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Consistently, Meeru Island Resort is conceivable fulfills a bigger number of individuals than some other lavish inn. It is one of the biggest in the Maldives, it is in every case full and after individuals have visited here, all the time they return over and over. 

Lofty Meeru isn't just the third, most established property in the Maldives, it is likewise the third biggest hotel, with 284 rooms and committed fans, including ordinary clients (numerous Germans). The island is appealing for all ages: families have their own side of the island, and couples have their own, thus there are two separate pools, two smorgasbord cafés, and 2 spas. The vast majority of the visitors sit on comprehensive, so bars are consistently alive - particularly 24-hour. During the day, there is a lot to do and see, incorporating a jumping school with PADI multi-language courses, a scope of water sports, journeys, and even a green. House reef swimming requires a boat trip, albeit many are glad to sunbathe on the excellent sea shores. 

The extravagance convenience is outfitted with vaulted wooden rooftops, wooden boards, and twofold beds (numerous sentimental beds have coverings with mosquito netting); some of them are above water, some on the sea shore, and some offer jacuzzis in the washrooms under the open sky. Administration is a little corroded, however the incentive for cash is essentially sublime. 

Occasion in Meeru can be formed with one expression: "reasonable dreams". An enormous, upbeat hotel has numerous approaches to satisfy many various requirements and assumptions. From completely dynamic couples to searchers of private life, and from those slanted to delight infrequently to genuine penny pincher, Meeru, as a performer, fulfills the impulses of each visitor.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa

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The Island

The Island

The island is partitioned into a few distinct regions, principally one section for grown-ups just, and one zone for families. You can get around the island either by foot or by golf trucks employing past. Downpours made potholes along these inside ways, so going on an uneven street is positively not for everybody. Staff, as regular in the Maldives ... lives in the focal point of the island, and these offices are regularly in the most unmistakable spot during the excursion starting with one territory then onto the next. Then, the more alluring external edges of the island are weaved with ways ideal for strolls along the sea shores, particularly with couples, where sentimental walks around the shore are normal. 

There are 3 separate zones with various environments. Each spins around the pool, bar, parlor and food. The first corner is on the west side, pointing toward the west, about in the center of the island. On the contrary side, confronting the dark blue waters of the east is the exquisite Structure bar, and the pool with Hot Stone café on its edge. At that point, at the northern end, there is a Maalan eatery with an Uthuru bar and a pool. Encircled by the most upscale manors, the last, most private zone has the most dazzling appearance and encompassing. DOWNLOAD RESORT Guide 

Meeru perpetually draws in Europeans, yet the premium of the Asian market is additionally developing, with the Chinese cguests, generally speaking inclining toward water estates. This adjustment in segment markers causes a little conflict of societies and isn't valued by some customary visitors from Europe of more conventional reasoning. The island is large enough for everybody to have enough space for isolation and the solitary genuine spot that unites is the bufet eateries. After supper, Europeans will in general run to the bars, while Asians will in general crawl into their numbers. Administration is respectable and the board shows up just to meet a successive visitors upon appearance and prize an elite greeting to a week by week "director's gathering", where newcomers are typically not called. 

The staff are very really liked, and the outcome is a well disposed and responsive assistance that visitors regularly remark on in their surveys. Companionship is esteemed and established, getting back to the island a seemingly endless amount of time after year.



Meeru Island Resort and Spa is situated on a private island of Meerufenfush in North Male Atoll (Kaafu atoll), in its eastern corner. In the wake of getting the things in Velan? (Male) worldwide air terminal, newcomers should contact the Meeru agent at the eponymous counter and present their voucher. Frequently, visitors need to hang tight for the appearance of the multitude of different visitors from the rundown, since Meeru is a major island and the hanging tight might be longer than for shop lodgings with a couple dozen rooms. For the exchange there are some various kinds of boats - some are more slow, and some are quicker, however the outing generally takes not exactly 60 minutes. During the outing, packaged drinking water will be advertised. 

Upon appearance, visitors are situated in the advanced parlor and an invite drink is given while registration is in advancement, and it's additionally a decent an ideal opportunity to make changes to your booking, suppers are full-board bundles, comprehensive and comprehensive in addition to. Then, visitors and their baggage are shipped by golf truck to the rooms. 

The island is 1200 meters in length by 350 meters wide, around 32 hectares (80 sections of land). A delightful, turquoise tidal pond and extended lengths of white, sandy sea shore encompass Meeru Island Resort and Spa. A lot of this dazzling Maldives Island Resort stays immaculate with its bordering coconut palm trees, bountiful vegetation and brilliant coral reefs abounding with marine life.



The island has 284 rooms split among couples and families. The inside is bona fide with wooden dividers and/or roof, wooden furnishings and brilliant textures. All rooms are outfitted with shower robes, espresso/tea, free filtered water, and a loaded minibar with bites and beverages, including pop, brew, wine and mixers. The predominant classes of rooms have a Nespresso espresso machine, and outside washrooms in numerous manors outfitted with a private Jacuzzi. 

The recently presented IPTV, which is accessible in all room classes, includes a wide scope of worldwide Television slots, YouTube, a broad assortment of free films on interest and permitting you to get to your own Netflix account. The retreat's new framework will permit you to appreciate premium substance from the solace as your home away from home. 

