The well known whale shark zone in South Ari Atoll, Dhigurah is a long Maldivian island with stretch of white sandy sea shores. Paradise for devotees of submerged undertakings, Dhigurah island is 20-minutes by homegrown flight or 1.5 hour speed-boat ride from Malé air terminal. Budgetary in width, and extending for a length of 3 kilometers, an excellent populated best island in Maldives is viewed as one of the longest in the Maldives. 

A broad pieces of delicate sands, a variety of thick vegetation and clear turquoise waters encompass a settlement, and Dhigurah Island has all the essential offices for living, including a school, a clinic and a harbor. Neighborhood life is focused on a little region in the north of the best house reef Maldives, and the remainder of the land is involved by leafy foods manors, just as thick characteristic vegetation. Around Dhigurah are some a-list jump locales in the nation, including Kuda Rah Thila, Manta Point and Reethi Thila. Dhigurah Island is additionally an ideal objective for swimming with whale sharks and manta beams.


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Transport in the Maldives isn't in every case effortlessly orchestrated, and there are a lot of alternatives to get Dhigurah Island. Dhigurah is found 97km/60nm from Velana air terminal, Male. Ocean plane, speedboats, homegrown flight, public ships or private exchange. For going to Ari Atoll, there are a couple of choices, and we'll list the commonplace ones! 

Previously going around and in the area? Take the atoll ship! There are two unique courses, both passing Dhigurah. #304 beginnings in Fenfushi and goes to Mahibadhoo, #308 goes the opposite way around. Investigate other conceivable ship courses in the Maldives. 

Not in the area? You'll presumably need to go back to Male' and go from that point. 

Note! In the remote possibility that the ocean is harsh, boats probably won't travel and the homegrown flight will be the solitary arrangement. 

1. FLYME: Homegrown flight (suggested). 

Male Worldwide Air terminal - Maamigili Global Air terminal, flight time 20 minutes followed with a speedboat ride 30-minutes to Dhigurah island. Costs: US $ 260 full circle (one way US $ 145.00) Youngsters under 12 years of age get half rebate. On the off chance that you need to save money on an exchange, book trips through your lodging, which give large limits for homegrown trips at an uncommon, low cost. 

2. Speedboat from Male air terminal to Dhigurah: The speedboat is leaving every day 03:30PM (Friday 03:00PM) from Male' Air terminal and 06:30AM from Dhigurah. Cost: $50 p.p. one way 

3. Speedboat through Dhangethi: Speed ??boat from Male to Dhigurah by means of Dhangethi. Excursions from Male on Saturdays and Thursdays at 15:00, travel time 2h 30min, US$ 80 one way. Shedule from Dhigurah on Saturday and Thursday at 07:00. 

4. Speedboat through Mahibadhoo: boat from Male to Dhigurah by means of Mahibadhoo/Dhangethi. Rides from Male Saturday and Thursday at 16:00, travel time 2h 15min, cost is US $ 80/individual one way. From Dhigurah on Saturday and Thursday at 06:15. 

4. MTCC Dhoni Ship: Public ship from Male to Dhigurah through Mahibadhoo/Dhangethi. Takeoffs from Male on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 09:00, travel time 6h 15min, cost per trip US $ 3.5/individual one way. Traffic from Dhigurah to Male through Mahibadhoo/Dhangethi on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 08:30. 

5. Sun Dhoni Ship: Public ship from Male to Dhigurah. Takeoffs from Male on Monday and Thursday at 23:45, travel time 5h 45 min, the cost for cooling class is US $ 35/individual, without cooling $ 25/individual one way. Excursion from Dhigurah to Male on Saturday and Wednesday at 23:45.

