Do you long for a spending occasion in the Maldives? You don't should be a surfer to open Thulusdhoo, a delightful island situated in North Male Atoll in a short time by speedboat from Male. A similar sea, clear turquoise waters, white sandy sea shore, waves, palm trees, stunning marine life and heaps of fun in 25 kilometers from Velana air terminal, however a lot less expensive. 

Just the 5.7km long and 600 meters in width, Thulusdhoo is the capital of Kaafu Atoll with the populace around 1400 occupants. Spending the travel industry on Thulusdhoo began during the 1970s, when Australian surfers found an extraordinary surf spots. Distinction to the island brought the huge waves created by the 2 most famous spots: Cokes and Chikens. From that point forward, Thulusdhoo has acquired worldwide prevalence among fanatics of surfing, and new laws of the Maldives have brought to the island spending inns and visitor houses. 

Thulusdhoo today isn't only a surf. On the island there is an excellent sea shore of white fine sand, some portion of that is classified "swimsuit", and is planned explicitly for unfamiliar explorers. Swimming and jumping (there is a plunging school), water sports, energizing fishing or languid sea shore insight - this can be found in Thulusdhoo.

Season Paradise

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Upon landing in the Maldives Worldwide Air terminal, you will discover an ATM, a Drug store, a Media communications shop where neighborhood SIM cards can be bought, clean latrines and an assortment of little shops selling food, beverages, and trinkets. Stuff stockpiling is accessible and there is an extremely supportive Data work area on the off chance that you need. 

Ships in the Maldives are a very open type of transportation. Time from Male (dock inverse the Wed Earthy colored café) to Thulusdhoo is 90 to 150 minutes. A low additional charge is imposed for massive baggage, yet some way or another it's an amazing value choice. The ship is furnished with truly agreeable delicate easy chairs, a latrine and an open porch at the top. The cost for the outing is just $ 3. 

Additionally the island can be reached by speedboat. The cost is $ 250/boat one way, so it's smarter to check the staff of your inn to discover allies, so it will be less expensive. 

Ship from Male to Thulusdhoo: 

Flight at 15:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; on Fridays the ship leaves Male at 22:30. On Tuesdays the ship leaves at 14:30, however stops on a few islands, including Thulusdhoo. 

From Thulusdhoo to Male: 

at 07:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 

Note: flight time may change without notice, because of public occasions or terrible ocean conditions. 

The Tharika Ship administration doesn't run on Tuesday. Both the Tharika Ship and quick transport administrations have diverse Friday plans. Time your flight if conceivable so you can facilitate your appearance with move administrations or your visitor house's host. 

By Speedboat 

Quick and proficient, these powerful vessels can convey you from the air terminal to Thulusdoo in only 25 minutes. "Speedboat ships" presently work a few times each day to our island at a set timetable, and private speedboats can be coordinated for whenever night or day. 

The Waterway Speed is $30 one way. It is a brisk method to get to Thulusdhoo at an entirely sensible cost. Kindly know that occasionally reserving might be essential. Don't hesitate to reach us or Waterway Speed straightforwardly to put together reserving a seat. 

Waterway Speed plans are liable to visit change. We exhort you visit their facebook page or get in touch with them direct for forward-thinking data. 

There is a nearby cash Bank of Maldives (BML) ATM situated on Thulusdhoo island straightforwardly inverse the wharf. A dollar BML ATM can be found in the air terminal with a short stroll to one side as you leave appearances. 

Dollars and Maldivian Rufiaah are broadly acknowledged for certain areas tolerating EURO (at an exceptionally awful rate) too. Credit and Charge cards are acknowledged in many outlets offering card installment offices. For guesthouses, it is ideal to check ahead of time on the installment techniques accessible.

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and Snorkeling

SCUBA plunging is getting progressively well known with visitor of the island. Feenaa Plunging gives legitimate and amicable guidance to the best jump site and invites new comers to find SCUBA Jumping. Areas, for example, Aquarium and Colosseum can offer the opportunity to see Bird Beam, Reef Sharks, Turtle, innumerable reef fish. On the off chance that extremely fortunate there is an opportunity to spot Manta Beams and the huge sharks. 

The house reef, gotten to by shore passage by means of the tidal pond, can offer a respectable jump all through the vast majority of the year. There are typically an assortment of Morays and different critters concealing away in the reef and as consistently the possibility for the greater fish to cruise on by. It is an extraordinary method to begin SCUBA plunging Thulusdhoo. 

Be that as it may, for a certified jumper, the SSI/PADI plunge focus can offers an assortment of jump locales, going from delicate divider plunges to propping the direct flows looking for the 'large fish'. 

We should take a stroll with the fishes! Swimming in the Maldives is an extraordinary involvement in marine life is truly outstanding on the planet. The bounty and variety of the submerged world is a wellspring of fascination for jumping fans, yet in addition for the individuals who are excited about swimming. Around 70 distinct kinds of bright corals structure reefs around Thulusdhoo which are home to more than 700 types of fish and other marine animals. 

