Featuring Guraidhoo's Worth Seaside Inn provides pet-friendly comfort and has free wireless Internet, a barbecue, and a young people's wilderness exercise facility. Additionally, guests can take part in a gala at the restaurant. The guest house has a sun yard and a designated Island for Bathing Suit seaside district. A few of the rooms have views of the city or the nursery. Every room has a designated bathroom with a bidet, a shower, and free toiletries provided. The property has a front desk open 24 hours a day, a typical kitchen, a beautician, and a gift shop.This inn offers water sports facilities as well as open bike registration and free bicycle use. Nearby, new activities like swimming, windsurfing, and diving are introduced. Worth Sea side Lodging is located 32 km from Male City and 5 km from Maafushi. Male Worldwide Air Terminal, 32 kilometres from the property, is the closest airport.

Additionally, open halting is possible. Air terminal access would be one of the comforts. A vehicle at the airport is available to assist the visitors. The guests can use the (free) air terminal vehicle. You should really purchase a workspace without a responsiveness room. Kid security doors are one of the offices you should really get. Caring for children or organisations would be one of the comforts. The hotel has badminton equipment. The value will be displayed in Bar. The Wonder Shop and a hair specialist are available to assist the visitors. The office now has a view of the beach. The guests can use pool to their advantage. The guests can use the tabletop games and puzzles.

Water storage is one of the workplaces you should really purchase. There is also bowling available. You'll appreciate kayaking. Vehicle join up would be one of the comforts. You'll recognise Club's value. At the workplace, a children's wilderness recreation centre is opened. Additionally, professional administration is available. Central region Breakfast is now offered at work. The workplace introduces cycling. Darts are also accessible. Cleaning is available to guests at the hotel. The assistance of the guests is provided by workplaces for handicapped visitors. The housing has fax/copying capabilities. The workplace introduces fishing. There is also free remote web access. The housing has a games room for guests. There is a gift shop at the motel.

Essential food items are available for guests to use at the hotel. The workplace meets Hammam for the first time. Warming is equally unrestricted. The visitors provide assistance with climbing. Housing characteristics common spring shower Workplace karaoke is now available. A kid-friendly buffet is available to the visitors. The library is available to help the visitors. The guests can benefit from extra rooms. You'll recognise the benefit of Stuff Accumulating. Makeup companies would be one of the accommodations. One of the facilities would be a meeting/supper place.

Equity Beach Inn

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Guraidhoo Island is located 36 km from the Velana Worldwide Air terminal and 35 km from the capital city of Malé (By means of). The airport is planned to be on the island of Hulhule, and regular ships are used to connect it to the city. Ships operate between them every 10-15 minutes. Air terminal ship movement in one direction costs USD 1 or MVR 15 per person. Take a taxi to the Villingili Ship Terminal when you get to Malé. Taxi fares start at MVR 25. (without gear). You can take a ship or a fast boat to get to the island.

The Area ship and the Guraidhoo ship are the two ships that travel to Guuraidhoo. The Villingili Ship Terminal in Male serves as the departure point for the two ships. 

When in doubt, you ought to permit at any rate an hour from the time you leave the air terminal appearance lobby to getting the ship at the Villingili Ship Terminal in Male.

Stock up on cash in Malé if it's not too much trouble since there isn't an ATM on Guraidhoo. The staff at your visitor house can help you set up the traffic schedule and exchange type in advance (recommended), or you can check here. The staff will also need information about your name, appearance, and takeoff flight. You will be met at the Male airport by a representative of your lodging, who will assist with your transportation to the island.

Guraidhoo Ship (Direct exchange) 

Takeoff from Malé: 14:30 

Takeoff from Guraidhoo: 07:00 

Travel time is roughly 2 hours. 

One way passage: MVR 30 (USD 2) per individual. 

Ship runs every day besides on Fridays. 

Area Feryy (Travel) 

Flight course from Malé: Malé – Gulhi – Maafushi – Guraidhoo 

Flight course from Guraidhoo: Guraidhoo – Maafushi – Gulhi – Malé 

Takeoff from Malé: 15:00 

Takeoff from Guraidhoo: 07:00 

Jorney time is 2 hours 30 minutes. 

Ship runs every day besides on Fridays. 


Takeoff from Malé: 12:30, 16:00, 22:00 every day 

Takeoff from Guraidhoo: 08:00, 14:30, 17:30 every day 

Travel time is 45 minutes. 

One way cost: $30 per individual. 

Speedboat Recruit 

Speedboat costs: USD 250 one way/boat ( most extreme 10 man) 

Travel time to Malé air terminal: 35 minutes

The Island

The Island

With a populace of 1,800, it is encircled by reefs abounding with the mesmerizing marine life. Generally, Guraidhoo was utilized as a shelter for rulers during political disturbance and endeavored attacks. One purpose behind this could be that the intricate reef removal made it hard for unfamiliar boats to discover an entry into the island. 

With a less ordinary traveler foundation, the island accordingly can give you a more legitimate Maldivian experience. The neighborliness of its kin and the numerous keepsake shops coating the fundamental street have since quite a while ago pulled in guests from adjoining resorts and passing liveaboards. 

While investigate the island you will recognize an emergency clinic, police, pharmacy, a youngsters' jungle gym, school, a mosque, some minimarkets that sell the essential necessities, a great deal of trinket shops, 3 bistros and café, and two plunge habitats.

The Beach

The Beach

The adjacent island of Lhosfushi, which is connected to Guraidhoo by a pleasant scaffold, has a traveller sea shore but there isn't one on the actual island. Lhosfushi is a remote area created especially for tourists. You can swim and sunbathe in a two-piece here, but the swimming is difficult due to the shallow waters and a lot of dead coral. Surfers typically congregate on this island's southern shore, which has good waves.

Despite the Occasion Motel Resort Kandooma Maldives, Guraidhoo has a fantastic semi-legal swimsuit beach. Additionally, some of Guraidhoo's guest houses offer their own private seashores to guests.

Guraidhoo's home reef is a good place to go swimming to fully appreciate the amazing marine life of the Maldives. If you've never been swimming before, some guest houses provide a guide for the house reef to help you become proficient with the stray swimming skills. Once you become familiar with it, you can venture out into the various reefs surrounding the atoll to gain more experience. Please take note that swimming equipment is not free; if you plan to swim a lot, please bring your own veil and balances.



Generally all visitors like to eat in the lodgings when a few cafés have a sea shore side area with an ocean sees. The food is delectable and you have a decent decision of various food alternatives. Normally supper is a smorgasbord, lunch by menu. All rooms have everything for tea and espresso. The nearby gourmet specialists offer a flavorful choices for each craving, ideal for each sense of taste any season of day. A good thought to begin the day with a generous Maldivian breakfast or nutritious light nibble; attempt imaginative neighborhood and Worldwide top picks arranged with new fixings, including new fish and fish. 

Expect on the menus a decent blend of scrumptious dishes from around the globe. Added to that, an eating places incorporate a probably the best cherished neighborhood dishes in their menu to give you a brief look at Maldivian food culture. To make your feasting experience much more significant we suggest bar-b-que lunch and sentimental private suppers at the sea shore. The majority of the restaurants likewise give dinner plans to veggie lovers and individuals who require unique eating regimens. 

Liquor is prohibited on occupied islands so partake in the dry law along with a neighborhood occupants.

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