The emerald in the setting of brilliant sand, Thoddoo is one of the populated islands of North Ari atoll in the Maldives. Found 67 km from Male air terminal and 20 km north of Thulusdhoo Island, Thoddoo is a decent spending choice for the Maldives experience. With more than 30 guesthouses and economy inns and encompassed by warm turquoise waters and immaculate ocean life, the wonderful island offers limitless alternatives for swim, plunging, water sports and modest journeys, including island bouncing and an excursion on a shoal. 

Thoddoo is viewed as perhaps the biggest maker of rural items in the country, and is chiefly known for its sweet watermelons. Products of the soil heaven with echoes of the Buddhist past, Thoddoo is likewise lovely nature, various marine life and a broad white sandy swimsuit sea shore ... obviously for vacationers. With a populace of around 1800 individuals, the green island is connected to Male city by standard public ships, speedboats and via air. The inhabitants of Thoddoo are benevolent, serene, accommodating individuals who will invite you with an open heart.

Thoddoo Retreat

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

There are three different ways to get Thoddoo Island from Male and back: by a public ship, by speedboat and via seaplane. Public ships and speedboats run day by day (aside from Friday), as indicated by the timetable, that can change contingent upon the climate conditions. When booking flight passes to the Maldives think about the FRIDAY so as not to lose an additional day in Malé. By and large, promptly upon landing in Velana Global Air terminal you will be met a staff to assist with the exchange to Thoddoo island, regardless of whether it will be a ship, speedboat or seaplane. 

There is an ATM on Thoddoo, yet in the event that take the money in Malé. You can arrange the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with your visitor house's staff (suggested), 

Public ship direct to Thoddoo: 

From Male at 23:45, day by day (with the exception of Friday), travel time 5 hours, cost $10, one way. 

From Thoddoo: every day at 23:45 (aside from Friday), the cost for the outing is $ 10, travel time is marginally over 4 hours. 

By open ship MTCC through Rasdhoo: 

Takeoff from Male at 09:00 each mondays and Thursays, Appearance to Rasdhoo at 12.10. From Rasdhoo flight at 15:10, appearance in Thoddoo 16:30. Cost is $3 one way. 

From Thoddoo at 06:30 on Sundays and Wednesdays. Appearance in Rasdhoo at 10:40. From Rasdhoo to Male flight at 11.00, appearance in Male at 14:10. 

Move by open speedboat (by means of Rasdhoo, and regularly with a halting at Male air terminal): 

Timetable: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. In high season the speedboat runs day by day (aside from Friday), at times double a day. From Male at 16:00. Show up at Thoddoo at 5:15 pm. 

From Thoddoo to Male at 07:00 (once in a while an hour sooner on your solicitation). The cost is $50 per individual, one way. 

Private speedboat move: 

Conceivable on solicitation, day by day (private exchange is suggested for gatherings of at least 5 individuals); travel time from Male 1 hour 15 minutes, cost $ 650/boat, one way. It is consistently valuable to concur with the inn your timetable ahead of time, to get a more helpful exchange for you, since these speedboats regularly have empty seats. 


Move via seaplane, another, not actually a spending alternative to get to Ukulhas. By the by, this picturesque transportation alternative can be book through your lodging in Ukulhas at any rate 4 days before your appearance to the Maldives. Non-stop trip via seaplane to the close by Kuramathi resort will give you a ton of positive impressions. Great to realize that seaplanes work just during the daytime from 06:00 to 17:00. On the off chance that you request a seaplane move, nearby staff will meet you at Malé air terminal upon appearance, and will accompany you to TMA terminal. The flight time is 20 minutes, the cost is about $ 350, the kids' half of the expense. The approved things is 25 kg + $ 5/kg for overweight. In Kuramathi you will be board a speedboat to Thoddoo island.

