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Constance Moofushi Maldives Resort provides vacationers and newlyweds with a relaxing getaway. The resort is one of the most well-known in South Ari Atoll due to its excellent selection of accommodations that are offered in various capacities and for its all-inclusive packages. Therefore, luxury is provided here based on individual demands and includes practically all activities.

From Male International Airport, a seaplane can be used to get to the resort. The resort's reservation staff will take care of making the necessary arrangements for your transfer, so you can relax. Constance Moofushi Maldives is the ideal blend of elegance and practicality. With our All-Inclusive Package, everything is taken care of, from fine dining to premium beverages.

Try our bio marine spa treatments for a more attractive you if you aren't visiting one of the top diving locations in the world near the South Ari Atoll. Constance Moofushi is one of our special resorts with a soul, with ecological thatch roofing and crystal clear water. Each home is constructed and designed with gorgeous natural colours and a touch of Constance style. In our sand-floored restaurant, chow down on fresh seafood and pamper your palette with the finest wines.

Constance Moofushi Maldives - All Inclusive, Himandhoo

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The Island

The Island

Upon appearance in Male, You are flawlessly moved to the parlor (outside the primary air terminal) and given a beautiful beverage and a few snacks while holding up ocean plane loading up. The ocean plane itself is truly energizing involvement in an astounding perspectives! The Constace's parlor adrift plane terminal has great complimentary wireless internet and in transit there, they check you in so you're all set to your room when you show up on the island. With the omnipresent stamp of "wedding-special first night" in the Maldives, Constance Moofushi Maldives renowned brilliant sea shores, sentimental manors and splendid gastronomy. Liberal costs comprehensive occasion mind-set and DJ music will drive you to toss the tote into the ocean and break your identification to never leave this spot. 

White as alabaster sea shores are ideal for rich shoeless experience, a subject that further reaches out to the Constance manors with provincial stylish and their broad diversion offices. Flies of sapphire and fuchsia supplement the white sands and the unmistakable blue sky, permitting a lively gleam to spread all through the retreat. Charming rest in a sea shore estate lounger or jump into the reasonable waters from Water Manor or more extensive Senior Water Estate - this has a splendid, individualistic inclination. The sea shore "foot in the sand" feasting spot, Manta is a smorgasbord eatery finished with perfect wines from a great basement, and an accomplished sommelier is consistently within reach. Flame broil menu on the sea shore, Alizee draws in an enthusiastic group in some time scrumptious snacks you can attempt the shade of the trees by the pool in the Symbol Bar and inventive mark mixed drinks. 

A reviving plunge in the beachfront pool, stretch your appendages in the yoga deck, go to a pleasant scuba jumping, swimming and water sports - this should be possible in Constance Moofushi, including a brilliant nightfall travels, and undertakings with the dolphins; The best overwater spa with Ymalia items that works in cleans, wraps, back rubs and novel recuperating strategies is should attempt insight. DOWNLOAD RESORT Guide Concealed not a long way from the spa, the wonderful Constance Moofushi's pool in a perfect world folds over the state of the sea shore that gives a stunning perspective from all lawn chairs. The best perspectives from the hammocks on the stage, where you can move with a way behind the pool. In the event that the photos of "coasting" (sprinkling) bodies excited your hunger, Emblem bar in the local serves bites and beverages. 

Focused on conveying the most amazing aspect administration while keeping our current circumstance spotless and maintainable, the hotel incorporated natural initiative into all that Moofushi do and receive the accepted procedures while agreeing with administrative prerequisites. Since 2013, the retreat executed various eco measures, received the best reasonable practices and green activities to join eco-lavish inns and resorts. The group is mostly from Europe and US, with a minority of Asians. The offices gave fit various kinds and highlighted a decent assortment. The staff are in every case benevolent, obliging and would make a special effort to make it a unique occasion.



Constance Moofushi Maldives is arranged on the South Ari Atoll and is broadly viewed as a standout amongst other jumping spots on the planet. The Retreat joins the Crusoe Stylish Shoeless tastefulness of a grand hotel with the best expectations of Constance Lodgings and Resorts. 

Subsequent to showing up at Velana Worldwide Air terminal, visitors are welcome by Constance Air terminal Group. In the case of showing up after 15h30, visitors can mastermind an exchange with the group to be accompanied to the inn they have pre-set up for their side for their delay on Malé. In the case of showing up before 15h30, they are taken to the seaplane (Trans Maldivian Aviation routes) registration counter around 20 meters from appearance work area. The visitors alongside their baggage will be minded the pre-booked trip to Constance Moofushi. Air terminal exchange time: Approx. 25 minutes beautiful trip via seaplane from Malé air terminal.



