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The newest extravagant Comprehensive retreat in the Maldives, OBLU Select by Environment at Sangeli Island, offers an outstanding Comprehensive Quietness Plan. This perfect tropical paradise, which can be reached in just 50 minutes by speedboat from the Malé Air station, is absolutely affordable for families and couples. It promises a magnificent island with stylish accommodations, and it's a wonderful addition to the Maldives' top hotel category. OBLU SELECT at Sangeli provides knowledgeable travellers with a comprehensive, joyful sea shore insight in the Maldives through a completely hassle-free involvement in their unmistakable Tranquility PlanTM and scope of independent Sea shore and Water Manors, cafés, and extravagance offices dispersed out over the two islands.

The 4-star superior hotel, which was inaugurated in July 2018, offers a wide range of modern individual seashore and water manors and suites to choose from, some of which have private pools. The retreat, another feather in Air Lodgings & Resorts' cap of opulent Maldivian retreats, features 137 manors in six categories, various high-tech amenities, a variety of dining options, and maybe the best diving and swimming places in the entire Kaafu atoll. The resort is accessible by a quick, gorgeous motorboat trip, allowing tourists to start and end their trip by taking in all of the Maldives' splendour.

So, create a retreat where every need is catered to, nothing is overly challenging, and everything is maintained at a lovely standard; then, add the Indian Ocean with its abundance of exotic fish, gorgeous white sand, and unbroken daylight from one end to the other; and you have created heaven on earth. There aren't many places where you may actually feel as though you're on another planet, but the Maldives and Oblu Select are the perfect examples.

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli - All Inclusive

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The Island

The Island

It is flawless from appearance to flight. Regarding the speedboat transfer: An Oblu staff member will greet you when you land at the Male airport. After a brief walk to a holding area in front of the air terminal building, you and a few other passengers board another speedboat with free Wi-Fi. In any event, there is usually a brief wait while other tourists board the speed boat before you if you are unsure.When comparing prices, it appears that some destinations include the boat transfers while others do not, so be sure to check carefully. During the roughly one-hour ride, there is a lot to see as you pass by various hotels throughout the North Male Atoll. The closed boat is the most romantic way possible because of cooling, water, and chocolates. The gathering, which is totally planned for the appearance, is where the speedboat moors without any difficulty. When you arrive, the executives will give you a personal greeting and provide you a schedule, making you feel special.After receiving a warm welcome from the group who are drumming and cheering, you will be seated in a recessed holding area where you will receive cool damp towels and mixed drinks (glass of bubbly) as compensation. Your luggage will be transferred to your manor and you will be transported there by a golf assistant after registration, which also includes a brief greeting and explanation of the island. They schedule your individual meals and travel in advance (if your visit incorporates them). Do ask the staff if you need to ride in the cart to an island to obtain your orientation; they are helpful.

Even though the opening was only a little over a year ago, you can expect a gorgeous, dense, and gigantic greenery. There are two great paths that provide amazing shade along the island. Oblu at Sangeli is truly exceptional due to the myriad small extras that are included. For instance, all bicycles are welcome to be used, and each accommodation comes with robes, flip flops, and a beach bag. There is no compelling reason to dress up; instead, keep it casual and carry minimal. By coincidence, we spent all of our energy on the island! You will focus the large majority of our energy in the sea because of the incredible aquatic life.On the swimming visit, you are provided with water, towels, and swim gear in case you don't already have any. I love how everything is on computerised tablets, your mini-bar is refreshed twice daily, wine glasses are provided, and you even get nibbles in your room. This retreat is brand-new, immaculately clean, and nicely finished everywhere, from the rooms to the public areas. Even though it might not be a provincial, traditional Maldivian resort, the modern and current design is very pleasing to the sight. The island genuinely exudes a tropical atmosphere and doesn't appear phoney in any way; it also feels opulent.Despite the fact that the island is quite small and never seems crowded, after you're fully engaged, you can request a carriage to drive you throughout the island regardless of where your estate is located.