The Island

The Island

The oval-formed island, 20 kilometers in border, wearing rich vegetation, Thoddoo is situated in the uttermost, northern edge of Alif Atoll and is known as a significant maker of watermelons, leafy foods in the Maldives. On the island there are two mosques, a medical clinic, a school, a rec center, a few keepsake shops, cafés and bistros, and a football field. Today, notwithstanding fishing the island has become a famous spending go objective gratitude to reasonable inns, a white sandy sea shores and a warm gem ocean, offering a modest occasion among the wealth of foods grown from the ground! 

Arranged on the west side of the island, Thoddoo's traveler private sea shore is quite possibly the most excellent and notorious in the country where unfamiliar visitors are permitted to wear a swimsuit and there you can appreciate the dazzling nightfalls over the Indian Sea. The two-piece sea shore has a different passage with the street twists through estates and plantations, and along the whole length is wearing thick vegetation with a great deal of obscure spots and loungers for visitors. Along the sea shore line there are additionally some straightforward lawn chairs with brilliant umbrellas. Sugar-white sand is delicate and doesn't warm up in the sun, which permits you to stroll along the shore shoeless, without gambling kids to consume feet. The sea shore territory for swimming is encircled by floats, trailed by a house reef that has large amounts of vivid marine life and is ideal for swimming. Inside the floats you can securely swim in completely clear water, while the space is appropriate for water sports, including mechanized ones. Long roughly 100m, clean white sea shore is consistently cleaned, and in 2016 neighborhood specialists chose to give sightseers more sand, growing the sea shore diversion zone.

Things to Do

Things to Do

Thinking about the somewhat huge size of the island, it is very hard to walk and meander around all the sights outside the swimsuit sea shore by walking and over the sun heat, so the most ideal approach to investigate Thoddoo is to lease a bike. Numerous visitor houses give bikes to free. 

When was the keep going time you devoured outlandish tropical organic products that had quite recently been torn from the trees? The island offers organic product visits to organic product ranches, where a neighborhood guide will show you the garden and engage accounts of fascinating organic products while you eat them. 

You will figure out how to appropriately cut and plan organic product for eating, what to isolate, and what is helpful to eat. Some of them are occasional, and some are uncommon in business sectors and in large urban communities, since they are too delicate to even think about moving. They simply need to eat for a couple of days, subsequent to gathering from the tree. The island develops papayas, watermelons, energy natural product, melons, bananas, coconuts, pumpkin and significantly more. 

Similar journeys happen with vegetables. A vegetable homestead visit will amaze you with the prospects of developing spices and vegetables in the atolls, and you will stock greens and spices for your number one serving of mixed greens. 

Today, the island is home to the program of hydrophobic ranches for the development of organic product trees is likewise being executed to moderate new water holds, utilizing a base water.

House Reef Snorkeling

House Reef Snorkeling

On the off chance that you are a non-jumper, the excellence of the submerged world and its stunning occupants can be appreciated from the water's surface. Swimming involvement with the Maldives is something you ought not miss! Thoddoo's home reef brags a multi-hued range splendid solid corals with schools of beautiful fish, ocean turtles and beams. Nearby snorkel specialists are consistently prepared to help amateurs get a life-changing taste of marine life in Thoddoo's tidal pond prior to moving to Medhu Muraka house reef. The last has an extraordinary length and you will require great swimming abilities to investigate its submerged fortunes. 

The guide'll learn you about the house reef's highlights, instruct at what time best to swim, clarify the subtleties of the reef and its biological system, and how quicker and more secure to arrive at vivid corals without hurting yourself and the delightful submerged world. 

Numerous Thoddoo's lodgings offer day by day swimming journeys (unexpectedly gratis for inn visitors) at the best North Ari's Atoll spots situated around Thoddoo, contingent upon climate and season. Nonetheless, watch a top marine makers, for example, turtles, sharks or Manta beams consistently require a component of karma; and you won't ever be ensured that these creatures will show up in the perfect spot at the perfect time! 

The most mainstream trips are Manta Point and Turtle Safari. The two destinations are 20 minutes by boat from Thoddoo and offer energizing swimming with Manta or ocean turtles.

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