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With the stunning Climate Extravagance Extensive Event PLAN, including bouncing the new OZEN LIFE MAADHOO is a usual hangout spot found among the paradise islands of South Male Atoll in the Maldives. Having opened its shores to the world in 2016 - OZEN by Environment offers knowing explorers a wonderful particularly luxury far reaching experience where guests will experience a conclusive issue free beach event in the Maldives.

It very well may be an extravagant housing anyway there's not an ounce of tediousness at Ozen by Climate. Amidst the exceptional turquoise shades of South Male Atoll find a unique lavishness experience with the exhaustive plan at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO in the heavenly island of Maadhoo, Maldives. Staff holler welcome as they streak past on golf trucks and guests collect for an outright exhilarating festival on Saturday evenings. Add to that a lowered bistro and an exceptional spa and you have a victorious mix. Tracked down just 35-minutes by a Luxury speedboat (with cooling, Wi Fi and refreshments) from Malé Overall Air terminal, on the untainted island of Maadhoo in South Malé Atoll, OZEN brings an all out issue free lifestyle event offering, to those searching for a quiet break from the regular daily schedule. As the critical Trademark of the retreat communicates "No Staggers. No Curveballs. No Disguised Costs… JUST Happiness!"

OZEN LIFE MAADHOO - A Luxury All-Inclusive Resort

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The Island

The Island

OZEN LIFE MAADHOO is the third retreat inside the Air Hotels and Resorts portfolio. After the productive dispatch of Air Kanifushi Maldives in December 2013, the brand opened an extraordinary and very standard four star dominating retreat - OBLU by Climate at Helengeli in November 2015, OBLU SELECT at Sangeli Extensive in summer of 2018 and VARU via Air in October 2019. Arranged in Maadhoo Island in the Maldives, OZEN by Environment, ozen by atmosphere especially offers a primary excess extensive 'Extravagance' plan, allowing guests complete certifiable sensations of tranquility and opportunity during their visit. An extraordinary, excess, complete retreat in the Maldives, OZEN is an ideal blend of contemporary arrangement and standard Maldivian captivate. From the second your speedboat move is welcomed at the appearance structure, made from beautiful typical materials and featuring an edified glass floor over the turquoise lagoon, you understand you are in for an extraordinary experience.

Two sandy desert gardens associated by a wooden platform - under which swim kid dim finned sharks, sting radiates and multi-concealed fish - make up the aggregate districts. One island is the springboard to the overwater WIND estates, twisting across the turquoise water, likewise the essential restaurant, the spa and its Unrefined sushi bar. The lagoon is picture postcard brilliant and you'd have to go far to find a really beguiling swimming spot! Get a bike from under a palm tree, or hail a lift in a golf truck, and make a beeline for island number two where a high level, round bar displays dynamite points of view across the immeasurability pool, and serves drinks over the course of the day. From here, it's a straightforward trip on the off chance that you're staying in an EARTH estate, concealed among the tropical foliage behind. The islands are close to nothing to the point that, luckily, you're never more than twelve meters from the incomprehensibly clear water. Download Resort Plan With enveloping retreats parading tweaked stewards, confidential seaplanes and the inclinations, OZEN LIFE MAADHOO might seem, by all accounts, to be limited on the lavishness front, but there's no accusing the status and kindness of the gathering.



Beaches, as dropped from the pages of cleaned magazines, warm lagoons with turquoise water and phenomenal contrasted with other making a dive the Maldives - this about the South Male Atoll. South Male Atoll (South Kaafu) is a get-together of islands in the Maldives, which lies just south of the North Male Atoll and is secluded from it by the Vaadhoo Kandu channel. Showing the most astounding perspective the Maldives, South Male area offers all you can expect for a significant and agreeable event. See More...

Arranged in South Malé Atoll, Maadhoo is a north-south island, with its houses looking due east or west for the best sunrises and sunsets. It has a huge lagoon and is close to awesome dive districts squeezed with marine life. OZEN LIFE MAADHOO is actually open from Male Overall Air terminal, just 45 minutes (35km) by speedboat. Free trades are open 24 hours consistently.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

Arranged in the great turquoise lagoon of Maadhoo island, OZEN by Environment features 90 lavish autonomous homes. The decision lies between EARTH houses, organized on the ocean front with an external washroom and rainstorm shower, or WIND bequests on supports over the water. The Earth Bequests (41) are arranged on the coastline front with direct beach access and feature high slanted rooftops, standard covered roofs, open external bathrooms and gigantic porches with manicured tropical nurseries. The Breeze Houses (49) are arranged on the North of Maadhoo Island and are arranged over-water on inventively arranged supports, offering nostalgic agreeable and warm internal parts, captivating washrooms, outside decking with lagoon access and over-water loungers. The overwater accomodation offers a wistful and hypnotizing experience ... really wonderful. All rooms are arranged with top lavishness and comfort, where present day internal parts immaculately blend in with the nature and climate of the Maldives! Both part new arrangement parts and grant in lots of normal light through the tremendous seaview windows. A nautical concealing arrangement of blue, green and white successes and the look is great, current and finally serene. A particularly stacked limited scope bar of various wines, ale, soft drinks and air pockets is re-energized two times consistently and exquisite toiletries are given in the bathrooms. All things considered - a luxurious lifestyle at its ideal! The two classes have their advantages, but with the overwater loungers, an overall put shower allowing the ways of being flung open and steps driving directly to the water, the Breeze domains make the stay extra-unprecedented. WIND and EARTH bequests with pools are furthermore available yet are vague in inside plan to their lower class accomplices.

