Wagers Maldives Meradhoo is AccorHotel's fourth property in the Maldives — and Pools' first. Wrapped in the immaculate safe-haven of the Gaafu Alifu Atoll, the 38-manor resort is a location in its own right, wonderfully intended to take into account knowing voyagers in quest for a rich and significant departure. For couples searching for an extraordinary sentimental hideaway, the extraordinarily extensive manors and the cautious mastery of the Wagers steward administration reclassifies the retreat insight.

An objective known for its staggering environmental factors Wagers Maldives Meradhoo flaunts 21 island estates and 16 sea manors with private pools, three eateries, a grand mixed drink bar and a variety of offices and exercises to unwind, restore and revive the body, brain and soul. These offices incorporate an honor winning extravagance spa, overwater wellness focus, yoga programs, water sports, private eating choices, 24-hour steward and private gourmet specialist administration, alongside swimming and jumping at its best. The retreat's PADI-guaranteed jump focus offers undertakings through the marvels of some of most stunning coral reefs on the planet. It will be available by a 55-minute homegrown departure from Male Worldwide Air terminal, trailed by a 15-minute speedboat ride from Kaadedhdhoo Air terminal.

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

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The Island

The Island

Upon appearance to Male and in the wake of having getting the baggage you are quickly welcomed by an inn delegate who will assist you with enrollment for homegrown flight. Next you'll bel accompanied to Pools' parlor, situated in the homegrown terminal for unwinding and hanging tight for loading up your homegrown flight. The parlor offers brilliant assistance and offices including a grouping of light tidbits, drinks and free Wi-Fi. Following 50 minutes trip at Kaadedhdhoo Air terminal the Pools group will welcome you at the air terminal, gathered your packs by golf truck, and get you to their private boat for short ride (around 15 minutes) to the island. Anticipate the virus towels, shoulder knead, bowl of delightful new coconut drops and new squeezed squeeze in transit. WiFi is accessible on board to post an instagram selfie.

A warm greeting with a drums, new sorbet, an invite picture and champagne by your head servant, GM and resort staff directly at the breakwater. After the lovely inviting service, you'll be check in and afterward been accompanied by your steward around the island by the carriage to the manor and he's protect you know about the conveniences, spa/outing specials and agreeable in your estate.

You will get a room visit and are satisfied to see that the archive you filled-in preceding your visit, in which the retreats requested your inclinations as far as cushions, fragrance of toiletries, music, room temperature, smaller than normal bar loading, and so forth was completed to the last detail. Your steward additionally will show you how the in-room iPad functioned, where to discover the existence coats and snorkel gear in the room and how you could reach him for making eatery and spa reservations. All things considered registration is charming, quick and easy.

Set on the southern tip of the Maldives in the far off and immaculate Gaafu Alif Atoll, Wagers Maldives Meradhoo's Sea shore Island Experience opened in May. A palm tree-peppered private island, it involves 21 sea shore manors and homes, a brilliant spa, beachside cafés and an elite jump community with an on location sea life scholar.

On Sep 2019 Wagers Lodgings and Resorts has opened the overwater estates at Wagers Maldives Meradhoo, finishing the hotel's contribution. Just minutes away by boat, Pools Maldives Meradhoo's Overwater Island Experience — an extraordinary encounter, offering total closeness, inaccessible by foot. With its immense overwater manors and homes, modern Nikkei café Yuzu and nightfall confronting Yapa pool bar, it will give unrivaled extravagance to the individuals who long for a daily existence spent on the water.

Together these two private islands offer two unmistakable encounters, bound together by Wagers' incredible assistance. All the offices of the hotel – and the absolute best of the Maldives – are at visitors full removal. An interesting contribution, a Marine Steward is accessible to each visitor and will cheerfully lead swimming voyages through the hotel's two surprising and perpetually captivating house reefs.

The retreat is a wonderful blend of present day and frontier with bunches of blue and white, which feels exceptionally stylish and yet extremely warm and comfortable too. The island anyway is absolutely an incredible style and looks route preferable, in actuality, over it glances in pictures. Natural insurance was a need, reflected in the utilization of economical materials, for example, bamboo.

Dispatched for the engineering and inside plan remodel of the property, Flicker Configuration Gathering imagined a desert garden of laidback extravagance. To convey a choice harmony between long-standing customs and an extraordinary plan reasonableness, creators chose colors related with Pools and themes affected by the island. A gesture to Pools' particular pilgrim style, striped rainstorm blinds and louvered entryways and windows, all in a mark dark blue shade, intersperse public and private spaces.

Enlivened by the nearby climate, plan components all through the property portray nuanced takes on marine life and ocean animals. As materials on the island are scant, Flicker sourced and planned a blend of imported and specially fabricated furniture appropriate for indoor and outside use. Ocean coral lights blend with figures of starfish, ocean imps, and turtle shells produced using naturally inviting pitch material. Coral examples and exemplary stripes on the other hand show up on materials and upholstery.

