The Maldives' oceanfront lodgings embrace quality in its purest sense and give you an opulent vacation by offering very calming escapes from the chaos of your daily life. The retreats in the Maldives are the ideal choice for groups, families, friends, couples, and independent travellers because they radiate experience and excellence. The retreats have exceptional interiors that are quite elegant and a distinct sense of style.

In the Maldives, you can partake in a range of experience activities like diving, swimming, surfing, swimming, and more at hotels with ocean views. In addition, you can play outdoor sports like badminton, football, and volleyball or go outside and take in the breathtaking beauty of marine life.

Kaani and Lily Ocean side Hotels, two family-friendly resorts in the Maldives' ocean side, provide a supervised kids' club and other entertainment for the little ones. Couples looking to enjoy romantic candlelight dinners or spend the night under the stars should head to the Angaga and Komandoo Island Resort and Spa in the Maldives.

Luxury Beach Maldives

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Guraidhoo islet is 35 km from the capital, Malé and 36 km from Velana Worldwide Air terminal( By means of). The air outstation is determined to Hulhule islet with normal vessels administration connecting it with the capital. vessels work to and fro each 10- 15 twinkles. Single direction air terminal boat move – USD 1 or MVR 15 for each existent. When you arrive at Malé, take a hack to the Villingili Ship Terminal. hack sacrifices are fixed at MVR 25( without gear). You can arrive at the islet by boat or motorboat.

There are two vessels that go to Guuraidhoo The Guraidhoo boat and the Area boat. The flight point for the two vessels in joker is at the Villingili Ship Terminal. trip by boat offering a beautiful lookouts of win framed islets, reefs and shallows en route.

When in mistrustfulness, you ought to permit at any rate an hour from the time you leave the air terminal appearance lobby to getting the boat at the Villingili Ship Terminal in Male. On the off chance that your flight is on Friday or sooner than 1100 am you need to leave Guraidhoo one day before the date of your takeoff to guarantee you show up at the air outstation on schedule.

There's no ATM on Guraidhoo, so if it's not too important trouble, stock plutocrat in Malé. You can organize the business plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the staff of your caller house( suggested), or check then. The staff will likewise bear your name and appearance and takeoff flight craft. A delegate of your lodging will meet you at manly air outstation and help with transportation to the islet.

Guraidhoo Ship( Direct exchange)

Takeoff from Malé 1430

Takeoff from Guraidhoo 0700

trip time is roughly 2 hours.

One way passage MVR 30( USD 2) per existent.

Boat runs every day besides on Fridays.

Area Feryy( Travel)

Flight course from Malé Malé – Gulhi – Maafushi – Guraidhoo

Flight course from Guraidhoo Guraidhoo – Maafushi – Gulhi – Malé

Takeoff from Malé 1500

Takeoff from Guraidhoo 0700

Jorney time is 2 hours 30 twinkles.

Boat runs every day besides on Fridays.


Takeoff from Malé 1230, 1600, 2200 every day

Takeoff from Guraidhoo 0800, 1430, 1730 every day

trip time is 45 twinkles.

One way bring$ 30 per existent.

Speedboat Recruit

Motorboat costs USD 250 one way/ boat( most extreme 10 man)

trip time to Malé air terminal 35 twinkles

The Island

The Island

The picturesque Maldivian fishing village of Guraidhoo is found on the eastern edge of the atoll. It has 1,800 residents and is surrounded by reefs teeming with fascinating marine life. Guraidhoo was typically used as a safe haven for rulers during political unrest and attempted attacks. One explanation for this might be that the complex reef removal made it challenging for uninitiated boats to locate an entrance to the island.

It is more subdued and can be found a little further south of the well-known Maafushi. The island can give you a more authentic Maldivian experience because it has a lower percentage of common travellers. Since quite some time ago, the friendliness of its residents and the numerous souvenir shops lining the main street have drawn tourists from nearby resorts and passing liveaboards.

While exploring the island, you will find an emergency room, police, a pharmacy, a children's jungle gym, a school, a mosque, a number of trinket shops, three bistros and cafés, and two diving habitats in addition to some minimarkets that sell the necessities.

The Beach

The Beach

The actual islet lacks a two-piece ocean reinforcement, but the touching islet of Lhosfushi, which is connected to Guraidhoo by a friendly altar, is where the rubberneck ocean reinforcement is located. Lhosfushi is a remote location designed specifically for tourists. Then you can sunbathe and swim in a two-piece, though the swimming is in waters that are unsettlingly shallow and have a lot of dead coral. Browsers typically hang out when the southern side of this islet is reinforced by strong swells.

Despite the Occasion Motel Resort Kandooma Maldives, Guraidhoo has excellent semi-licit swimsuit ocean reinforcement. Some of Guraidhoo's caller houses also offer callers access to private ocean props.

Guraidhoo's home reef is a good place to go swimming if you want to get a true sense of the amazing marine life in the Maldives. If you have never learned to swim, some caller houses offer a primer to help the house reef become proficient with the clumsy parts of swimming. Once you become familiar with it, you can venture out into the various reefs surrounding the island to gain more experience. Please take note that swimming equipment is not free; if you plan to swim a lot, please bring your own robe and balances.



Generally all visitors like to eat in the lodgings when a few cafés have a sea shore side area with an ocean sees. The food is delectable and you have a decent decision of various food alternatives. Normally supper is a smorgasbord, lunch by menu. All rooms have everything for tea and espresso. The nearby gourmet specialists offer a flavorful choices for each craving, ideal for each sense of taste any season of day. A good thought to begin the day with a generous Maldivian breakfast or nutritious light nibble; attempt imaginative neighborhood and Worldwide top picks arranged with new fixings, including new fish and fish. 

Expect on the menus a decent blend of scrumptious dishes from around the globe. Added to that, an eating places incorporate a probably the best cherished neighborhood dishes in their menu to give you a brief look at Maldivian food culture. To make your feasting experience much more significant we suggest bar-b-que lunch and sentimental private suppers at the sea shore. The majority of the restaurants likewise give dinner plans to veggie lovers and individuals who require unique eating regimens. 

Liquor is prohibited on occupied islands so partake in the dry law along with a neighborhood occupants.

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