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Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi is the primary top-end five-star, really comprehensive hotel in the Maldives.The freshest expansion to the arrangement of driving cordiality bunch Crown and Champa Resorts, Kudadoo guarantees a detached escape intentionally made for the additionally insightful visitor — all open by a 40-minute picturesque excursion on board a private seaplane. 

An island characterized by the way of thinking 'Opportunity Reconsidered', the private island, situated in the northern Lhaviyani atoll, wakes up with easy experiences as the retreat tries to offer anything, whenever, anyplace. Kudadoo guarantees the best idealism on the island, which won't leave even the most insightful explorers uninterested. Individual head servants are accessible 24 hours every day to help with making this conceivable by encouraging credible encounters that catch the faculties. Encircled by a wonderful tidal pond with an astounding house reef and a grand sandy sea shore, the private grown-ups just island is controlled by Hurawalhi, that is just five minutes by speedboat from the lodging, permitting visitors to exploit all offices of the new huge sister property, including the mark "5.8" submerged eatery at Hurawalhi. 

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi vows to take Maldives' retreat extravagance higher than ever with an interestingly private and customized experience total with all offices of a hotel. The island aphorism is Anything. Whenever. Anyplace. You will feel that fairly challenging, taking into account what requests a few people can think of, yet subsequent to having visited you ensure the staff at Kudadoo can deal with whatever, at whatever point, any place. Other than the extensive, economically planned homes with 44 m2 private vastness pools that are situated on a greenish blue tidal pond the rich comprehensive hotel additionally incorporates its own eatery, spa, fundamental freshwater boundlessness pool, exercise center and little yet charming sea shore. Have you ever caught wind of heaven on Earth? Possibly yes: blue ocean, warm water, palm trees, brilliant fishes, comfortable room... Kudadoo is no uncertainty more than this. The primary concern about this private retreat is the new origination of Extravagance Comprehensive. What separates Kudadoo Maldives Private Island is likewise its comprehensive AAA idea. Occupants can leave on easy experiences at whatever point they wish, enjoy unscripted culinary treats whenever and anyplace, and rest, reset and interface with the assistance from different prosperity choices (counting the Maldives' first Himalayan salt chamber) as frequently as they like. At Kudadoo, anything is accessible, whenever and anyplace.

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island – Luxury All inclusive

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The Island

The Island

Showing up at Male Worldwide Air terminal, the hotel's group will meet you once through traditions, and help your registration for your astounding seaplane excursion to Kudadoo. Regardless of the way that Kudadoo is a Private Island you will share celebrity parlor and seaplane with Hurawalhi's visitors. As you take off across the sky, an interesting landscape discloses itself before your eyes, coming full circle after around 40 minutes when you can get the primary look at Kudadoo from a superior view followed by the seaplane's arrival on the water in direct vicinity to the private island and a short boat ride from close by Hurawalhi. Making your first strides on to Kudadoo, your own steward will be holding back to invite you, prepared to help you on easy experiences. 

Celebrated for its staggering mesmerizing ocean life the wonderful island of Kudadoo (Kudadu) is situated in Lhaviani atoll in the Maldives. This hotel is still new (opened in December 2018) yet gives no indications of any "getting teeth" issues. It's not astonishing it's now been casted a ballot the best new lodging on the planet for 2018. Made for unscripted reprieves from the bounds of regular daily existence, Kudadoo transmits a captivating mix of bewildering common magnificence and easy experiences, permitting you to feel present at the time, to simply be. 

Albeit the vast majority of the manors will be involved while your vacation, it didn't feel like it: you don't actually see others much, so all around planned are the different offices. The draftsman Yuji Yamazaki has exceeded all expectations by splitting endlessly from normal retreat plan and has imagined Kudadoo as a strong portrayal of the spot, with each building and each plan detail taking motivation from the Maldives' exceptional attributes. One such model is the homes; 15 estates on the water associated by a ring is, as 'a microcosm of the Maldives' topography, an atoll. The principle pool is confronting nightfall and when you show up there a rejuvenating juice, a virus towel, a glass of water and a saturating salve is brought by one of the delicate bar or eatery staff. 

Kudadoo's most notable component and the island's center point is The Retreat. The social focus of any stay, it gives a common space to all to appreciate; it houses an eatery, a bar, a wine basement, an endlessness pool, a recreation center, a steam room, a sauna and a Himalayan salt chamber, a shop, a spa and meeting offices. The perspectives from the upper level are incredible; 'This is maybe the most noteworthy vantage point in the Maldives worked over the ocean! The Retreat is a genuinely noteworthy, 21-meter high structure. You will discover the Hello there speed wifi around all island. 

