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Flaunting a broad relaxation and health offices, OZEN Reserve Bolifushi - A Luxury All-Inclusive Resort (ex Jumeirah Vittaveli) is an excellent island ideal for families searching for open and reasonable convenience in the Maldives, with a youngsters' and teen club. With conventional Maldivian design and style, the lodging is additionally useful for a honeymooners, where you will discover complete security in water manors. 

A lavish way of life resort submerged in an outlandish Indian Ocean accommodation OZEN carried his 6-star wizardry to the Maldives. Vittaveli was planned from the beginning to grandstand its special style and theory. The private island, privately known as 'Bolifushi', was recently worked by the Dubai-based cordiality brand Jumeirah. In 2020 the Indian Ocean-based cordiality bunch Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts declared the dispatch of OZEN Reserve Vittaveli in the south of Kaafu Atoll, building up their super luxury brand, The OZEN Collection.

OZEN Reserve Bolifushi - A Luxury All-Inclusive Resort

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The Island

The Island

OZEN's committed faculty will invite you on landing in the Male air terminal and guide you to the hotel's parlor where new espresso, natively constructed treats and a casual environment are on offer. Sign into the free WiFi to make up for lost time with the day's news or post your first snap of showing up in this shocking island objective. 

Then, the retreat's group will go with you to one of its first in class move vessels — lavish the 85-foot MY Vittaveli Yacht that will make the 20-minute ride past untainted view of rich tropical islands and perpetual sea blues take a break. The sailboat highlights roomy parlor seating, welcoming visitors to loosen up the second they step ready, while they may appreciate a newly blended coffee from the on-board kitchenette, or peruse the most recent Jumeirah magazine and acquaint themselves with the plenty of exercises on proposal at OZEN Reserve Bolifushi. 

It required a couple of years to totally revamp little Bolifushi into the display that is Vittaveli today. Expanding the island every which way has given free rein to the architects to make an OZEN dream. The chic property takes up the aggregate of the Island and has suites that speck the tidal pond encompassing the island. Implicit the style of a conventional Maldives town, the property kept up the quintessence of the island gathering, while at the same time adding luxury contacts, for example, an excellent enormous pool, cafés on white-sand sea shores, and suites and a spa that are put straightforwardly over the water. The engineers appear to have accepted Bali as a beginning stage and built up this look and feel by using the most awesome aspect what the Maldives has to bring to the table. Most importantly, that implies sightlines to the shocking perspectives - of white sand, turquoise tidal pond, reefs and the blues of sky and profound water. DOWNLOAD RESORT MAP 

OZEN Vittaveli seems as though it will have a solid draw for 5 star customers from numerous pieces of the world, especially the Middle East and Asia. With estates and suites that have private pools, perfect greenery, and stretches of sand, there's totally a sentimental vibe to the hotel, in addition to with just 89 units, it doesn't become busy or occupied. In spite of the fact that it's taken out from other Maldives islands, the retreat attempts to keep things neighborhood. The spa group creates their own 100% unadulterated coconut oil, gifts are sold by a neighborhood NGO that channels benefits once again into the local area, and customary Bodu Beru exhibitions are held each Sunday, so visitors can partake in a social encounter



An upmarket island resort helpfully near the Maldivian capital, comprised of liberally proportioned manors each with their own private pool. Situated on Bolifushi Island, a 20-minute boat ride from the Malé air terminal, for a generally little island, Vittavelli packs in a wide scope of offices and exercises for its global customers. The retreat settles on a decent decision for guests who need to stay away from the difficulties and cost of a seaplane move after a long global flight. Vittaveli is the lone property in general island. Note that boat moves require an expense. The whole island is covered by the retreat, so visitors ought to know that there is nothing outside of the hotel to do or see, except if they plan on taking a boat. Be that as it may, there's a lot to see on the island: a private sea shore, six wrecks in the sea, and a coral reef. 

