At Ocean Retreat & Spa, take a magnificent journey of discovery. Within 40 minutes of Velana International Airport, discover the origins of traditional Maldivian culture. Learn about the island's long-standing custodians and its allure. Spend the day at the beach or explore the island's stunning reefs and lagoons. Enjoy some local fare at the restaurant, or treat yourself to a spa treatment. Ocean Retreat & Spa will arouse all of your senses.

The Ocean Retreat & Spa has a sun terrace with views of the lovely lagoon, a spa, and a restaurant on the premises. Explore inventive interpretations of regional and international cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients, or simply unwind with a cup of coffee or a smoothie in the lounge to start the day off right. To revitalise your senses, visit our on-site spa, or simply go on vacation with friends!

At every time of day, delectable options are available to satisfy every appetite and palate. Whether you want to start the day with a hearty breakfast or a nutritious light lunch, enjoy inventive local and international favourites cooked with fresh ingredients, or just unwind with a cup of coffee or a cocktail in the lounge, we have you covered at our on-site restaurant.

Ocean Retreat and Spa - Guraidhoo Hotels

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Guraidhoo island is 35km from the capital, Malé and 36 km from Velana Overall Air terminal (Through). The air not entirely settled to Hulhule island with typical boats organization associating it with the capital. Ships work back and forth every 10-15 minutes. Single bearing air terminal boat move - USD 1 or MVR 15 for every person. At the point when you show up at Malé, take a taxi to the Villingili Boat Terminal. Taxi tolls are fixed at MVR 25 (without gear). You can show up at the island by boat or speedboat.

There are two ships that go to Guuraidhoo: The Guraidhoo transport and the Region transport. The flight point for the two boats in Male is at the Villingili Boat Terminal. Go by transport offering a delightful vistas of palm lined islands, reefs and sandbars in transit.

If all else fails, you should allow in any event hour from the time you leave the air terminal appearance entryway to getting the boat at the Villingili Boat Terminal in Male. In case your flight is on Friday or sooner than 11:00 am you really want to leave Guraidhoo one day before the date of your departure to promise you appear at the air terminal on time.

There is no ATM on Guraidhoo, so assuming no one minds, stock cash in Malé. You can arrange the traffic plan and the trade type early on with the staff of your guest house (recommended), or really look at here. The staff will in like manner require your name and appearance and departure flight nuances. A representative of your housing will meet you at Male air terminal and help with transportation to the island.

Guraidhoo Ship (Direct exchange) 

Takeoff from Malé: 14:30 

Takeoff from Guraidhoo: 07:00 

Travel time is roughly 2 hours. 

One way passage: MVR 30 (USD 2) per individual. 

Ship runs every day besides on Fridays. 

Area Feryy (Travel) 

Flight course from Malé: Malé – Gulhi – Maafushi – Guraidhoo 

Flight course from Guraidhoo: Guraidhoo – Maafushi – Gulhi – Malé 

Takeoff from Malé: 15:00 

Takeoff from Guraidhoo: 07:00 

Jorney time is 2 hours 30 minutes. 

Ship runs every day besides on Fridays. 


Takeoff from Malé: 12:30, 16:00, 22:00 every day 

Takeoff from Guraidhoo: 08:00, 14:30, 17:30 every day 

Travel time is 45 minutes. 

One way cost: $30 per individual. 

Speedboat Recruit 

Speedboat costs: USD 250 one way/boat ( most extreme 10 man) 

Travel time to Malé air terminal: 35 minutes

The Island

The Island

Organized on the atoll's eastern edge, Guraidhoo is an enthralling Maldivian fishing town. With an overall public of 1,800, it is included by reefs spilling over with the spellbinding marine life. Generally, Guraidhoo was utilized as a safe house for rulers during political disrupting impact and attempted attacks. One purpose for this could be that the confounding reef ejection made it challenging for new boats to track down a part into the island.

It is found genuinely further south of acclaimed Maafushi, and it is seriously honest. With a less typical pioneer foundation, the island as necessary can give you a more veritable Maldivian experience. The benevolence of its family and the different recognition shops covering the fundamental street have since a truly significant time-frame earlier pulled in guests from lining resorts and passing liveaboards.

While investigate the island you will see an emergency community, police, pharmacy, a youngsters' wild rec focus, school, a mosque, some minimarkets that sell the crucial necessities, a great deal of trinket shops, 3 bistros and bistro, and two plunge regions.

The Beach

The Beach

The next island of Lhosfushi, which is connected to Guraidhoo by a lovely bridge, has a traveller sea coastline but there isn't one on the main island. Lhosfushi is a rural area created especially for tourists. You can swim and sunbathe in a two-piece here, although the swimming is difficult due to the shallow seas and a lot of dead coral. Surfers typically congregate on this island's southern beach, which has good waves.

Despite the Occasion Motel Resort Kandooma Maldives, Guraidhoo boasts a fantastic semi-legal swimwear beach. Additionally, several of Guraidhoo's guest houses offer their own private seashores to guests.

Guraidhoo's home reef is a good place to go swimming to completely appreciate the amazing marine life of the Maldives. If you've never been swimming before, several guest houses provide a guide for the house reef to help you become proficient with the essential swimming skills. Once you become familiar with it, you can venture out into the many reefs surrounding the atoll to gain additional experience. Please take notice that swimming equipment is not free; if you plan to swim a lot, please bring your own veil and balances.



Generally all visitors like to eat in the lodgings when a few cafés have a sea shore side area with an ocean sees. The food is delectable and you have a decent decision of various food alternatives. Normally supper is a smorgasbord, lunch by menu. All rooms have everything for tea and espresso. The nearby gourmet specialists offer a flavorful choices for each craving, ideal for each sense of taste any season of day. A good thought to begin the day with a generous Maldivian breakfast or nutritious light nibble; attempt imaginative neighborhood and Worldwide top picks arranged with new fixings, including new fish and fish. 

Expect on the menus a decent blend of scrumptious dishes from around the globe. Added to that, an eating places incorporate a probably the best cherished neighborhood dishes in their menu to give you a brief look at Maldivian food culture. To make your feasting experience much more significant we suggest bar-b-que lunch and sentimental private suppers at the sea shore. The majority of the restaurants likewise give dinner plans to veggie lovers and individuals who require unique eating regimens. 

Liquor is prohibited on occupied islands so partake in the dry law along with a neighborhood occupants.

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