An exceptionally unique spot, Fulidhoo is one of the possessed islands of the Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives. As of late, Fulidhoo has seen an inflow of travelers looking for its Maldivian, spending heaven, with a reasonable convenience, lovely white sand sea shores and turquoise waters and a rich marine life, each one of those parts behind which individuals fly a large portion of the world to get genuine Maldives experience and say with certainty : "Enjoyed everything!". 

The island is likewise well known for the "Langiri" occasions - a conventional hit the dance floor with drums and tambourines, which is a social milestone of the island.


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Arranged only south of South Male Atoll, on the northern edge of Vaavu Atoll, Fulidhoo feels distant, yet it's entirely simple to get to the island. Fulidhoo is found 57 kilometers from Malé. Notwithstanding this, it just requires a little more than an hour to arrive from the capital. There is additionally a ship association among Fulidhoo and Maafushi Island. From close by islands outside Vaavu Atoll, you might have the option to employ a speedboat to carry you between the two. 

There is no ATM on Fulidhoo, so kindly stock money in Malé. Additionally a visitor houses don't acknowledge card either, so you need to ensure you snatch a decent piece of dollar from the air terminal on appearance! You can facilitate the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the staff of your visitor house (suggested). 

SPEEDBOAT Move, Flight Pier: Wharf No.01 These leave from Male, typically from the breakwater called Muizzu Neru, close to Mary Earthy colored Café. 

Saturday – Thursday, Malé – Fulidhoo takeoff 11:00, travel time 60 minutes, Cost: $40 per individual 

Saturday – Thursday, Fulidhoo - Malé, takeoff 14:30, travel time 60 minutes, Cost: $40 per individual 

Friday, Fulidhoo - Malé, takeoff 16:00, travel time 60 minutes, Cost: $40 per individual 

PUBLIC Ship, Villingili Ship Terminal 

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, Malé – Fulidhoo takeoff 10:00, travel time 3.5 hours, Cost: $4 per individual 

Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, Fulidhoo - Malé, takeoff 10:50, travel time 3.5 hours, Cost: $4 per individual 

Ship stops in Maafushi Island en route. For those in no surge, this is an incredible spending alternative. 

PRIVATE Exchange, Flight Breakwater: Adaptable (Air terminal or Visitor Favored Area) 

Length: 60 minutes, Cost: $400

The Island

The Island

With perspectives on Rihiveli by Castaway on the northern skyline, Fulidhoo is estimated 670 meters in length and 200 meters wide and sits on the atoll's edge a couple of hours from the equator, and this is the most northerly island in the Vaavu atoll. The well disposed Muslim populace of the island comprises of around 300 spirits, half of them live forever on the island. On account of the accessibility of new water, nearby vegetation and fish, a far off fishing local area flourishes with the island for a few centuries. The remainder of the islanders work in the hotels, in the capital or on boats. 

Life on Fulidhoo is straightforward and spins around beneficial things: family, music, fishing and unwinding! Time here streams gradually and guests rapidly adjust to the island's musicality. The day is attached with five supplications, that sound from the orange-hued mosque, permitting local people to delay their housework for some time and do respite to adulate the prophet. At night, numerous islanders accumulate on the sea shore to appreciate the breeze and the nightfall and as dusks they retreat to their homes for family suppers or to the neighborhood bistro to find companions. 

Vaavu Atoll is known in the Maldives for its rich fishing grounds and its waters give the best conditions to life and producing of significant fish species consistently, including fish and other pelagic species. 

Subsequent to showing up from Male (some of the time ifor the organization with dolphins!), visitors are welcomed on a short wooden wharf that partitions down the middle a long and wide sandy sea shore on the south side of Fulidhoo. The island is little to the point that you don't require a bike to investigate every one of its corners. 

The island's north side is covered by lavish trees and brambles and in the northwest overhanging trees structure a characteristic passage. Certainly come here on a blistering evening for some shade. This spot can't be missed on a stroll around the island 

Explorering the island doesn't take you much time. Notwithstanding its little size, there are a mosque, a school, a clinical focus, a public chamber, a drug store, and various minimarts selling bites and fundamentals on Fulidhoo. Arranged carefully from west to east, the island has a central avenue that slices through the sandy piece of the focal point of Fulidhoo and along this road you will locate various gift shops selling splendid pareos and dresses, yet they ordinarily exchange double seven days when guests come from adjoining resorts on the island for outings. Since English is the second language in the Maldives, most venders and islanders can convey in English, particularly the more youthful age.

The Beach

The Beach

Minuscule in size and populace, Fulidhoo is home to perfectly clear tidal pond on the east of the island, and a stunning reef on the west. Nearby inhabitants during the day like to unwind in the shade of a banyan tree, dreaming in loungers or influencing on the Maldives swings. Promptly in the first part of the day, anglers go to the ocean, and at nightfall many crabs race on the sands. 

Ideal for unwinding for barely anything, the primary two-piece sea shore is truly stunning and noteworthy initially. Fulidhoo has two traveler sea shores that are on the western (nightfall sea shore) and eastern tips of the island and are delightful spots, with fine sand and clear warm water. There are obscure spots and a couple of agreeable sun beds on the sea shore. On these sea shores you can relax, sunbathe and swim in a two-piece free waters of the tidal pond.



Fishing in Vaavu Atoll is one of the primary traveler traps, particularly for those fishermen who are searching for rushes and dreaming about the enormous Major Game Fishing prizes, including the GT. Fulidhoo has numerous expert anglers who can arrange a battle with marlin, fish, sailfish, vaah, yellowfin fish and other huge fish for you. Notwithstanding remote ocean fishing, numerous visitor houses offer morning and night fishing on the reef. In the two cases, you will locate a mouth-watering finishing - the catch will be cooked for nothing as indicated by your taste.

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