Dhiffushi is one of the possessed best island in maldives for couples of North Malé (Kaafu) Atoll. With ravishing precious stone blue waters and white sands, Dhiffushi is an incredible choice for spending occasion in the luxury Maldives, is available by a 40-minute speedboat ride from the primary Male Worldwide Air terminal (Through). The island is perhaps the most valid fishing town in Maldives and in the event that you need a genuine Maldivian experience, at that point you should go there!


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

The island is 37 km upper east of the nation's capital, Malé. Dhiffushi is of the best island for an escape as the island is 40 minutes from Malé Air terminal through speed boat. Likewise every day plan ship moves are accessible aside from Friday. When you'll show up to the island, the stuff will be sitting tight for you on the sea shore, regardless of whether it's truly stormy or raging. They'll assist you with your baggage. 

Speedboat move to the Dhiffushi Island from Malé Worldwide Air terminal: 

This alternative is valuable on the off chance that you are going in a gathering or if in any capacity whatsoever you have neglected to take either a ship or an express boat 

From Air terminal to Dhiffushi is $230.00/boat. 

From Dhiffushi to Air terminal is $230.00/boat 

Public Ship to the Dhiffushi Island from Viligilli ship Terminal, Malé: 

For voyagers on to a greater degree a spending plan, the neighborhood moderate ship runs among Malé and Dhiffushi Island most days (Sat,Sun,Tue,Wed and Thursday) . The ship stops at a 4 islands inside territory. The excursion is a 3hrs and 15minutes single direction and expenses around US$2. First upon appearance you need to go to Malé city from the air terminal. Once in Malé, take a taxi to the Villingili Ship Terminal for $2. Here, you can purchase your pass to Dhiffushi from the ship counter. 

Male - Dhiffushi is MVR 22($1.5) per individual. Flight at 14:30 ( Sat, Sun,Tue,Wed and Thursday ) 

Dhiffushi - Male is MVR 22($1.5) per individual. Flight at 06:30 ( Sat, Sun,Tue,Wed and Thursday ) 

Speed Boat Ship to the Dhiffushi Island from Breakwater No:6 , Malé city: 

Shared Speed boat will cost $25 per head (flight at 16:30 from Breakwater No:6 regular. Friday the cervice works on 8 am and 7 pm. Profit for 6:30 am from Diffushi to Male' City. Trave time is 45-minutes. The speed boat name is "Altec" and the visitor hose's staff will take ticket for you. Ticket cost will be put on your lodging tab. 

Likewise you can book a private spread boat from the lodging, th? trip takes around 40 min, folks will meet you in Male air terminal, this ride is truly fun! 

There is no ATM on Dhiffushi, so if it's not too much trouble, stock money in Malé. You can arrange the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the staff of your inn/visitor house (suggested)

The Island

The Island

With an absolute land region of 22.3 ha, Dhiffushi is the easternmost occupied island in the Maldives. Estimated 1 km long and 200 m wide, the island is covered with endemic Maldivian vegetation including coconut palms along the shoreline. Dress a little unobtrusively while traveling through the town and consistently swim at the assigned two-piece sea shore. 

There are an emergency clinic, two mosques and state funded school on the island. There is a neighborhood soccer club and a football field. You'll spot three nearby bistros additionally which works from morning 6am until 11pm, seven minimarts and gift shops, and a small bunch cafés serving worldwide and maldivian passage from 11am till 11:45pm. There are two plunge shops on Dhiffushi. 

Today (October 2018), in excess of 10 visitor houses are open on the island, yet new inns are effectively being constructed. The majority of the Dhiffushi is involved by the town, which gives tone and interest to get to know the island lifestyle.

The Beach

The Beach

There are two sea shores on Dhiffushi. With perspectives on Meeru Island Resort, a wide sandspit on the northern tip of the island and there is a swimsuit sea shore. The sea shore is exquisite, fine white sand, the precious stone water in the tidal pond is perfect, various shades of blue, which change during the day relying upon the sun. The ocean depths is sandy, once in a while there are little stones. Swimming off the sea shore isn't exactly energizing with dead coral, grass patches and a few fishes. Swimming gear for lease $ 5/day, great quality. 