Earth Estates - Sea shore Joy 

There are 41 estates out of that 17 manors accompany private pools: 

Earth Estates - 14 Manors | 185 m² 

Earth Manors with a pool 8m - 17 Estates | 185 m² 

Simply brilliant, hearty and unattractive! These dazzling private Sea shore Manors with high inclining roofs accompany lavish insides of warm earth tones and new blossoms. Every manor has an enormous outside sun deck and a tropical nursery alongside an outside open washroom with a hand tailored bath and a rainstorm shower. Simply incredible reviving! 

17 of these Earth Estates will give you 2 extra highlights - a swimming limitlessness pool of 8 meters in length (20 sq. m.) with fiber optic lighting, and disregarding the sapphire of the tidal pond, just as all estates ensured dusk see! 

Earth Family Pool Suites - 10 Estates | 285 m² 

Broad territories with notably elegant insides, Earth Family Suite with a pool presents a 2 room estate complex with an open main room and a twofold room, alongside a huge private pool of 35 sq.m with fiber optic lighting. Every condo has a different front room and an open air relax. Every room has its own private washroom. Heaven escape for the entire family! 

48 Breeze Estates - Overwater Heaven 

Wind Estates - 24 Manors | 85m² 

Wind Estates with 8m pool - 24 Manors | 112 m² 

New ones. Sentimental. Charming! Winding the snake along the tremendous entrancing tidal pond - north of Maadhoo Island these totally sentimental, singular water manors offer knowing visitors complete security and an exceptional overwater educational experience! Every estate plays new and brilliant shading tones, agreeable and warm insides, and an enchanting oval formed bath giving a nonstop perspective not too far off! Total profound respect for all the faculties! 24 of these Breeze Estate are moreover outfitted with a limitlessness pool 8 meters in length (20 sq.m) with fiber optic lighting, and every manor ensures perspectives on nightfall and a wonderful tidal pond!

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

THE PALMS (the bistro is open over the course of the day) The food in the inn's essential diner is enhanced by amazing ocean sees and huge regions. Pleasant tables are set in new breathtaking inner parts with high rooftops. The Palms offers an extravagant champagne breakfast with a grouping of food from the world, lunch and dinner - with a wide assurance of overall dishes. From sushi and sashimi to open culinary stations, and first rate food from the separately menu.

THE Shows - Indo Ceylon (open for dinner) Flavors and aromas of Southern Asia. IndoCeylon is open for dinner and serves genuine Asian specialty food from Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives, offering appealing flavors and superb presentation with ethnic style platters.

THE Shows - Beijing (open for dinner) Mouth-watering masterpieces of connoisseur specialists - a culinary encounter to the wellsprings of the Far Eastern food. Emotional methods for cooking in marriage with the best trimmings, show substantial Chinese dishes.

M6m (open for lunch and dinner) Open for lunch and dinner M6m is prohibitive lowered bistro and it is without a doubt the pearl in the crown of the first rate food experiences at OZEN. This strength fish diner grandstands wonderful lowered viewpoints while you value especially freakish present day fish food! This spot is amazing and the whole experience is surprising from the bar higher up to the lowered bistro. A ton of fish pass by as you feast here with dazzling degustation menu (several) 5 course supper and great wine mixes. Super assistance in exceptional natural elements. The staff as any place else at Ozen offer great and pleasant help, serving a superb extent of food and wine at M6m.

Joie de VIVRE (09:00 - 01:00) Means 'Joy of Life' in French; bar and pizza place near the essential pool with an easygoing environment is a mind boggling spot at whatever point of the day, and especially around evening time, with heavenly viewpoints on superb dusks over southern Male Atoll! Joie de VIVRE is moreover an extremely durable spot for a games and redirection center, where you will find a totally equipped rec focus with entrancing vistas Maldivian's edge of reference.

R.A.W (open for lunch) Having some mastery in Unrefined food preparing, R.A.W at OZEN opens for Early afternoon offering a decision rich sushi platters and strong Rough food options and rewards!

Gin Is In The principal gin bar in the Maldives, Gin Is In is Ozen's prime, grown-up spot for gin based sundowners, with in excess of 25 premium gin brands from around the globe, various tonics and a menu of superbly made signature gin blended drinks.

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