In the entirety of the lodging's vaporous spaces the style is current work of art and ideas of fengshui and biophilia are presented. The tones – essentially blue and sand – inspire tones of the sea, sky and sea shore. Painted in blue, windows help to outline brilliant perspectives. With glass flooring boards, the porches support the perception of marine life underneath one's feet at each second. The workmanship custodian welcomed 14 specialists to make 78 craftsmanships enlivened by the ocean subject and Maldives scene. Non-customary materials, for example, bamboo, artistic, veneer, texture and soil were joined into the works of art.

The island is little, and separated from the manors, the cafés and the spa, there are a few places that strike a chord where you can invest some energy. There are the perfect number of pools and zones to sneak off as a couple. The pool region is certainly where you'll invest the majority of your energy. A dazzling boundlessness pool with lovely perspectives over the Indian Sea and a couple of meters from the unbelievable Wagers Long Bar where you can get the best mixed drinks and bites. Another is the appearance anteroom, which is on the fundamental wharf and where you can simply chill in the nets over the ocean and take a gander at both the island, just as the lovely dusk. you will go through more than one night here taking a gander at quite possibly the most wonderful dusks you've ever seen and it is mystical! Once in a while you'll feel like you have the island to yourselves. Breakfast on the sea shore, Lunch in the Sala or under the Loggia and supper close to the water.

Stressing the astounding view of the atoll, pathways that interface different public spaces are fabricated overwater. In the trail towards Wagers Spa, relax zones are named with high quality dim rattan outside seating and birch wood emphasize tables; a coral theme breathes life into sand-hued upholstery. Inside, the eye is promptly attracted upward to the complicatedly designed white bamboo roof, which secures the space and fills in as an emotional enlivening component. The sea shores on both dawn and dusk side are truly lovely.

Wagers centers around manageability, attempting to dodge plastic and creating own packaged island water. All shower conveniences are given in refillable artistic dishes.

What truly stand apart is the grand help. This lodging gives extravagance another importance. It isn't only the remarkable rooms and offices, yet the help that is given by each individual from the staff. The GM Olivier Lacher and the staff attempt to go the additional mile in assistance. They are consistently prepared happily and will make the following move to make your vacation paramount. Staff individuals recall your names and food and drink inclinations. Nothing is an excessive difficult situation, and they savor the experience of making your visit anyway short, as pleasurable as could really be expected.



Huvadhoo Atoll is the second biggest Atoll in Maldives situated on the main ocean way close by southern India. A large number of sightseers pick this tropical objective with another point – to unwind in top-class resorts, sun-shower on palm-bordered sea shores and make a plunge perfect sea waters. This captivating archipelago is your heaven, accepting the magnificence of nature and serenity of a borderless skyline; and the ideal objective for submerged undertakings.

To arrive at this unrivaled 5-star property close to the equator require a 55-minute homegrown fligh from Male Global Air terminal toward the southern finish of the Maldives archipelago followed by a 15-minute speedboat ride from Kaadedhdhoo Air terminal to Wagers Maldives Meradhoo. Once there, the inclination is clear: This is heaven.

Villas and Residences

Villas and Residences

The liberal space is coordinated by unrivaled perspectives from every one of Pools Maldives Meradhoo's 38 manors. Convenience comes as Sea shore Manors, Sea shore Homes, Over-water Estates and Overwater Home, and the Wagers Illustrious Home.

Any place visitors go through the evening, they will live in probably the biggest estates in the Maldives – each highlighting an enormous marble bath, private pool and open air shower. Encircled by lavish foliage, the sea shore manors offer a dawn or dusk see while the overwater estates disregard the radiantly turquoise water. Four sorts of estates, the Sea shore Manor, Overwater Estate, Nightfall Overwater Estate, and Luxurious Sea shore Estate range in size from 220 square meters to 260 square meters, while the Sea shore Home, Overwater Home, and Dusk Overwater Home reach from 260 to 300 square meters.

Wagers Maldives Meradhoo's independent estates and homes have liberal living spaces and private pools. The visitor experience is intended to be attentive and luxurious, with a reasonable arrangement of crude and cleaned decorations in teak and dim oak supplemented by rattan and straw accents. Shades of naval force, sand, and dark blue characterize the shading range in fluctuating applications.

Taking off seven-meter roofs with uncovered pillars painted in dark blue permit common light to flood into the rooms, effectively changed with completely retractable blinds that loan the vibe of a pilgrim home. The plan obscures limits between the inside and outside with perspectives on the Indian Sea outlined by louvered windows in a similar dim blue shade. Super-extra large four-banner beds are delegated with white coverings and raised on strong dim wood stages. Lavish washrooms are done with marble, loaded with a stroll in open air shower and twofold vanities. The lavish washing experience proceeds into a different depressed tub, upheld by a complement mass of white, dim, and dark marble, and encompassed by floor-to-roof glass windows.

Outside the manors and homes, blue rattan seats and veranda tables reflect the striking waters in full view. An accomplishment of the hotel's group insightful arranging, Maldivian nature includes conspicuously in all private and public zones.