On this sea shore there are lawn chairs and umbrellas, which the inn staff introduce in the first part of the day on the sand, contingent upon the quantity of visitors. Numerous inns offer sea shore towels for nothing. There are in every case a lot of spots, in spite of the way that when you go to a swimsuit sea shore. There is no shower/latrine on the sea shore, yet your visitor house is close. In the mornings, the sea shore is cleaned from flotsam and jetsam and cleared, so it is in every case clean. 

On the sea shore there is a water sports focus that offers sheets for lease and sailboats for $ 10/hour, kayaks for $ 10 and significantly more. Stream skis are $ 40/30 minutes, yet you can just ride along the fairway, around the island isn't permitted. There is likewise kiteboarding and windsurfing on offer. 

Other stretch of sea shore has magnificent perspectives on the nightfall and is around a 15 to 20 min walk however the town and parts of the coastline which were simply brimming with junk which was frustrating. The dusk sea shore had more refuse littered along the bushes that embrace the coastline and appear to have more mosquitoes and flies. 

The island's home reef is very broad lodging corals, stunning assortments of fishes and other marine life. You will locate the best swimming on the actual island without going on an outing to different spots. The primary site is situated to one side of the traveler sea shore behind a stone with a banner - there are a ton of corals close to it. The subsequent spot is situated on the island's southern tip (here less energizing).

Things to Do

Things to Do

Dhiffushi is an excellent little island in Kaafu Atoll. The fundamental motivation to pick Dhiffushi as one's spending travel location is its characteristic excellence. The scenes are grand and look like painted by an able craftsman. The environment in the territory is simple peaceful and gives everybody an ideal chance to unwind. Neighborhood pristine sea shores washed by turquoise waters are a genuine paradize for such exercises as sun-washing, swimming, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and particularly jumping. 

Making a plunge Dhiffushi is offered in two jump shops: MIYARU Folhudhoo Jumpers and TGI Dhiffushi Jumping Foundation. Jumpers can investigate vivid reefs with huge coral settlements abounding with little fish, rock developments with huge fish meandering around and fissure with little animals shielding inside. Scuba-making a plunge Dhiffushi is extraordinary for submerged photography because of numerous marine richesand great perceivability. Jump destinations are open by boat and prudent for cutting edge jumpers. The most mainstream jump site in Dhiffushi will be Dhiffushi Beru. It is incredible for float jumping, shark plunging and investigating the reefs. TGI Dhiffushi gives a great plunge and swimming outings, and jumping course with wide reach os SSI and PADI. 

There are around six shoals at exceptionally nearness to the island alongside a standout amongst other swimming and jumping spots in the Maldives. The turtle point swimming is an unquestionable requirement! 

Other water experiences you can go: shoal excursion ($35), reef or major game fishing, swimming exursions ($42), dusk dolphin voyage ($20), island jumping, infant shark/stingray taking care of and then some. 

Require a day to investigate the lavish hotels of Maldives. visit a close by resort for drinks and different necessities. Meeru Island Resort is situated across the tidal pond from Dhiffushi Island. For voyagers dreaming to consolidate both a guesthouse stay and a hotel excursion, an outing to Meeru Island resort is awesome. Note that it is preposterous to expect to do a roadtrip to Meeru Island Resort. This should be organize with Meeru Island Resort ahead of time. 

Require a roadtrip to the adjoining surf island of Thulusdhoo. It's conceivable to island bounce and require a roadtrip to Thulusdhoo through utilizing the nearby ship network from Dhiffushi Island. The ship withdraws Dhiffushi 6:30 am day by day aside from Monday and Fridays, and leaves Thulusdhoo at 4:30pm those equivalent days.

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