The main atoll in the Maldives is known as North Malé or northern Kaafu, and it was here that the vacation industry was initially established. The North Male Atoll is also home to Male City, the capital of the Maldives, and the Velana Global Air terminal (MLE). There is a staggering variety of luxurious 5-star resorts and expensive guest houses on North Male Atoll. Discover MORE

On the westernmost point of North Male (or Kaafu) Atoll in the Indian Ocean, the island resort is 32 miles (50 minutes by speedboat) north of the Velana International Air port (By way of). Sangeli Island's location in one of the region's large canals contributes to this predisposition and explains why the spot has consistently been popular with true jumpers. When there is both an external and internal (tidal pond) coral reef, there is an abundance of marine life and a good chance of actually spotting it whether you are swimming or scuba diving.Only a short speedboat trip separates OBLU by Climate at Sangelii from Malé. The fact that it uses a speedboat to move rather than an expensive seaplane voyage contributes to its remarkable value. The island is in the same atoll as the airport and Male, but because of its location in the upper east corner, it seems remote and alone.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

The inn's 137 rooms and suites are contained Water and Beach homes (the extravagant types of both go with a boundlessness pool), family suites with an alternate room and residing zone and six Extraordinary night suites on Banyan Island where couples can skirt in splendid red round showers underneath pulling out reflected straight windows. The by and large guests seek after the two other options - Beach Bequest and Water House and both are Wonderful. Present day expressive design contains pale wooden ground surface (with a glass seeing board in the water estates), vaulted rooftops, walk around storerooms and delightful, secretly made surfaces. Broad mosaic tiled washrooms (beach bequests have outside bathrooms) all have an unattached shower and soft drink pops, brews and wines from the minibar are for no good reason using cash on hand. Force connections - there are abundance and they take UK/European/US and probably Australian fittings.

The most moderate of the comfort, the Coastline Houses are immaculate with stylish inside and the white several means away make everything wonderful. Regardless, the homes are completely inspected with thought to how guests would use the room, large, with a little confidential nursery domain with folding chairs driving quickly on to the beach. Most oddly for a housing wherever, the lights inside the room are good for being turned up outstandingly wonderful. The room in like manner fit with extraordinary dull out blinds and shades and power connections by the bed for the principal momentary phone charging. The cooling is capable and scarcely more grounded than a mumble. The washroom and storage room district is between the essential way and the resting zone of the domain. The external shower area is spacious. If spending plan can broaden and if travel with kids, it's savvy remembered to stay in Beach Family Suite with Pool. This will put you on the island's lagoon/coral nursery side. Essentially a dream - a beach house with just enough confidential pool, separate rooms, two phenomenal washrooms (shower under the open sky) and a little vestibule with a parlor seat and a table where you can play unprecedented cards. The Family Suite with Pool (2 rooms) is terrific where the 'sofa' outside could peacefully fit 2 people unwinding. The seating area is more unobtrusive in the non-suite (ie 1 bed) houses. All homes have 2 folding chairs anyway.

Home workplaces are exceptional where three freely controlled cooling cool everything beautiful, as you like! The bathrooms are 5*star - in the 2 bed domain you have 2 washrooms, both generally outside. You have a tempest style shower and twofold sinks, and a shower. The bathrooms are palatial, absolutely monstrous. Toiletries are White Association Noir (cleaning agent, conditioner and shower gel), moreover gave are cleaning agent, toothbrush and toothpaste similarly as vanity unit (cotton wool pad and q-tips). A great deal of towels - woolen garments, hand, shower and beach. Moreover in room are robes, flip disappointments, life coats, beach sack and 2 closet safes. Towels for the coastline or the four beach seats at the pool are ceaselessly change. Dampness is high (~75%) so drying anything is a torture, until you comprehend on your last day that the air-con has a 'drying' setting…