To completely appreciate swimming, you ought to painstakingly pick swim spots. Reefs are the best places to float. On Thulusdhoo the best spot for swimming is Thingiri Point house reef. On the edge of the reef, you can discover fascinating highlights like fissure, porches, caverns, and obviously flows (remember to utilize blades). As the waters become further, the distinctions in coral and other marine life are unmistakably recognizable. Swimming turns out to be more hazardous when little fish vanish, and their place is taken by a lot bigger marine creatures coming here to chase. 

Beams and serene whale sharks eat tiny fish while various schools of reef fish of different shapes and shadings play among the splendid corals. Bigger coral reef fish are normally inviting and inquisitive. Swimming offers numerous chances: from profound hollows, where groupers and riders live, to bright shallows with more smaller than normal and more brilliant species. 

Typically visitor houses on Thulusdhoo island furnish their visitors with swimming stuff, however now and again the nature of the veil and the cylinder fails to impress anyone.



For a particularly little island, Thulusdhoo has an amazing measure of sporting and Mechanical action to see and appreciate. Numerous inns offer visits mean to show exactly how the nearby Maldivian lives, the best, and the more troublesome parts of life in these confined atolls. Look at the business including fish drying manufacturing plants, boat building yards, ocean cucumber handling, the Maldives sole Coca-Cola production line and the agrarian area. You can visit the school, the force to be reckoned with, and learn of the islands history. Appreciate the opportunity to meander round the island and find the dusk sea shore spot too meeting local people and individual guests. 

There are a few smaller than normal business sectors on the island where you can purchase food, tidbits, sunscreen and sea shore wear, all at sensible costs. In certain spots there are trinket shops sell an interesting and delightful presents for the memory of the island of Thulusdho, most are made by nearby craftsmans. In every visitor house you will likewise discover a blessing shop. 

Thulusdhoo experience can be contrasted and the closest extravagance resorts: Club Drug Kanifinolhu or Dhon Veli. Trip for an entire day, comprehensive expense about $ 120-130. What is incorporated: move, food on the islands-resorts, limitless admittance to a bar with drinks, show programs, social occasions and, obviously, excellent ocean, palm trees, sun, sand and folding seats on the sea shore. 

Maldives are an exceptionally dynamic country, and games happen on the island consistently. Football, volleyball and netball are the most famous games. 

Neighborhood Maldivian games are additionally exceptionally famous exercises on the island. Watch the customary Bashi game in which just ladies take an interest. Bai bala is a full-physical game for men, including direct contact when a player of one of the groups attempts to break into a circle, contact the adversary and afterward leap out of the circle before he is gotten and perhaps harmed by his adversaries. Investment of vacationers in night sports rivalries, generally speaking, is invited and offers opportunity to mess around with local people. 

On Thulusdhoo Island you have the one of a kind oportunity to see dolphins simply before the sea shore. Keep your eyes open while unwinding at the eating zone to get a brief look at these well disposed animals. On the off chance that you need you can go on a boat visit to see the dolphins much nearer and experience the hints of the exceptionally savvy warm blooded animals that appear to grin at you while leaping out of the water. 

Blend and talk or mess around with local people, see what's on at the islands donning grounds, ride bicycles, go for a run or just unwind in the shade. A fire on the sea shore cooking some new fish while getting a charge out of the ascending of the moon is a prescribed method to go through the night.



Taking into account that pretty much every inn or visitor house has its own café or a lunch room - you won't stay hungry in Thulusdhoo! The "bed + breakfast" plot functions admirably, and at night supper on the sea shore with grill fish! The menu of numerous eateries has well known worldwide cooking and customary Maldivian food. With the expression 'Worldwide' in heart, the neighborhood cooks prepared at Globally perceived establishments who can set you up indulgences of your longing. Be it, Mainland, Italian, Chinese or nearby; and so on, we serve it at the best flawlessness. We suggest cafés: Casadana, Farista, RSR, Ginger, Gulhi and Madi Eatery (as per the most recent information it's now shut). What's more, here you can locate a few nearby restaurants. Hope to pay for lunch or supper about $ 20-30 for two. 

Real nearby food is an unquestionable requirement for those wishing to absorb the Maldivian life. An undisputed top choice is Mashuni, this is a scrumptious mix of coconut, fish, stew just as a couple of different fixings presented with Roshi (level bread). 

A short stroll from Feenaa and you will locate a little café called Brief Break which has as of late opened serving an assortment of dishes with nearby dishes being the claim to fame. Ensure you fly by and request a Mashuni; the family that possesses the café are too benevolent and will be glad to inform you concerning other neighborhood dishes you could take a stab at during your visit.

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