The planners follow the environmental factors what was there previously. The island had wonderful sea shores, littoral plantings, coconut forests and inside woods. All visitor facilities are set on the sand tidal pond in exertion to safeguard those vegetations, for example, Ocean Lettuce, Iron Wood, Coconut Palm, Sea shore Hibiscus and Screwpine. There is an eco framework set up connected to existing islands in the area and it was essential for the significant mission to limit the change. 

A little piece of heaven that accepts all the indications of eliteness and closeness, Kudadoo emanates an enchanting combination of peaceful polish and extravagance every step of the way. Breeze, shade and view are the driving components for the plan in Kudadoo. That is the thing that a large portion of the visitors looks for in tropical setting. The homes and public spaces have operable full tallness windows deliberately positioned in inverse dividers, upholding regular air ventilation with Maldivian wind. The "egg case" security screen framework between estates gives visitors more extensive frontal sea see, while hindering perspectives from contiguous manors. With overhang rooftops, umbrellas and shelters, over half of private open air deck of all water estates are intended to have at any rate 5 hours of concealed hours during the day. 

The above all, the assistance is immaculate. We have encountered nothing yet warm and kind assistance in the Maldives. It is perhaps the best thing about this country, so really kind. That being said, when you add preparing and experience of top of the line depends on that you get top notch administration and staff. Try to be master and expert without showing up hardened and making the visitor (in the Maldives normally loose and in some condition of uncover) feel awkward or threatened. This is the thing that separates Kudadoo from other 5 star properties and moves it to the following level. The staff is benevolent, veritable and educated — everybody from the executives to front/back of house, café staff, women at the spa and the folks at the water sport focus. A unique thank you to unimaginable head servants who has now set a benchmark for all future occasions to come. Enthusiastic about their work, pleased with the hotel and plainly all around prepared. Truly worried about the visitor making some stunning memories. They make everything for you and after it very difficult to return to ordinary life once more!



Acclaimed for a-list plunging, Lhaviyani atoll is a beguiling assortment of islands in the northern piece of the Maldives, that offers the ideal blend of serenity with fervor, solace and experience. The islands of Lhaviyani atoll are situated around 130 kilometers north of Male air terminal by 40-minutes picturesque seaplane move. 

Kudadoo Maldives Private Island is just 5 minutes by dhoni boat from 5-stars Hurawalhi Island Resort, of the Crown and Champa Resort bunch on Lhaviyani Atoll, opened in December 2016. Visitors of the Kudadoo can utilize all the administrations and offices of the Hurawalhi. Duniye Spa is simply where you can spoil with back rub and excellence medicines, exemplary and creative items with an assurance of totally characteristic items. Connoisseur cafés and a restrictive submerged eatery, an astounding house reef and white sandy sea shores supplement the image of fun. 90 estates, including 60 are Sea Manors and 30 Sea shore Estates, numerous with private limitlessness pools, sun decks with amaizing view, heaps of solace, and a refined and attentive plan. Manors situated in the sea offer a decision of view on dawn or dusk, are associated by a long marina, disconnected from where you can snorkel or swim, and absorb the sun



An assortment of only 15 extravagance Water Manors or on the sea shore are planned by Yuji Yamasaki, a renowned Japanese planner birthplace from New York. Two with an additional room (380 sq.m) and 13 one room homes (303 sq.m). The additional room is as large as any "ordinary" estate in the Maldives. All estates have top of the line standard offices and administrations, just as an individual head servant, at you for any impulse of dear visitors. In extravagance and straightforward plan estates completely in agreement with nature addressing a wealth of wood and normal materials. The higher-numbered estates are on the horseshoe with more settled waters for swimming and swimming and somewhat more protection versus the lower-numbered manors which are nearer to the fundamental dock. 

The homes are roomy, utilitarian, super zen-like and rich without being over the top or excessively commonplace "sea shore" subject. It is about light and air and space. You can open up nearly everything should you need, and the plan is so astute you actually feel isolated consistently. The outside deck is staggering with the most agreeable and welcoming parlor seating (that is the situation also across the retreat) that you won't have any desire to leave your room. The deck is part of the way under a rooftop and part of the way outside with a colossal pool and a depressed eating territory. A swing and 2 separate external tables. The lower some portion of the deck is furnished with another great plan that makes the plan of Kudadoo temptingly smooth, and its meticulousness is exceptional: a glass floor found practically above ocean level. Adding extra appeal for every private eating occasion is a glass table, permitting you to at the same time enjoy the quintessence of the spot, one convenience and one dusk. An external shower for subsequent to swimming in the ocean. From the deck to the breathtaking house reef and drop off it's close to 10 feet. The view is incredible. 

