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Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives is the new brand extravagance comprehensive hotel with delightful sea shores and house reef swimming in Vaavu atoll. Formally opened on first October 2019 the five-star select highlights smooth Italian plan components, a facilitating space, suites, water cabins, estates and family convenience involving 90 rooms in five room classifications. Solely planned furniture from Germany, Italy and the Far East offer the property a stylish and selective feel. Visitors can eat at the retreat's assortment of connoisseur cafés serving a worldwide platter in the most beautiful setting. The retreat additionally offers a mainland or smorgasbord breakfast. 

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives is encircled by a delightful tidal pond, a magnificent house reef and significant length of white, sandy sea shore. The retreat offers a variety of one of a kind encounters including a swimmable tidal pond encompassing the island with a wealth of marine-life. It is the lone retreat on the island of Aarah, situated in the flawless waters of Vaavu (Felidhoo) Atoll. Extraordinary highlights on the property incorporate the fundamental bar with clearing perspectives on the Indian O, a completely prepared games bar, and an extravagance health spa worked by the acclaimed Mandara Spas. The retreat can be reached by 25-minute seaplane move from Velana Global Air terminal or through Speed boat moves which requires a 75-minute ride. 

Notwithstanding the recently opened Cinnamon Velifusji, Sri Lanka's biggest inn administrator possesses and works three hotels in Maldives: Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives, Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, and Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives

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The Island

The Island

Vaavu is a "specialty" atoll that solitary the extraordinary lovers of the spot know well on account of the wonderful jumping spots and its particular naturalistic note. Its helpless lodging thickness and the subsequent modest number of human settlements actually blessing staggering common scenes, ready to overcome the eyes and the core of the individuals who cross it. 

Velifushi's highlights are its white sandy sea shores, its quiets, assistants of the incredible closeness that describes it, and its inclination to the delight in amphibian experience. The closeness of the reef to the sea shore, the numerous close by swimming spots and a bright reef that as of late has offered hints of recuperation, make Velifushi a spot to live an interesting encounter 

The offices around the retreat are shocking, the banquet room, the café and the pool-bar specifically. Since the inn is new, it can't flaunt a plenitude of vegetation. The island in itself is lovely and will turn out to be all the more so in time once plants and trees have developed. The sea shore territory and the walk-ways are kept in practically perfect condition by mindful staff. 

The staff is all expert and inconceivably cordial. They are charming, kind and talkative without being domineering.



Paradise for undertakings and scuba jumpers, Vaavu is a regulatory atoll in the Maldives. Situated between South Malé Atoll and Meemu Atoll, Vaavu is otherwise called the normal Felidhoo Atoll, which incorporates the ring-formed Vattaru reef. Vaavu is the littlest of all atolls regarding populace thickness. The absence of individuals prompted abandoned white sea shores and shocking regular landscape. Indeed, even among the Maldivians, who are now hard to dazzle with turquoise pictures of heaven, these islands are acclaimed for their characteristic magnificence. 

Situated in Vaavu atoll, Cinnamon Velifushi is open by a 25-minute beautiful seaplane jorney from the Maldives' principle Velana Global Air terminal. Elective, visitors can select a 75-minute speedboat move over the delightful waters of the Maldives. 

You can likewise consolidate single direction move types. Simply ensure you mindful what time you are leaving from Malé so you can get the correct speedboat/seaplane and capitalize on your last day.

Lofts and Bungalows

Lofts and Bungalows

Convenience at Cinnamon Velifushi is one of 90 cottages and suites. Visitors can look over a Predominant Sea shore Space, Sea shore Cabin, Water Home, Nightfall Water Home with Jacuzzi, or Water Suite with Pool. 

The Prevalent Sea shore Lofts (79sqm ) are intended for visitors who appreciate the perspective on the waves slamming onto the white sands as much as jumping onto the sea shore. In case you're one of them, think about the private patio as your sanctuary. Parlor there, taste on a beverage and take in the turquoise of the waters, and the whites of the sea shore. As you gain experiences with your companions, play some music on the convenient sound framework for an ideal setting. In the wake of relaxing in the sun, resign to the cushiony solace of your room and feel the calming mood hush you into sweet sleep. 