Beds incredibly pleasant and windows have blackout wraps/blinds so a rest is for the most part brilliant - the essential concern isn't to be late for breakfast (7am-10am) despite 6am first light. The televisions in house (there are 3 in the family suite domains) have redirects in an extent of lingos. Very little inspiration to be inside on Sangeli yet on the odd occasion the kids need some chillout time inside they savored the experience of Movement Association and Nat Geographic. Wifi signal is open in the bequest - slow yet palatable. In-room cooler reestablished once consistently. Substance: Really water, Coca Cola, Sprite, ale, red wine, white wine, buzzword granola bars, chips and Gummibärli. Moreover coffee machine (nespresso style) and selection of teas. Note that the island doesn't have diet drinks in the containers (Coke, Tango. Sprite, carbonated water). Furthermore, milk in the room is dispersed UHT milk. Being on the lagoon side has a few important great conditions - the sand here is less coarse. You're furthermore an incredibly exquisite short coastline walk around the Sangs and Porch diners. There's nothing not right with walking around the way the contrary side of your estate to get to the bar/bistro, yet you might be dodging the electric carriages, while on the coastline side you're simply staying away from the odd crab.

Moreover the standard reason behind getting a pool and subsequently being lagoon side is the house reef. Absolutely Astounding. We are convinced that this island will quickly secure a representing momentous house reef swimming - the effects of the construction works are not generally so tremendous as the whitening achieved by El Nino quite a long while earlier, but we really do think with a little while a more prominent measure of recovery time (dependent upon a perilous barometrical devation and assuming that people respect the coral - ie: don't stay on it) it will go from fortitude to strength. For a more confidential refuge, benefitting by sees across the Indian Ocean, the Water Homes are superb of a disengaged escape. Defying the sunset (with a pool) or sunrise each house is suspended over the sky blue waters, prospering with local sea life, offering phenomenal opportunities to swim with direct lagoon access from your bequest as you get free swimming stuff with life coats. The water estate's without a pool overlook the ocean, not the lagoon, and In case you are lucky on the morning hours you can identify the dolphins swimming not quite far from our decking. You can see the value in breathtaking swimming 24hrs simply outer the water domain to see an enormous grouping of fish, star fishes, reef sharks, radiates, and octopuses. For sure swimmers, meandering out to the rope that engravings out the lagoon is ideal to see a plentiful marine life.

We would endorse the move up to a water house, you can climb straight into the sea and you even have a glass floor so you can watch the bountiful fish, reef sharks and falcon radiates swimming under our feet in the ocean. The rooms are a fair size with an extensive minibar, locale for sacks and pieces of clothing, a good estimated washroom with secluded endlessly shower. The genuine bequest is flawless by the room subject matter experts. The workplaces in the estate are surprising, you have wifi, TV, more modest than regular bar (which is re-energized consistently). The bed is really agreeable and the washroom basically unprecedented! The endlessly shower have an extraordinary view over the sea. The toiletries gave in the houses are White Association Noir and they furthermore gave flip disappointments, robes and a coastline pack for you to use around the island. The sun deck is a staggering spot to loosen up. The sunbeds are remarkable and really pleasing and you are outfitted with clean towels every day. A helpful day bed moreover gives disguise when you really want a split away from the sun.

Water Houses with Pool are for the most part facing the lagoon (west) and the sun will be on your patio from around 9am and you can watch the nightfall on the night at around 6pm right from a confidential pool. The estates are impeccably equipped and large similarly, tremendous divider mounted TV with a decision of worldwide news and lifestyle stations, tiny Bar thorough with the serenity pack, Free remote web and an incredibly broad and satisfying bathroom, shower room and twofold vanity. For an elated wistful departure, Wedding trip Water Suites with Pool are hard to beat. Particular and confidential these escapes (6 units) are created adjoining a second confidential island considered One Banyan and element the best for an ideal feeling for affection birds, as they leave upon their new outing in conjunction.

Sumptuous inner parts and snappy arrangement style, with a rich round bed dismissing the lagoon, provocative round shower, reflected dividers and rooftops, post window, an open sun-deck with sunbeds and happy with seating and an incomprehensible 13m² confidential pool! The sutes are for 2 adults (couples just) and least stay of 3 nights.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