Best in class hardware (54-inch television and encompass sound framework) 

IPTV with a scope of most recent motion pictures, arrangement and Television stations 

Completely robotized lights with darkening 

Energy-proficient cooling framework 

Handcrafted furniture 

iMac PC for visitors' utilization 

Tasmanian oak floors 

Steward administration 

Every extravagance manor floats on top of the greenish blue of the tidal pond and parades the insightful insides and open spaces that are simply streaming down to unwinding. Because of the first plan under the open sky you generally hear the sounds and scents of the sea. The living territory is huge, consolidating the room and parlor with a few spots for inaction to resign into the noontime heat. Huge sliding entryways on the two sides give a pleasant cross breeze, aggregating a genuine tropical air. Float away from the quiet ocean landscape and investigate straightforwardly from your immense private pool of 44 m?. to endless territory of the sea. All encompassing perspectives on the turquoise sea can likewise be appreciated on an open to hanging love seat and hammocks. 

The inside plan is in strikingly acceptable taste with all that ceder and stone and marble. Dazzling materials all over the place and scrupulousness like no place I have been previously. The minibar is vacant yet that is a truly shrewd thought, since the musing is that each visitor can mention to the steward what they like explicitly. Obviously there is chilled champagne, canapes and some custom made crisps in lovely glass containers sitting tight for you. The drapes are mechanized and the fitting is only an arm away when you?re on bed. 

Straightforward extravagance contacting are in the lovely washroom in japanese style, gotten done with regular stone: a huge self-governing shower, understands Zen retreat. One Outsid-ish shower and inside washroom is an incredible blend since it is ideal to have AC in the loo and when you prepare for the night. The vanity table is in strong, dim marble. The shower towels are enormous. Mending Earth made two bespoke premium reaches for Kudadoo: the normally feeding Sea Pearl and the delicately extravagance Delicate Coral. These elite regular items, split away from customary room conveniences to offer a spa experience in the protection and solace of the inhabitants' own restroom.

Exquisite Dining

Exquisite Dining

The Retreat, Kudadoo's famous two-story compositional show-stopper, houses all the quintessential joys of top of the line relaxation. It is here that you can relish a general decision of extravagance guilty pleasures and support your gluttonous soul. Situated on a sea blue tidal pond, the core of the private island entwines the inhabitants' mingling, feasting and prosperity needs with appealing regular encompasses that set one's psyche straight all by themselves. 

Suppers On Kudadoo are an experience....but no genuine set menu that should just be viewed as proposals. The "Unscripted eating" at the Retreat implies you may to pick from new produce introduced and let the gourmet expert do his wizardry. The cooks are eminent skilled and can make connoisseur menus and yet can make you anything you might want. It genuinely is anything you desire, The gourmet expert addresses you every day about what, when, and where you might want to eat. What's more, he can cook! Their contemplations and introduction of food is that of a genuine expert. The food is of magnificent quality and exceptionally different. Rihan and Tony and different cooks produce breathtaking food and will make any dish you can envision from any piece of the universes cooking styles. We can't single out any supper as they are for the most part similarly unique yet considerably more staggering is the individual consideration got from the kitchen with extraordinary conversations and recommendations over menus. 

The drink alternatives are immense and high caliber — certainly look at the cheddar and wine basement and do a tasting with the learned sommelier. They have a "cheddar basement" with a wide range of assortments of cheeses from France, Italy, Britain, Netherlands, etc. With its more than 30 assortments, this great stroll in cheddar basement permits you to explore different avenues regarding structures, flavors, surfaces and taste, plan that subtle cheddar platter to appreciate with your #1 jug of wine, whenever, anyplace. Totally comprehensive except if you need a generally more than $500 container of wine with supper. The included wine list is crazy all with a Wine Observer rating of 88 or above. A large portion of the Champagnes, including Ruinart, Taittanger, Louis Roederer are incorporated as of now when you book. A sommelier, Ilyas, consistently prepared to recommend the best blending for any event. 

The climate is astounding and althought the island is minuscule, it has some beautiful spots and they put everything out on a table amidst vegetation and palm trees. You can obviously, eat in your estate or at some location and, significantly more critically, you have the chance of feasting at the cafés at close by Hurawalhi, an extravagance resort in itself, which is a colossal favorable position, giving you such a lot of eating range during your visit. On the off chance that you should wish, that is.

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