At the point when white sands and completely clear waters draw you into a morning run, you know life's a sea shore. Sea shore Cabins (65sqm) offer you the chance to get out into the unlimited sea, and jump uninhibitedly, while welcoming you to rest in the lap of extravagance. It's the place where experience and solace are in supreme congruity. These rooms give you the opportunity to get out into the endless sea, and snorkel uninhibitedly, while welcoming you to rest in the lap of extravagance. 

The water manors unquestionably pack the WOW factor. These is simply stunning. Water Cabins and Nightfall Water Lodges with Jacuzzi (100sqm ) permit you to play in the sun while sitting on a lounger on your private deck, with cadenced waves for music. All rooms are huge with exceptionally present day inside plan: lovely wood floors, enormous tiles in natural tones, twofold individual bath, additional huge downpour shower head, separate latrine live with sink, incredibly huge ruler beds, overly delicate cloths, sumptuous shower towels, additional huge outside deck total with liner seats. There are shower robes, individual skimming gadgets (PFDs), downpour cloaks, and all the toiletry things you will require for an agreeable stay. The room is cleaned double a day with the best daily turn down assistance you've at any point experienced. 

Its perpetual progression of extravagance and the continuous perspective on the sea will feel like a match made in paradise. Every one of the Nightfall Water Homes accompany a private Jacuzzi, that adds its reviving touch to this delightful experience and direct admittance to the house reef swimming. Dunked in sheer extravagance, these very much named spaces are ideal for a sumptuous occasion around stunning Maldivian dusks. 

Every one of the 208sqm Water Suite with Pool is an open, smooth home, encircled by sky blue excellence on all sides, with an open air patio that accompanies its own lounger and a dive pool. It gives you reasons to gain life-changing experiences and offer the most excellent minutes with those you love.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives has five distinct eateries and bars, remarkable gourmet specialists and an enthusiasm for food of the best expectations. Visitors can feast at the retreat's connoisseur eateries serving a global platter in the most grand setting. Feasting bundles incorporate quaint little inn, half-board (breakfast and supper), and comprehensive standart or premium (all dinners and liquor). 

The Velifushi 's outdoors café, Vah, serves boundless bits of the wonderful sea alongside a variety of worldwide cooking styles. The eatery's smorgasbord style and area has the most stunning perspectives. The food is extremely different and cooked flawlessly. Regardless of what your sense of taste likes, the eatery has got you covered, with Italian, Asian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Maldivian cooking. Directly from surprisingly realistic counters, to committed spaces for servings of mixed greens and sweets, you have in abundance to pick from. There is a cooking station where the culinary specialists will make pasta and rice dishes at night just as having a fish and meat bar-b-que and this food is in every case too delicious and the gourmet experts are agreeable! 

The Marlin is fish eatery that opens for lunch and supper as it were. We strongly suggest feasting there in any event once. The lunch menu is essentially light bites and bar grub presented with a curve, while the supper menu is a mark fish menu, which features both neighborhood and worldwide flavors served flawlessly. The assistance is faultless. 

For the individuals who have a great time and gathering like there's no tomorrow, here's the place where you must be; the Hama musical bar. The great music, extraordinary vibe and the pleasant mixed drinks here, make certain to lift your spirits. Also, it opens at 8 PM, and stay open till last visitor. 

Iru, which signifies 'sun' in local Maldivian language, is the sea shore bar at Cinnamon Velifushi. It's the place where the retreat serves its rich, signature gelato, other than different beverages and bites. Thus, you can really enjoy your time around the delightful turquoise waters. Pick from a rundown of the most liberal gelato flavors and brisk grub — and there, you're set for a wonderful day under the sun. 

Trust the pool bar, Fen, to pour you an interminable rundown of beverages. It takes after the boundless excellence that encompasses us. Here's the place where you can burn some major calories, nibble on and taste some pleasant mixed drinks. Thus, get your loved ones, and dive into a pool of everything fun at the Fen pool bar.

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