and kids' pool on the east side of the island. The bar offers an assortment of premium liquor, a wide scope of wines from around the planet, and outlandish invigorating mixed drinks. This spot is likewise home to DJ Night discos, live stage exhibitions and themed evenings. A variety of tidbits and canapés is accessible for the duration of the day and in the nights. Here everything, from club sandwiches and burgers to fiery Asian servings of mixed greens and newly cooked barbecued fish. As we would like to think, the most preferred area on the island, to loosen up, assimilate and embrace the peaceful Maldivian climate! 

A fresh out of the box new overwater eatery, "Wharf Six," is est on the new overwater promontory, offering visitors a scope of foods, including a variety of fish and Japanese Teppanyaki flame broil alternatives. "Wharf Six" has been planned looking like a local Manta Beam, and highlights high roofs and blue marble dividers, with indoor and outside seating to oblige up to 60 visitors. 

Air Kanifushi is likewise home to the primary veggie lover eatery in the Maldives, appropriately named 'Just Veg', offering choice veggie lover food, including plans for severe vegans and vegetarians, which can all be appreciated in an excellent setting with all encompassing perspectives on the Indian Sea. Menu things range from Mediterranean, Arabic, Indian (counting Jain Cooking) to severe vegan dishes. Open for Lunch and Supper as a piece of the Platinum In addition to Comprehensive Arrangement. JUST VEG reclassifies contemporary non-meat cooking by exploring different avenues regarding unique and amazing flavor blends. It means to raise 100% without meat cookery to another high, which will charm the insightful palates, all things considered, regardless of whether it is a dedicated veggie lover or a submitted flesh eater! 

The bright lavishness of crude fixings is invitingly changed into Japanese luxuries before guests to Teppanyaki Flame broil eatery. For authentic experience, visitors here find a spot at long tables where a dramatic cook spin, whirl, shuffle, flip and fire crude fixings into a delightful supper, and offer an East Asian blowout with cooled or hot purpose - a genuine need. Heavenly set menus offer remarkable worth; where coffee shops can browse a scope of new meat or fish alongside soup, rice and vegetable arrangements. Chilled or hot purpose is an absolute necessity as an afterthought! 

Everything visitors can eat once per week at The Nightfall individually eatery, which serves Asian and Indian combination dishes - a wonderful break from the smorgasbord feast. Sand under your feet, an open bar, a full relax, and a grown-up pool ignoring the nightfall. The Dusk mirrors the ideal climate of sentiment over the Maldivian skyline. On the topic of eating; during lunch they offer light tidbits and at night transforms into a particular eatery serving the most awesome aspect Asian and Mediterranean food with a bit of colorful barbecued meats. 

Estates have water, tea and espresso and a free small scale bar is filled double a day with sodas, lager and wine, just as bites, exceptionally wonderful easily overlooked details.

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