There is a diverse blend of structural styles all through the retreat - most striking is the pioneer Samsara eatery with its drastically calculated rooftop and glass dividers. The appearance of the hotel depends on a Maldivian town, with 43 conventional covered and coral-clad estates confronting outwards to the white sea shore that surrounds the island. Wilderness vegetation effectively shrouds the high thickness of manors on the island and loans security to every property. The 39 over-water manors on the north-west wharf feel more uncovered.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

There are just 4 primary classifications: Sea shore Estates, Sea shore Suites, Tidal pond Manors and Tidal pond Suites. They are all among the biggest estates in the country, and each highlights the perspectives on the sea shore or the tidal pond in flawlessness. The suites are outfitted with a subsequent floor and Water Manors in the tidal pond have glass entryways on 2 sides that can be opened to allow in the encompassing magnificence, and make a charming sensation of delicacy, prosperity and energy. The standard sea shore manors are roomy, with a liberal washroom region that stretches out to an outside shower, l-molded pool and a little private nursery with day bed and swing. The style is reassuringly tropical, with rich tones and hard wood furniture . Honeymooners can withdraw to one of the seven humongous sea suites that are available exclusively by boat. It is important that the sea shore on the dawn side of the hotel has perspectives on an island where some mechanical handling happens. 

Because of wooden floors, prevalently white and cream shading plans, and design like that of a Maldivian town, these manors and suites radiate a luxury, vaporous, and loosening up vibe. Conveniences are obviously first rate in every unit. They all have private pools even those in overwater manors in addition to many have open air showers or showers. Cooling, level screen televisions, Nespresso machines, pots, minibars, and free Wi-Fi are additionally given. Those situated on the water have free boat administration to and from the primary island. Restrooms are immense and spa-like, with bidets, hairdryers, separate showers and tubs, and toiletries. Smart additional items like loungers, cabana beds, life coats, swings, natural product, and filtered water help visitors feel comfortable. In 2017, the inn added the five-room Imperial Home with a visitor house, spa structure, two pools, loaded kitchen, private wharf, and even staff quarters. In 2018, Jumeirah Vittaveli has patched up Sea Estates, which have been repaired with water slides, offering in excess of a dazzling perspective. The entirety of the hotel's unattached Private Sea Retreats and seven Endlessness Pool Sea Manors currently offer the 23-meter slide which runs from the top deck into the delicate waters of the perfectly clear tidal pond. 

One perspective that merits considering is the island's area extending from the south-west toward the upper east. This implies that consistently, about a large portion of the manors face to the dawn, while the other half glances at the dusk. On the western side, obviously, the more costly rooms that ignore the tidal pond and joy their visitors with the play of nightfall tones. The suites are sufficiently enormous to oblige 4 grown-ups and 4 youngsters, while in the estates can remain 2 grown-ups and 2 kids. Each Manor and Suite has its own larger than usual dive pool. Each manor or suite has its own bike to get around the island. Jumeirah Vittaveli's Private Sea Retreats are mainstream with honeymooners and offer a magnificent feeling of withdrawal – it's what dreams are produced using. At 400sqm, visitors can unwind during the day on the recently expanded outside deck and respect the submerged world from a glass-lined indented relax, as indicated by an assertion. 

The Private Sea Retreats offer a private vastness pool with show-halting 180° perspectives and wooden advances that lead straight into the warm waters of the tidal pond. The friendly space offers an eating zone for six, complete with glass-base floor – ideal for getting a brief look at the energetically shaded reef fish as they swim by. The extensive manors likewise have the advantage of a main room higher up and a second room first floor, total with discrete restrooms and a stroll in wardrobe on the ground floor. For the Endlessness Pool Sea Manors, outsides incorporate broadened seating regions and glass base floors, with overwater loungers finishing ecstatic open air unwinding. The insides have a new look as well and have been improved by another shading range, roused by the warm Maldivian nightfalls and shimmering turquoise tidal pond. The extra windows add a breezy touch and acquire the delightful outside, and keeping in mind that the hotel offers ten food and drink outlets, the in-manor private bar implies visitors may essentially decide to remain in the lavish environmental factors of their island hideaway. 

In the event that you need to gain unprecedented experiences with your family or companions, these from Three to Five Room Illustrious Homes with Pool are your ideal decision. Dazzling insides, sumptuous open air spaces, and outstanding conveniences make the Regal Home at Jumeirah Vittaveli perhaps the most astonishing facilities in the Maldives. Quiet, sumptuous and agreeable, the regal home resembles home yet somewhat better. Outfitted with each convenience and office that one can request, it cause you to feel exceptional. Regardless of whether with companions or family, appreciate sluggish evenings spent absorbing the Maldivian sun. A stupendous encounter anticipates you at the Five Room Illustrious Home with Pool. The sumptuous rooms of the home are extravagant as well as slime comfort. The 3,500 sq.m retreat has its own private eatery and overwater bar – both disregarding an unblemished tidal pond; and offers free head servant and three hours of spa medicines every day at the private spa, no doubt.

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