The 110 brilliant estates set on shining white sand or over the purplish blue tidal pond of the private island are totally worked of wood. You have a decision between Sea shore estates, Water manors and Senior water manors. Conventional Maldivian style and elegant natural plan are amicably joined with this pearl encompassed by white sand and perfectly clear turquoise tidal pond. An assortment of provincial and richly enriched sea shore and water manors with private sea shore or deck, including 24 Sea shore Estates, 56 Water Manors and 30 Senior Water Manors. All Sea shore and Water Estates highlight cooling, roof fan, washroom, shower, WC, hairdryer, sitting zone, free. 

Manors are basic, all around made covered wooden cottages. Inside they have a joyful soul, with common materials, monster travel chests for closets and scavenger enlivened fittings, in structures that look like waves or shells. A Macintosh little covered up inside a mother-of-pearl work area brings things modern. The enormous decking that loosens up on braces over the ocean has ventures down into the shallow tidal pond underneath for swimming. Senior water manors are bigger, with more space for dressing, and can oblige an extra bed. Sea shore manors are a decent, more moderate decision, with front patios that lead onto the sand, made private by palms and hedges. They can likewise be associated, for families. WIFI, LCD television, macintosh little (iPod association, Compact disc and DVD), phone, small bar, safe, tea, espresso offices and a wooden patio. 

Unadulterated white tone, and furniture with adjusted shapes in the rooms make these close nooks totally great. Water estates (Senior water manor) - the highest point of ultra-extravagance: an awesome oval shower set straight over the water! Never seen, even in the Maldives.. It is safe to say that you are ricocheting between the sea shore and over water? The most ideal alternative for water manors is the rooms from 30-35, which are toward the start of the wharf, with simple admittance to the sea shore on one side and the Indian Sea on the other. Going insane from the sea shore is best in manors 17-25 from which you can see the shining white sand, and where sea shore volleyball and Emblem Bar are practically close to home. On the off chance that you need more security, you need to book Senior Water Manor 78 or 79, as the most private, at the furthest finish of the breakwater; sentimental dusks are best seen from water estates with rooms from 101 to 137, or Senior Water Manor from 50 to 78.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Appreciate loosened up feasting offered at various spectacular areas around Moofushi. The feasting topic in Constance Moofushi proceeds in two cafés: Manta's "foot-in-the-sand" and Alizée. The cost for a stay of seven evenings remembers one supper for two for Alizee (two dinners on the off chance that you stay longer); the comprehensive bundle remembers full dinners for Manta and however much food in Emblem that you can eat. 

Connection among cooks and visitors will be one of the first concerns at the smorgasbord from wood-terminated firm pizza to Maldivian claims to fame. Manta café with a floor covering of sand and a portable figure from shells swings from the roof over a smorgasbord: anticipate every day changing topical meals (Mexican cooking on Mondays, Mediterranean on Tuesdays, Wednesday on the table India and Sri Lanka, and so forth) with a noteworthy assortment of delectable passage (a well disposed sommelier will help supplement your choice with wines from the world's best grape plantations). It is difficult to understand how English head-cook Stephen figures out how to create the assortment of dishes, flame broils and confectionary to such elevated requirements every day. The cakes, sensitive tarts and pastel wipe cakes – prepared new consistently – were a specific feature. The staff is grinning and enchanting, and will help make your vacation mystical, in sections. In Manta: the best table on the overwater deck where at morning meals or suppers you can keep an eye on the fish of the shade of valuable stones, and dark reef sharks watching the waters beneath you. 

Highlights an easygoing and loosen up setting in a couple of meters from the ocean on white sandy sea shores, Alizee is a more modest and more sentimental eatery with sea waves music and tables set straight on the sea shore and an exceptionally enticing individually "Sea shore flame broil" menu (40 covers): scallops with Serrano ham and leek cooked in oil, or the sharp Maldives reef fish should get your sight. Try not to walk out on the flame broiled lobster (additional US $ 40, however not, at this point justified, despite all the trouble). The best table in Alizee: get a lit candle on the sea shore and appreciate the dinner crunching with a delicate, sand-like sand between your toes. In 2019 Alizée Café at Constance Moofushi has revealed another menu. Part of the hotel's comprehensive bundle, the new menu accepts the various specialities of the local nations of its colleagues. For example, the menu highlights Quinoa Biryani from a Pakistani cook in the group and Foie Gras Terrine from an European gourmet specialist. 