On the two islands, the extravagant two-room homes give a select retreat to families and companions, while the Pools Illustrious Home offers the ideal setting for an exceptionally unique festival. These rooms highlight a private pool, liberal living spaces and an extravagant marble restroom with a depressed bath and outside shower. Set on the fundamental island, this three-room hideaway (1,400 square meters) is a definitive Indian Sea extravagance that highlights 40-meter-long pool that leads into different living and feasting zones, and a retractable rooftop on its upper level so visitors can appreciate the lovely night sky under the stars.

The estates are astonishing, and the sea shore manors offer such protection, that you truly feel you are on your own private island, and can be as loose as you could wish. The private pool is a pool you can swim in, not simply a dive pool, and in the early night you can sit in complete harmony, and watch the sun set. All estates accompany a significant degree of protection, particularly the ones on the dawn side are totally taken cover behind the lavish vegetation. On the off chance that you are more into perspective on the sea, nightfall side is the better alternative. The luxurious sea shore estates include a different parlor and a greater external territory.

The sea shore estate is the least classification at the hotel, yet at the same time gauges 220 square meters and has a private pool! The open air territory is a beautiful spot to unwind and offers a lot of security. The protection in any case, includes some major disadvantages… The explanation you get that much security is on the grounds that you are totally encircled by trees and plants, which lamentably additionally conceals the lovely view to the sea, just as square out a considerable amount of daylight in the event that you stay on the island's north side.

The lounge and room is perfectly adorned and exceptionally extensive. The bed is exceptionally large and agreeable, as you can anticipate from Pools and in light of the fact that the entire space is encircled by windows, you get the sensation of being outside the entire time, without the warmth and moistness. The restroom is totally colossal. It includes a major indoor shower, a considerably greater open air shower, his and hers vanity and a stroll in storeroom that is large enough for fashionistas who need to remain for a month or more. The most amazing aspect about the washroom is unquestionably the bath, which you can likewise confuse with an indoor private pool. The lone cons about a bath this enormous is that you need to design scrubbing down, as it needs some time to top off. Towels are enormous and fleecy. You can pick on the inclination organizer your dazzling shower conveniences. They are electrifying as far as aroma and furthermore quality.

Appropriate for unwinding with liberal open air spaces including a private nursery and pool, a wide verandah opening straightforwardly onto the sea shore and a selection of daybeds both inside and outside, the Sea shore Estates are strides from the white sands. A large portion of the Sea shore Estates point toward the east or west yet the best sea shores you will discover on the dawn side and around the south piece of the nightfall side. The inside shading range takes motivation from the marine climate and mitigates the faculties so you can unwind totally and assimilate the uncommon air of this unique spot.

All the Sea shore Estates highlights: private pool, private patio, family room region, individual bar, nespresso espresso machine and tea set, stroll in storeroom, yoga tangle, sea shore pack. Washroom: his and hers vanity, Separate stroll in shower with downpour shower head, profound dousing bath, wraparounds. With respect to innovation expect: free rapid Web association (remote), 55-inch HD Drove TV and great encompass sound framework. All rooms accompany Wagers Steward administration, Kids' Head servant administration, Marine Steward administration, Pressing and unloading administration, Computerized worldwide paper, 24-hour In-estate eating, admittance to Health Center.

Just minutes away by boat, Wagers Maldives Meradhoo's Overwater Island Experience finishes the retreat. With its huge overwater manors and homes, refined Nikkei café Yuzu and dusk confronting Yapa pool bar, it will give unmatched extravagance to the individuals who long for a daily existence went through on the water with an extraordinary encounter, offering total closeness, inaccessible by foot.

These isolated assortment Manors and Homes nearby one of the lively house reefs and all porches offers unprecedented perspectives on the marine life underneath through the glass flooring boards.

With cool marble washrooms and extravagant goods, every estate is a shelter of quiet and space. Close by the estates sit the staggering Overwater Home and Nightfall Overwater Home



Gaafu Alifu atoll is one of the world's biggest and most profound atolls and the unmistakable, happily warm waters promptly encompassing the Pools resort overflow with a kaleidoscope of bright fish. Visitors are urged to watch out for Apollo, one of the 20 occupant hawksbill and green turtles that consistently swim by to make proper acquaintance.

Because of the lodging's inhabitant sea life scientist and group of marine head servants, visitors can study the submerged world. With the retreat's Padi-affirmed jump focus, visitors are guaranteed of being prepared to investigate the immaculate waters.

All stewards have been prepared by sea life researcher Dr. Sonia. Upon demand they go with you on swimming meetings, indicating the fascinating spots and clarifying the things around. They additionally know the best spots of where you'll have a greater opportunity to discover turtles, sharks and beams, and they likewise give you tips and deceives which came in very convenient for amateur swimmers. In the event that you are going with kids they are satisfied to deal with them, masterminding encounters, etc. The house reef is off-putting and extensive with various swimming zones, section point is on dawn side. The most intriguing course is presumably the one from the primary island to the water estates island.

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