Himmafushi Island is home to one of the most mind-blowing surf spots in the Maldives - Escapes. This renowned right hander sits only a short speedboat ride North of Male air terminal and is likewise the best financial plan Maldives surf spot I've found on my movements around the Maldives.

So to score a few mind blowing waves, in clear warm waters and encircled by the tropical islands of the Maldives here's beginning and end you want to be familiar with Himmafushi - from how to arrive and where to remain to the best surf spots on offer and in particular how much everything costs!

Himmafushi Island is one of the nearest Maldives nearby island to the air terminal and Male city, meaning it's speedy, simple and really modest to get to.

With it's nearness to Male Himmafushi has a decent scope of convenience choices to browse - including visitor houses, little inns and obviously a decent modest bunch of surf camps as well, so there's something for each style and all the more significantly spending plan.


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Himmafushi is a nearby island around 17 km from Malé Worldwide Air terminal and the capital city of Maldives. Prior to your outing to Himmafushi from Malé, deal with the money (rufia or dollars) - there is no ATM on the island. Some visitor houses acknowledge Visa/Mastercard for installment, yet there is a 4% assessment on the sum. In the event that you need to get to the island on a careful spending plan, by ship around the same time, plan an appearance to the Maldives on any days aside from Friday (three day weekend). To get to your inn in Himmafush it is conceivable by two different ways: public ship or speedboat. 

Public Ship - 15:00, wharf #1 in Malé, regularly aside from Fridays, cost 2 USD. Takeoff on Thursdays at 22:30. The excursion requires 45 minutes. From Himmafushi to Male, day by day at 08:00, with the exception of Fridays. On Thursdays flight at 18:00. The excursion requires 50 minutes. 

Speed Boat - 20 min, leaves from air terminal at whenever, 100 USD/boat one way 

Dhoni - 60 minutes, leave from air terminal at whenever, 100 USD/boat 

Public Speed Boat - jorney time 20 min, leaves 3 times each day, should book ahead of time, 10 USD/per

The Island

The Island

Since 2009, Himmafushi has pulled in an ever increasing number of unfamiliar vacationers after the Maldivian government was permitted to open visitor houses (little lodgings) in populated islands, and Himmafushi was one of the first to give interest in the travel industry. The fame of the wonderful island is quickly acquiring force, and guests appreciate the genuine taste of Maldives culture, and nearby inhabitants get extra pay from the travel industry. 

At the nearby shipyard you can notice woodworkers for their every day schedule, making customary dhoni boats, everything being equal, or respect the first craftsmanship of neighborhood craftsmans in gift shops. It doesn't make any difference on the off chance that you simply need to unwind, jump or catch a wave - all the prospects in Himmafushi at spending costs. In the event that you need to see the Maldives from within, at that point you are here. 

Estimated 900X750 meters, a commonplace fishing island with a populace of around 800 spirits, Himmafushi is covered with sandy streets and coconut palms, and all the sights over the ocean level can be found shortly by foot or by bike, which a few lodgings offer available. 

Ideal for swimming and swimming, Two-piece Sea shore is in the island's northern tip close to some visitor houses. A short piece of sand with bordered coconut trees has not yet gotten the authority status of a traveler sea shore, however this is the solitary put on the island where you can sunbathing and swim in a two-piece.



Take a stab at surfing! North Male highlights probably the best and most reliable waves altogether of the Maldives. Himmafushi has floods, everything being equal, shapes and sizes inside 15 minutes of the island. 

Escape is on the island's south edge offering every day free riding whenever of the day. Escapes – this is the primary break of the island, named after the reality it's directly before a prison and as of not long ago it was really illicit to surf there (as the passage was on private property), yet now it's no concerns! the reeling right hand point/reef break offers some long rides and quick barrel areas. In case you're getting to the break from the land ensure you pack your reef booties. The best season for surfing is from the center of Spring to the furthest limit of November. 

Two other renowned waves in the Maldives - Honkys and Rulers - can be gotten on the close by island of Thanburudhoo (5 minutes by boat). Rulers is a too quick right wave that works better with enormous swells and can turn out to be long with a southern swell. The best conditions with the western breeze and tide. 

Ninjas – a marginally more smooth break (likewise alluded to as Piddlies) Ninjas is one of the more fledgling inviting and longboard benevolent waves in the region and is best surfed at 4 foot and under and breaks much more slow than a large portion of the waves in the region. Ideal for learning and cruising! 

Cokes – perhaps the most celebrated surf breaks in the Maldives this privilege hander is very much like Escapes really, albeit somewhat quicker on the correct swell. Well worth checking either as a roadtrip from Himmasfushi (it's about $80 on a private excursion) or in the event that you need to invest some more energy on this wave you can likewise remain on Thulusdhoo.

Water Sports

Water Sports

Swimming Safari: The cover and snorkel is a constant embellishment for each explorer in the Maldives, where an assorted marine life makes swimming a genuine treat for your eyes. A remarkable involvement with which a guide will go with you and show you the best swimming locales, and in the wake of disclosing to you the significant job that either animal plays in the sea environment. Himmafushi has no its own home reef, yet in every inn you can organize a visit through the closest coral reefs. Rates from $ 30. 

Game fishing: On the off chance that you like fishing in Himmafushi there is a chance to get a major fish and in the finale the staff of your visitor house will happily cook your catch for you. 

Dolphins wat?hing. Dolphins are normal not too far off of the Maldives. Fun loving ocean creatures have their own day by day schedule. Dolphins looking for food chase around evening time away from the islands, entering the atolls promptly in the first part of the day, and leaving again to the vast sea after supper. This solid timetable implies that it is extremely simple to spot them at a specific time each day. An interesting and extraordinary experience for the entire family. 

Resort visits: Around of Himmafushi are a few extravagance resorts, including 5-star Gili Lankanfushi Maldives. Entire day journey or 1-2 evenings comprehensive bundle offers you the chance to visit a few islands and appreciate their one of a kind stunner and offices, particularly on the off chance that you stay in Water Estate. There you can discover mixed drinks, which are restricted in Himmafushi. Costs of visits from $ 110.

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