Room classes are basic: Sea shore, Jacuzzi Sea shore, Water, Jacuzzi Water and Vacation. Standard accomodation - Sea shore Manors and Water Estates are arranged along the east and west shores, confronting the sea. 

Jacuzzi Sea shore Estates are lined along the whole west side. Jacuzzi Water Manors with 2 wharfs are on the northern tip and others stretch from the island's mid-highlight the east. These convenience alternatives will give you nightfall perspectives, or take the south side where the sun is throughout the day. The top homerooms themselves are without a doubt sumptuous. 

Recently revamped convenience, Nurseries rooms are the least class of remaining with an inward restroom and tiled floors and the rooms are crouched in a "U" - formed square close to Dhoni bar. Albeit not on the sea shore, all have concealed zone underneath the coconut palms with a perspective on the tropical nurseries, wooden patio seats and the rooms are isolated from one another by screens for some protection. 

Sea shore Estates are cabins dispersed along the sea shore ignoring a delightful tidal pond. Each room has a four-banner bed and an outside restroom (some with a hydromassage shower). A little porch opens to two hammocks on the sea shore (some need changing) and an umbrella shade. 

Water Front Manors are comparative, however they are nearer to the sea shore than Sea shore Estates (it's not over water, as one may figure from the name). These rooms with a room including an additional huge jumbo bed, a private, separated open air zone highlighting a Jacuzzi for two "under the stars", a wooden sundeck with chaise relax, a shade umbrella, tropical plants, a private sundeck with steps into the ocean and a breathtaking perspective on the tidal pond. 

Jacuzzi Water Estates are situated along one of the two piers and have a more open room, a coffee machine, a colossal closet, an extensive indoor/outside restroom. There is a private sun deck disregarding the sea, and a different fenced corner in the back with a hydromassage shower. 

Two separate Special first night Suites are situated over the water in the tidal pond (without breakwater) in a short boat trip from the sea shore. This loft has a different room and a living/eating region, just as a private pool. As a little something extra, anticipate a container of champagne on appearance. Celebrity people in any classification of rooms are additionally carried with a container of champagne.. 

An option in contrast to other convenience classifications on this huge and assorted island is suggested where changing rooms or places can give an alternate occasion insight. Visitors can resign in a tranquil corner or take an estate close to the pool, close to the bars, or the jumping community. The reward at the hotel is full - it's incessant proposals with the expectation of complimentary 2 evenings on safariboat. Numerous visitors love this alternative and on returning they are bound to get an update, not their old room.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Of the relative multitude of most recent upgrades, one of the biggest and most clear is the food. What used to be the typical lounge area with long tables today is a strangely delightful food for a hotel of this level. Introductions, assortment and quality won't disillusion anybody. 

Notwithstanding two banquet halls for visitors, the island additionally has two fundamental smorgasbord eateries that have comparable menus for breakfast, lunch and supper. The Maalan café is intended for "grown-up just zone", while Farivalhu is the spot to eat for every other person. Smorgasbord feasting is remembered for a full board and comprehensive supper plans. The smorgasbord lines change every day and incorporate live preparing stations where some food is set up to arrange. On Friday night there is the "Maldives Night" with a themed menu and servers in customary garments. On Sundays for breakfast, anticipate shimmering wine, in any case the flavor of liquor (quality and decision) you can discover contingent upon your bundle. 

Different cafés to browse for an extra expense: Hot Stone, with bar-b-que and fish cooked on hot stones, and Asian Wok is a sentimental eatery on the southern tip of the island with cozy lighting and all around dispersed tables with wonderful ocean sees. The last has Teppanyaki hot plates food, a decent wine list and a development booking is needed for the two eateries. You can anticipate heavenly feasting at extraordinary worth. We urge you to have at any rate one critical supper at Asian Wok Eatery during your vacation in Meeru. 

In 2019 Meeru island Resort and Spa has presented another menu at its Asian Wok Café. The kitchen group has teamed up to introduce an energizing new menu at the well known overwater café. The new menu incorporates astonishing fish and curry dishes that are bound to please.The Teppanyaki table at the Asian Wok Eatery seats eight visitors and neglects Meeru's tidal pond for an energizing and life-changing experience of Japanese cooking in the Maldives. Your selection of dishes can be chosen from the café's individually menu to be arranged new, in a dramatic presentation and to be served directly from the teppan hot plate. "Purpose", a Japanese rice wine is another expansion which contribute another flavor to the wide cluster of beverages effectively accessible — one more should have a go at during your vacation at Meeru. 

For a more easygoing supper in a laid-back setting, Meeru Bistro is close to the pool and on the menu you will discover sandwiches, baked goods, frozen yogurt, espresso treats and tea. Bites can be found around the two pools. 

While numerous close by resorts rest around evening time, Meeru offers a somewhat extraordinary nightlife, mostly due to the island's size and the quantity of bars. There is a 24-hour bar in which for the duration of the day, it appears there are consistently standard clients, just as two relax spots on "for grown-ups just" side. Specifically, the mixed drink bar close to Maalan buffet café at night is lit with candles for a more sentimental air. This is likewise the problem area where the "week by week administrator" party is held, yet just celebrities are welcomed (normally bringing guests back)

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