A portion of the top picks from the new menu include: 

Foie Gras Terrine: beetroot gel, balsamic vinegar, fig chutney, and brioche bread 

Chicken Mousse: packed watermelon and cucumber, orange gel, cold avocado crème, and velvet tomato. 

Hot Tikka Serving of mixed greens: artichoke and cauliflower tikka, and yogurt dressing. 

Bison Mozzarella: tomato coulis, Snow peas, Barbecued Apricot and Dark olives. 

Neighborhood Catch: sous vide cooked fish, cucumber, nagi stock, and purple cauliflower puree. 

Corn Took care of Chicken: barbecued chicken, fondant potato, truffle, corn puree, cooked endive, and white asparagus. 

Occupation Fish: container burned fish, beurre blanc, chorizo, green peas puree, and child leek. 

Duck Bosom: cooked duck, cherry sauce and puree with shallots, and simmered root vegetable. 

Veal Tenderloin: flame broiled veal, crushed potato espuma, and pumpkin comfit. 

Fish and Scampi: flame broiled fish and scampi, ginger teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds, pumpkin puree, bok choy, and ratatouille. 

Sheep Midsection: pistachio crusted sheep, jus, and cauliflower puree. 

A portion of the most loved sweet treats from the new menu include: 

Salted Caramel: salted caramel mousse tart with lemongrass frozen yogurt. 

Cheesecake: energy organic product cheesecake with Thai basil sorbet. 

Coconut Pudding: warm pudding, vanilla cream, raspberry sorbet, and almond chocolate disintegrate. 

With the new menu, visitors are presented with a plenty of decisions; for the individuals who can't settle on individual dishes, there is a degustation menu, which incorporates three courses and sorbet! 

For oenophiles and wine novices, there is an honor winning wine assortment to match your dishes with. The comprehensive bundle permits you to pick from a wide choice of wines. 

The menu additionally offers a determination ever top picks, for example, pizza, cheeseburgers, sandwiches and fries, just as huge servings of mixed greens that can be joined by flame broiled fish and meat as per the choice of the day cooked to arrange on the "show" charcoal barbecue. At night, the sea shore barbecue serves an immense choice of fish dishes, among different strengths. 

Appreciate the food in Jahaz, a café in the sister lodging of Constance Halaveli. Supper is a liberal smorgasbord with various subjects each night. Other eating choices in Halaveli include: Meeru café with 10 tables and a heavenly meat or fish flame broil, and sentimental Jing - is mostly down to the wharf where in an amazingly wonderful, turquoise-shaded and dull lounge area you are held up with genuinely exceptional culinary experience. Drink for your vacation in a casual air of Emblem bar which looks not almost more regrettable than a reggae sea shore bar in Goa. The bar is arranged right on the sea shore behind the pool and under a weighty shade of native trees, and highlights ethnic design cut out of debris. At whatever point the warmth of the Maldivian sun gets overpowering, the sea shore bar is the correct spot to appreciate a new natural product smoothie, or browse a menu of newly prepared frosted teas. Nibble menu is served for lunch and in the early evening. This bar is likewise quite possibly the most sentimental spots to be for a sundowner on the sea shore. 

Situated close to the primary café, the fundamental bar has an exuberant, tropical and neighborly environment with sand floor open territories. In Manta bar DJ Sanjeeva will keep you on the dance floor under the disco ball late into the evening. Lemonade Moofushi Nasta (custom made lemon-ginger preserves with bourbon, new mint and cucumber) or super cold tropical Bellini should give you a charge of energy for the entire evening. 

In the event that the nightlife and the hookah - not your strength - attempt a late evening jumping. 

Symbol invigorates visitors from 10:00 to 23:30; Manta bar stays open until 00:30. Alizee stops administration at 22:00; Manta eatery keeps on taking care of the most ravenous visitors until 22:30. 

No, that is not all! Comprehensive arrangement implies that you won't ever remain hungry. Take advantage of your free scaled down bar, which is stuffed with chips, chocolate, brew, soda pops and wine ... what's more, renews day by day. Free evening tea, waffles and flapjacks are every day lure by the pool.

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