The Island

The Island

Life on Dhigurah is low speed, and it varies little from other occupied islands of the Maldives archipelago. Getting a charge out of the dry law a nearby people are neighborly and consistently prepared to help. Large numbers of the occupants work in adjoining 5-star resorts, while others are predominantly occupied with fishing, building and agribusiness. It takes under 15 minutes to investigate the entire town, which wakes up nearer to the night. Here, on the central avenue you will locate some modest minimarkets (sell little keepsakes and you can deal) and the lone bistro on the island. 

There are two schools, a clinical focus with a Specialist and 630 nearby individuals who are glad to impart their lovely island to every one of our visitors. 

As for neighborhood religion there is no liquor accessible on Dhigurah, anyway visitors who might want a beverage can visit a close by resort just 10 minutes away. 

The island is possessed by bats! At the point when you stroll around the island they are not difficult to track down in the trees. 

Local people like to ride motorbikes and bikes and the roads around are entirely perfect, which can not be said of some different pieces of the island where the shores are covered with junk. Dhigurah is one of few neighborhood islands who have joined to an activity with Conference who are a preservation bunch who are acquainting projects stooped with ensure our seas. The island gathers any plastic that may have arrived on our sea shore each week and it is then securely sent away to be made into Adidas Ultraboost coaches. The Dhigurah's plunging school routinely coordinates activities to clean the island of trash drawing in vacationers with great limits on journeys. Today, the vacationer business on the island is growing progressively, and in the coming years, expect the rise of new lodgings and visitor houses in Dhigurah.



Aside from the long sea shore, Dhigurah's principle attractions are beneath ocean level. You can swim on all the sea shores on the island, including those that are situated close to the lodgings, there are additionally chaise lounges, however you should follow the clothing regulation, for example no two-piece. To sunbathe and swim in a two-piece, vacationers are distributed a stretch of sand strip in the island's southern part - swimsuit sea shore, neighboring the sand spit. The island is limited, in its center there is a street for 3/4, at that point another 1/8 it transforms into a way. From the street and the way there are approaches to both the western and eastern shores. On a hot day it is more comfortable travel precisely along the street. Here you will discover thin groups of white sand, heaps of shade and gem turquoise waters with spots of coral. There are a few decent places for swimming in the island. Ideal for a selfie, sandy spit is an ideal spot for families with little youngsters, there is shallow waters and no waves. 

Likewise, Visitors can figure out how to cook Maldivian style, play Bodu Beru drums, see neighborhood specialties and watch or play one of the numerous games occurring on Dhigurah, volleyball, badminton, bashi...a women game where the ball is hit in reverse.

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

Free snorklling in Dhigurah is accessible in various spots, however the house reef lies in the tidal pond within the atoll. In the event that you are an accomplished swimmer, anticipate an entrancing marine life, excellent corals (spots) and heaps of brilliant fish. Paid swimming outings offered by Island Jumpers are isolated into a few territories: swimming on coral reefs, whale shark safaris, Coral Nursery Swimming, swimming with manta beams, and a late evening swimming moreover. Rates start from 30-65 dollars, which incorporates an exchange, tidbits, water, and swimming stuff. The most costly visit with whale sharks, and the most energizing in Coral Nursery is the mob of lively tones and bountiful marine life. Hope to see reef sharks, manta beams, falcon beams, turtles and enormous schools of bright fish. Seasons April-May and August-October are the best an ideal opportunity for swimming around Dhigurah. The breeze lessens and the ocean is quiet. Months November-December are additionally advantageous, yet this is a high season, and costs are not as much as spending plan. This period is likewise a superb time for blue marlin fishing. 

From different exercises on Dhigurah you can go on a dolphins watching outing ($ 30), morning and late evening fishing ($ 40), a dusk voyage with beverages and tidbits ($ 50), a cookout on a remote location, a visit to the close by resort: Vakarufalhi Island Resort, Centara Great Island Resort and Spa or Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa (from $ 120), or visit the spa at TME Retreats Dhigurah. For more gutsy visitors, the TME Retreats Dhigurah offers an assortment of water sports, including plane ski, sailboat, kayaks, water skiing, banana and other fun water undertakings.

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