From a culinary perspective, OBLU Select at Sangeli continues to contribute to the benefits of the general Climate Lodgings & Resorts brand. Visitors can enjoy regular bizarre connoisseur cookery, unique food and drinks, and other activities that are also remembered for the price under the superior Comprehensive Serenity Plan. The Patio, two upscale cafés called Simply Flame grilled and Basically Veg, as well as the enormous The Sangs poolside bar, provide as the retreat's main dining options. In addition to the many themed buffets at The Yard, savvy guests have the option to get a bite at The Sangs and also book oneself an interesting cooking experience — once at Simply Flame broil and in Essentially Veg — for periodically. With several themed nights and clever live cooking contributions, colourful dishes, together with a variety of spirits, mixed beverages, and wines, new seafood, and unadulterated vegan options, will astound the visitors. In every restaurant, the wait staff works hard to make sure that the meals are enjoyable by providing friendly greetings, encouraging guidance, professional latitude, and the availability to converse if they notice that is what their customers need. 

Individually prepared dishes (asked by means of tablet as set menus, for example, Ceylon pot yam, plantain banana and curry leaves soup, and ocean growth fish move with ginger eggplant caviar) are fresh and intriguing at Essentially Veg and Simply Flame broil on Banyan Island. At supper, children are welcome at the individual establishments. Avoid missing sunsets at the Stone bar, which is located on a small dock overlooking the great sea. 

In general, Meeru Island Resort probably accommodates more people than any other resort. You have a tendency to eat continuously at Oblu at Sangeli. The entire island is covered by the extraordinary Quietness Plan, and the majority of dinners are eaten on the Patio. The Yard Café, which is located on the main island, offers buffet breakfasts, snacks, and suppers with a variety of western cuisine, Indian curries, noodles, and Maldivian delicacies, like Garudhiya, a fish stock served with rice, lime, stew, and onions. At the smorgasbord, there is always something fresh, exciting, and delectable to try.The Yard's team does a fantastic job of making sure you are given the same options and experiences as everyone else, even if you are hypersensitive or on a strict diet.

The main café is divided into five seating areas, one in each corner, all of which are spacious and heavily manned, and one round focus area known as the "Wine Drop" with relation to an ornamental element in the middle. The wine drop is unusually the designated smoking area, despite the fact that it is by far the most tempting area. As non-smokers, we ignored this and sat there for most nights because it has gorgeous sea views and is generally a great area to eat. The main buffet at Inverse the Wine Drop offers a wide variety of options for breakfast, noon, and dinner every day.

Breakfast is included and includes continental baked goods, doughnuts, toast, curry options, a limited selection of cheese and meats, porridge, oats, eggs, bacon, and other items. Excellent omelette station. Before you get to the generous offering of mixed greens bar, new bread truck, and live pasta station there, there are consistently 4/5 meat options, 3/4 fish options, and lots of backups such rices, potatoes, vegetables, and noodles. It's not always evident where things are, especially at dinner. The live cooking stations and ceramic curry pots are positioned all over, sometimes outside of the main area. There's also a space beside the pastries that frequently has a piece of beef and is hardly noticeable.With a little bit of preparation and the help of the generous topping and plate of mixed greens contributions, you can without a doubt create a supper that is uniquely styled. Additionally, there are standard pop-up stations offering nearby cooking, curries, fresh naan straight from the mud broiler, even live hand-crafted Indian pastries that you have the opportunity to make yourself, as well as the Charcoal Flame broil (various alternatives day by day), which is always present with an additional four choices at every dinner. You've never tasted naans better than the brand-new ones. For mains, there is a respectable selection of Asian, Indian, and European options.Vegans might have to put in a little more effort to maintain variety, but the chefs are lovely, and if you are struggling, they will support you and won't make you leave hungry! The paneer and veggie curries are fantastic. On theme nights, enormous efforts are put into the food and drink offerings; Christmas is undoubtedly the most impressive, but Privateer Night is a close second. Just a little note to the master baker and chef Remoldfdo, who created some incredible goodies during our visit. You'll appreciate the effort put forth by the lovely Patio Café staff members, especially when it comes to teaching the kids how to fold napkins and palm leaves!

Don't hesitate to eat at Essentially Veg, which is located on "One Banyan" (the more modest "grown-ups only" island), since Priya and her lovely crew provide amazing service. Whether you enjoy eating meat or vegetables, we definitely advise all guests to try it!

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